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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Thursday, 26 July 2018

'My Jewish People' - 'A Stubborn and Extraordinary People'

Back on 14th July 2018, when penning a message from the Spirit of the Lord, a term of expression was clearly given TWICE relating to Jewish people - 'Habba Kha'

Having written as given 'Habba Ca' then later 'Habba Kha' - I confess to trying to do a search then, yet nothing concrete could be established to understand. It seems this is exactly as God has shown back over times of history - we are not meant to understand everything. We are meant to take notice though.

The message is clear 'My Jewish people'

The Jewish people are often referred to as the 'chosen people' - but this does not mean all will go well in life - God might be using Jewish people to show the world what he wants us all to know...other Jewish people too; including painful lessons.

Returning to quote a few lines of the message is with discovering something else. Earlier I was reading through the Talmud - from the back pages. Trying to find a particular paragraph, this actually relates to my particular circumstance and identified wording in the Judgement in Court.

Upon reading this some time ago, I had what might be termed as a lightbulb moment - a realisation of why the judgement had to be written this way, only with reading yet another paragraph. Adverse consequences identified. I suffered already never considering the greater repercussions.

Such detail and precision, being brought to take notice is exactly as meant to be. With much determination - if we have to find a needle in a haystack we will. When the truth matters, it matters for a reason; greater or beyond.

Today something stood out seeing another term of expression and how it was written. Immediately I remembered 'Habba Kha' in the message and and looked up Habakha. The main reason for writing this article;

... and now to to re-quote in context what is relevant.

The message writes in the first paragraph:

'I say come to me Your Lord in truth with a contrite and circumcised heart and so it is.' 

'Your determination to do things right and to learn properly has kept you in limitation. If you listened to your father and the law being valuable to learn, then you could have shaken the world. You write and quote the gospels and you cite the warnings too. Many are coming back to the truth.
My Jewish people Habakha they are. Habakha they will be:
A stubborn and  extraordinary people who know simplicity is truth. So keep it simple - all you do. A simple people do not want complicated ideas.
The messengers of old were not complicated people. They were unlikely people.....'

Returning to search in Google I found this link:

The Valley of Tears (Hebrew: עֵמֶק הַבָּכָא‬, Emek HaBakha) is the name given to an area in the Golan Heights  after it became the site of a major battle in the 1973 Yom Kippur War, known as the Valley (or Vale) of Tears Battle, which was fought between 6 and 9 October.

In this time so many tears are being shed by people.

The message suggests if this is the meaning - 'tears'. the Jewish people will shed tears. He clarifies 'a stubborn and extraordinary people'

What I had been reading before related to apostasy.

'Apostasy. A decree issued in times of persecution forcing the Jews to abandon the Torah, in whole or in part. The Sages say that, in the face of such decrees, every Jew is obligated to sacrifice his life rather than transgress, even minor commandments or the Jewish customs'
(The Talmud - A Reference Guide P267)

What to understand from this paragraph is the emphasis not on to give up life but DO NOT submit in any circumstance to the decree that is evidently going against the commandments of God. God rules over Jewish people

We are to give up on the existence that abandoned and forgot God and to now up everything selfish wants, egotistical ambition, lustful desire, addiction, manipulation, demanding and expectation... 

It is no coincidence in this time a growing number of Jews are becoming more observant and studying the Torah in the way they are meant to.

Being in this role by circumstance, and prayer, followed with personal revelation that led to seeking what is written that is relevant. What is written, the Holy scriptures are being validated (not my message - for personal learning).

In these times, there is a prevailing mindset condemning the Holy Bible and even saying it is no longer valid. Religious argument is still festering but I have copies of the Quran here now and can refer to those in context too.

Having found myself unintentionally giving credence to The Holy Bible with so much information about history, life, death and many lesson - there is also a warning written and that is not to add or take anything away.

Perhaps it was known Jesus would reveal the truth again, as when learning he appeared to the apostles after his resurrection. He could again too.

In the earthly court I was threatened with contempt, many years professional training denied and and my credibility was rubbished ' while on oath. However I did not just take an oath.. lawyers and judges do too.

Whatever reason God has let me go through all this, He has used me to show willingness to learn in a time many people reject God and His revelation, What is truth is written. The hearts that seek the truth with sincerity are not seeking the written word to invalidate and use the word of God as a weapon.

Does God doubt credibility to learn everything to ethically apply? Does God dismiss the credibility of a small child He chose to make himself known? Not one or two - five children were made known and adults too.

It was impossible to ignore the timing - the Queen's Jubilee and yet what .
does Jubilee mean? A party for some...more meaningful for others. Biblically Jubilee is identified. The year 5773 (2013) caught my attention with our home telephone number being 57733. Nothing is coincidence.

God reveals in dreams - that which we cannot see. Our soul can see when our mind and spiritual eyes are opened by God. (The veil being lifted)

When we are given the Holy Spirit - Ruach HaKodesh - it is not for our purpose, it is to preserve us in truth. Truth is validated by the Holy Spirit.

In practical ways the truth has been preserved.

Throughout the generations mystical revelation is given to preserve people - yet why now in this critical and potentially dangerous time- moreso?

We can never be too confident with what we know...because we do not know everything. Sometimes it is better to know nothing...seriously.

In this spiritual journey, it has been shown there are layers of understanding revealed in the Holy Bible - Holy Books. Then I discovered the Hebrew Alphabet has layers of understanding to each letter. God planned it this way.

We have all been blessed to have access to read these books yet not all can be interpreted as literal. Recent years the discovery of Bible/Torah Codes have been published - another perspective is presented, who can deny this?

A spiritual perspective is presented to show and also demonstrate the reason why God instructed specific people for specific tasks. Those who serve God in truth, in law do so with a humble heart. Those who rebel, rebel.

As it happened I really began to take notice to learn, when seeing the name of the Samaritan Lady at the well talking to Jesus. Saint Photini. Discovering she is known as the apostle to the apostle in the Orthodox Church, her role is clear. The great martyr did not give up on what she was called to do.

An imperfect woman sought by Jesus Christ who asked for a cup of water...a Jew asked a woman with a history that would deem her impure, yet this we have been made to know for a reason.  God chose this woman for his reason...

Jesus Christ who spoke the word of 'God The Father'

Being baptised in St Photini Greek Orthodox Church in Athens is with my mother saying she did not want me to be baptised in England. I did not plan to learn in this way, yet truth is preserved in some way for thousands of years.

Having been being guided to see that in some way everything is connected; what is truth comes together like the piece of a jigsaw puzzle that can only fit in one place. Regarding Habakha - still I do not know for sure. God knows.

God is trying to reach His People and assure them that He knows what they/we are going through. God is trying to bring us to repentance - willingly.

God is warning there are consequences if we abandon His truth. We will suffer; we will cry many tears. Tears of sorrow will not always be the case.

Will there be hope tomorrow? Perhaps the next day?

I recall in closing one line that comes to mind:

Salvation is from the Jews.

'You worship what you do not know, we know what we worship, for salvation is of the Jews'  (John 4:22)

A long time ago the divine plan was laid down and established - with the mother of Jesus being married to Joseph uniting tribes of people ....and Jesus being born of a mother who was Jewish, therefore Jewish by birthright.

Jesus is the name He gave to the gentiles.

His name is Yahushua - the name revealed to me audibly.

Jesus said blessed are those who have not seen yet believed...If my heart was not purified with pure intention I would never have seen anything; to write.

The validator of the truth, is not me...

Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord.

How many gentiles really wait for Jesus return?

Even Muslims are taught what he will do when....

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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