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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Omega Vibes - Diaspora - Kyrie - The Heart and The Soul

It is said that the Hebrew Alphabet was given to the Jews by God...that makes sense and with so many different meanings of the whole of each letter, who can claim to have a right to rule over the Jewish people - but as challenging as has been shown in history THE TEACHER had to clarify His Law.

The New Testament began with Christ - a New Chapter in the course of history, not wiping out the old but in the intricate way with the Jewish people having to learn lessons = the Greek people too. But in the ancient times there were Greek speaking Jews...and Jews who married Greeks. Do not be confused.

It was not about the separation of the tribes - whom Jews say were scattered for their disobedience, at least there is the knowledge of history and honesty to say this to repeat this here too. This entire experience has been with preparing the people to repent from wickedness and return to the Holy Way.

The New Testament was written in Greek apparently but something else, Jesus said He is the Alpha and Omega - that no one goes to the Father except though him - why? To preserve humanity.

So if anyone claims to have divine right to rule - they do not..

Just being guided to find this song...Diaspora and others.

In the lyrics published I will share what is written

diaspora smirni kanada
ah makria mou ehis pai ponai
o enas hronia lantza diaspora
o allos mparkare mikros sta plia
tourki ki ellines sti germania
mera nihta sti viomihania
htizan tin kenurgia kinonia
diaspora aksize i spora
i psihi mou prohorai genai
o enas efiye ya australia
o allos kapetanios sta vaporia

English Translation
diaspora* smirni** canada
oh you are away from me ??? it hearts
one of them for years (he was) washing plates diaspora
the other became a sailor
turks and greeks in germany
night and day in the industry
they were builting the new society
diaspora the semination did worth
my soul goes on,keeps on giving birth
one of them left for australia
the other a captain in the ships

This composition is titled Kyrie

And finally I will share this one...The Heart and The Soul

Music that is inspired with feeling unites hearts and souls.

And what is inspired comes from higher realms...

As we are all soul groups, we are with love spiritually connected. We are instruments for peace - Greek people have been sharing something without even realising it. People return to Greece not just because of the sun and food...It is the place where so many people have felt a spiritual connection.

The scattering of people who are spiritual, shine a light and that light ignites and illuminates other lights. The light of all lights...that was never really a mystery...Keeping people in fear and hurting is a tragedy.
Something happens when people are frightened and hurting...they pray. There are multitudes of people turning to God again because of circumstance and suffering. How can the soul evolve? 

The knowledge of our soul being in a physical body has been twisted by some, who believe they are some famous incarnation. There are people who say they are Christ too. But that is foretold. 

In ancient Greek Wisdom two words were given, Know Thyself.

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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