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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
♥ Divine Justice, Global Peace and Healing ~ It is written: The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth (Matthew 5:5) ♥

Monday, 31 December 2018

Even At Our Weakest, The Lord Will Still Use You

Even feeling ill and at our weakest, the Lord can and will still use you for his purpose. For the third time, no, fourth/more I will present legal corruption in writing to officials and face a judge from Her Majesty's Court Service - not because this can be resolved as there has been obstruction to justice. Yet I wonder how many times God will put me through this until he says 'Enough is Enough' of the abuses taking place in this land to His people.
I wonder whether I will come face to face with a judge who will return to his official associates and send ripples through the establishment to remind them ALL how destructive legal corruption is and how this is contributing to loss, trauma, suffering; not only destroying lives but leading to early death. Evil easily rises and thrives when good men do nothing as we perish.
Jesus found me - God heard my crying and prayer at home. He hears you!
God is watching over his people in our suffering and surely he is putting those to the test who are violating His people today. We are having our Rights denied here in Britain. Also behind closed doors many British people are being battered and oppressed, and the system has a structure that is ready to intervene and even contributes to the greater problem too.
Years of political confusion allows corporate structure heads to change seats and contracts have been renegotiated; while decisions are also made to the detriment of people. There is a system that has not wanted the people to be free and it will not be under the present structure that is being maintained. To whom are we being asked to give our loyalty to?
I have caused myself extra suffering instead of considering even in prayer a simple question when facing difficulties;
What will Jesus say and do in this situation?

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The Judge serves the Crown Wearer - Queen Elizabeth II? This is not a court hearing. They can and will likely access medical records where there is also evidence of injury and treatment for injury denied in court. There is evidence of the named abusive barrister who arrogantly lied in court on his oath. I did not apply for any hereditary titles to be recognized - 
The secret society club members might not have access to the NARROW GATE. No point being well connected on earth if you are disconnected from God. In a flash wealth can be gone, cities and homes destroyed as happened before. 
Social climbing and corporate climbing by being connected might have its earthly perks but at what price to the soul? 
Something to think about: Who is training? 
One of the quotes from Queen Elizabeth II:
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In Christ, Peace be with you Pauline Maria

A Wise Father Knows How to Discipline His Children

A wise father knows how to discipline and guide his children in the right way. If we do not have an earthly father then we become orphans - and if we have a father figure who does not preserve us in truth, a man of God, what can we do?
God is the Father of the fatherless. Jesus warned to make sure no man causes the little ones to stumble and he warned of consequences too. He spoke of us being Children of God. Become like innocent children.
Do not be vengeful towards those who hurt you, whoever they are - the word of the Lord is clear 'I will repay'......
Jesus spoke about a prayer to say that is spoken globally.
OUR FATHER who art in heaven, the prayer begins quite simply and clearly we are given the approachable one through him, the one who spoke of being the Son of the Father. My Father and Your Father in Heaven we are told.
If you have been abused, neglected, abandoned and even rejected by an earthly father, you might not realise God has ensured everyone knows through Jesus about He who is seated out of reach of those who neglect and abuse children.
The enemy thrives with causing pain and suffering yet the child of God who remembers the one who came and his promise, can also repent and return if he has erred his way.
What is the promise that has been made? Do you know?
Have you sought forgiveness for sins and sincerely too?
Do you pray for those who have sinned against you that their hearts and minds can be turned in the right way? By the Will of God we ask, by the Will of God in Jesus name for we are all learning lessons and no one is exempt from this learning.
The souls that have departed, we can pray for them too for the soul incarnates for a time, reason and season to learn lessons and we do not want to seek to perpetuate suffering.
When we pray THY KINGDOM COME...we acknowledge God the Father. His Kingdom is righteous justice too.
We acknowledge all Power comes from God and as God has allowed power to be used and abused, He can take it away. We are being shown to look to Heaven where The Throne is situated and to pray in righteousness, wish no ill to anyone.
The All Seeing and All Knowing God has given warnings - He does not permit Kings to harm his messengers or to oppress people yet when this is done, He also warns in time and why.
The enemy wants you to feel uncomfortable approaching God in prayer and talking to God The Father as a son or daughter; yet, Jesus made God approachable in his name.
Sometimes the most simple message is given and yet not always accepted because there is doubt - and God knows. If you find yourself a little quiet time and have a heart and soul conversation with your focus on God, you will begin the new and renewed connection with your Creator, the one who it is written formed you - knitted you in your mother's womb.
In this time many children have seen Jesus and are guided by the Holy Spirit of God to remind adults in this generation. Jesus has warned if anyone causes the children to stumble - I do not need to document the consequences. A child who knows God and is loved is given a role in His Kingdom. A child who is hurting, God knows - Jesus loves in abundance.
There is a warning not to prevent children coming to Jesus and a child who is long prepared are many in this timeline. So many neglected and orphaned children - yet there are so many loving adults who have enough love to share too.
You do not need to be a parent of your own children to have enough love to care about other children and listen to them.
When Jesus is visiting children, and the children are bringing his message - it is for a reason. We adults must take notice.
We are being reminded of a promise forgotten long ago.
We must do our part to prepare for the Kingdom of God now.

