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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Videos:Biden Caressing Child & Hilary/Obama Hug

There is more to this video title....

There is reason to publish this video here as explained.

If you expand the cctv footage to see more clearly, you can do this by going to the youtube link directly and clicking in the corner. In this scanerio are several people and it is an example to show the actual recording in its entirety for the purpose of creating awareness and being aware of children's discomfort.

...a giggly mother unaware of her daughter's vulerability with much older man being overly affectionate with close body touch - the child might not express herself verbally - evident signs of being uncomfortable is with pulling away. Even a child known to the much older male invites the viewer to be aware that inappropriate touch csn be easily ignored by the blind... and this is why no one should be in awe of anyone whatever their position It is not ok for an old man to caress a child's face and head while near his penis, for arousal might take place intentional or not..

we are all invited to consider appropriate affection and interpersonal boundaries..Fo0r the purpose of illustrating this vitally important address of interpersonal boundaries this video is shared.


 In this video we see the adult Hilary stll being held onto with delayed letting go As Hilary is a grown woman who appears to be strong in her vocal intetions, her physical body language gives off the signals as if saying 'nough now let go.....eventually Mr. Biden did.

Now we can compare the greeting shared between Hilary Clinton and Barak Obama - seen after a time of serving there affections towards eachother were seemingly less reserved. At first there is evident reservation and both appear to be mutually respectful of their interpersonal boundaries in public..

NEVER be afraid to pull away from anyone who comes too close or makes you feel unconfortable - adults teach your children this. Teach your children that it is OK to state the truth of what they feel and fear so they will learn skills to set interpersonal boundaries later on

We live in a time particularly in the West where family breakdowns are also taking place and children raised in single parent homes, might be with attracting new partners - either temporary or long term lodging bed mates...where it becomes necessary also for mothers to be alert to the signs of inappropriate affection and curiosity to their child ....whether a boy or a girl. Lets face it. there are many perverts around.

The protection of children should not first come from those in positions of authority on a payroll but by the parents who have been entrusted with these souls until they grow and live independantly as adults.

Sadly many children today grow up having some experience of inappropratie touching, or affection that feels very uncomfortable, and sexual exploitation by predators who know exactly what they are doing.

For whatever reason, the video footage was posted and it has allowed this article to be posted, while a giggly mother might be blind, or feel uncomfortable with the scenario. 

Any child who feels uncomfortable with inappropriiate touch, or someone getting too close should be able
to feel comfifdent tot alk to their perents and be listened to and beleived. This applies for all children.

It is time adults wake up to the reality that there are an unknown amount of pedophiles in the world, that being adults who have sexual inclinations and attraction to children...To be silent allows this to endure but nipping any inappropraite behavour or closeness takes a courageour parent do do so without further damaging the child or inducing emotional trauma....

Hilary as a grown adult handed heerself well but a small child would not have this ability  in the same situation - not every man considers that his affections are not always wanted or even welcomed

The child plcing her hands newr the mouth....even sucking her thumb indicates her seeking to comfort herself. The hands of Mr. Biden seemed a bit too close to the young girls mouth....Did she place her thumb inside her mouth as an instinctive move to prevent him entering his? .

If you feel sick at this - evidently the message got to you in a way that you will be alert to anything that happens to your children or other young children. Sometimes unrelated adults are forced to intervene or say something....and that something being said, as with paedophillia being with evidence and testimony.

There are children who conform to circumstance; whether to pleaxe their parents and avoid punishment, In this case a photo opportunity that appears to be the swearing in of an official, became an official situation where people are also invited to observe and see what is happening behind closed doors...

What happans in the open might also be missed but what is certain, adult or child, we know who makes us feel uncomfortable and who does not...We know when the feeling inside is telling us to get away.
Observe the children.....ask if they are OK. Assure them.

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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