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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Dream Climbing Tree, Branch, Building Work - May 2017

Experience has shown that sometimes things will not happen as we expect, plans will get messed up, people will let us down - and I cannot say how dangerous a situation a roofer left me with a  piece of plastic falling down and the drain pipe pouring water, that was falling on my porch directly over the electrics box. He did not seem keen to grap his ladder and put a few nails in - instead I was like a begger pleading for help for weeks....a job he had no intention to do from the start. He would have been happy to earn a few thousand to replace the roof though.  Several weeks later in rainy England I contacted a complete stranger and am sure they did it only because they felt sorry for charge.

At Christmas the house is filled with lights and his daughter told me 'my dad is a good man - he is a Christian'. With hundreds of pounds of damage now - to think he was recommended - NOT now.

Recently another situation presented itself...a tree overhands from a neighbours garden that is the cause of my garage roof needing to be replaced - not a cheap job.. So I asked very politely the owner of the property if he would be willing to cut down the branch that overhangs causing damage - or I will ask a professional to do it - He refused and to the latter responded in a threatening manner...'don't you even dare'

With still using a stick when walking after injury, he told me to get up on the roof yourself and clean the moss and leaves that formed over time a thick carpet. -He did not care about injury or my safety.

The man was playing mind games, being intimidating  - pretending not to hear, trying to trip me up and I admit, in the end as an afterthought I responded in saying something I should not have - for it is this low mentaltiy that makes living here unbearable...the bonus to compensate that a pretty and quiet area.

While I was in a quandry...What was to happen next I did not expect. I will share a dream that happened a week or so later - and this followed an answer to my prayer a couple of days before. 

The dream was not expected and the incident was not on my mind.

In the dream I was climbing up a tree with a thick trunk and reaching out - seeing already a broken branch but reaching further as if to climb or break the one above it...

Next, ahead I am looking and seeing some men carrying some partition wall - as if some building work is taking place in a building. I did not recognise in the dream the men who were there' Woke up

Forgetting about the dream...not even noting it down.

The next day in reality: Going about my day pottering around, suddenly I could hear quietly 'psst, pssst' - when I realised another neighbour was trying to get my attention quietly from over the fence...

Why are you wispering I asked? - laughing at this..
She replied 'Have you seen your garage? and continued to explain the same neighbour ' he has been up on the roof that morning clearing it'
Everyone noticed this but me..I had no idea whatsoever ...and remembered the dream.
After the conversation I went upstairs to look and the entire roof was as if not one speck of leaf or moss was there..Have to admit I would have thought God worked his miracle with THAT..
In fact the garage looked as if it was made new.
The branch was still there overhanging though...and it still is.

Previously already requesting this neighbour to ask her husband to talk man to man - given the circumstances he declined to do so in case a wrong word was said...and adverse reactions followed.  There are quite a few lessons in this, witnessing the male intimidating roles and their learning too. However mind games come with a warning, if people want to do this knowingly, they are damaging their own mind and brain functioning later on in their lives - Boasting about bullying a woman is not clever. Not all men admire this tactic.

As it happened I prayed that the man might have a change of heart...
I asked that he might realise the error of his ways...(perhaps he did, or not)
But I NEVER expected the roof to be cleared that is for sure, especially by him.

And that is how it always expect the unexpected.

Now because the prior referred to 'bully boy' was very awkard with me, I never progressed in the original conversation to suggest we swap garages as mine would have direct access from his property. ..And it was after this I wondered, if his motivation was to approach me later on about this.

Now that will be ironic...He might have seen sense simply in doing right.

We do not know why people are motivated to do things.

Or perhaps he realised if I went to the solicitors it might be very expensive for him - but as I have zero trust for the legal sysrem with their corrupting the law, that was absolutely not my intention at all.

Instead I had turned to God in prayer ..and if this situation has again shown - I must remember, as we all have to learn, God will do what He will in His own time and moves hearts and minds accordingly. 

Later the night of the dream - in the morning, I cupped my hands around bible and in prayer asking what God wants me to know..Time passed and I did not record the detail, whether I was directly lead to the scripture below, or I used Google search engine to read what is written about 'branches broken off' - either way this is the relevant scripture with Athena being connected with and associated with an Olive Tree and Greece, with my Greek mother being named was appropriate and quite uncanny.

