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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Thursday, 19 November 2015

Quote Daily Mail: Disarm the police and scrap MI5

A headline caught my eye just now that I must say, before even reading, that if this is not addressed, what is happening in UK - VERY DARK INDEED. will escalate to a bigger problem.

A few years ago police were given Tazar guns and to be honest, I saw these as preparing already many police who are not the most responsible  of people, some have serious anger and aggression issues, they could become trigger happy. There are people who have  been killed...and beating up by police.

The step with a Tazar was seen to be a  step to arm police.

Notice something Tazar includes TZAR - CAESAR

Keeping hold of power is about obscene financial gain.

The people within the establishment know what is going on.

Now all it takes for good people to sit back and say nothing and turn a blind eye to the evil that is thriving within our own land - by British people who may have unresolved 'serious issues' that could be presented  as a REAL danger to the population. The  fear mongering and war mongering endures

There is a blood thirsty mindset HERE too - impossible to ignore.

Now a few weeks ago visiting a village called  Little Lever, Bolton  - there was a police officer on the beat, walking among the community. We spoke for a while. People might have noticed him, they might not but the older people will remember a time, that bobby - as they are often affectionately called. A reminder that if someone needed help or a situation needed attention, he was there.

The elderly feel secure and the younger ones have a reminder - be good - younger ones are reminded there is someone who will keep them safe and on the straight and narrow. Years ago the police knocking on the door of a wayward child, would evoke fear as  to what the parent would say and do as punishment.

If there were any disputes, often  just the bobby appearing, would be enough to discipate this. And actually to a people who are not always careful with how they treat other people the friendly bobby who also showing concern, is a reminder that we are all to be responsible. We cannot go around stealing,  hitting, breaking windows and taking other peoples property...We cannot physically harm anyone.

Hurting people do all sorts of destructive things, often acting out their hurt in destructive behaviour. The other day I read of police taking a degree in  university - add to this intensive psychological study and counselling - ensuring a course of therapy is included too...That way if any situation presses on their buttons - they might indeed recognise this and show empathy..instead of projection. They will address their own issues.

So many youngsters are finding themselves in trouble with the police, later even choosing a life of crime. For many young people the skating between a life with self esteem and making an honest living, is with the temptations to enter into crime and a quick buck to be made by doing something illegal. Ie selling drugs. Youngsters are easily tempted into the drinking drug scene and now concerns with ecigs too.

A broken society with broken people does not need an armed police force...there is a vast healing need to be met. If you want to prosecute - go prosecute the corrupt officials who are part of the cause of a huge problem in the UK....A loveless society makes for a society of people who grow up not knowing these feelings of car, compassion, sensitivity and even looking out for other people. This must change.

Some time ago I was seconds away from facing an armed robbery that I am not convinced was quite what it says it was...We do not know if there are false flags and justifications to arm police. Indeed a robbery did take place and a woman and child threatened with a gun...but the armed robber was able to disappear - never to be seen or caught, despite the ability to track people ....The army of armed police I am sure would at that time 'shaken up the police too' after all they are human beings and I remind them of his.

But what if habitually the police are used to doing these armed raids and some are not even justified - how easily does the adrenalyn pump inside...What if a police officer of hierarchy within the force took issue with someone - and the assassination plots escalate...It was police who told me of hired assassins. Ok they did not calculate to do so...but I confronted the police as to why they refused to prosecute real crimes.

Murdering someone is a crime. Do you know there are lawyers who work to represent the police - I know I met one and we spoke about it. This man would have loved to take my case on the year earlier but he also said he was worried the stress of what I was facing would harm me - with chest pains and chronic asthma I did not want to die yet...after all I have a job to do...even if it is unpaid, to warn the world.

The Government 'bodies' and even the STATE church know what is happening in our lands. The UNHOLY empire know that people have been ruled over by a very dark agenda - the system is corrupt the police have said...they know more than I do......But I am sure at the start it was not meant to be this way.

If there is a problem within a corporate structure, address that problem. An overhaul is required with the legal system....and the problem is if the police, lawyers and judges take oaths of allegiance to the Queen, her heirs and successors, that might maintain their positions of gains, even if not even eligible.

Walking into a shop browsing on the bookshelf one day, one took my attention.. Randomly opening the page, the chapter title was 'The Devils' Court' - the book 'They Ruled by Dark Forces - Denis Wheatley. Now I had asked why there is refusal for justice in this land in prayer. I ask for God to help us.

The understanding is that the clean up has to take place from the inside by the people who know what is going on - if that is not dealt with at least is can be exposed. The pedophile rings by people in government and there was Jimmy Saville - a friend of Prince Charles, and yet it is so easy to point fingers. It is easy to isolate one target and ignore the other million or so paedophiles in the UK alone.

