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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Thursday, 5 October 2017

Terror Attacks, Heavily Armed Police: The Queen & Jesus

Over this time, the duration being the last decade especially, there is a rise of armed police in our world. If we were to cast our mind back to the year 2000 and then suddenly see  what is happening now, we would be alarmed.

Since 2002 communicating all these years, with a lawyer from overseas who lives in Europe, he told me one  day - the biggest threat to Europe  is Islam. Is this what he already knew -  or what he has been told - what about you?

With all this I am seeing over the years a rise in police brutality that has been filmed and shown on YouTube. Trusting those real videos instead of what is a slant presented via mainstream news - many people are violated.

One video seen in Europe a woman walking was punched by the police. Why? She was just walking - and even if she confronted him, that would not justify hitting anyone. This is the problem - the respect for people is gone.

There was a time when the police used tot protect the people and today - for many years it seems they work to protect the system  and overlords they work for. With arrests come fines and a percentage of that pays their wages. I am more inclined to think the rise of police is for that agenda...

Now there is another problem in our world - extremism.

For every action there is a reaction.

Some people are able to gather information and look at what is really going on. From this they can ascertain the facts and  identify workable solutions too.

As it is we do not have all the facts...

What is observed is througout our lands a people who think differently - who are wired up differently and trained differently in what they are to believe.

One would think a religious people are peaceful people - yet this is not always so. As one would think a  deeply faithful people who claim to be, would be 24/7 this is not so either because people forget. We are all distracted.

As we continue with our personal struggles through life, the last thing we will expect is coming into contact with an armed police officer or an army of them - this happened far too close to my home one day a few years ago.

The terror attacks on the people to do things - scare people so they will conform , or  stir people to question what is really going on, or cause reactions.

Who are the infidels and what does this really mean?

'Infidel (literally "unfaithful") is a term used in certain religions for those accused of unbelief in the central tenets of their own religion, for members of another religion, or for the irreligious'

 What about these people who are blowing themselves up - the suicide bombers - so we are told. Why would anyone want to do that? Really?

Actually in truth we really do not know.

My mind casts back to a time in the 1970's hearing about car bombs going off. Some of you will remember this happening and being reported too.

Was there not a political agenda connectedthen?

Is there not a political agenda  with bombs today too?

We cannot ignore the biblical prophesy of the Antichrist. Even Muslims know about this - not just Christians too. In this journey to diffuse some of the craziness of anger and hatred surfacing towards foreigners - I went to approach people and ask: Please tell me what you really do believe?

If I ask someone tell me your truth..I do not assume this to be for everyone. But nevertheless Muslims will eagerly state 'we are taught this'....

One of the most profound learnings is that 'all Muslims love Jesus and wait for his return'. In fact I was told 'you cannot call yourself a Muslim unless you love Jesus' - and just that they wait for his return, I cannot ignore either.

However, I cannot ignore also another discovery.

In the Ten Commandments one is written -  You shall not kill. Whatever variations of how this is presented, Thou Shall Not Kill - Do NOT KILL - the message is the same. We are forbidden to kill anyone....all of us.

As a child I recall boys having toy soldiers here in England. Boys who would be assumed Christians were also given boy dolls to  play with in army uniforms. Children were carrying toy guns they were given as gifts ....

Children today have machine gun shaped water pistols. A group of children were shooting water at other people with laughing - they were being prepared to see killing people as funny. Then there are those video war games etc.

So many children being trained to kill, as a game.

Growing up I noticed police with their truncheon - not ever thinking I would see this being used but evidently a weapon they carried on them for a reason. As an adult with the internet, seeing police brutality is with use of this weapon.

Here as an adult I notice the police carrying tazar guns that fire electricity bolts that can actually kill people. And I have seen heavily armed police too.

I think the Western world has lost its way...

It is possible the East is the same in some ways. And when the puppet master goes from one country to another stirring up concern that another 'enemy' is ready to attack and they need to arm themselves,  to then to to the other country and do the same ' what a build up is created - is this how it happened?

With people being forced to take loyalty oaths, a people entering the UK to live are forced to take an oath of allegience to the Queen, her heirs and successors - but what does this mean - really. Do the wizard wand wavers revere God and in sincere humilty wait for Jesus to return, eagerly? We can doubt it.

With division and loyalty oaths; easily can people be manipulated and set against each other too. Why would anyone want to kill for any Queen? I have to examine the scriptures for this...God does not need anyone to Kill for him.

Some have told me they took an oath to God and serve Queen and Country.  Some of those people have killed people...and then they reject God because they see their friends killed. Since when did God change His Truth?

