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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Sunday, 24 December 2017

The Holy Spirit God's Chidren & The Rebels Message 23rd December 2017

On 23rd December 2017

In the early hours I was roused from sleeping with 'The Holy Spirit' as words with further information. At the time I could not find a pen to write but 'remembered' to note town 'The Holy Spirit' a short while after this with the inspired message

As written: 'The Holy Spirit:

When the Hold Spirit fills a person who loves the people, he can do God's work. The Holy Spirit does not fill anyone who does not love the people. 

(Remembering while writing the instruction Love thy Neighbour, Love one another - spoken by Jesus and to the vital message he gave relates not only to the dwelling of the Holy Spirit within also a personal relationship with him too.)

The Holy Spirit enables and teaches so that we may all attain our highest God in selflessness. The Holy Spirit speaks freely. Do not change the words of the Holy Spirit - it is from God and Jesus Christ we are given'

A few hours later, I realised, there might be more to this message. Glancing at the clock noting the time 13:49 the message began and ended 14:20.  In prayer focus 'intuitively' I began speaking and writing the question and what followed on in a message immediately afterwards is shared here too:

.....'Holy Spirit tell me the truth in all things'

'I am that I am and the Spirit of the Lord knows all things, sees plans unfolding and fixing what is broken. The people stumble, the Spirit lifts them; the people silenced, the Spirit speaks clearly and in truth. The LORD knows everything. So let it be known on the Christmas messages.....

Dear one, the Lord watches you and blesses you abundantly because His word is precious for His people and you are precious to the Lord.
I did not forget you - I gave more as the Spirit of the Lord gives of the Lord and from the Lord to you and the Christ child born. 
The man in Christ is blessed if he sincerely hears and prays and gives too. His helping hands blessed when he helps you too. 
My dear you know people in Christ even if they do not know Christ, and you know people who say they fast and are faithful but do not care what they do or cause loss to.
Your unfortunate time was by design and known and the misfortune planned, will show the Lord gives abundantly to whomsoever He chooses. 
The material world see poverty as God's abandonment. 
Well the Father, Son and Holy Spirit of The Lord are close to the poor in Spirit. They call out and pray. They call out for help. They call out to prove there is a God to discover God is there. 
As more suffer in abundance of the word and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in truth, so the rising of darkness.
The one who oppresses the people resents. They fear so they oppress. They worry what will be so they oppress some more. They make deals to protect themselves and make war; their strength to oppress and control; 
Yet the Spirit of the Lord does not use this might or power by force to bring compliance.
The children of God were born free; and with you; all these children flourish in truth, the next generation will flourish too.
The time is coming as people wake and ask in prayer  for help and guidance to know the truth and the right way that the movement of the Spirit permanates the land affecting all people in some way.
There is a resistance to the Holy Lord of Israel who is from all times. There is no one who can reach unless he summons you. 
Blessed is the servant of the Lord and Blessed is He who comes in the name of the LORD.
Your Jesus Yahushua is the one chosen for the people and he is the one in truth invested in the powers of the Almighty to end the wars and end the famine of spiritual truth. He has the power to avert and reverse evil and he has Free Will to act or not. 
Lord Jesus did not become subject to men who went against God. 
Man destroyed God's word and truth who has defied God. 
The killing season is in the holy seasons and the instruction to keep the Sabbath Holy is to pray and keep focus on God; serving that day blessing and remembering God who brought you all - who are reborn, out of Egypt to the new land. 
God claimed you as His own and you choose God by Free Will.
Jesus is your family and you choose him by birth and by choice.
Jesus, the one name the demons tremble knowing as they attack. Those who go against God - the weapon to cause fear is magnified, so people who are weak in faith will abandon God too. 
The rebels know what they do and the confusion created to know who is who.
Keep your focus on God and the Lord Jesus will guide and help you. Through Him, He hears the prayers of the faithful and He is present in the Spirit; for the Spirit fills him fully and the Spirit overflows to all who seek in truth. 
Yes he gives to whom he wants to.
You are given the word and the revelation to see, know and explain for understanding. Teach what you are taught - no more.
Let the scriptures be magnified in truth to the Glory of God
This message is for you.
Bless my people in prayer as you do and reach those in lands and places. Remember them and as they pray the Spirit will rise up upon them too and lift these people too. God Bless you now do this'

Just with the times 13:49 and 14:40 are related scriptures:

So shall it be at the end of the world: the angels shall come forth and sever the wicked from among the just (Matthew 13:49)

In that day you shall know, that I am in my Father, and you in me, and I in you. (John 14:20)

So may the all seeing and all knowing Lord God Almighty Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit Bless you and your loved ones. May the Holy Spirit of grant you peace, love and the gift promised to serve in his Holy Kingdom, in Jesus name.

Holy Holy Holy is the Lord God Almighty. 

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Merry Christmas everyone

God bless you and your loved ones.

Peace be with you always - in Jesus name.
Pauline Maria

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Palivela Madhu said...

Wonder full sister plenty of messages are in this blogspot thank you somuch I am reading them and understand the real love of jesus