..... if by any means I may provoke to jealousy those who are my flesh and save some of them.  For if their being cast away is the reconciling of the world, what will their acceptance be but life from the dead?
 For if the firstfruit is holy, the lump is also holy; and if the root is holy, so are the branchesAnd if some of the branches were broken off, and you, being a wild olive tree, were grafted in among them, and with them became a partaker of the root and fatness of the olive tree, do not boast against the branches. But if you do boast, remember that you do not support the root, but the root supports you.
You will say then, “Branches were broken off that I might be grafted in.  Well said. Because of unbelief they were broken off, and you stand by faith., Do not be haughty, but fear. For if God did not spare the natural branches, He may not spare you either.  Therefore consider the goodness and severity of God: on those who fell, severity; but toward you, goodness, if you continue in His goodness. Otherwise you also will be cut off . And they also, if they do not continue in unbelief, will be grafted in, for God is able to graft them in again.  For if you were cut out of the olive tree which is wild by nature, and were grafted contrary to nature into a cultivated olive tree, how much more will these, who are natural branches, be grafted into their own olive tree? (Romans 11:14-24)

On the tree outside, branches appear to be evidently broken off. 

Image result for romans 11:19-20 


The renovation work in the dream was seen as literal, possibly something will happen in the future. With the scripture above, perhaps God is renovating and changing what is already built - a new interior..

Interior also refers to government ... so this might be applicable too.

Dreams do carry messages some we are meant to understand.

Every element of the dream, that we refer to as symbolim has meaning and there are many layers to each symbolism so therefore dreams can bring deeper understanding of the message revealed.

With no idea if a change of heart took place with the man and the tree but I hope so. I remember years ago, any trouble makers in the area or anyone suspicious trying to break in or lurking around, he would approach them and the area was kept clear. One time he caught someone trying to break in and the thief ran away...He went around to tell the lady about it and she was rude and very ungrateful - one would think any householder would really appreciative that. His reply to me 'NEVER WILL I HELP ANYONE AGAIN.'

Well this time he did help me...and I am grateful, to see this too.

A few years ago the former Bishop of London, Richard Chartres made a statement asking for 100,000 Kingdom builders - in case people did not know, he refers to the Kingdom of God on earth.

Perhaps the dream is showing me, God is building His Kingdom now.

There is no way I would be climbing trees..and certainly not inside someone elses garden to cut a branch off. Unless there is a house swap that is unlikely because if we are apparently to enter someones property to cut off any trees or bushes, we would be tresspassing. But the dream was showing me up on the tree, holding on - this in itsself is validating the scripture and how the Spirit of God works from within our being

I was not fact I was clinging to where the branches began,

Such is the detail and specificness of the Word of God and when precision is given for understanding, it is given again in a way that we are meant to understand - in a way we cannot deny to learn from.

We can be transported wherever, near or far or interplanetary so it seems, for whatever purpose. God will make us see what we are meant to see and understand what we are meant to understand too.

There is a difference between being 'caught up by the Spirit' and someone flying at will to a specific destination. Learning to trust God you might taken to what he wants you to see and know.

I did not ask for this...I do not ask Jesus to reveal his face to me either.

God's Power cannot be cut off...I am not that power.

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria.

Jesus Heart to Heart, Soul to Soul 9th May 2017

In the middle of this message, an argument was taking place outside - and the Lord continued with this message.  Writing down word for word on 9th May, the message began 13:31 and ended 13:58

This message was initiated by asking Jesus is there anything you want me to understand today?

