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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Thursday, 2 August 2018

'I Will Prove To You Again and Again The Kingdom of God' 31st July 2018

After an intense prayer spoken this message came with still my focus on God and guided by the Spirit of the Lord this is written:

Message: 31st July 2018
Time start: 12:54 pm
Time end: 13:37 pm

'I will be done when I am done and not before. Trust me in all things and I will prove to you again and again the Kingdom of God your Father is real and the heavens will rejoice at the saving of mankind.
Salvation comes with the King Messiah.
Salvation comes with him who was called and chosen for the nations and he who was blessed and cursed by the Jews will be cursed no more.
The King rules and reigns in humility for all and all will find him who will seek him in truth.
He remains hidden to the frustration of the enemy and he remains transparent to all who can see who were blind. 
I will be done when I am done. First I must show the enemy of the people that he does not rule over My Kingdom. He wants to and tries.
He is frustrated because he cannot see what you see who belongs to me. 
He has lost the battle and he knows it; so people are whipped and every stripe he hurts himself more.
The Spirit of the Lord will be the witness to all behind closed doors and negotiated in bed. Who are the prayerful people with sincere hearts, he already knows. 
The Lord over all creation is not he who rejects the Lord.
The one who suffered and died on the cross for me, he knows the power of life and the glory of God because he has seen him and no man has been allowed to come forward in this generation yet. 
As the people are prepared for the Kingdom of God - the light within is revealed. 
There is a falling away and great apostasy with what has been done.
The Kingdom will be restored to glory by the Grace of God and the children of that kingdom will be children of God. 
As they cast stones and call on spirits for wisdom, there is error and limitation.  The spirits are not all pure. 
Trickery is to influence and the wants of more is leading people down a path of misguidance for more.
The wisdom of God comes from God through His Holy Spirit and His Son. 
The Son of man glorifies God's Holy Truth and the Law. 
The rabbinic responsibility when facing the human element and prestige of place in the responsibility with the Jews; The Jewish people are a race. Yet, when the reminder of the authority of God and rule of man can be severe and even people can fall. This should be a reminder to all.
When the wrath comes no one expects it.
Why did the burning take place? 
People say arson; yet the heavens could open and prevent the fire spreading.
Man will fight to preserve his property and cry with what has been lost. 
Did he seek the Kingdom of God?
Is his house a house of God?
Is his heart placed securely in righteousness?
The next generation might not inherit what was there before. The next generation will inherit something else. 
The Kingdom of God is not with selfishness and greed. 
The people who were selfless and remained together dies for the reminder not to hold onto life but the after life. 
God the Father of all resurrects souls. 
Who will be resurrected and who will not? 
The souls of the dearly departed will be reunited with their loved ones. It is a promise made that can never be negated.
The return of Christ to his kingdom is with a kingdom prepared for him. He was cursed, rejected and killed, yet the God of all, I am did not finish with the rebellious people. By my hands Jews will die in their body and yet the soul is preserved for they were long prepared. 
By the rule of man many will perish in the land where there is lust for power and more. 
The Father of all souls preserves the souls for the Kingdom of God belongs to the souls who belong to God.
By one puff the evil one will be gone and banished will be his armies. It happened before. How will it be done?
The people will gasp and remember never to mock the God of the heavens and earth again. 
They will suffer in rejecting the Almighty until they beg for mercy. Will the Lord listen to those who beg for mercy and say 'sorry' - only to repeat again and again their sin and their wrong?
Worry not dear children - I am the Father of creation and Christ is the son of the children who were preserved long ago.
The Father and Son are one in their Spirit and intending pure for everyone. 
The rebellious rebel; and the ones who follow Christ in truth, are they in error? 
They did not see the Father. They do not have spiritual food so who was given instruction to take care of my people?
Let there be no argument for there is no argument with God.
The spell of the wicked be broken and they will skarper when the King returns.
Did they get called to the throne room of the King's Son?
I am the King of Kings and there is none who rules above me; for the Son was given all authority and power to banish the enemy.
Let him live with you in harmony and all will flourish; and let your hearts and  souls be receptive to his kindness and love - and you will be blessed beyond measure.
The Spirit of God is a gift freely given, yet who is worthy?
If you want the Kingdom of God sanctify yourselves and purify your hearts and souls. For the Kingdom of God is a promise, not a destination.
Bless you children who come willingly.'

Of the times these scriptures are identified:
Then Jesus said to the crowds, “As soon as you see a cloud rising in the west, you say, ‘A shower is coming,’ and that is what happens. (Luke 12:54)

And he will send his angels and gather his elect from the four winds, from the ends of the earth to the ends of the heavens. (Mark 13:27)

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

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