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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Sunday, 21 February 2016

Devils Card Revelation, Elder Monk Hermit Mount Athos.

Elder Monk Hermit Kallistratos at Mount Athos speaking about what is to come and for people to prepare. Obviously there are still Orthodox Greeks who are devout in their faith and seeking answers with what to do in these coming times - with the foretold Mark of the Beast in the Book of Revelation.

The Book of Revelation writes no one will be able to buy or sell unless they have the mark of the beast and his name and number is 666. Just putting this to the side for now, this Elder offers wisdom.

He evidently has a personal relationship with God and understands what must be done. He also understands they way of faith and our time here on this earth plane. History has been ugly and yet, the attack on the Orthodox Christians is for what reason - because we belong to Christ or something else?

My sharing these two videos because I do believe they offer some profound insight for people to consider why it is important to have a personal relationship with God. In history the LORD has provided for the people and it will be an act of faith and prayer for this to happen again. Not that we really want to be tested to this - but in some way, history has shown that people were fed. With the return of Christ this could be what we might see happen again. We feed our hunger - thinking we need food.

We are not suffering from malnutrition. We suffer from lack of limited spiritual food and the person who feeds us is Christ. If the ministers of religion are not delivering the food he gives now - why?

In Part 3 of this doccumentary, the Elder is asked a question:

Elder, during your life did you have any nuisance from demons?
Yes , many, many
- Why demons bothers those who lead to asceticism?
Because demon jealous and disturb. Demon does not want human return to paradise. Devil is a loser in front of us.

In one of my dreams a few years ago, Jesus was sitting outside talking to a group of people. So the people who have opted out of a materialistic way of life to live alone, or in a community where prayer and focus on God is also much of the time - to preserve the soul and also for the personal relationship too.

Mount Athos monastery and coastline, Greece.

Not everyone knows that Mount Athos was given to the Virgin Mary and it is through this land, that can never be sold, Mother and Son in Orthodoxy preserve the people - even in difficult times. One rule on this land is no women are allowed - so I have never been there - to the garden of Mary.

'Athos is a monastic peninsula, but also a state within Greece, with carefully secured ports and borders, preventing all women, and men without the necessary permits, from entering. Women aren't banned purely because their natural charms are prone to distract the monks from their prayer and study. Hundreds of years ago after several monks reported visions of the Virgin Mary, it was decided that the Athos monks should devote themselves to her, and that no other woman should be allowed to outshine her.
All women were duly banished, from the peninsula, and with them all female animals. Sows, cows and ewes, even chickens were expelled. It was conceded that female songbirds and insects were allowed to remain, purely because it was impossible to keep them out.
The Elder makes reference to the Holy Laws, the Laws of God.

Perhaps something to consider is if all the lands are taken over and put in a corporate TRUST to be passed down to generations of the same family/families who assume power and control - there is also the State of Israel and of course the House of Israel includes all the descendants in our world today.

There are men who live in prayer and dedication preserving the land that was given to Mary - Perhaps there is something else that has not been made clear ...hence the rule about women not allowed on this mountain/ But for whatever reasons, God knows the truth. He reveals his truth to whom he will choose.

g God is Ruling over one land He is Ruling over all lands.

Land being given to Mary preserves us all...and |I learned only recently that England was also officially made to be the Dowry of Mary...even if there is silence about this. everything happens for a reason.

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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