Around the time David Cameron came  into power - that expression is given as people believe,  I had a telephone call to ask if he can count on my support. My first question was 'Who is David Cameron?' - I did not know.

How can we trust people we do not know? We cannot.

Eager to address a few concerns including legal corruption, health and well being, a rising amount of people addicted to prescription drugs, eating disorders and more - especially regarding education and empowering the people. Nothing about religion - nothing about faith. I did not even think about war.

Wanting to address real issues at the time, and suggested 'if David Cameron is interested to talk to me, tell him to communicate with me directly. He did not.

Neither do I vote when someone is not proven trustworthy - Not for reasons that other people should not vote - I do not agree with some decisions made that are to the detriment of people and with a false sense of trust promoted.


One day I impulsively asked a uniformed police officer 'Who do you serve?' - 'Who did you take your oath to?' - The reply 'I don't know? I read of a card what was written or I would not get paid'. So I asked, did you take an oath swearing to God Almighty - blank faces because it seems some do not know.

....So my questions continue.

One police officer locally replied with great emphasis ' The Queen, ONLY Queen Elizabeth' - I wondered about her emphasis and replied 'Thank you'

In 2012 I asked a uniformed officer, 'Why do you all refuse to work for justice when evidence is brought forth and shown?' The reply was unexpected.

'This land is ruled by dark forces - there is no justice in England'

In my quest to get my legal  situation resolved, with implied death threats and actual homeless threats stating I can be forced into court and will lose - this is in a case with legal corruption, dishonest affidavits provided to the High Court that have not been retracted despite requests for this to be done.

Before what might be seen as boldness that is not, I was told of many innocent people in prison and that is  what riled me the most. I have stated to police and  lawyers they must work to free these people - there was refusal to.

One day I met with a lady who said "I used to work for  barrister. They are paid to bury corruption" - that I really do not know if the truth.

My truth is what I know to be truth by what I have seen for myself. There is no law anywhere in the world that can prevent me speaking my truth.

The ex policewoman who resented my family, personal and business intentions boasted of her intention to pervert justice and lie in court. She stated 'I will lie and deny your injury all the way even in court and get away with it'

Caroline Mary Wilson, formerly of 7 Thicketford Road Bolton - then her parents home, moved to Basildon in Essex around 200 miles away. Driving a car that was insured in her fathers name at the above address, a policy covered only for occasional use of the vehicle.  Her father Malcolm Wilson and mother Judy, also her aunt, uncle and cousins knew me and my family. Her aunt Patricia Wilson wrote a detailed refence for professional training as a counsellor and yet, all my studies and qualifications, were denied in a court. I was accused of being a liar repeatedluy and in an agressive manner. I was threatened with contempt of court too. The court then sent bailiffs to my home. This is diabolical.

And yet... I was forewarned to be prepared for this.

Why do people knowingly set out to destroy lives?
 Little did I realise, in my cries and prayers asking God to help - that I would suddenly remember a promise I made as a child. Then just after the bailiffs banging on my door, and I was on the floor trembling in fear, clearly a voice so loudly as if a man was standing in my room very sternly stated


Again emphasis is given as far this is true. Here I am who made a promise to do everything I can to assist peace and healing in our world, not knowing then  I was already born to unite many nations - not realising the knowldge I had back then was necessary and vital - with the determination ot study and read and learn everything I can to assit healing....

I never knew then the power of prayer, is the key.

At the time I was struggling to breathe with chronic breathing problems and chest pains...It was as if I was being strangled when trying to talk.

Then one day someone phoned and told me - former President Bush is invading  Iraq and said that God told him to do this.....(I replied - 'this is a lie')

While the war on Iraq was long planned, it was with an agenda. Was this to control the oil reserves in the land? Or was it with something else.

The KINGDOM of Iraq was named....for a king?

The invasion of Iraq - conquesting a kingdom.

Babylon is named in Iraq....

New Babylon has been identified as London

In fact, Babylon is named elsewhere - so it is not as if this map revealing is not without reason too. Who is the King of Babylon today?

Is he married? I ask this question with trepidation.

Back in 2012 I began to paint - not knowing what I would paint as the medium being used was something I was guided to use, never using this before.

Without any other tools  other than an iron - as in a smaller version of an iron to iron creases out of clothes, and encaustic wax, I just happened to have some photograph paper to hand too. This is what I used...intuitively.

Allowing my hand to flow..not knowing what will be revealed in each of these paintings, there was one...I did not see it at first. It was not clear.

As I just said 'God what is this?' - immediately 'Babylon destroyed'  came to mind. So this is how the title was given...Nothing else was known.

