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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Saturday, 14 October 2017

Igor: Athierst Jew Encountered Jesus Christ

What a testimony. Another man destroying his life and did not even know about Jesus. Just shows God chooses most unlikely people to make the most impact. Described as an amazing testimony in the detail of sharing his life, blunders, addiction injected with humor that comes with such honesty, this man certainly saw THE LIGHT, HEARD THE VOICE OF GOD and TOUCHED BY THE HAND OF GOD. 'Since this has never shut up' - made me laugh loud. This is how it is and meant to be saved in this way.

Igor Ashkinazi expresses himself in a way that displays both the past self and newly transformed by 'seeing the light' and 'touched by the hand of God' and 'hearing his voice'. The Breath of God is best explained so far here. 

You may access the direct video testimony here

In reading comments on the video link, another testimony

Gayle Jordan wrote:

I was the business manager of Igor's New Orleans School, "Igor's Acro-gymnastics School."  Everything he states in this video about his history is true. In fact, during his despicable behavior days which lead to his move to Los Angeles, I decided that his name should be removed from the school in every way as I felt he no longer deserved such recognition and title of a school that produced many world class talents.  I married his assistant, referred to in this video, March 21, 1982 and changed the school name altogether.   Later that year, Igor showed up at our home.  We really did not want to let him in at first, that is to say we did not want what Igor had been in the past to enter our home.  But his whole demeanor was totally different.  We wondered, "Could this even be the same Igor?"  Reluctantly, we invited him in and listened to the story of the spiritual experience he presents in this video, which occurred July 31/August 1, 1982
The school was having an afternoon performance at a local mall that day.  In support of what Igor was claiming to us, we went out and bought an expensive, large and beautiful edition of the bible to present to him at the perform because that is what the Igor of the past would have expected.  When he saw that book, he quietly stated that the glitz is not necessary.  Only the words.  He has remained consistent about his experience and belief to this day'

Even what seems so many years ago, this testimony both Igor and the lady Gayle Jordan who was to fully disclose and validate this transformation, while not necessary for me, It was an afterthought writing about his man that I looked to see if there was a testimony to quote - not expecting this.

For some  reason  I am unable to publish the video directly onto this page and perhaps that is also meant to be too. The value of this testimony is priceless for it also provides a gentle way why some Jewish people disregard Jesus.

Very special testimony...amazing Grace.

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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