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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Friday, 13 April 2018

Greek Orthodox Easter, Red Egg and Holy Fire Miracle in Jeruslaem

Sharing a few days later, from my Facebook page.

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May the light of Christ shine in your heart and may the truth that has been hidden be made known and set us all free.

May God bless you this Holy Orthodox Easter: Yes Christ is Risen -if you forgot this from a week ago, you can join with our Holy commemoration. The Holy Light is taken to the churches. Never doubt your sincere prayers are heard, just notice they are answered. Christ The King, makes his truth known to us. He has made sure we know he is alive, God is not a myth - The Holy Spirit of Truth reveals all things when we are ready.

May the Peace of Our Lord Jesus Christ fill our hearts and may the Real Kingdom of God be with divine justice and reparations. May Tyranny and oppression Be-Gone; and all those who are serving God in truth come together in peace and unity, brothers and sisters, so we may together live in peace in this Our World.

Over the generations God has revealed His truth in ways our souls cannot deny. So many chosen helpers from all walks of life are being now prepared and instructed what to do. Back in 2012 I spoke with a local Catholic priest and asked him if he is teaching and preparing for Jesus return (he became defensive with me) I told him this is the time for unity in Christ. His reply 'we tried that before with the reformation and it did not work'. It did not work with man's plans/agenda. See God is in control.

We are all tested and chosen for our unique purpose. One day I have a small task, the next day rest. The day after a bigger task and then rest. A simple task it seems is most important.

The miracle of the red egg is a sign to always remember even the emperor who doubted Jesus had risen had to think twice. The chosen woman to tell Tiberius of the Living Christ was Maria Magdalena; The significance of the egg turning red is commemorated. The Red Egg is a Symbol of His Resurrection in our Church. People from different lands decorate the eggs some beautifully ornate - even as a precious gift to keep. We do not boast how many chocolate eggs we get, we are called to be reminded of the horrors of history and to be shown again in this time line that Jesus Christ conquered death, so we can live.

The Holy One of Israel was born for humanity so everyone can be reconciled to God. Truth prevailing though the generations.

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Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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