'You can if you will do this for me. It will not be a hard errand or anything like that. I will call you from time to time so you know to recognise my voice above all others and then when ready to give instruction impart this to you. So slow down in your speaking with others you encounter in this time so you know the interaction of my voice with you and your voice with others;
I want to show you this to show you how it was and is both in the ancient times when God the Father speaks with his messengers from the Spirit within. The Father also speaks from without;
If I can guide you in truth; the Father can guide you in truth for the Father gave me His word to impart to the people. 
There are people who do not belong to me yet and they who are upset because I revealed myself to you are still caught in insecurity and child agenda. If it a little selfish and yet Iknow you would share my truth to all who will listen and yet you have seen many who would not because their world is caught with trauma and drama that even devastates their lives. 
My people are perishing. My family are being killed andthe one I  am choosing here in this land to initiate the truth is being resented. 
See the battle that must be faced above all others is to help people rise above the drama - but this has happened before;
There are those in the past who said and thought 'Why him - why not us? What does this poor man have above us who have more and are more important than anyone else?'
Pauline I know their hearts and minds and such is the mind set on keeping people down to elevate themselves. 
They cannot elevate themselves to heaven because their ego will not allow it; 
They want it so much in their heart that they cannot
And so in the past the rejection of the heavenly order took place with the massacre of the innocent as it is today. 
As people hate and turn against eachother - the distraction from prayer and a holy life - without harming anyone, to do good to everyoe, to pray for their brother and sister, help parents in their elder age; as parents helped and nurtured their children as babies - even if discipline was hard.  
Today there is abomniable cruelty without love for children and there are adults who hate eachother not even knowing why. 
Strangers are being blamed for someone elses actions and agendas that are sinister are at large.
So the trickery and tricksters thrive easily in these times, the rebellious, magicians too. The illusory workd with all its glories and trinkets are on sale as a 'must have'. 
Will the impoverished become more poor?
There are people who have nothing at all who are rich if they have a blanket to cover them. They have not been looking to what is happening around the world. They do their big with each of their family. One prays, another sweeps the floor, one bakes ,another answers the door. 
The role of the priest is to keep his hands clean, not to be distracted from prayer; and when focus is on God the Father all of the time the Spirit of the LORD can work through him all of the time. 
For now this is training and before people can understand this sometimes powerful energy they must also understand self control and the meaning of bestowal too.
It is not because of only loftiness - it is because of humility - it is not because of fullness of being, it is becausse of emptiness - selflessness.
I have human emptions and cry and love too. But I cannot rage with anger because the consequences will be destructive for all even myself. So I remain selfless because there is nothing I need or want for myself. I have no ambition either. 
I am that I am. Just an empty vessel, a man of prayer who prays for the people. If all men would join me; together we can bring peace in the world.
I will not do what man must do alone. He has a choice to repent and return to the way of salvation or suffer forever more. 
The women of the world must be strong and some rise up and condemn abuses but they must be careful not to become abusers too. Love waits and flows into ready hearts. God bless you with love'

After this message 'The Spirit of the Lord is upon me' came to mind. 'So this is how you tell people is there a message for them'

There is the expanded scripture that identifies these words I will quote - the words were spoken by Jesus Christ himself and such as I focus on Jesus in my message, I am trusting His message is from Him.:

The Rejection at Nazareth

....the scroll of the prophet Isaiah was handed to Him. Unrolling it, He found the place where it was written: 18'The Spirit of the Lord is on me because He has anointed Me to preach good news to the poor. He has sent Me to proclaim deliverance to the captives and recovery of sign to the blind, to release the oppressed,  to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor.”…(Luke 4:17-19)

 Image result for jesus isaiah 61

The Year of the Lord's Favor
The Spirit of the Lord GOD is on me Because the LORD has anointed me To bring good news to the afficted.. He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to captives, And freedom to prisoners. To proclaim the favorable year of the LORD And the day of vengeance of our God; To comfort all who mourn  (Isaiah 61:1-3)

Of the times this message was given the following scriptures are revealed

 Heaven and earth will pass away, but My words will by no means pass away. (Mark 13:31)

So, when he had gone out, Jesus said, “Now the Son of Man is glorified, and God is glorified in Him.
(John 13:31)

Image result for mark 13:31
Inspiring faith and prayer for by prayer this has come....

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

Sunday, 25 June 2017

Jesus Heart to Heart Soul to Soul 4th May 2017

This message began with hearing the words as shown in the first line, noting the time and then focussing specifically to Jesus Christ asking him what the message is He wants to give to me today - as it is written.

The message began precisely as the clock read 14:00 and ended 14:27

'Can we help you LORD?'

