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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Christopher Testimony: 7 dreams on coming WWIII

There are indicators in this dream series 7, being a very significant number.  that Christopher has been shown what he has seen - repeated for a reason.

Listening to the symbolism and dream scenarios revealed, we have already been warned scripturally or wars and rumours of wars. We have been forewarned what will take place and why this great battle will take place too.

'The beast rising up out of the sea' - came to mind at one point. 'Ten kings given power for a short time' too. 

'Groundhog Day' came to mind also...

Hog -keep or use all of (something) for oneself in an unfair or selfish way: 

This dream identifies USA - land grab taking place?

As it happens the dreams also have been given and also allowing time for preparing in the event of what can happen and the warning signs.

The video identifies death and resurrection.
These dreams warning of the times uncover symbolism to identify why this is all happening in these times. The antichrist is also long foretold.

A test is given to decide who Christopher belongs to. This is a test given to all of us and the choice we are given is a fee will choice to make too.

It is by no coincidence, in one dream Christopher is seeking Jesus Christ. In his soul searching - dreams are communicating to the soul, Christopher also sees the Light of the Lord shining brightly. God reveals accordingly in truth. 

So there is evident danger around with wars and killing too. Even with multiple people being killed and in different ways the enemy will attack people, even in dreams - yet the constant focus on God is revealed with this testimony.

It also cannot be ignored that the television is a powerful propaganda tool to manipulate the masses to any given agenda. Yet the messages communicated within our heart and soul in dreams with the Lord will also be with relevant detail to know what we are meant to know..

There are already heavily armed men in black in different lands. The enemy is very much at ease with lying to the people and also turning on the people. Many people are eager to be paid in jobs that even involve killing people.  If anyone takes an oath to this end, they must also suffer consequences.

Knowing who your soul belongs to is vital now.  If you belong to God and your body is killed, your body cannot be taken over by the demonic...

The Holy Spirit is given for a reason... Sometimes the Holy Spirit within reveals what is not Holy. The Holy Spirit warns, informs, reveals...what comes from God is validated in scriptures too. Revelation 13 is applicable in all this.

This video upload took place January 2017.

What also comes to mind in closing, is God changing his mind - for in wickedness punishment surely follows. I am not offering false hope just  reminding everyone that what is happening in our world and revealed, through the media, has not even began to touch on the evil that has been taking place and hidden.

Humanity is in mortal and spiritual danger. And if people ignore the warnings, warnings to repent from wickedness - what can we do...

In  history multitudes of Christians were killed. Did  they give up their faith - not at all, not even at the end. This is what people are instructed to do.

Stay strong in the Lord...The Lords Prayer is given too.

There are warnings written in the scriptures that people who have the testimony of Christ being killed...Christopher explains in his dream numerous ways he is facing being killed and not terrified. He lives to tell what was revealed.

All these wars are happening or a reason..

Physical warfare, spiritual warfare, just two of a few

The real battles are to win your soul...

Christopher knows who his soul belongs to.

This is a testimony of a young man being saved through Jesus Christ, Our Lord.

Being guided by the Spirit of Truth is sometimes revealing what is not so nice to face but this is what Christopher has demonstrated we must do.

The Holy Spirit dwells listen within and what is truth will be revealed to be true..what is preached as false doctrine will be shown to be so.

There are people stating they had dreams from the Lord - yet no mention of seeing the Lord within the dream. There are people saying they are prophets and have prophesy from the Lord...what is prophesy comes to pass.

Any message that comes from God is available to all people. Whether they take notice or not, that is an entirely different matter.

The indicator in this dream are the many different armies, ships, and military presence indicating this is not just one people, and the title I have used in this article is identifying exactly what was written on this video.

Recurring dreams are meant to be taken notice of. Christopher has written his dreams allowing him to share the warning messages as seen above.

The last dream identifies a PALACE..a large palace that RED, WHITE AND GOLD, and continues to explain 'looks like it was already built'. ....Christopher asks himself in  the dream, 'how did they build this already?'

and continues to answer his own question 'they secured it and build it, and had all this military forces in there - occupied the area'

Not knowing if this is actuality..yet the dream reveals. 

If people reject God they are ruled over by man. And when men and women lust for power - deals made with the devil might include millions of people killed too. Those who lust after power have no regard for any people..

Choose wisely who you give your loyalty to!

Divine Right to rule is given to Jesus Christ alone!


Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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