Perhaps six months on I wondered about this 'inspired revelation painting' and what is written in The Holy Bible about Babylon being destroyed.

This is the scripture found that relates to this.

What is really happening in our world?

What is really going on that we should know?

What does the antichrist really mean? Do you know?

Someone who goes against Christ I assume...

Someone who defies God is what is now know!

Yet according to scriptures, God already foretold

Can we do anything to change the course of events - are we even meant to? If we understand the laws of the universe, we must change our ways!

If you destroy by war...are you not inviting your own destruction? If you kill are you not inviting our own death? If we destroy this planet, what will she do? -  Think about this very carefully for there are consequences too.

The people who assume power and control over the people - are they hidden behind a corporate structure already long formed. As it is corporations have no feelings - there are employees who work for corporations. And if you have ever worked for a company, you are paid to do a job. Such is global control!

Is the Babylon prophesy cause of the heavily armed police or are they employees protecting the system? They are not protecting the people...

There are police who are protecting the people. Not all!

There is no police officer who can protect himself.

The intimidatory uniforms come with training  to give reason for people to take up arms and shoot to kill. It is as if a real life war game is taking place.

The terrorist might not be overseas at all.

Not everyone is willing to look  in the mirror...

The lust for power is great and escalates too...

So it becomes necessary for people to wake up and see what is going on. To  fight back - to fight evil with evil is exactly what evil wants people to do.

Without doing anything, even though I tried for years to get the multi structured system to correct their crimes against humanity - at times frantically worried to find a way out of my situation - the way was shown not through them.

In history - ancient history, people were shown something that might again be foretold - I am not prophesying here. Just observing themes.

Moses returned to Egypt asking the Pharaoh to release the people from bondage and slavery but he repeatedly refused. We are told God send the plagues that followed not ignore these for these were also revealed.

It was only at the point where THE PASSOVER took place, where the people took the blood of a spotless lamb  and painted it over their door as instructed, people would begin to really understand. The first born son would die if this covering had not been in place. The Pharaoh's son was taken this way.

The  Pharoah let the people go free, onlyy for armies to be sent after them to kill them.....and as the water passed for the people to pass, the enemy of the people were killed. Every single oneof them. There is surely a lesson in this.

Who is the Pharaoh today gathering up his army against the people? Who is the one who knows the day of his end is coming soon? It really does not matter. What matters is that people know their God given rights in truth.

The lust for power creates reactions in our world.

Do  you really feel safe with heavily armed police?

False flag terror attacks - with X admitting they were the cause. Over the course of recent history has this not taken place before...a pattern - a theme?

Some time ago  I sent off for a book 'The Servant Queen and the King She Serves' to gift someone  -a royalist with more loyalty than to her own family. As she perishes - Queen Elizabeth is not comforting her.

I ask people 'What does the Queen represent to you? 'Who does the Queen serve -  do you know?'The most common reply is 'she is a tourist attraction'.

Others state 'She is nothing but a figurehead'

They all disregard that the government is on her shoulders, if she falls the government falls too. They all disregard the court service papers identify HM Court - is that Her Majesty or His Majesty? Do you know?

A new government is formed...what does this mean?

The book identifies Jesus as THE KING

THE CROWN IS A SYMBOL - a symbol of what?

Another problem is when people corrupt the Word of God and disregard the law written in relation to Kings too. a false sense of security is given. It is written in the Holy Bible not to pervert justice too. With much more besides.

Can a religion that promotes killing infidels rule the world? NO!  What does apostasy really mean? The falling away is already foretold anyway.

Is conversion of religious identification necessary - NO!

In Holy Orthodoxy, in quiet prayer we can only hope. One day with prayer focus I discovered a scripture about circumcision and conversion of hearts.

“A man is not a Jew if he is only one outwardly, nor is circumcision merely outward and physical. No, a man is a Jew if he is one inwardly; and circumcision is circumcision of the heart, by the Spirit, not by the written code. Such a man’s praise is not from men, but from God” (Romans 2:28-29).

If people are denying the Holy Spirit of God, God communicating clearly today; with the Eye of Providence watching over us all - the All Seeing Eye is reminded for a reason. Not the global control spying eye..The Eye of God.

As long as we are sincere in our heart and in prayer focus on God - not to cause any harm,  injury or loss to anyone, certainly not to kill anyone, this focus is going to require us to sometimes do without, and decline much work.

If police, traffic wardens, military and army are all being paid - where is this money coming from? The local and district council are demanding payment and  fining people - nothing to do with laws from overseas.