We can do so much together if you allow me to work through you and with you dear ones. When you are ready I will come and make myself known to you face to face and not before.
Tell  my people that and so not to despair, panic or feel rejected.
I did not reject anyone yet but I will and it is written to banish the evil one to the gates of hell. 
I can only say so much to those who do not beleive when I am here for my people and my family.
I have correction to do and they are damaged already.
The task is big and I will not be a ruthless god to one who has been damaged by ruthlessness. But he will learn why his earthly father walked  away from him.
The son is scorned for what he has done. 
The daughter is scorned for what she has done and why the minds of the ignorant cannot see how easily people fall, they donot watch over their children as the Father of all watches over his children.
Yes that is right. God the Father of all and the Father has given me His Spirit to watch over all. 
If only they see the tumbling lives and the causse, then maybe they will change their ways. 
Did I not say 'become like little children and you will know the Kingdom?' I did not mean or instruct to become like squabbling children crying and blaming, wanting more or something different.
What a selfish generation to know the harm and loss they cause but few look within their being as to why they do it and correct what it is to be corrected and to heal what is to be healed.
So many broken hurting people are wounded together - worried so much are some and in so much pain they can easily be picked up to go and fight an unknown enemy; to injure and kill and some of those people are my family both sides. 
The Father has allowed it so they may learn their lesson. 
All the fighting and hatred and killing does not change anything at all.
The war cannot be won by man alone. He must conquer the demon within his being.
How love can diminish hate and  also provoked rage outside the self is a mystery to be seen and understood in the context of experience. Then you can understand how you all are in charge of your own inner experience to not allow that externally to trigger and internal reaction that compromises your soul
So hate might be hurt or jealousy untold but it is destructive - a very self destructive evoking emotion that can damage all. 
The evil one is full of hate becase he cannot allow his ego to go. 
The rage and lust for power is all consuming. 
He does not have the commanding authority over all souls and this enrages his more.
But it is what it is...The lessons we all must learn.
I had to give up my life or I would have become enraged and the evil one wins. For in rage when we have power from within or without this can reap and sow havoc in the world and the universal order is out of balance. 
In the healing wave of energy love flows and even the evil one knows. This might enrage him more. He will have to lose control. He cannot hold on forever more and his redemption depends on this.
I cannot say more.
It is the Father who steers and navigates the life of souls.
I was resurrected to show you all ressurrection is possible. The ressurrection of souls was foretold. The souls reincarnated over and over again - but I am that I am and I will not be born again in a woman's womb that is impure. 
My return is when humanity is ready and the falling of away from the faith is one of the signs of my return. 
Be careful my loves that you are not decieved.
I was born in the most humble of circumstances, so were others. Others including myself were threatened with death from the day we were born. 
Do not look in the most lofty of places for my servants and helpers. 
The ones who receive my instruction were carefully chosen and witnessed what is going on in all the places that say they serve me but do not.
Serve the Father God Almighty alone.
Be my helper and friend. 
Love me - love everyone. Love heals them all
Thank you dear one'

Of the times revealed scriptures are identified

With the time being 14 - Revelation 14 came to mind a scripture that identifies the lamb and the 144,000

Peace I leave with you, My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.  (John 14:27)

 But immediately Jesus spoke to them, saying, “Be of good cheer! It is I; do not be afraid.” (Matthew 14:27)

For the Lord of hosts has purposed,
And who will annul it?
His hand is stretched out,
And who will turn it back?” (Isaiah 14:27)

 Image result for john 14:27

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

1 Corinthians 14:27

Jesus: Heart to Heart, Soul to Soul 2nd May 2017

Please excuse the delay in writing - sharing some of the recent messages.

Hearing the words in the spirit...I am quickly accessing pen and paper to write the message and this is the message that was given on 2nd May 2017 at 23:10 - ending at 23:32

With the times noted I then access scriptures that are revealed - often bringing more relevance to the message and sometimes adding the reminder that God does know what is going on too.

Jesus validates...Jesus spoke the WORD OF GOD..He still speaks and communicates for his purpose. When the initiation comes that is recognised, I ask for Jesus to tell me what He wants me to know as now.

'Hear me dear one' 

