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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Sunday, 15 October 2017

Visions Crowns, Queen Esther & The King Saving Jews

Following on from my previous article:

First I want to share about personal revelation - visions of crowns, and then my learning  about Queen Esther, that came about through prayer one day.

Back in early 2014, recalling a scripture 'revelation' on the same day of being given a grave message to warn me and Trust God for protection. 

As demonstrated and explained in other articles,with the Holy Bible cupped in my hands I pray and open the page where feeling guided to read.
All I ask is 'God what do you want me to know and understand' 
Nothing more and nothing less is asked unless the message is not clear. If I am seeking to understand more clearly the process is repeated.
 'God please help me to understand clearly what you want me to know.'

One time with my eyes closed, resting, suddenly a vision of a gold crown was presented in front or me, held by someone I could not see the face of.
Throughout 2013,  I was shown in visions at different times - different crowns. They appear to be 'somewhere' in a room'. The visions (interior revelation) indicate that they are real and exist somewhere...
 .... and being shown this, someone knows the truth.
One day, a particular gold crown was seen held in front of me. The crown was smooth, not engraved. From the circlet frame several, (I did not count how many) branches formed to tall points with a ball on each point. .

'A gold crown - Countess crown' came to mind.
Making a very rough sketch, the crown appeared taller. I cannot recall to be sure if stones around the circlet and if so two colours. (Red and green)

Immediately after this vision, feeling exceptionally tired, as usual after these clear experiences, I went to lay down on the sofa a few metres away.
On my way all I said before sitting down even: 'God please help me  to clearly understand what you want me to know'
Immediately the reply - 'QUEEN OF JERUSALEM'
Was I shown the Queen of Jerusalem crown? No idea.
With research, finding Countess/Queen with Jerusalem..
Recalling my uncle from a second marriage wrote we are descended from the Counts of Requena, Spain - this is the paternal line in our ancestry. 
Discovering the King of Spain holds the title King of Jerusalem among others,I did not know if the Jerusalem Cross has far more meaning too.
Reading about Isabella Queen of Jerusalem, her successor was Maria.Isabella was the grandneice of the Byzantine Emperor Manuel 1 Kommenos

Isabella's predessessor Sibilla, was the Countess of Jaffa and Ascalon from 1176 and Queen of Jerusalem from 1186 to 1190.
'Her grandmother Melisende had provided an example of successful rule by a queen regnant earlier in the century.,_Queen_of_Jerusalem
Both ladies came from the House of ANJOU
"The Byzantine connection to Jerusalem was identified after another vision seeing a menorah engraved on a sandstone wall as if underground - then the menorah was seen with a big X over with what looked like energy lines)


Later that day I read the news with discovery of some gold coins and a menorah pendant. (With these interior visions I only see what is being revealed, also I do not 'try and do remote viewing to see anything by will or curiosity) 
QUEEN ESTHER - the learning by biblical revelation
On the day I heard the words 'They are planning to kill you' - the grave message  referred to and being alerted for my personal safety.  I did not cry or get upset. I was tremendously calm. On that day I had to place my life completely in Gods hands and continued...just continuing as capable, one day at a time..

Deciding God knows  who etc - leaving that to Him too...

A few hours passed and forgetting the message alerting the danger,  with the Holy Bible close by I asked the question, cupping the book in my palms.

'God what do you want me to know and understand?'


 The page as I recall was opened about Esther. A Jewish queen. A clear message was being revealed that I have never forgotten to this day.

'If anyone harms the Jews, they will surely come to ruin'

As that day progressed, I wondered 'Am I Jewish?

No answer came that day or since to say YES or NO. Neither did I ask for this. For my search for truth in the Holy Orthodox way being guided with prayer to gain understanding. This is not with selfish reasons or for any agenda. 

Some time after; I wondered if I was Jewish - if God was giving me a personal message to say if anyone harms me they will surely come to ruin?  

While I never forgot either message, I cannot say for sure this is connected and just write as the revelation messages were given and my learning.

I wanted to learn about Esther and this warning. Not intense long study - just to gather the relevant information to understand this word in context.
Esther was Jewish. She had kept this identity hidden at first. Then a time came when she revealed she was Jewish -  she had petitioned the King.
Learning more from this scripture, NO ONE CAN APPROACH THE KING, not even the Queen without being summoned. 
(Note Jesus stated 'No one comes to the Father except by me)
Seeing THE KING SITTING ON THE THRONE, wearing a mantle and also His Crown, in a dream, October 2013 was a reminder of the scripture.
Queen Esther was eager to risk her own life to save her people. By her actions she has become an inspirational historical figure for all women, Jewish women especially are not expected to cower in fear and keep silent.
Queen Esther broke the law to save the lives of her people.

Something else I learned in this 'biblical revelation'.
The King and a decision made by Royal Decree.
 the Jews receive permission to defend themselves from their enemies
As it is, Queen Elizabeth II was crowned long before I was born. I have asked people here, What does the Queen mean to you? They reply mostly:

'Nothing she is just a tourist attraction'.

 And I paraphrase asking:  'Just a tourist attraction?

In the land of injustice and the man made laws for profit and a very low mindset that identifies not only no real  regard for the people - there is no regard for the law either. In fact, the lawless one is long foretold..
Esther was a Jewish lady who was not expected to be Queen. After she married the king, she was put in a situation to show pure intentions and love for the people. She was willing to risk her own life to save her people. 
Her husband, Ahasuerus was king of Persia. Before this the king married Queen Vishnu. She fell out of favour for reasons scripture  identifies.

Also revealed that day's prayer - who can be queen.

Taking into consideration the previous article, 'The Woman' is foretold. God has crowned and she is anointed by HIM has a role like Esther. This suggests that Esther was actually anointed by God to preserve her people.

Esther was destined to be Queen to fulfill her purpose.

The Jewish Holiday Purim, came with Esther.

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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