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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Jesus Heart to Heart, Soul to Soul Message 18.11.2015

It is written in the Holy Scriptures clearly to read:

The Unbelief of the Jews
26"But you do not believe because you are not of My sheep. 27"My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me; 28and I give eternal life to them, and they will never perish; and no one will snatch them out of My hand.…

It has been a very busy day writing here and shutting out everything else to concentrate - however it is now 22:46 and it is time to publish the message was given back earlier in the day.

As with these heart to heart, soul to soul messages with Jesus, I am asking him what he wants me to know, and my complete focus is on him, listening to the spirit within my being, writing down word for word as this is given. The message does not always make sense. It is not always meant to be proving in that moment as you will learn by reading other messages published before. It is to show that actually Jesus is communicating very clearly to the people who are in tune and connected with him.

This communication is to preserve humanity and faith in God.

The message is written on 18th November 2015, start time 14:15 and finish time 14:46/ Every word that was given will be presented here in its entirety for you to read and be blessed by.

Heart to heart, soul to soul Jesus says:

Hear me dear one, I am fed up with the hypocrisy in the world. They say they serve me and they do not. I have learned of many things that have created situations beyond my control  - because a course of action has been taken and there are consequences too.
I cannot reverse what would be dangerous for mankind that if I did many more people will be hurt. 
They test me and hate me because they cannot see and they have no control. 
The LORD Our Father, did not reveal all the secrets to be known and so they know they have no real power or control. 
The deception to mankind is great but it is the choice of mankind to wake to relinquish control and to give up the power and control allegiance that has been forced upon the world.
The new religion is with allegiance and the only one who is given authority is the Father  who all are subject to. 
Ask where is the Word today? The Truth today is hidden from the people and no longer do they seek the truth. Many want to see my face but do not know what it means to see. It is vanity and desire, not sincere faith and prayer to be saved from the evil  ones snare.
Pauline  these days there are battles and arguments in your lands.
It is with an open door created and to fill a hole. A seat is vacant and someone wants it. 
They do not submit to God the Father and they do not seek His Truth like days of old. Instead the ego that is huge defies reason and cannot see or know that he forces his will to cause an adverse reaction in the world. It is his lesson to learn ...
And I will gather my sheep who survive the slaughter because they are my own.
People were given trust and responsibility to take care of my family and initially they did. They do not really care any more. 
The inconvenience of a population only helps to fulfil their goals. The minds of selfishness take instead of give and to liberate mankind from the enslavement too.
It does not need weapons of war to do this. It does not even need a leader who is disobedient to God but only THE WORD of the Father who is Liberator of All. 
The commandment is given to set the captives free from the enslaving system. The war that is going on is paid by the people and carried out by the people because the warmonger seeks power and control. 
The rituals played out and human sacrifice is for that purpose. 
The mixed messages are to create confusion and yet listen carefully and watch and you will see the truth unfold. 
The Scriptures are written - who can deny them? 
I am the Son of David's line and if David Cameron is serving me in truth, he would not need to do what he has chosen to do. He was not chosen - he chose himself. So it is with many before him.
But what he has done, only he can change. He like many before have exploited the poor and gullible who know and trust in the LORD of All and yet he had little regard for their situation in the world.
The rush to claim kingdoms and kings setting themselves up is all foretold. But who is my handmaiden? Who is my hand servant to help me in the world? Who is my sincere friend?
Well Pauline dear, sincere friends are few because the value of gains and status rises above it all and the act of giving means forgiving too.  So it is.
We are placed  in our situation because the Father wants this to be and when humanity are ready they can return and see clearly.
I did not seek power and control.. It was given and I did not use it to show off. I showed the world the Father has forgiven. But the wicked against my people prevail. They provoke me to anger but I will not. I will leave the wrath of the Father then all will know and bow down to the Father of All. 
I am Pauline chosen for the father's purpose to ensure the people know a Loving God with the Spirit of the Father that lives within me. I am given power to use, I do not abuse what I have been given.
You may not fully understand and so too many other people. 
Pray to be saved from the evil day when the wrath of God will be known.
Dear one, pray for the people and the lost souls. 
Point the way to me as I have shown through these communications. The communion with me is important. Talk to me. I hear your voice within my being as you hear mine within your being - in your heart and soul. 
Of all things thrown at you to cause you to trip and fall - you never stopped loving. You also hope and it is that spark of hope that keeps faith alive. 
You rejected the false teachers and in seeking the truth you were rewarded too. 
You have seen me and know it is not only my spirit alive - I am alive too.
Let them mock and scoff - they do not believe. 
Who will save they who are not mine?
As you lead in believing in your land other people will really believe too. It is done.

Where there is truth there is understanding...

The faithful servants of God are not the most obvious.

Of the times presented there are scriptures revealed.

 “If you love me, keep my commands. John 14:15

There is another scripture I would like to close with.

The People Save Jonathan

45But the people said to Saul, "Must Jonathan die, who has brought about this great deliverance in Israel? Far from it! As the LORD lives, not one hair of his head shall fall to the ground, for he has worked with God this day." So the people rescued Jonathan and he did not die. ! Samuel 14:46

Samuel...Samuel anointed King David as King of Israel.

Just remember if God can save anyone, even the most wicked to turn from their evil ways, imagine what he can do for all the hurting broken people who have gone the wrong way in life. 

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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