'Let no one bully you any more. You are standing up and set your boundaries. 
How easy it is for someone to disregard your circumstance and how you will pay your bills.
Already the enemy of my people who are suffering is laughing at the tumble and fall.
You befriended the meek and the elderly and vulnerable to share your heart. You must express that is all you have to give.
How selfish is anyone to ask you to buy anything for them and then not open the door to give from your heart. They really do not know your struggle and really do not know me at all dear one
What am I to do with my instrument on the land My Father long ago gave to the people to live freely and yet they do not. They think they do. They do not.
So give the little you want to share when you feel inclined to and do not forget my helpers who are asking for prayers too. 
Pray for my people and your (friend) who is going through some inner turmoil. I will help her. Lead her to me to talk with me and I will listen to her voice. 
Dear one I listened to you in your brokenness long before you asked me to help  you and knew helplessly the situation you have had to face. 
It was not my doing dear one, I promise you that but I will repay those who avenge  you and they will pay dearly for what they have done. For I am a jealous God in who I keep for myself as a helper and healer and prayer intercessor for my people - even if you are not praying tooo much As soon as I ask and the need is given you provide the prayer and you provide the connection with me. 
I am your Jesus and the Father's Spirit within me I can communicate with you what the Father is telling me.
Tell them that. They cannot come to the Father except through me and by me, because he knows already of the deceptive ones.
I am sorry, truly sorry for all you have been put through with your mother's accident having such a detrimental impact on your life.
Dear one you  have seen over and over in your hard times, you learned many lessons and you have grown wiser than before. Those who resent you in your own family will come to realise eventually that you were right. And the ones who betrayed their own sister and parents will have to live with what they have done for the rest of their lives. 
Do not be anxious any more for they cannot come after you with hatred and vengeance for speaking the truth. They broke the law. They broke My Law and they discredit you who has been telling the truth.
The court system in England has discredited you for being a wise one among them knowing the truth and fearing what you will do to them. 
My Princess you do not serve Satan and neither do you belong to them who do. 
So stop thinking that you can get a good outcome from that which is entrenched with evil. It cannot happen. 
Only God the Father can change hearts and minds of those who go the wrong way as it is by the Grace of God you survived and were healed many times only to be injured again and again.
Well it is too late. You were given the Word of God long ago and it was written on your death bed. And then like me you woke up - not strong but severely weakened in your condition refusing surgey knowing the risks that you might not survive. 
You were the living dead - almost a corpse and now  youo are not.
My truth is perfected in weakness and I love you dear one. Never forget this.
People say they love. I love you and give you life again.'

Of the scriptures identified with the times - these are written:

Do not call anyone on earth your father; for One is your Father, He who is in heaven. And do not be called teachers; for One is your Teacher, the Christ. (Matthew 23:9-10)

The Lord of hosts has purposed it,
To bring to dishonor the pride of all glory,
To bring into contempt all the honorable of the earth.
 Overflow through your land like the River,
O daughter of Tarshish;
There is no more strength  (Isaiah 23:9-10)

Lift up your gates, O ye princes, and be ye lifted up, O eternal gates: and the King of Glory shall enter in. Who is this King of Glory? the Lord of hosts, he is the King of Glory. (Psalm 23:9-10)

 Fill up, then, the measure of your fathers’ guilt. (Matthew 23:32)

But when we are judged, we are chastened by the Lord, that we may not be condemned with the world.  (1 Corinthians 11:32)

 You shall make no covenant with them, nor with their gods.  (Exodus 23:32)

Behold, I am against those who prophesy false dreams,” says the Lord, “and tell them, and cause My people to err by their lies and by their recklessness. Yet I did not send them or command them; therefore they shall not profit this people at all,” says the Lord. (Jeremiah 23:32)

 Image result for exodus 23:32

It is with prayer focus on God the Father and when asking Jesus Christ to guide me with what He wants me to know - I am doing so for personal understanding....this is called personal revelation. And I am now sharing this openly so that you can read a message in its entirety that exposes my vulnerabiliy too. It is not for sympathy but as a testimony that in prayer I have come  through so much and I no longer fear the system because it is what it is and as Jesus has revealed who speaks the Word of the Father, man's plan.
The scriptures revealed at the end are a reminder that I am to make no convenant with them ..those who want to be gods becuase their ego wants...yet if they do not hear the voice of God how can we look up to these people..Are they leading these people to the safety of God Almighty...or to Christ?
From what I understand, Jesus wants us to know him..and as scriptures are written they indicate that while only a remnant - a small  amount of people compared to the whole population are returning, we cannot force those who continue to rebel against God and continue to injure and kill the people...
This message is one of a few that is a reminder God will Judge them too.
 Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

Computer Problems Internet Problems, NHS World Chaos

 The internet being used as a vital tool for research and sharing information - is for me also where I am catching up on the news, looking at certain reports - not with time to look at all but seemingly what is revealed as being prominent is for a reason...and also sometimes something important is masked.

