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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Monday, 9 November 2015

Do You Know - A Muslim Must Believe in Jesus

This is a true story. 

While in Bolton Town Centre one time when the Town Hall was closed to the public - outside were two security men. Asking one: 'Please excuse the personal question, but are you a Muslim?' He replied 'Yes'. Then to the other: 'Are you a Christian?' He replied 'Yes'.....

Turning them to face each other I stated 'Meet your brother' - 

Again to the Christian I asked, 'Do you know that every Muslim loves Jesus? He answered 'NO'. Then to the Muslim asking 'Is true that every Muslim is waiting for Jesus to return?' And he replied YES. 

To the Christian I asked the same' Are you and every person who claims to be a Christian in this land actually waiting for Jesus to return?....HE DID NOT KNOW. 

Then requesting that we step inside the Town Hall together (forbidden apparently) I suggested together in Prayer we can claim back this Town Hall and country in the name of Jesus Christ saying AMEN. So did they. 

The three Amens are actually significant too

All we can do now is wait for God to do his work and he will. 

Just remember God is not the enemy of the people, The people have not only turned against God they have changed his laws, defied his instructions, prevented people living under the authority of God but this is what he said would happen and so he allowed them to do so...

Now with people suffering and doubting in prayer, being confused with what is happening in the world, watching the homeless and destitute suffering and people even arriving from over lands...little do people think, at any one time, there are multitudes of people also leaving our lands and travelling overseas...

Sometimes we have to look beyond the fear mongering and those who will do anything to ensure they remain in control - perhaps to maintain gains and even adoration..People are warned about the false idols.

When you hear an atheist, non believer or doubter say Muslims are the antichrist and reject Jesus - stop and think very you love Jesus and accept him into your heart as I have learned to do?

Actually there are many intelligent atheists but if they reject God at their authority who rules over all of us - then they might unknowingly be accepting man as their overlord too. Self appointed kings are a few.

Disregarding the laws that were made long ago, comes at a price.

Ignorance is not bliss...Trusting might not be in your best interests.

The right to pray was given to you, me and everyone else

If we took the label of a religion away and just referred to people as believers - no matter where they live, the land or colour of their skin - would that make perception of people's choices any easier. 

Faith to me is knowing there is a far higher power over us. 

Being inspired in faith means sometimes being spontaneous.

Uniting people in peace and in faith is what I do...You will be surprised, so many people reject that..there is no agenda - I am just one of many people who are sharing observations, experience and understanding.

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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