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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Saturday, 21 November 2015

The Curse of The Omen Documentary

This title just came to mind, and it would be right to share.

Early in the year I was looking for something, when discovering the documentary. The Omen was a trilogy about the Biblical Antichrist. Omen is a sign. The Holy Bible documents the signs.

There are people who are under the influence of a demonic force and there are those who also taking oaths, not knowing to what they are taking oaths to. If we want to understand, we must not ignore truth.

As it happens this documentary is what happened in real life and so it becomes far more significant than the acting version and yet, do not ignore...just be aware and know that God rules over all things.

The day the movie The Omen was released to the world, I had been sent to Greece for my safety. There was indeed at that time, already a demonic power at work in England...

As we listen to those who are speaking, it is evident that there was effort to prevent the movie coming to international awareness....This is very serious business people. Do not ignore what is going on.

In my own experience, realising it might be  to prevent my writing - to the point where I was under spiritual attack, with a sudden struggle to breath for almost 4 years, in this time I prayed and wrote..

And my beautiful mother, becoming paralysed from the neck downwards on the A666 shortly after moving to Bolton in Lancashire - a freak car crash with sudden large hail stones falling from the sky.

The A666 is on lands connected with the crown wearer. The Monarch holds the title Duke of Lancaster - and surely the Queen knows the evil that is going on. She wrote to my mother.

It was stated by someone one time, 'your mother was paralysed because a spell of witchcraft was put on her.' I could not talk to anyone about this because I did not understand....then I wondered and realised actually this was quite possible. As I do not know the truth, I know God knows...

The video above really does remind people that there is something far more sinister goings on in what thrives with invisibility. As there is the diabolical personified. It is written in the Holy Bible.

It is a choice to what you give allegiance to...

Be careful because you do not know what you bow down to.

In the Omen movie, the American connection is made.

In America Route 666 is named in MARYLAND.

It takes those who know what is going on, who understand that adults and children are possessed - by something that is unholy...The Omen, film of the Antichrist is a reminder of evil living..

Before closing back in 1990/1991 'The Antichrist' came to my mind a few times. One day asking  about this - being absolutely clueless  not reading  the Holy Bible or watching  horror films. I had nothing to draw upon to explain why I would even say 'The Antichrist' - that began as a warning. Being introduced to some people from  Buckinghamshire one said  the Antichrist had been born in this county and people were wanting to know who he is. Witchcraft and Satanic rituals are rife in England. Children are born as a result of rituals too - there are babies that remain without being registered...This I was told..

There were, around this time, great gales and trees being uprooted at the time. I recall being told something about the time when the moon was not shining at all...with utter darkness in the sky.

My sharing is to say, do not ignore this is happening.

We do not know what is happening behind closed door...but there are people who are brave enough to bring the truth to people because the people have a right to know and protect themselves.

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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