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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Friday, 19 February 2016

Personal Revelation Inspiring Faith: Prophesy Jesus Return

Talking with a friend overseas in the early hours of the morning, she said to me that my messages are not the same as other people are publishing on the internet. It is of utmost importance that I stress these are Personal Revelation that are shared openly.

In the messages there is information for my personal understanding. In some messages there are clear instructions to ie 'Tell my people that I Iove my family' - In one message Jesus said only 1% of the people wait for him and he is coming back for the 1%,

My sharing these messages in their entirety is so that you can see the level of communication at a heart to heart, soul to soul connection. I am writing word for word what is given - what is given from the spirit within my being with my soul being connected with Christ. 

It was not a sudden decision this took place. Having had several dreams and visions, he has shown me that we are connected but also I am given the task to share how we are all connected. This is not so easy because it means going back in time too. 

On top of the messages that are being written, one day I was inspired also to identify the time at the beginning and end. Using this as a guide, scripture references are identified so we can read  what is written. Sometimes there is reference in the Holy Scriptures, or more information. The truth given by Jesus Christ is also found written and validated in the Holy Scriptures but notice he spoke in parables. This was all deliberate. 

It is important to remember what is given by God through Jesus Christ by the Holy Spirit is not for one people and not for another. We are encouraged to have a personal relationship with Christ and Christ encouraged people to communicate with God the Father in heaven - This is understood by The Lords Prayer - a prayer spoken around the world.

Our focus should not be on comparing different religions but to seek the truth and this has been told to be done by prayer. The truth can be found written in the Holy Scriptures and the word of God can be heard too. But as there are those who deny this is possible - did not Jesus Christ speak the Word of God? His Truth is told to whom he wants to. 

'Ask and you shall be given, seek and you shall find, knock and the door shall open to you' - sharing these words first heard spoken in a male voice while meditating as a child. At the time my mother was in a critical condition in intensive care after a freak car crash on the A666 - Miraculously she survived but remained paralysed from the neck downwards. As a child I had no concept of evil - only in more recent years to know what is going on.

Of course what is written could easily be doubted and yet I write and keep aware that I am being spiritually guided and trust in God that what I am meant to know will be revealed when I am ready to know and understand. The same applies for everyone. 

Sharing this image from a church in St Petersburg Russia where we can see the dove above - a symbol of the holy spirit, with the people who are all together connected with each other as Jesus was and is the teacher in the biblical times as he is today. Today the people who are being divinely guided in truth are also spiritually connected with each other as well.

Another message was written a few days ago following a dream that was given that I had to understand. Delay in sharing this is because I was waiting to see if the dream unfolded with what was shown...And then I realised that it is an example to show people and explain. If we ever get a dream from the Lord, Jesus will shown himself in the dreams. He will be revealed accordingly. In any prophesy - what is to come to pass will happen. 

Any dream by God - it will also be revealed not by confusion because it might be that a prayer is being answered and understanding given. Please allow me to explain.

One time in 2012, I was feeling sick in my stomach and concerned with what was happening in our world...It was a feeling and not an understanding..and this gut feeling is something that I know something is wrong and need to follow this through to understand.

That day a Muslim doctor contacted me asking loads of questions about 'My Belief' and then he told me I was wrong. Well that is his choice. I do not think God is wrong and I do not believe that God is deceiving people either. People deceive people.. So if we want to know the truth from God the way I know is to pray for prayer is to communicate with God.

That night I had a dream seeing Prophet Muhammad standing on a hilltop - it was green and he appeared as being alive. This location was surrounded by the most clear aquamarine coloured water. Other land was seen on his right hand side. There was a hook shape underneath where he was standing and at the time I wondered if there had been a flood, and if this was a cave. The message written on my heart is to warn Muslims to be very careful now and to remember the truth that you were given from Prophet Muhammad.

Since this time I discovered that Prophet Muhammad was taken up to heaven in a night journey to be face to face with the Lord where he had instruction given. In this experience he met Moses and communicated together saying that he had been instructed to pray 100 times a day and thought this was too much for the people would not get anything else done in their life. Through this discussion - the times of prayer were reduced to five.

The way the truth is revealed to me might not be in Arabic or Hebrew. Most certainly it is not being conveyed in Aramaic the language of Jesus but I have heard him speaking in a dream Aramaic ...and all these experiences were for his purpose. Not mine.

Children locally have spoken of seeing Jesus wearing his crown. This is all very relevant for where I live is land mapped out that is connected with the crown wearer. 

I am just a women whose life has been blown apart and yet I made a promise as a child to do everything I can to assist peace and healing in our world. So committed, this is the reason I went to study for years 'for credibility' and trained to be a counsellor too. 

Now the British legal system are seriously in error still refusing to work for justice. Not everyone knows injustice is a very serious crime against humanity.  Not everyone realises there are scriptures written relating to this that are to protect the people. With the blatant God mocking and refusal to do right by people indeed we are in the end times.

What will  happen - God will make happen.  Warnings are given and many times the officials and lawyers here have been asked to work for justice and have not put the wrongs right. Lawyers have blatantly refused to work for justice. So why be a lawyer at all?

The British system has failed itself with the injustice that is taking place and no regard fro the suffering, injury, loss or destitution caused to people. There is a mindset who do not care how many innocents die in war - this might reflect the top of the hierarchy too. 

Those who believe they are above the law are not!

What personal revelation has been given started as sometimes hearing words and seeing what was written in the Holy Bible. Having had some experience to recognise the voice of instruction and guidance - it is distinct from my own but something else. Having prayed and meditated since a young child,  I trained to still my mind to be receptive to the divine. 

One time hearing the words 'crown' and David' - getting on Google I wanted to know what this meant if anything at all.  Reading the scripture that writes of Jesus being a descendant of David began to make sense...As I was begining to understand, more information was given but ll information that is relevant was found to be written in the Holy Bible.

The Holy Bible is known as the Book of Books. The Holy Bible is a collection of books over time that have been translated and bound together as one. There is much to be found within including genealogy, the law, interpretation of the law, royal decree and prophesy.  

When someone says, without reading the Holy Scriptures 'the Bible si wrong' - is it? Ok so there might have been edits and translations, but if you learn to read what is written you will see that only one man has been given authority? People have been entrusted to take care of the people but also we learn that there are people who pervert justice and do evil.

Hearing the voice of the Lord, at first you might only hear a few words - do not be put off from this. Also please do not rely on me and the words that are being shared openly here. My sharing is to encourage a personal relationship with Christ who has the spirit of God within his being. My sharing is to inspire faith and prepare for his return.

Please do keep an open mind in all my messages and articles. This is a learning process and with observation, I was instructed to write what I can see to help people see. It is not just in the instance of sharing but to be more alert and notice what you can see in life too.

Muslims wait for the return of Jesus and if you want to know their truth, please ask Muslims what they are taught regarding the birth of Jesus and what he will do on his return. 

Many Muslims are dreaming and seeing Christ now in visions.

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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