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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Syrian Refugees in Serbia condem Paris terror attacks

In a time of confusion, it is important to use rational mind to realise that not everyone is the same - and for a long time Muslims have been getting bad press with fear mongering...A people who do not know any different can easily look at anyone with a darker skin and even women wearing a head covering with suspicion but to be honest these people would be justified to look at the west with suspicion too.

If we want to know the truth seek the truth...

And you want honesty - listen to the people who have nothing to gain in their simplicity and humble circumstances. There are people who have nothing at all who are decent human beings who will condemn the terrorist attacks, and all other diabolical atrocities taking place to the detriment of the human race.

It is important to remember that a terrorist can be anyone other than a Muslim..but if you cannot understand this or recognise the truth, then whose fault is this. Did the brain washers get to you too?

The problem that is to be faced now is - an unemployed people without food and a roof over their head, might take..they might steal...but something else - there are media reports of immigrants being housed in hotels...the stirring up of hatred and resenting the people is feeding another agenda.

Stirring up people for civil war...or to prevent a revolution where people take back their power and this land that we live on...but that would require every official, police and the army to be willing to make a stand and say NO MORE...NO MORE WAR. NO MORE LIES TO THE PEOPLE ANYMORE!

So many false flags...we do not know the real cause

We do not know if these terrorist attacks are by hired assassins..recalling after the last reported killing with the Charlie Hebro  the Jews were being called back to Isreal...Is this a land, or is this to say that it is time to return and allow God to be the authority in context - rejecting those who reject God's Law.

You see, the way I look at things, if God rules over one land, He rules over all lands. But if the people accept anyone who has made a pact with Satan for power, particularly over the House of Israel, this places humanity under the Power of Satan and that will not do at all....While the Antichrist is foretold too.

So far what has been discovered of these terrorist attacks, their overlord masters who are paying them too - might be giving them a script to say...We do not know the truth.

The lust for power is so great in this time...

The lust for blood too - and I wonder, if deals are being made with the devil, so to speak, is this with a figure of people who are agreed to be massacred as a price to be paid. I just thought it was odd that a measured statistic of 6 million Jews being gassed and at other times too.

There is something amiss about this situation...

There is also a cold blooded killer mindset - even in England.

In history those who joined the secret service have not spoken out...But then something changed following the car crash with Diana...If those who know that cold blooded murders are being carried out stay silent, they are permitting this to continue. And if the truth of this is exposed, truth cannot be denied.

Fearing God Alone
27"What I tell you in the darkness, speak in the light; and what you hear whispered in your ear, proclaim upon the housetops. 28"Do not fear those who kill the body but are unable to kill the soul; but rather fear Him who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.  Matthew 10:27-28

Before closing this article, In 2012, I prayed and asked God how can I assist to bring peace between Muslims and Christians...then went to sleep. That nigh I had a dream of Prophet Muhammad. He was standing on a hill that was green - as I was facing him, he was looking, as if to the right. He was wearing long white with a white head covering and if I recall a black ring over as sometimes seen.

As I do not speak Arabic, I cannot claim that he said this or that...Instead I had the visual and a message written on my heart. First where he was standing surrounded by water that was aquamarine and clear..underneath this land mass was a hook shape in the sand (remember there was the Sandy Hook Massacre too and that was not done by Muslims either) Innocent children killed.

I believe what Prophet Muhammad was showing me that he was wanting to bring lands and people together in peace and a bridge was built to connect people. I also got the impression of a warning that I must give to Muslims and that is to be VERY CAREFUL NOW...I did wonder if the water was because of a great flood over lands...but there was high land, that might have been arid, that was being shown as green and so fertile land would be revealed - Prophet Muhammad appeared as if alive.

The Prophets of God are chosen and prepared before they are born, each with their purpose - not to be worshipped but to bring people to repentance and to return to correct worship.

In history the Jews have rejected the Prophets - they rejected Prophet Muhammad too apparently and this is why he was very angry. But if neither Jews or Muslims or Christians understand God's divine plan for redemption, what are we to do? What I have learned is with prayer and revelation.

Who are the meek people who are referred to in the scriptures? Who are really the people who belong to God - the ones who will celebrate Christmas by getting drunk and in debt to buy presents? Or the ones who have only a mere piece of bread to share together. Who is more grateful?

Who would Christ rather sit with at the table> The ones in the royal palaces with all their wealth and the opulent surroundings...or will he seek out the poor, meek, broken and downtrodden? 

I asked Muslims what they really believe because I did not know and that was only after so called Christians were referring to these people as the antichrist. I ask Christians what do you beleive in and many do not have any credible foundation of their belief - it is just a label. Many do not really believe in God either and there are those who do not even believe that Jesus Christ was they will never get the understanding of why this birth was so important for all of humanity...

We cannot blame the ignorant and even those who are doubting in faith, after all so many abominations have taken place with the illegal wars based on lies too - very unholy set up indeed. 

Once people start to realise that sincere prayers are heard and answered - to stop for a moment and even think when calling out to God in a crisis - were we saved? People quickly forget..

Placing our trust in a man who rejects God - is perilous.

What is certain, if a truth is delivered it is not changed...What is discovered is that not everyone has permission to interpret the laws of God and claim right to rule over the population of people. What people have been told in times of old - do not worship false Idols. Worship God Alone.

When Muslims say they worship Allah - are they being obedient? Does every Muslim know that God communicates and how this is done? He reveals His Truth = The Invisible God too.

Is every Christian Obedient to God? Do you hear his voice with the Holy Spirit within your being? If you are believing that God wants you to take up arms and Kill his own...think again.

One of the commandments is not to Kill.

Is every Jew obedient to God...Doe every Jew embrace Christ with all their heart and if not why not. What is the alternative...Those who are blatantly mocking God as their overlords? 

We are all learning lessons...did we all forget.

Did we forget that our ancestors have been scattered?

Oh the horrors of history - do not let them repeat..

Learn the the truth, forgive - repent.

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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