The fact is the system is seriously damaged and the damage that is being done to the people has been for a long time a concern. The people in England are not aware that Satanic Rituals are taking place - they are largely not aware that around a million children and young people go missing every year. Yet still there are parents who do not watch out for their children...They are clueless about the evil ruling here.

A few years ago Annie Machon, a former agent for the Secret Service  spoke out. She has her blog and posts on facebook. There are other people speaking out too. Even  if they know of planned assassinations and cold blooded murders they are sworn to secrecy to speak out. Well that silence must be broken. This is especially so today...I think that the OO7 films - particularly Skyfall - the only one I have seen made people think. It should have....Istanbul...the Hagia Sophia - Holy Wisdom Cathedral Church.

Annie Machon makes serious allegations against the British state's intelligence services, MI5 and MI6. - why this is important to take notice of - SHE KNOWS WHAT IS GOING ON FROM WORKING FOR THEM.

But what of the men being trained to kill - women too, to serve in the army for a King who has disregarded all the rights of the people and a government who is seemingly  at ease to have people go kill their own family members overseas. Personally I think it is down right evil and disgusting what is going on.

Enabling society to heal from the brokenness by the hurt and suffering caused by people who  perhaps have nresolved childhood issues - the lawyer who thinks he is above the law and it is ok to lie to be paid, has no idea that he is taking away peoples livelihood too.He thinks for his quick KILL to earn a fee - after all I was told studying to be a lawyer is expensive now and they do not work for charity. Oh dear.

The wars based on lies escalate because of the refusal to work for justice because if any sane minded and
 responsible person was to stand up and speak out to condemn the evil at the start - an agenda is what - to take control of land that the war monger past or present has no entitlement too.

I will quoting the opening lines of the Daily Mail article.

Labour's shadow chancellor called for the police be disarmed and MI5 to be scrapped, it emerged today.
John McDonnell signed a letter before the general election which also said special police squads should be axed.
The damning letter has echoes of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn's warning that he was 'not happy' about police having an order to 'shoot to kill' marauding terrorists and will raise fresh concerns about the party's record on security.

The headlines stated can be found on the page. The most relevant to this particular issue to bring an end to all these human rights abuses and cold blooded murders.

The special police squads should be axed and the monarchy abolished

Annie Machon above started long ago to speak out openly and I hope after masses of other people working within the secret services learn from her having the courage to speak out and BE FREE from being complicit in burying the most diabolical crimes that are taking place in a most evil power game.

Abolish the Monarchy -.will this really happen for the sake of the whole of mankind. Or have people forgotten the oaths of allegiance and willingness to carry out orders is by many people who depend on even killing people to pay their wages.

Look up and see you are subjects to the Queen, her heirs and successors...If Queen Elizabeth stepped aside, the  unnamed Queen is who...Police say this land is ruled by dark forces so then it does not take rocket science to ask why. The Holy Bible states why.

The fines from  the laws for profit pay the police wages, they stated.

I could say I do not recognise any legitimate authority in UK...but I can also say that there is evidence of tyranny taking place with many people eager to be paid and support it.

Tyranny - cruel, unreasonable, or arbitrary use of power or control.

Richard Chartres Bishop of London 7/7 bombing sermon.

Do read the full Daily Mail article and see this article  my personal process - I can remember a time living overseas where a people without a monarchy - then abolished in Greece.The people that while there are diverse social differences in station and life choices, people in general were treated with respect.  Is this not possible again - in UK too. 

It is time to relinquish power and control over people because this low mindset who have no regard for the human race are actually blocks to progress and allowing humanity to heal grow and evolve...It is likely they wont!

Bow down to no one....You don't know what you are bowing to!

Justice still refused...still denied. For how many millions of people?

So all we need to do is identify Jewish ancestry to be free? No!

Babes in Christ might not even know Christ...Forgive them.

Those who do not see the adverse consequences of their actions - forgive them...but if you find that difficult to do, realise that you did not always realise the consequences of your choices or actions either.

We are all learning lessons...Is it too late to save those oath taking officials - because there life and soul is at stake if they continue in this prosecuting for profit and persecuting - with killing people too. 

Please do listen very carefully to this video - every word.

If you pray for your enemies, the royals, or any leaders...pray that they turn away from wickedness  Pray they realise that what they are doing is not right and rectify their ways. Pray that they give up the lust for power, instead seek to do right by everyone - otherwise karmic consequences are severe. 

Being spiritually evolved - not everyone understand this.

Some people do not know compassion and care. And an angry man - might also be a child within who is depressed and hurting. Look beyond the skin...especially the given titles too. .

If your leader is known to be Christ himself..I am sure he will appreciate you remembering him. We are persecuted and suffer to prove that this is not a structure of rule that has any legitimacy.

Peace be with you
Paulne Maria

No Copyright infringement intended. 

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