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Peace be with you
Pauline maria

The Elder, The Chosen Lady and Her Children

In quoting the translated scriptures, it is written:

1The elder,
To the chosen lady and her children, whom I love in the truth—and not I alone, but also all who know the truth— 2because of the truth that abides in us and will be with us forever:
3Grace, mercy, and peace be with us in truth and love from God the Father and from Jesus Christ, the Son of the Father.
Walking in the Truth
4I was overjoyed to find some of your children walking in the truth, just as the Father has commanded us. 5And now I urge you, dear lady—not as a new commandment to you, but one we have had from the beginning—that we love one another. 6And this is love, that we walk according to His commandments. This is the very commandment you have heard from the beginning, that you must walk in love.
Beware of Deceivers
7For many deceivers have gone out into the world, refusing to confess the coming of Jesus Christ in the flesh. Any such person is the deceiver and the antichrist. 8Watch yourselves, so that you do not lose what we have worked for,a that you may be fully rewarded. 9Anyone who runs ahead without remaining in the teaching of Christ does not have God. Whoever remains in His teaching has both the Father and the Son.
10If anyone comes to you but does not bring this teaching, do not receive him into your home or even greet him. 11Whoever greets such a person shares in his evil deeds.
Final Greetings
12I have many things to write you, but I would prefer not to use paper and ink. Instead, I hope to come and speak with you face to face, so that our joy may be complete.
13The children of your elect sister send you greetings
(2 John 1)
Some scriptures write elect lady'.

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'The Elder' is the designated leader of the church. 

'Sister' - sisters in Christ....Two woman chosen for God's service and entrusted to the preservation of the children of God, perhaps. 

If we take this as a truth revealed by the Holy Spirit the command -> the instruction given is that we are to love one another and do not create divisions in Christ. 

And I will go as far as returning to a discovery in 2011 after seeing Jesus on the cross during prayer for healing in a debilitated weakened state not knowing if I would survive. The interior vision changed to seeing a group of women, one woman was in the role as a leader for other women, even though all were dressed the same wearing pale blue and white, and the third vision shown looking down as if from heaven onto the earth that was GOLD - seeing men with their arms raised up toward the heavens - This happened 25th March 2011. a significant date in the church. 

Days afterwards I was to learn Muslims have mixed understanding based on teaching of Jesus being crucified, when I was shown the truth and it was horrific to see but it was God's way to give me strength because what followed at a later time was to see him resurrected

The fact is Muslims are taught Jesus/Isa was born of a virgin Mary/Maryam who is revered in the Quran also Muslims wait for Jesus to return too. I was also told, 'No one can call themselves a Muslim unless they believe Jesus was born of a virgin and he will return one day and rule with righteous Justice.' 

Since, in 2012 I had two dreams with Prophet Muhammad, one showing me something with this land where I live, with people seemingly unaware of an open structure with four very tall pillars revealed as built - since more stores have been erected next to this location. The next dream was seen as a warning to Muslims to make sure they do not go the wrong way. 

I was given the impression also that Muhammad tried to unite lands and people - he was looking across water to another land, like a hill - though I did wonder if a flood was shown to be foretold. The morning afterwards an email link 'Prophet Muhammad's letter' was in my email that led me to the document at the Greek Orthodox Monastery in Mount Sinai in Egypt and I am Baptised Greek Orthodox. 

