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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Subramanian Swamy & Shashi Tharoor: Brand India

Once people start to speak out, we must listen. Or we can continue to turn a blind eye. In the western world many of our consumer goods and brands are manufactured overseas to maximise profit.

A land that has been promoting greed by action, also promotes poverty too. In England people are being enticed to work for nothing which suits the overlord hierarchy, that does not protect the people. England is a land where there are a great many impoverished people -  spiritual impoverishment too.

The rise of people using Freecycle and Charity shops to exchange and buy can reflect the economic situation or for practical reasons too. It is madness to buy clothes that might be made for 50 pence and sold for £50 when you  could travel to these lands overseas with an empty suitcase...unless you are like me and have not renewed your passport because the conditions placed violate my GOD GIVEN RIGHTS.

Actually your God given rights are violated too but if you are not willing to look at this and BELIEVE what is written in the Holy Bible to PROTECT YOU AND HUMANITY FROM TYRANNY, then there is nothing more I can say...The Queen does hot carry a passport. It is through her that people can travel freely but the passport racket has become a way to accumulate massive profit and control people too.

Brand India is discussed...People have been oppressed in different parts of our world have also brought forth some  of the most intelligent people in our world too. Keeping people down is the cause of a declining society. When people are taking oaths of obedience to degenerates, people will suffer too.

People are now trying to reason the situation today based on history and yet in ancient history, people were aware of realising a higher consciousness and as spiritually awakened beings in a physical body. People speak of democracy and yet if their voices are silenced - how can there be a democracy? Is the voice of the most impoverished person anywhere,  even in India being listened to. Why is he or she oppressed?

The right to be educated without being influenced for an agenda is a God given birthright. The right to learn, grow and evolve spiritually is the divine right of every human being on earth. Instead what happens in England the people who are being divinely guided to return to the right path and who are given understanding to some degree of the Universal Laws might be listened to if they are famous or wealthy.

A man recently said to me, the man with the biggest gun rules the world. How foolish he is....the God mockers and scoffers are also foretold  and just remember God is not a religion either.

It is not the biggest army that wins.

Peace be with  you
Pauline Maria

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