Over what seems weeks of internet problems, it was not just my service affected. Locally a lady with a different internet service provider said she was unable to access the internet for a week.

As it is in my personal situation and circumstance being pressed to struggle beyond what I thought possible - I could not even use the computer to write...and if I said I reloaded the computer 8 or 10 times this would not be an exaggeration. Since this I remember a time when not being able to press any keys - after the fall 'as if' being pushed down the stairs...Hitting the keys nothing was was a mystery.

Then I happened to watch a television the following night to a programme called Hotel 666 and there was someone hitting the keys of the laptop but it was not typing...too much of a coincidence?

Well I had to go to the doctors and was rather concerned being aware of danger and being asthmatic - I thought if I make sure he puts the asthma meds on  automatic prescription so I can order them as needed, then there will be no obstacle to that - but I have made every effort to do without and practice being calm within despite the strain of is as if every obstacle is placed to prevent progress. What happened at the doctors...he couldnot type on his computer..he tried and tried and tried...And I told him I think I might be under spiritual attack..(being under attack by the invisible realms) I had to.

Now while my situation is what it is and I know God did not have to be. The legal system could have addressed their crimes and apologised for their evident corruption of the court that was to place me in a precarious financial situtuation presenting an obstacle to progress with my career and business intention. I trained to assist healing and empower people and also with the focus on self healing - not being dependant on medications - as many millionsof people take, urinate and we all are consuming in water here.

The refusal to work for justice is why evil flourishes so blatantly here.

There are officials who fear man and woman - who pays their wages...but there are a few who fear the consequences of going against the system...even if we all perish in the process.

Bottom line is they do not Fear God alone and so can easily be made to be complicit in a sinister agenda that seems to be on the increase - and also revealed in a personal revelation message too. As I  did not know and do not know at the time what the message is pertaining to, writing these down, I can refer back later. And I wanted to show also - that with having a personal relationship with God, real communication does take place spiritually and what is from God willalso be shown to be so too...

This is one of the promises made and found written in the scriptures too.

Now before closing..

A few weeks ago all the NHS computers were under attack - Why?

We should be asking questions to everything now...

A report suggested the computers were using the XP operating system and if I recall there were corporate discs at that time so therefore one disc could  be used for all computers...

By hacking and attacking corporate systems especially where there is confidential information held - that might not be the real motivation either - there is a reason. How many computers are used within the whole NHS corporate bodies? I recall DELL comptuters being given to Doctor's surgeries.

As it is there seems to be the disapearance of the operating disc and instead a downloadable operating system with each comptuer having its own unique code - this might seem fair to some people. But the programe is not bbeing sold - the LICENCE to use the programe is being sold with a CONTRACT. If I recall TimBerners Lee had the idea to enable people to share information on the WORLD WIDE WEB but somehow perhaps with the lust to be billionaires today, opportunity to make more is sought.

CONTRACT LAW is apparently enforeable in court - excpet n the English Court they have violated their contract and obligation - not just in my situation but perhaps other people too. More than likely.

Honor..few officials even comprend that that means in context.

So perhaps we are seeing more chaos to higlight the flaws in the system. Yesterday I read that the emails of the MPs were not working - someone not wanting the MPs communicating with eachother?

The newspapers are some  reporting now in a way that is expected. Truth cannot be silenced even if we have to look beyond words that are written..Photographs published - do not ignore those.

Image result for computer chaos nhs

In comparison to the financial demands and pushing people to conform - we cannot ignore that a lot of OPEN SOURCE material is available so not all has to be paid for...but unfortunately like the majority of us we all have to keep paying for our internt connections, faulty or not.

There are free operating systems too...well for now

A few years ago I wanted to work with developers overseas - have to admit - to made an operating system that would cost ie £1  - it was just an idea..did not get to be done. With 7 billion people if everyone had a comptuer that would still rake in a how much is being raked in for the latest costing hundreds of pounds for corporate use...what is all that really being used for? I am not the judge of that either.

Some of us are truly humanitarian at heart that is, we seek to contribute in a way that enables the human race to thrive and be educated, to realise a higher consciouisness and to live a conscious concientous life. But there are those who have not evolved who thrive wanting to sabotage the destiny even of their own life of the other choice God made - as we all have choices, and if we take the route by moving someone else out of the way , then a lot of peope might be also affected by the consequences. This has happened.

