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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Monday, 22 February 2016

2 Visions: World on Fire and Baby 21 February 2016 (Pt 1)

On this morning at 10:22-23 am while meditating, after prayer, talking with God in my minds eye I could see a cream coloured light - not bright and then suddenly a vision appeared very clearly.

I was looking towards the earth that was ablaze with fire and could see three men standing, one as if he was wearing robes that would not be unlike the Levitical Priesthood of old. He had his hands on his hips and was looking not upwards towards the heavens but outwards. The other two men were looking in the same direction - again they did not have their arms upwards towards the heavens either.

The man who appeared closest seemed to be standing proud - not with arrogance but as if with assurance and perhaps with expectation. He did not show any fear in the situation.

After this I opened my eyes to write down 'scripture' to see what is written about fire. Then thinking about this experience, the men who were standing strong, I knew this was important too.

All of a sudden I recalled people being trained to walk through fire but this is not what God wants. He wants people to go to him and to be strengthened through him in faith to withstand what is to come if this is the case. Now I cannot say for sure that this  fire is going to happen, but cannot ignore it either.

If this fire is going to encompass the world, many will not survive.

But what has been shown is that there will be people who will...Other dream experiences have shown me that people are going to be raptured too - being taken up to heaven. This is bodily.

To continue with the visions given after seeing the world on fire.

Asking  with my focus on God  that I can know and understand fully what he wants me to know, Feeling tired at the time, I decided to sleep for a while..No sooner I closed my eyes another vision came

In a vision a large cuddly baby was seen - not small. The baby appeared as being very light in skin tone and physical and yet it was as if surrounded by clouds. The baby appeared to be sleeping.

This vision was as  daylight...yet  looking out to the sky tonight, a full  moon is shining there is evident cloud with a clearing where the moon is revealing very clearly..I did not get the impression of the vision being a night time vision plus the experience happened in the morning. Just sharing this.

Just finding this image that is actually embroidery. The baby in my vision was much like this, cuddly and age appearance. The area of the vision was not blue sky as seen here but light grey colour.

Just looking there is a full moon in Virgo now.

Immediately after the baby vision 'Baptism of Fire came to mind'

Next my process was to recall  three visions one after the other on 25th March 2011 during a healing meditation at a time when I was so weak physically and debilitated...

This date commemorates the annunciation of the Virgin Mary

On this date, the first of three visions was seeing Jesus on the cross wearing a crown of thorns. His body was with blood and cuts - it was a terrible sight and he turned his head to face towards me.

 Days before a Muslim told me that they are taught Jesus did not die on the cross and God exchanged him with someone else instead. It is a huge lesson to change what happened in history to something else, and yet, if we all read different books that contradict history we will never agree to the same truth.

The crown of thorns and identification of Jesus being King of the Jews before crucified is most significant because this was recognition from officials of the Imperial House, When he was to give up his life willingly to save mankind, it is through his resurrection that we are saved - He rises as The King.

 Next vision a woman dressed in light blue and white, was teaching other women wearing the same style of modest dress with head covering. I was watching on as this was taking place.. The scene took place outside in a sandy rock background and in daylight. The women were not not in fear or oppressed.

This vision proves to me  that women are vital in  the continuation of bringing people to Christ and teaching about what had happened in history. As the people of the time also knew what was taking place at the time. There were many people who were witness and from  sharing in the oral tradition what happened in history this is passed on generation to generation until today. by women, mothers and grandmothers.

In the third vision I was looking towards the earth that was golden colour as if with fire, but not with flames rising up - a few people standing up and their hands were raised up towards heaven.

Thinking about this 'the golden globe' came to mind. Of course if you do a search on the internet, you will see that the Golden Globes award is gold in colour.

Regarding the people standing on the golden earth (vision from 2011) there may have been 50 seen not standing holding hands as seen here, but separate with space inbetween - quite a distance.

Learning to see what is being shown and write this down, is with having another dream some time back with the realisation that I must include images so that people can at least get an idea of what is being discussed. The following morning someone actually said I should do this - so I try to find what is appropriate.

Just looking on the news to see if anything relevant about babies and there is an article that writes of 340 labour ward blunders every day where hundreds die - not good at all... rather sinister actually.

This is just part one of this article, part 2 will be looking for scriptures to discover more information. This will be just related to the visions that were given on the morning of 21st February 2016

What is truth will be validated in the Holy Scriptures.

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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