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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Friday, 11 March 2016

The Apostles of Jesus Christ and Their Role Today

The apostles are taught by Christ and this is with learning to Trust him completely too. The events of what took place now have been televised and also found on youtube to listen to. 

If Jesus can make the blind see, can he not help the spiritually blind to see too? If he has healed the sick - can he not also do the same now too? 

By the Power of God he has done many things in prayer intention, thought intention and yet something else. To this day he remains obedient to the Father - for reasons explained. 

Jesus who was given all power and authority set the example for others who want to be overlord rulers over people. Do they obey God too? 

In the course of history prophets and messengers have been persecuted and killed. Jesus was killed and God brought him to life again. 

God cannot be killed or extinguished no matter how hard man has tried to do this. 

In these times Jesus is making his living presence known to prove to people. The holy scriptures have written what is going to happen. Do not fear. 

In this time people are learning hard lessons. In prayer faith is strengthened. 

The apostles of Jesus Christ have been shown and known about - people called to leave their families and lives and follow place their complete trust in him. God chose these people.

God showed how one would be a traitor too.

God does not show perfection but how he perfects people and corrects people too. He has chosen the most unlikely people who are willing to seek and trust in his word and instruction.

Jesus has chosen helpers today to guide people back to him and it is to my humble understanding, that as he has been revealing himself to me; guiding too - that he will do the same for you too.

When Jesus was taken up to heaven bodily - he was taken out of this world. In this process the people who remained were given instruction - he would return again too. Think about this.

When we love someone so much, do we not long for them too? Does love just exist in the physical reality face to face - or does distance make the hearts that love grow stronger?

As long as there is the physical and spiritual love from people to Christ and his love for the people, the connection between us  cannot be broken. In some way in the right way he will make his truth known to everyone when they are ready and the time is right. First is to prepare people.

One of the roles of the apostles is to remind people 'Jesus is alive' and the second to point people to him. If we do not talk with Jesus - how is it possible to have a personal relationship with him?

Jesus choses his helpers - People are active in our world in the most unlikely places. We will see even Judges moved by the Holy Spirit having zero tolerance for injustice. The evil one will fear too.

Apostles today are called to be helpers in different ways.

Not everyone has a personal relationship with Christ. Not everyone wants this. But for those who do, the way has been shown and with sincere hearts and pure intentions, he knows his helpers.

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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