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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Friday, 20 November 2015

Robert Spencer on ISIS' Rome, Refugees and the Future

Just finding this video that is being shared - valuable insight because of what is known about, foretold and what has been happening. Bear in mind that there are reasons for all this happening now.

The Muslims say the Bible has been corrupted...Still they do know about the Antichrist - while waiting for Jesus to return, - there is the obvious denial of this preparation...What else do they know?

I am deeply concerned of what is revealed...

But it is in becoming aware of the evil, that is driven by evil...that is influenced by evil...evil that might not appear to be so....but it is what it is. What we are seeing are the consequences of actions that have been taken to rule over lands and populations by war and deception to the people.  No one wants this..

War brings retaliation...and those who lust for blood know.

In the previous article, the woman who sits on the beast is revealed as drinking the blood of the Saints...Is she like a vampire drinking blood, lusting after more, the death toll giving her power? And what about the 10 kings - it is written that she has fornicated with. Who is to blame for all this?

In history the Roman Province of Asia has been named.

The Crown of Asia is revealed to be connected too.

Something else - Israel is geographically in Asia too.

Keep all this in mind...keep everything in context, I try to.

Who has power over the people doing the killing? We cannot know exactly/ The Lust for power! Are these killings, while foreseen and documented quite what they seem. Who is the evil queen?

The ability to influence people en mass to the detriment of any people is a very dark and sadistic mind who has no regard for any people....and yet the lust for power is already exposed.

The unholy fighting the unholy - innocents are killed. It is another massacre and history keeps repeating itself for whatever reason. Is there an agenda to kill anyone who is a threat to the power structure?

How can anyone bow down and worship the same religion that permits killing people when in the Commandments given by God forbids out killing people? Think about this.

There are people under the spell of powerful witchcraft too..and yet looking back in history, there is a film that was seen made speaking in Arabic about the time of King David. People were possessed.

Can David Cameron who in prayer it was asked for a Special Anointing, have the power to clean people of demonic possession...Would God Almighty even listen to him, with ordering more spending for funding war, while still justice is refused and the laws for profit have been increased, God knows the truth.

There are people who refuse to read the Holy Bible and yet, if there is not willingness to read the Translated Scriptures, how will you know the warnings, suffering and promises made to people.

If we are all reading different books - we are never going to get the same understanding. We must ask why is it that many Muslims are now having encounters with Christ, or seeing him in dreams? A deaf woman came to visit and explained her dream. Jesus was speaking to Arab Muslim boys - he was showing her through the symbolism as she explained, with the bread and wine, the Arab children are his family.

In history political agreements have been made - these deals included one that was seen to be treacherous, dividing people - the Muslims. As time has passed by, there are people hoping for the unity of the people. If there is an extremist group murdering, this does not represent the entirety. So who is who?

Who has the power over these people killing...?

Now there is something else to consider...Our learning to Fear God and be obedient to Him. In these terrible times, foretold, people are returning to pray more...People are seeking God..People are seeking truth. We are warned not to worship false idols - but to Worship God Alone. Your Protector.

There is no power that rules over and above God Almighty.

It is also written so that we should know.

He will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death shall be no more, neither shall there be mourning, nor crying, nor pain anymore, for the former things have passed away.” Revelation 21:4 

Know for certain, when evil is prevailing. God already has His Plan in place for the remnant who are saved - But first we are asked to open our mind to be aware of the great deception taking place.

What we need now is divine intervention - we do not need any more of people ruling over lands by war, or indeed and especially by deception. The EGOS need to know they have no power over SOULS!  Those who belong to God are already chosen and those who reject God - who will save them?

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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