God is precise and reveals as and when we are ready to learn and understand. Look to the Living God who is trying to reach His people. Keep knocking at the door -> keep praying with sincere heart, God is listening to you.

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

Jesus Says "I Am Your Gift" Christmas Day 2018

A very short message on Christmas Day 2018

"I am your gift" (11:11 am)

"Eat of the bread of life for this I am born.
Celebrate with me for I am of my Father and my Father's Spirit is within me.
Now I will let you eat and enjoy the food you have been given" (11:14 am)
(after this message I ate a late breakfast with much appreciation to the provider of nourishment in these times)

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Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

Tuesday, 18 December 2018

'This Earth is Like an Orphan' Message 17th December 2018

Personal revelation message; the Holy Spirit of the Lord is with focus on God the Father, Lord God Almighty, Jesus Christ the Son of God and the Holy Spirit - Ruach ha Kodesh in prayer before. With focus remaining; writing down each word as given to my soul in a place without disturbance or noise.

Message 17th December 2018
Start time: 20:35 pm
End time: 21:15 pm

'I will be done and not before time; and all is complete as my word is written for a reason.
The floods are coming for a reason and Christmas season is upon the human race; yet who thinks what this means?
The little child born today and yesterday, who sees the miracle of creation? Not all;
And you perish because you forgot the Almighty One of creation and this the message: To fear God alone. 
Do you fear God or man who rejects God?
They can hate you but fear will be instilled to reject the God who saves them.
How can you when you have seen the Light and Spirit of Truth revealed so clearly?
You see and you share meekly to inspire hope and prayer.
You can do nothing more at this juncture.
You need to take care and rest but the wicked do not allow the servants of God that are hand picked to do their job.
There is distraction and chaos, fighting and competing and I sit waiting patiently. 
The ego wants to win the battle and My Holy Kingdom will not be contaminated by the Unholy Order over all.
I will free the minds of the imprisoned ones in fear of what is to come if they pray and turn their hearts and minds to me.
I will expose the church that abuses my people and protects the abuser so you can see the power of the adversary that is held over them.
The crown is old and worn as as symbol.
The crown of righteousness is new and unused. 
No one has worn the crown of gold that is pure for the people. 
No one has laid their heart and life on the ground for the people bar one and the Holy One of Israel is his name to be known by.
The demons have admirers and their presence felt yet what is the use of  worshiping that which oppresses the soul?
You must be careful now for the light has gone out in the world to test those who are sincere and who are not. 
Many are hateful and will become moreso.
The healing balm is here to heal broken hearts - yet who wants this?
I settle you to a place of rest and the leader of my people in your land unsettles everyone.
What can I do if the people will not listen to the still voice within?
You will see your mind knowing a different language and the one you already know - take notice.
Take notice when the Lord of all is speaking to you and do not be swayed by opinion or ridicule for the time is ripe for harvest.
The people who belong to the Lord Almighty do not all fight for their religion.
The Spiritual Way was shown for a reason long ago.
A prepared vessel was born and did not need to be taught by men or women of any religion. 
They set the example or not.
They guide and protect or not.
They care and support or not, but can do nothing other than who God the Almighty allows.
The one that rises quickly will fall quickly and the one who is my servant will not be silent about wrongs.
I have many helpers who will not deny me; or the Christ Son who is born.
If there is error in teaching, the teaching is wrong.
I entrusted the man with my holy wisdom to impart to the children of God unpolluted.
He who walked in humility did so without complaint at all. 
He knew if he could be seen grandly, he would be a greater threat to all.
So the trickery used to get rid of the voice of God was used in the way you know. 
Bribery and corruption of the court is known and yet what can you do if they refuse to work for justice too?
The Lord God is guardian over your soul and yet the body is tired and weak.
I show you how little regard there is for me and you are in a strange land when you speak of me and are ignored.
The groups are forming and many want the Holy Spirit ignited in their soul.
The want too much is why they cannot see or feel the presence and yet there are those who do.
Who is humble and shining a light for the Lord?
Who is helping to inspire other people to do the same?
Who is caring for the elderly, lonely and vulnerable ones?
Are there homeless on the streets while those who help the homeless are inside keeping warm on this feast?
I will test the hearts and souls and purify the hearts and souls even more.
Change was not in one day.
The week is long enough to transform people and seven days of completion can be with healing the mind and emotion too.
When people are ready they will anchor onto God the Almighty, but the shock of the loss will be felt too.
Nothing is for nothing.
You gain and you lose; you gain and you lose and when you are ready to give up what is not of me, you gain me and from me when you search for truth too.
You are not of this world.
Your mother was not a fool for the Almighty. She made a choice that was to turn the course of her destiny and then you were born in the land I had set aside for my Kingdom to be known.
The Son of God the Father came and came again to prove to you history is real and He is alive in you and for you all.
Yet who wants to know the person in Christ in this time who lives? For I am He, the one born long ago in your land.
The universe is a place of wonder of stars and galaxies, yet this earth is like an orphan.
The orphan was given to me to preserve and keep; knowing the truth there is a God watching over the people. 
The earth is reacting and the Lord over all is angry.
The earth is shaking and it will be more if they who do not care for the Almighty Order - it is He who rules over all.
The souls that rebel, rebel against Him;
And many lost sheep are perishing.
I will find my lost sheep who call out to me.
I will hear their voice and they hear mine.
Your Yahushua I am forever more
Eternal soul listen with love as I love thee'

