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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
♥ Divine Justice, Global Peace and Healing ~ It is written: The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth (Matthew 5:5) ♥

Sunday, 24 December 2017

Dream Imperial Procession and Message 9th December 2017

December 19th 2017

 Two experiences, dream/vision and message.

Dream/vision - as an observer standing at the edge of a path - an approaching procession of men on horses wearing crimson/maroon jackets and an unusual headwear with clear tall pyramid style glass, old gold edging, and around the circlet rim a band of cream coloured - what looked to be sheepskin, but also could have been cream roses. I did not see beyond this other than given the impression there may have been a royal/imperial carriage following.

The dream was recorded immediately at 11:54am

Japan then came to mind. Without knowing if connected.

In returning to close my eyes to rest a little longer immediately the words began for an obvious message. Noting the time at the start, 12:06 and at the end 12:30 - the given message is documented as follows:

Rise up, Rise up dear one, you king is coming for you ( 12:06)

I asked the Lord God Almighty what He wants me to know, (with the Holy Spirit revealing and continued writing word for word the message)

 Your king comes, your king comes running to you in the Spirit for he loves your heart and soul in purity of his sweet heart of oneness.
Your tiredness is what is it, malnutrition of life force within you and your tiredness is without being replenished in life, love and food, but I will replenish you with the sword of the Spirit of Truth I give to you through my Son of Righteousness of who I am proud to call and name my Son.
You, my daughter have worried far too long now and this cannot go on. I give you to the Spirit of Truth so you can know me in truth and I lead you where you are meant to go and be because of me. 
The children I chose are mine for a reason and their children are the future generation of faith restored. 
My love, lovely one hear the word I give  when  I give and when I do not, do not ask for more. Do not change my truth and I will trust you to deliver my truth to all. Do not interpret my truth to be what it is not and do not state something I say to not be said at all. I say clearly to all what needs to be said for all and I say clearly to you what you need to know too. 
My words may be many or few. If you understand one or two words you will understand more. If you do not understand one or two, you will not understand any of what I say at all. Let my Yes be Yes and my No be No!
Let what you say be clear for me and what you say for you to be true for you too. I did not change my truth. My helpers are women too and in the precision of the word- all can be brought to the truth. If people reject the truth from me  from me and all before you who came and were chosen to deliver my word of warning, then they will reject you too. There is no more warning to come. The time is over, for the evil one is defiant.
He who loves his people is favoured by God, but he who hates his people who he claimed to control is the resented and condemned one of all.
May your light shine brightly dear one for you are a princess of a chosen generation and a people's princess for those who do not seek fame and glory. 
I live not to be glorified but my servant glorifies me so not to take the glory from the people entrusted to him. 
I trust whom I will and will test all to circumstance so people can see the tests are given. They do not know the truth behind closed doors. 
As you strive to do right you are compromised and yet you do right anyway; and follow what is written in your soul.
The Coronation Coach is ready - the ceremony is prepared. The time is coming quickly for the Spirit of the Lord to reign in this world.
I will rise you to see again more as your eyes are blinded from all and show you the gifts of the heavenly realm that are given to all who are sincere. Want not of this and you will be given. 
Ask as you do to be guided in truth and righteousness for the people, your people and you will be. 
The test you give to, I (trust) and change from error to righteousness will be ignored by some and taken aboard by others
You will be surprised. As a mother nurtures her child, nurturing children is richly rewarding for you.  A woman who loves and cares enough to nurture and care for adults too.
The material world pains you. Spiritual life gives you life. 
Live with love, care, compassion and hope for I am your helper and your king is your loyal husbandsman I chose for my people. I bless you in truth for all to see'

What is written above is seen as personal revelation. It is documented so I can refer back to it later at another time...As the scriptures are written, people can refer back to these at a later time. Notice above warnings are mentioned and the evil one who is defiant too. We are in these difficult times today..

Regarding Yes and No. God has said before what is not always clear but in what seems to be retrospective revelation - the scriptures make more sense too. As we look back on anything, we gain a greater perspective of the message.

But let your ‘Yes’ be ‘Yes,’ and your ‘No,’ ‘No.’ For whatever is more than these is from the evil one. (Matthew 5:37)
In a court of law replying 'Yes or No, to questions -  when there is trickery and false accusation to discredit you and trip you up..God answers this
Lawyers take oaths of office. Judges serve the Queen her heirs and successors. If there is no regard for God or consequences, injustice is the norm.

As I have witnessed this and the blatant corruption of the court by calculated acts of intentional planned dishonesty that I was informed about, God reveals in this scripture - this is from the evil one. God knows everything.

Trusting God in adversity is all we can do.

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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