If you studied for years to assist healing your life prepared you for being able to advise ethically - ie do not take toxinx for they will not be good for your health, heal the root cause of all illness, then this is really what all ethical medical professionals and health providers can do.

If you paid for a medical degree without the study - as a patient would you trust that doctor to diagnose an illeness and perform surgery with their diagnosis? This is the concern we are facing today.

We are facing concerns of decisions being made for profit, not health.

The people are false idol worshiping a royal family - a huge concern..but more is revealed there too. The royals and the hospitals are connected in some way..Is this at a corporate level too? I cannot say.

We should be thinking twice before any advice..medical or not.

And where a system is set out to discredit anyones professional training and over 40 years experience in helping the most profoundly of disabled people and fragile in their being that at first not wanting to live but by tender and firm encouragment to enable peple to realise 'YOU ARE MORE THAN YOUR BODY ' and YOU HAVE A PURPOSE beynd what you know' - this actually applies for all of us.

We are all instrumental in eachothers learning..

If you want to climb the ladder to be an overlord of evolved spiritually, be knowlegeable sufficiently even to delegate to the right officials in an ethcal and lawful structure of operation.

Maintain an ethical structure always...

And if it means keeping an outdated computer operating system, so be it...

The smart phones might not be smart - even if they suggest they are

If you value these articles individual or collective, a small token donation will be much appreciated. This will enable me to continue...without worry, and I do to be honest from time to time...

I do have a facebook page where I am writing more too. Find me..Join me there. As this all started when the wars based on lies became very evident and legal corruption being blatant and calculated to detrimentally impact my life - I learned of so many other people suffering the same and silenced...gagging orders.

Or they are just simply too scared to speak out

I spoke with prison officers who told me many people in prison 'should not be there' - one since left and one was off sick at the time after suffering a nervous  breakdown..

I try to get primary evidence of people who know what is going on. But I am not naming as it is not relevent too - what I have seen personally is that there is a lot amiss...but there is also good works too.

We must stay focused on the positive but not ignore what is not.

We must make efforts to be conscious and concientiously aware too.

A message given to me some time ago indicated I need to be even more economical - since that is an understatement..but I wonder and concern - perhaps we all need to be a little more aware and careful of spending....Just with the labels for many years, people paying several hundred percent profit for clothes manufactured for pennies overseas..and other consumer products are the same..

I was told the boilers being installed are actually manufactured for £49.50 and yet just one particular part with fitting costing £700 - not good but hey  who cares they who are earning money.

People are talking about Free Energy and I  said if there were people in the know with technical skill - that I evidently lack, they should make solar panels and that would be one problem sorted..except the chemical spraying and clouds coming over block the the temperature is artificially being turned down, people are still turning their heating up instead of off and wearing more many of us now do.

Perhaps my being exposed to all this living a life not quite as would even be thought of - if anything being a successful businesswoman and working both advising and solution identifying with the government in a specific area of my expertise might save them many million a year...but that was not meant to be.

And to prosecute real crimes against humanity seems to be ignored, for a while at least. The fact is there are those who are placed by their birth to be under the judgement of God - and then there are those who are building corporate structures who could be under the law of the land but they are not.

The fear of man allows so many violations and abominations.

The fear  of man allows so much injustice too...

As the political arena in our world has shown , particularly over the last years with UK, Europe and America - the domination of the news reports drumming into peoples minds even the preparation for war propaganda - peppered with the oversell of the British should all be thinking, something is wrong.

Anyway...what can I do but share some observations, to invite some research and to warn people not to believe everything that we are told and sold in the news...perhaps only 10% is the truth

But as has been shown there is a story behind a story...

As with the scriptures there are layers of understanding to be revealed..

As with each Hebrew letter in the alphabet, it does not just have one meaning.

With not being on the internet - while trying to fix the computer frustratingly, I have come to the conclusion that there are times when I am not meant to read the news..probably all of the time - but there are also things happening in our world, where as long as people are kept down, quiet and blind they will have the wool pulled over their eyes and will continue trusting that which is far from being trustworthy.

Please keep an open mind with all that I am sharing..

I was told there is such a concept as CHAOS MAGIC

As chaos is prevelant in our the increse of people praying too.

Image result for computer chaos nhs


There are an increase of people throwing computers away..

