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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Friday, 6 November 2015

Jesus Message 5th November Million Masked Men London

This is the latest of messages that are titled, Jesus heart to heart, soul to soul - For those who understand, focus with seeking, asking and receiving guidance instruction from the Spirit of Truth can only be validated by Christ himself, in this case, With each message, validation  is found in the Holy Scriptures and it is what is relevant to know that is validated in the Holy Scriptures that I am seeking to affirm.

This is the message that was written down word for word starting at 1:51 pm and finishing at 2:22 pm on the 5th November 2015.

I am here dear Pauline, I have been travelling to people in different lands. I hear you clearly now as you hear me in the Spirit of Truth. If you focus on me I can focus on you and deliver this message to thousands of people at the same time. You know it to be true even if you do not fully understand now. That is OK. 
What to know and understand is the denying of my existence in a physical body is denying my existence in a spiritual body too.
 Let it be known I will make my truth known to whomsoever I want to and it is not for me or you, or any other specific person. I do this but  to preserve mankind in truth so they can know the Father and the Father through me. 
There are many who deny the Father and the Power of the Almighty, but he can and will prove that he is theirs - to whom he belongs to in keeping their hearts correct.
The wrongdoing to mankind cannot be eradicated; because everyone is learning lessons.
And when the awakening comes, it will be shocking for all to realise the lengths they have gone to, to prevent rightful worship of the LORD. 
If people knew you were my handmaiden in your land, they would not seek to give power to that which is not. The trickery and deception to take people away from  truth is the innate lust for power and greed at whatever cost. 
To kill the spirit of evil within someone is not a task for everyone. There are exorcists and yet the demon cannot be extinguished unless he is from the Order of Power and Authority from Above. The danger is it will leave one physical body and accommodate another. It must be completely gone. 
The influence over mankind is rejecting the pureness of clarity of mind; is with accepting the lie that is being told. 
The people who are leading my people to pray for what I do not agree with, is to take advantage of the people in my name to hurt me. They know.
They know that if someone is chosen by God - they do not need to be promoted. 
I did not ask for their prayers so that I can rule over nations and people. I did not try and sell anything and distract from the truth.
 I came to tell people to Worship the Father, the Almighty.
The Creator of Souls has seen many lost in this time. And the lights of truth; and the love of God are diminished. The flame is not shining brightly. 
The evil one thrives in this time and the influences of the people is with preventing prayer, doubting God and distracting - because he knows promises have been made for the people. 
The special anointing that has been asked for in prayer, in my name is not given to one who refused to be obedient to me and rejects the Father's authority over all. 
He does not care that the decisions made already cannot be changed. He did not correct his errors or seek repentance with true heart. It is not for you to judge him. The Father is the Judge.
He does not see if he changes the course of destiny to preserve wealth and positions of those who do not serve me in truth - this comes at a price. 
So do not look to the wealthy in positions of power on this earth as serving me in truth, unless they prove this to be. 
Ask your leaders if Justice is given yet after all these years! No - it is persistently refused. 
Clear out these criminals from robbing my people. This must be done and one way or another it will be done.  They are all robbing the people and no one says anything. 
The land on this island of yours is small compared with the rest of the world. It is where my anointed ones would be born. They think by changing the laws, the truth will be changed - they did not bring forth the Word of God - The Word of the Father, through the Son and they did not gain entry through heaven's door. 
Pauline dear one, would I rather have one person blocking humanity progress so they can wear expensive jewels to buy today - when the price of bloodshed counted is too high.  Or, would you think I prefer to know the sincere hearts in the world and communicate - in the Spirit and in Truth so everyone can have a personal relationship with me. You know the truth.
The rejection of the law and Authority in your land is arrogance. 
Prayers that are not said in sincere heart with pure intention to do right by my people will not be heard or answered. 
The destruction that is foretold will come if I do not hold it back and so tell them, Repent. Repent from wickedness and abuse of public office for private gain.
Stop prosecuting and persecuting my people with the laws influenced by the devil. The warning is given already and in writing. Evil will be crushed - destroyed never to be seen no more.
How it will be done is not for analysis but it will be done, that is for sure. 
They fear me for what I can do and take away their power, and claim to right to rule and steal from my people.
When they Fear the Father in Truth, then they will tremble and it will be done so that they will.
Be strong dear one. Thank you. Share this for me.

Another powerful message is given. After taking down this message, I was guided to discover scriptures that you might want to read up on. 1 Peter 1, John 9:31 and Romans 12:19

Of the scriptures relevant to the times presented.

He has performed mighty deeds with his arm; he has scattered those who are proud in their inmost thoughts.He has brought down rulers from their thrones but has lifted up the humble. Luke 1:51-52

“Fellow Israelites, listen to this: Jesus of Nazareth was a man accredited by God to you by miracles, wonders and signs, which God did among you through him, as you yourselves know. Acts 2:22

He reveals deep and hidden things; he knows what lies in darkness,
    and light dwells with him. Daniel 2:22

Flee the evil desires of youth and pursue righteousness, faith, love and peace, along with those who call on the Lord out of a pure heart. 2 Timothy 2:22

Many hours later, looking at the news headlines in the Daily Mail, there is rioting in London, with protesters described as being 'Worlds Largest Protest and Most Influential Group in the World' - complete with someone dressed with long brown hair, a long light robe, over this what appears a maroon coloured, sleeveless overcoat....Of course we can be forgiven to be reminded of Jesus..even if it is not him. But the following of Christ is indeed far greater than those who pretend they serve him when they do not...

Maroon, a colour shown to me in a dream  of a mantle open 'in the heavens' - this colour being not only the Imperial Purple but also is revealed to be connected with the Torah - Law of God.

The protest, pictured, is described by its website as the 'World's Largest Protest by the Most Influential Group in the World'

In seeing the article, posted in the link below - another thought came to mind. Remembering the film titled V for Vendetta....I think instead of anyone proving a skill of killing people, that we might be seeing a far higher power at work that will deal with everything...but the Million Masked Men title is not ignored.

Some years before seeing this movie, I had been inspired to paint - the painting being Inspired Revelation, that which was later discovered to to be revealed in the Holy Scriptures. While V for Vendetta is written and presented as the gunpowder plot, what was being revealed 'wherever this building is' it is from the heavens that the destruction will man or witch with lust for power will be able to stop it.

But the prayers to God by the one who holds power ...

Babylon Destroyed - revelation

Why this is actually happening - it is written to happen too.

Let their own eyes see their destruction; let them drink the cup of the wrath of the Almighty. Job 21:20

God has not given permission past or present time for the people to be enslaved by man  made laws for profit and before I reveal the stupidity of people - the police answered my question, when I asked does it not bother them that the increasing laws for profit violate people - the reply, 'they pay our wages;

All it takes for evil to escalate is for good people to do nothing and sit in silence...let me tell you a few years ago alarm bells should have been ringing with police given tazar guns - ready for the real thing. But when they wake up to realise that they really are serving the dark forces might be too late.

Some of the messages that have been given are indeed quite uncomfortable to read after writing, so I cannot imagine what each reader comprehends. All I ask is keep an open mind...Study the Scriptures and know that the Book of Revelation is written with the signs of the times and promises to the people too.

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

No Copyright infringement intended.

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