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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Saturday, 20 February 2016

Prophets and Messengers: Who is Given The Word of God?

Well in this time of spiritual awakening,  the people who do not know or understand place 'religion' as one being more superior than another. There are people who might see their prophet as more important than another too. And there are people who do not understand God's Will or the Divine Plan.

Above is another example of the Written Word and when shown like this, it means that the people have been given the Word of God and instruction to share with the people. This is usually shared openly.

The people chosen for this purpose are not always the expected.

The messengers of the past and present time are instructed to write.

As Jesus is described as a revolutionary by Jews, He was to be the one to stand up to the hard hearts and those who do not hear the word of God to understand in context, to clarify the law.

As to Book of books is written, the Holy Scriptures, people can look inside this and read what is relevant to know. There might be people who do not agree with human beings and continue their argument. WE CAN seek the truth. In this time the ease at corrupting The Law is forcing God's Truth yet again.

At different times people have been called by God to write for Him.

Above we see both people are holding scrolls, one open one closed. 

It is shown here that nothing has been hidden. We might not see or understand everything. We might not be ready to see and understand. When we are ready then the truth will be revealed. 

When the pupil is ready the teacher will arrive. How many people know of the Holy Covenant and the promises that have been made to the people?
The Holy Scriptures are written. Everyone can access this now, if they want to.
Prophets and messengers who are called by God will validate the scriptures. There is another pattern that has shown up before with Prophet Muhammad. He saw Moses in a night journey experience and spoke with him.
While I did not speak with Prophet Muhammad I did see  him in a dream. Now it might be because I do not speak Arabic, but it is also quite possible because I am not the person who God has chosen to speak with the Muslims - although in real life I have been asked to because there is some confusion.  What I am sharing is to show, that God does not change his truth and if he has done something in one way, he will do the same.

The reason I saw Prophet Muhammad in a dream was after asking God to help me do everything I can to assist peace between Muslims and Christians. This was in 2012 and on my heart was imparted that Muslims need to be very careful in this time and especially not to go the wrong way. They must keep focused on what Muhammad told them and since, the truth has come out. Muslims were warned about what is happening now in our world.   
While first writing about Prophet Muhammad I did not know the truth and have since sought the truth. In this time over the last few years my mind and heart have been opened more to understand.. What is most important is to seek to find the truth and the truth will be revealed. Talk to people about their truth because this is also revealing.
Prophet Muhammad was given instruction from the Lord too.
Meeting the Lord face to face is for a reason and purpose. 
When angels appear and instruct - those who are sent by God is because God has seen what is happening on this earth and we are again in this time where there will be the dealing with those in error and correction.
We are told to Trust in God - so Trust in God and talk with him. I do!
Peace be with you
Pauline Maria
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