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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Monday, 9 November 2015

The Menorah and Temple Significance Today

This is most interesting for me to discover just the other day. 

History has that the temple of Jerusalem was destroyed in 70 ad and people wait for the temple to be rebuilt even today. But the reality is far more significant to know. 

The ancient promises made to people - were made for all people to know.

We see here a menorah that has seven branches. Something has been written on each one: White writing above, black below. The significance of this will be purposeful too. We must look to understand.

Passover (white - above)
Crucified (black - below)

Unleavened Bread  (white - above)
Buried (black - below)

First Fruits (white - above)
Resurrected (black - below)

Pentecost (white - above)
Ruach Ha'Quodesh Descended (black - below)

Trumpets (white - above)
Calls Bride up (black - below)

Atonement (white - above)
Returns (black - below)

Tabernacles (white - above)
1000 year reign (black below)

There are people in our world who cannot comprehend that we live in a vast universe - more than one planet and that we are interacting in some way too. In prayer are we not communicating to a God in heaven? 

God knew his plan precisely for mankind would be opposed by some.

In the faith revival today - this is not by accident. 

God is not for one people in one land and not for other people in another land. Some people struggle to grasp this concept and trained to see the foreigner (one from overseas as their enemy or distrust. 

As long as people think they are right and everyone else is wrong - there will be conflict. But  I can only say from personal experience of prayer and personal revelation, when we are meant to know a truth it will be revealed, especially if we pray to know and understand. This is happening for other people too.

Worry less about what other people are doing - seek less to make people belong to a religion but to find out, go quietly in prayer and seek God with communicating with sincere heart. There are people who have been chosen since the ancient times to provide revelation and messages from the Lord.

I am just guided to share personal inspiration and proving the Holy Scriptural messages with promises made ny God, especially through Jesus Christ so people are aware he is alive and returning to us all. 

Finding this was a timely discovery to share here.

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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