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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
♥ Divine Justice, Global Peace and Healing ~ It is written: The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth (Matthew 5:5) ♥

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Carine Hutsebaut - Paedofilic Networks – victims & offenders – Satanism Rituals

Following on to a dream with the heads of dead people found in a bath with what might be the Military Police investigation...I decided to find a specific video interview to share - a therapist sharing her personal experience of Satanic Ritual Abuse as a child and who was involved...some prominent names too.

Well delay in sharing this, was meant to be.

First I want to share another video found today.
The truth is no longer silenced, and all the warnings will mostly fall on deaf ears. It is impossible to ignore that everyone in some position of power knows what is going on..and there are those who are too scared to speak out. They who are silent might fear consequence, fear death, fear even fear itself...fear of rejection by God fear of having no protection whatsoever. Still the truth cannot be silenced...Understand what is really happening and understand why. Yes, You are being enslaved; blinded from the truth.

Carine Hutsebaut is a psychotherapist and criminologist from Belgium. She has attended numerous sessions as a ‘profiler’, worked for more than 30 years as a therapist for violated children and has worked with paedophiles.

She has met some of society’s worst criminals in prison (including the FBI centre in Quantico, USA, which was made famous by the film Silence of the Lambs). Her reasoning was to try to understand the way they think and act. She is also the founder of ICMAC (the International Centre for Molested and Abducted Children) and she has written a number of books in Dutch, French and English.

Carine Hutsebaut will be talking about interacting with criminals and their victims (and even sometimes their families), and why it is so important to work with both parties. You cannot understand one without the other.

Carine Hutsebaut seems to be the only person in the world who works in this way. In the mainstream system, it is normal procedure for a therapist to choose sides, either siding with the victim or the offender, not both, which in her opinion is a big mistake. She will also be discussing crimes against children, from lighter offences to torture and murder.

Other topics that she will be discussing are paedophilic networks and rituals, Satanism and power, money and gratification, blackmail and bribery.

The video is a lengthily discussion that provides so much insight that identifies human behaviour of paedophiles and murderers,  as well as reactions from victims. It becomes necessary in depth psychotherapy to assist healing and change of behaviour to not ignore the obvious, to be willing to understand the person and what they do, examining why..... to ask questions, to delve and to probe while observing reactions too - Carine uses the term interrogate...

Direct link to the video
Some of what is discussed will be difficult to hear, however, to ignore the truth, might be remaining in blindness where you ignore voices crying out.

The problem is not going away. This cannot be ignored!

We live in dangerous times. Evil is thriving too.

Addressing any problem and illness means identifying the root cause. The obvious is presented just with the above and the unholy influence.

To empower anyone who has been abused, requires to listen to their experience and believe, to be willing to allow the expression of truth and shame felt.

Too many people are scared to seek help.

Suffering in silence is not healthy for anyone.

Abusers know they get away with their violations until they are exposed. England appears to have had a policy to keep protecting paedophiles 'at the top' and so they are protecting the Satanists and Satanic system too.

Keeping truths sealed until pedophiles die is calculated. When truth comes out with people singing praises of the illusory figure promoted, those who have been brainwashed by the illusion might reject the truth, preferring the lie instead.

The truth about people we think we know at  some point often shatters illusions. Even family can prove to be as strangers, when we cannot comprehend in their ways, choices and reactions..even if the signs are there all along.

The nice guy who turns out to be an abuser, many women know and experience, not seeing the warning signs. Now there is another concern even greater, the sexual preditor and even warning the obvious is often ignored too,

So I share this video as a woman with a little bit of insight, also as a trained psychotherapist who was prevented to progress in my chosen intention, only to be realising by being on the internet, there is a multilayered global healing need that needs to be addressed...fear to access help, can be debilitating.

To keep any people in a place of suffering knowingly is also with the perpetrator of abuse knowing exactly what they do...The thriving of a Satanic regime is with keeping a people in a place of inferiority and even in  fear too.

There is a murderous mindset that exists and Carine expresses how when the first killing takes place, there might  even be slight remorse. However, when like in these times masses of innocent people murdered, there is also no remorse whatsoever. ...actors on the world stage know what they do.

Those who gain positions of power by death, might be willing or even might  be blackmailed. Unless the truth is being spoken we really do not know.

The government are not protecting the people and cannot!

The truth can no longer be silenced...

Do not allow the next generation to be oppressed and enslaved by that which is perpetuating and thriving with protecting the most diabolical acts.

Ethical professionals speak out, because they are obliged to. Carine does not speak because she is paid. She has written books...

As a trained ethical professional I am unpaid..What I did not expect was being called for a purpose, with Christ reminding me he is alive and instructed to write so to remind people that there is an unholy rule over the people too.

If the overlords of the people hate people, abuse with flourish in society too. And when the lust for power is so great with masses of people murdered in human sacrificed for some unholy demonic being, it is time to wake up.

Britons should never be slaves...but they are!

Geographically  no one should be enslaved..

No one should be scared of anyone...

In fact anyone who works in any positions of responsibility should be scared of violating the people....The kings who set themselves, to fear God.

Time is short with evil thriving...

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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