And the updated technology is a thriving corporate agenda

If you want to upgrade your computing device - sell it or if you feel generous locate a freecycle network that is operating online..or give it to someone who would make good use of it..

If a comptuter is running might be even a hard drive issue but more likely some malevelant reason and there might even be people working overtime to cause chaos in the technical world.

Something else,...we were once slow in thinking and people who are online actively, researching and gathering information, able to look at several factors and connect the dots - our mind is being made to accomodate a greater perspective, without trecking to the library and accessing files and books. We are a people who are functioning in the moment of typing a few letters and getting world information.

Compters with spyware and govenment spying...are you really scared about that?

I am not...the more I discover that is questionable and invites questions as to why something is happening or decisions are made...sometimes relevant answers come or more questions. Being focused on truth and truth seeking is with fact finding....and my page is read by officials so I am told too. Good.

I am and will remain focused on Global Peace and the multilayered healing need in our world too - I pray for people to realise a higher consciousness and instead of wanting to battle with eachother - that we all realise we are all learning lessons. Every one of us. There is no one who is exempt from this.

Ignorance and lust for power is the cause of so much death. Greed is the cause of so much poverty too. No one really benefits at all from this. But when you are being manipulated to turn against a people who some might be religious extremists - a very small percentage indeed, less than 1% what is the truth.

One day thinking about all this - the chaos, confusion, the increase of military presence already well prepared and trained in advance - as with the wars strategrically planned with the mass spending too...

The Orwellian State as people are suggesting, a willing robotic brainless people at ease to to whatever to be paid in their job not aware of the karma they will reap...not aware they contribute to taking this world to a place of darkness - with armed police on the ready too..Suddenly I thought, God is really watching all this what is going on..He allows all this for a reason too. What really is the real point in all of this?

Man does not rule over God...

Man who rejects God has no right to rule over God's people

And it really is as simple as that..

Those who deny Christ...are they not the antichrist?

The Lawless one - He rejects the Holy Law of God in context..

The son of perdition..the one who causes ruin...doomed to ruin too.

Perhaps this is the way God brings people back who are rebellious - allowing the worse to happen, the chaos to happen, the confusion and terror too...

One thing though..many people have forgotten THE HEALER.

The NHS is a massive corporate a TRUST?

 Image result for trust law

TRUST does not mean trustworthy...even if people think this is truth

Think about that carefully ...research TRUST LAW.

Image result for trust law

Notice there are a lot of FOUNDATIONS being set up by the wealthy...are they set up in a TRUST? Who are the beneficiaries of that TRUST...?

I was told that lands are now placed in corporations...and are the corporations placed in a TRUST? Who is the beneficiary of that TRUST? There are many CROWN CORPORATIONS too.

Here is a link for the Crown Corporations of Canada.

Queen Elizabeth II became Queen of Canada too....

As I do not know the mechanics and the Queens private investments and income is kept well and truly hidden - what I do concern about is the thriving insurance corprate operations too.

I could go on and on...the laws being in place to fine people who do not have taxes on their cars, etc..Even the Passport CONTROL -that was a military exercise that is paying £trillions surely by now.

Image result for who protects the people

The manipulation of laws for royal succession rights - not surprising really. The posistion of gains and having so much power over the people - where while in one aspect there is a structure in place that has now in place checking on people for suitability for employment - it can also influence and by way of rocking the boat or even as some people have discovered a theme,being overqualified might lock you out of the possibilithy of getting a job because egos do not like progress..or you might discover too much.

As I did...and discovered the charity business that is thriving now.

Related image

I will update and share more as I can - revisiting some recent news reports. You can find the information on my facebook pace if I have not been able to write it here...

My worries are with what I can see is happening here in England...

But also I am seeing people softening their hearts, opening their eyes and seeing people as human beings in all circumstance....where in terror attacks in Manchester recently the Homeless became the helpers of the people but how much help did they really get in return...Money donated was delayed.

The very cruel regime that hurts people who might be percieved to be a threat to the system - is a system that has blind officials that refuse to accept we who risk our lives to speak out and confront officials even face to face - with having implied death threats, I did not stay silent..I warn of consequence too.

Image result for woe to those who make unjust laws to those who issue oppressive decrees

Thank you for your support, your friendship, your prayers especially too. 

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria