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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Thursday, 12 October 2017

Vision Jesus outside 'somewhere' 3rd February 2016

Sharing another recorded personal experience:
On Sunday 3rd of February 2016, in the early hours before sleeping, thinking about Jesus, longing for his return and presence in the world.
Suddenly in a vision Jesus appeared dressed in white, appeared as if he came out of a doorway or appeared from around the corner. Other people were around. The scene was daylight and appeared to be a bright sunny climate.
I had the impression as if he was somewhere where his dress was not out of place, perhaps the Middle East or somewhere in Jerusalem (though I cannot say for sure)
The building was rough stone, with steps in front leading to a road that was laid set in stone - or a small court yard area.
This would have been a flash vision experience with the Holy Spirit within revealing as Jesus wants to be; assuring and making his living presence known. He appeared as a man - not a spirit being. The door was wooden and appeared old
The realisation Jesus could appear at any place; any time. In fact Jesus could easily live among us and not even be noticed because so many people are being distracted with political chaos confusion. Other media reports now have people thinking about anything, other than his return now.
Jesus appeared to be calm and his presence was calming. Wherever he was seen to be, the people were going about their every day life as if nothing was wrong in the world.
Jesus is foretold to return as a man...
He is expect to appear when we least expect it - like a thief in the night - this is my understanding, we are not prepared.
Jesus dressed in white - clothed as images present him, with other people dressed in a style that is maintained today.
Set in stone...refers to the law; laws that cannot be broken. What is written in stone by the Lord will not be changed.
Walking on the road and courtyard - Jesus is showing that the roads and courts are being observed and what is going on on the roads with people and the courts he knows about.
Stepping out of a building - Jesus knows what is happening behind closed doors. Open door, he comes and goes at will.
In this experience the door appeared to be closed, not open.
Appearing from around the corner, he prepares us for this.
One final detail of this vision experience, Jesus appeared facing the direction as shown in this image. I was looking on.
The scriptures write of Jesus knocking at the door. If we turn our hearts and minds to God and sincerely seek Jesus - then to see him is a reminder that we also belong to him. As for being ready for Jesus return, this is something God knows..
A great many people are being distracted from his return.

Not everyone knows they can talk to Jesus...As we talk to the Father, God, how will we know if God is listening to us and hearing our prayers? 

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Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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