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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Sunday, 5 November 2017

'Be Still And know I am God' Message 17th August 2017

This message is personal revelation; shared openly..

On 17th August 2017. hearing the following words:

 'Be Still and know I am God'

Something very strange happened in this experience in relation to the time for I can explain.  The time noted down as the message continued with my focus on Jesus, asking him what He wants me to know, knowing Jesus speaks the word of God. It is as this undeniable way communication with God is maintained. 

The time noted the message began at 5:50 pm and ended at 7:21 pm...I questioned this as being possible within myself. In fact I even penned 6:50 ? thinking I may have even written the time down wrong..

The realisation came afterwards, divine timing for everything. As it is, God can change the time and in doing so; even time and space, what happened and took place can also be reversed..But that might be too much to consider just yet.

 So returning to the message word for word is written:

'Be still my friend, my love, my helper for you have been loyal til the end.
You did not deny me despite the costs to yourself.
You did not reject me, holding onto a glimmer of truth.
And I will show you more when you are ready.
Heal in my name and rebuke those who condemn you in my name Yah-way the Holy Spirit and the Son you know so well now.
He shares with you the Spirit and the Truth and the Life for a relationship with him as I have a relationship with him and I am the one with the Father and the  Son. So let them grasp this, not teach this. Let them seek this in truth for all that you have been told and shown is happening now.
I warned and warned yet no one would listen. 
Where are the people seeking the truth from you that you point out in The Bible? They are not and they are not trusting you as they did not trust me, or the Son Jesus Yeshua, who I confirmed my word and truth.
He tells you in the Spirit 'Rise up dear one' for I will cloak you in righteousness and all will see the truth was given to a girl who was abandoned and left to be  destitute.  I will condemn those who harmed you; 
And those who ridicule the truth will surely know eventually; I want you far away from those who wish you ill and who antagonise you. 
The ones who are condemning you are condemned in their soul. The demon does not know everything.
The Father reveals through the Holy Spirit what there is to know and I will reveal my truth to whoever I call and have chosen. They are called my children and  you are a daughter who lost her father long ago.
You were watched over and when you were ready, not before, the truth was spoken. Ask for me, seek the truth and look at who is at the door that is open.
Your earthly life is with chapters closing. There is a void in that life that is unspoken.
Your soul sings with the Lord; and your spirit crushed on earth by those who cannot comprehend what you have got.
My people are few who are ready - gathering like an army, armed with the word of  God as it is named and the Spirit of Truth.
You have the Father, Son and Holy Spirit within you dear one so Rise up with it and shake that tiredness you feel. 
I will come to you with the glory of the Son revealed and the Son will come to you because he wants to.
Earthly love can never satisfy. Hurt and pain, let down and disappointment; distraction from the Father and the Son who show the way of divine love and  the soul essence you now know.
It is a path few people can tread and all have different experience.
I did not give my illusory test to you but I have shown you the way of plenty, through lack and precision in answering prayers as you ask to be assured of me. I know you ask for little and your reason is with the smallness not to ask for too much. I give to show you the truth and the word validates the truth.
Many put me to the test and I will ignore their requests.
The hearts are cold and the people you know are not caring or knowing your situation. Endure some more dear one, endure some more. Just a little while longer and this will be over.
The West are cruel and cold in their hearts but I will soften hearts with what they know to reach right into their soul. 
Eyes will be transformed into kindness.
You are made to feel insecure and frozen psychologically with all the drama and worry about war. Give your worries to me.
Pray to the Father and the Son because he hears your prayers. He knows your plight. Place your trust in me, The Father and the Son because as the great battle begins, there are no winners at all. 
I am the Almighty. Those  who set out to kill my chosen people will be killed. It is written. It is and warnings have been given. 
Such arrogance they have.
Worry less. Pray more. I am listening.

When we pray to God, we are communicating with God. When we still our mind we must put aside all our worries, preoccupations, plans and that to do list. In the stillness, being self-aware, listening to our heart beat, aware of  our body in the physical environment, our breath, the rising and falling of our chest and each thought that comes, let it go too....We can slow everything down and what is external can more easily fade into the distance. As we centre ourself in this quietness and oneness,  being aware of the reason we are communicating and to whom...being aware of every word we will say to God comes from our heart and  soul, or saying nothing  at all, or we can ask 'Take care of me'

We need to silence the external and internal distractions to 'hear God' and the Holy Spirit often defined in the feminine is referred to as He by Jesus who will introduce Himself to your awareness when you are ready to receive

The  Holy Spirit is referred to as 'The Comforter'

To truly appreciate being a child of God, is with realising that God  the Father really does love His children. And in suffering we might err more, and yet in being rescued by the Father we ask for help, in need; he listens too.


We who have been brought back to know there is a Mighty God watching over us, by the Grace  of God we are given this experience, and there are surely far more equipped people to deliver his message. Though as shown in ancient history, God chose the most unlikely people and instructed them...Jesus also spoke to the masses - yet not all could fully comprehend the message. Today not everyone can accept the Spirit of Truth - as Jesus speaks the Word of the Father.. There is no one who does not know of God or Jesus in our world - even under different names..even if many reject the truth.

Life your experience and pray from your heart. 

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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