A lawyer described at a local level and nationally - MISMANAGEMENT when I stated corruption. He again stated in reply 'It is MIS-MANAGEMENT' - and he is right...absolutely correct. I just did not see it this way before.

If a people anywhere  become irresponsible in the way they act towards each other and need a mediator - the answer is not a fist fight until death - do we see and hear of an escalating war...We cannot even agree to disagree.

The huge problem/s in our world needs healing.

Addiction to power and want for more is one cause.

Interpretation of the law...this is a highlighted flaw.

God does not need intercessors or dictators. If people were to realise a higher consciousness they will also realise a hell of a lot is wrong.

We cannot force people with primitive mindset to behave differently.  If someone is angry and raging ...there is also a cause. Can the cause be healed.

If someone uses the law court to steal from people - a lawyer, can we control his criminal intentions as he corrupts the court in the name of Queen Elizabeth II - for the Judge serves the monarch. If he is corrupted, it is the lawyers fault. And if a judge is corrupted - he or she serves the monarch - is this the family or just the crown wearer? Or do they all have crowns with loyalty oaths here?

There is one scripture I discovered - when in this time people assuming to gain power over other people. (This of course causing reactions too)

Then Jesus came to them and said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. (Matthew 28:18)

In 2012 the year of Queen Elizabeth II 60th Anniversary and during 2013, first Jesus appeared to children locally in the heart of England introducing himself by name. To a four year old he also stated 'He is The King.'

To this same  child as the child told me, He said Jesus told me he knows you and I have to give you an important message from him. Asking him to tell me exactly what he said he replied with a big sigh : Jesus said I know Pauline and she knows me. Tell her I have a very important message'..........................

Now even though I have written with such diversity over these years, no one could have predicted how my life would be or this new learning journey I am now taken on....called by God to serve Jesus Christ in truth - for HIM!

The Holy Bible is ROYAL LAW

Royal Decree is what we must recognise.

The book titled 'The Servant Queen and The King She Serves' has the face  of Queen Elizabeth II on the front...with quotes inside...Jesus is identified.

The Queen has spoken about the Imperial family of whom we all belong - that family is with Christ as the head of this family an God The Father has been made known in truth through him.... This cannot be ignored.

Put your sword back in its place, Jesus said to him. "For all who draw the sword will die by the sword" Matthew 26:52

Tell me - with reading just this scripture alone - is Jesus promoting the killing of anyone? Because the way I read it he is telling people not to.

The Spirit of God in Jesus is warning everyone!

Just a few more scriptures to close with:

"Whoever sheds man's blood, By man his blood shall be shed, For in the image of God He made man. Genesis 9:6

"He who strikes a man so that he dies shall surely be put to death. Exodus 21:12

"If anyone is destined for captivity, into captivity he will go; If anyone is to die by the sword, by the sword he must be killed." Here is a call for the perseverance and faith of the saints. Revelation 13:10

Jesus does not have heavily armed police to protect him. Jesus is not causing injustice. Jesus is not robbing the people at every opportunity.

This land...who does it really belong to? We are only caretakers until the next generation and the powers that rule over this earth know this.

If you want to enter a battle for power - can you win against God? People who belong to God - the family of Christ are not subject to God mockers.

The persecution of those who speak the truth is known. To threat and even kill people is what happened in history - before the temple was destroyed.

An innocent man was set up to be killed. Jesus Christ.

There are those who did not expect his resurrection to be brought to life again and from that day since, probably the battle over good and evil has endured. As long as people are distracted from God and knowing Jesus is alive, this has excused so many human rights abuses and murders in his name.

And those hwo maintain religions collecting 10% of the people, those who assume the role of King of Kings...are you really? Seriously?

Who has brought forth the word of God?

Did Jesus give anyone the right to rule over his family?

For people to live under the authority of God in truth, they must also realise that God is the authority and his heir long prepared was chosen long ago.

This heir was chosen to protect the people.

This heir was chosen to preserve the people.

The truth does not change..if you are a Christian do not hate - but do not be  scared to address the wrongs and crimes against humanity. As I have campaigned openly to be anti war and written openly here and other places on the internet = Facebook is where much has been shared too. But I also have spoken to officials and written too...I was fobbed off from getting closure and reparation not only involves compensation but also addressing the problem. If compensation of £100 million - this would not bring the life back killed in illegal wars. The wars cost multitudes of billions of pounds..

War is hugely profitable this is why it endures.

One day all the wars will be brought to an end.

If you give your loyalty to those who have no value for life here or overseas - be very careful that you are not an instrument  to cause death to innocents. Be very careful you do not come under the power and influence of the evil one.

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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