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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Monday, 9 July 2018

'We are Connected, Spiritually Connected, Soulfully Connected' Message 8th July 2018

Following this message scriptures related to the times are identified. Sometimes this can expand on the message and even reinforce the truth given. We are meant to notice truth.

With prayer prior to the message; with focus on the Lord,each word given is as written. When the Spirit of the Lord speaks from within. it was not always like this. At first only a few words, then a sentence. Even now can be the same.

Walking in the Spirit of the Living God, means taking notice. Our intuition is for a reason and my intuition is with unease of what is happening sometimes. Aware of the good and sinister forces, I cannot ignore my situational role.

At first I felt unsure about sharing these messages, A few times in 2013 speaking audibly I asked 'Jesus What do you want me to do for you?

Never expecting a reply - simply the words came 'Write for me'

This question at different times brought the same answer. 'Write for me'. With many experiences to write about, I did not consider writing like this. And yet if we are called and chosen for a particular purpose, if we ignore this, we are like a missing piece of a jigsaw puzzle that remains incomplete.

With these messages, I am learning and seeing scriptures validated; l do not disregard the Holy Bible whatsoever. Both the Old and New Testament are relevant - bound together. The New Testament is written by Greek speaking Jews, with revelation of validation for the promise to God's people.

Message: 8th July 2018 
Start time: 1:40 am
End time 2:17 am

'We are connected, spiritually connected, soulfully connected and the Holy Spirit within connects all to the Father in truth.
My love, my darling ones, I reach out to you all and yet you dismiss me so easily when who I am written in the scriptures of old is validated over and over again. 
While I will espouse you to one husband, the way of the world will tempt you with many to take you away.
Betrayers are many: betrayers of my word and my law and yet do not trouble yourself with this.
Focus in sincere prayer with sincere heart and ask of me and I will help you. 
The Spirit of the Lord knows the wicked ways of man and she who laughs will be laughing no more. 
The patronising patronistas are many doing good to look good yet who comes forth giving everything from the core of their being to help others?
Jealousy is rife and resentment too and as you try to point people to the Lord they argue with you. 
Such is the world that condemns the faithful and who damage the one who trained to heal in the way she knows - to assist healing in an ethical way. 
I do not give the pills of Satan or the condemnation of doom, for the Lord Almighty is not oppressing any people or silencing the truth.
May the enemies be ashamed of what they have done and they will reap what they sow if any harm any of my people in  truth.
Darling one so fragile and brave, fragile in your health and brave in your soul; when the world enters a religious battle between the enemy of the people and the enemy of God's chosen one for the redemption, you fuel the flame and fan the flame. 
You have the ability to put the raging fire out as far as emotions that rage. You do not always use your skills and abilities to the full and you have felt too long in a place of nervousness and anticipation of what will happen next.
The enemy is at the door so who is looking after your soul? 
Do you not know? 
My loves, I did not abandon you who seek me with sincere heart and I will cushion the blow so those who harm you will know that you serve me. 
Remember you are a witness for what they say and do and as they are asking questions not realising the consequences - in your honest answer they judge you too. 
There is no respect for the Lord Almighty where you live and that is the truth. 
Individuals who are devout are few who study the law and the Rights of the people who are Jews. 
The Jews are to obey the laws of the land only as far as this does not compromise their soul and their obligation. When they are violated by the system as you have been, then to return to me the Lord Almighty is their obligation and God given right to do.
I welcome all who come in humility, but if they pretend to serve me and violate my people, I will scold til eternity. 
No one can come to the Father except by the Son and no one can come to the Son unless the Father draws him near and this is how it is for you too.
You did not see what you were shown by works and effort but by Birthright in your mother's church. You remained a people preserved In Christ for His Kingdom. 
You were a people preserved from survivors of the old kingdom and you will be the light of the old temple in Athens - a new light; for all will be illuminated for all in the faithful world. 
The pillars are set; the lights ignited and there is not one of you who has been given this word - others have too.
I will cast off the shadows that loom to harm and scare my people and I will enlighten them in truth - Tell them this.
Cast your burdens unto me and lean into me with full trust of the Lord Almighty who cannot be seen by anyone except by whom he is revealed. 
It is not a competition.
Trusted people are chosen as helpers and trusted people to preserve my people. Trusted people to pray for the people, first pray for their own self salvation and forgiveness through repentance. 
Do you forgive your mother, father and brother and give this preoccupation to satisfy the questions of those who do not know?
Or, do you seek to be guided in the right way by the Lord Almighty and set an example by those who dealt treacherously with you?
Do you know whether you forgive or not does not ease their lesson?
They who set you for a mighty fall do not know their own. 
Life will come back with karmic lessons.
The children of the generation before are different.
The rightly guided ones seek this by choice and freely serving the Highest God are not following compliance orders.
I am aware of your dilemma. Hold on; Your faith is stronger than you can imagine.
I brought you to this place to shape you to be the person you have become. 
Trust in Me your Lord and King and I will redeem my people as promised long ago. 
People mean well and yet sometimes act to the detriment of others. Forgive them. 
Those who plot to cause your fall will know the consequence. I will repay. 
I do not forget the promise I made to the people who are mine by inheritance and birthright. I will claim back all who are my own.
Watch and see prophesy fulfilled in this.
If they do not correct your legal situation, their prayers fall on deaf ears. 
Release my daughter now from the heavy burden you have placed on her life and heart or be damned forever.
I am that I am and will not be denied by you'

It is written of the message times:

And all the people came up after him, and the people piped with pipes, and rejoiced with great joy, so that the earth rent with the sound of them. (1 Kings 1:40)

And a leper came to Jesus, beseeching Him and falling on his knees before Him, and saying, "If You are willing, You can make me clean." (Mark 1:40)

40 Andrew, Simon Peter's brother was one of the two who heard John's testimony and followed Jesus 41He first found his brother Simon and told him, “We have found the Messiah” (which is translated as Christ) (John 1:40-41)

you must not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, for when you eat from it you will certainly die.” (Genesis 2:17)

And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams: (Acts 2:17)

  17 So He had to be made like His brothers in every way, that He might become a merciful and faithful high priest in service to God, in order to make atonement for the sins of the people.18 Because He Himself suffered when He was tempted, He is able to help those who are being tempted.… (Hebrews 2:17-18)


Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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