With the times scriptures have been identified:


Who will separate us from the love of Christ? Will tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or peril, or sword? (Romans 8:35)

In everything I did, I showed you that by this kind of hard work we must help the weak, remembering the words the Lord Jesus himself said: ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’ (Acts 20:35)

And I will bring you into the wilderness of the people, and there will I plead with you face to face. (Ezekiel 20:35)

Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift! (2 Corinthians 9:15)

For he saith to Moses, I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy, and I will have compassion on whom I will have compassion. (Romans 9:15)

And for this cause He is the Mediator of the new testament, that by means of death, for the redemption of the transgressions that were covered under the first testament, those who are called might receive the promise of eternal inheritance. (Hebrews 9:15)

And I will remember my covenant, which is between me and you and every living creature of all flesh; and the waters shall no more become a flood to destroy all flesh. (Genesis 9:15)

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria 

Saturday, 15 December 2018

'Many Are Perishing In Your Land' Message 14th December 2018

Personal revelation message.

Message: 14th December 2018
Start time 14:22 pm
End time 14:59 pm

'Hold on dear one
 Hold on I am with you in the Spirit and in truth and I know the plans to try rectify their mistakes not to your favour and not to your benefit.
Many are perishing in your land because they rejected the truth that was so obvious; and they want to believe the lie will save them. It will not.
The false sense of security is with many claiming because they can and the Doctors cannot cope with the overload.
Many are sick with stress like you and many do not want to be compromised at all.
The collapsing system is bring a new privatized system you will neither afford in your circumstance or be eligible for help if they implement their plan.
You are right to hold back and look on to what is going on.
The Father predicted an outcome of good despite that monster called capitalism.
Your value is less with jealousy but The Father is jealous for you more.
They who plot your fall will fall and they who destroyed your life must be exposed.
Your  choices are your own and many poor choices brought many painful lessons.
Those who take an oath of office even refusing to do this in the name of God Almighty do not have permission to pervert justice or put people in a place of compromise that they cannot eat or heat their homes.
The big freeze will come and what will they do if their pipes burst? They will cry for ruin in their homes and expect insurance to pay out. 
They will not consider The One who made all things possible so they could live in comfort in the first place.
Your body is cold, your heart warm and your Spirit on fire for the Lord.
Keep mentioning me and remind people of the crown wearer is not of her choosing; and the grace to stay with so much when so many people have so little is a reminder of all.
Who do they want, the Lord God Almighty or the system that allows greed and exploitation to flourish to the detriment of you all?
I love you Pauline and I know you have taken this path hard, but you remain true to me in your imperfectional state with nothing to give that will satisfy an ungrateful and selfish nation. 
They who want prosperity before me, did they share this with you or me? 
Did they see the few who are given extra to show possibility of what can be is not really of substance of all?
Many will not save your soul or theirs; and those who have much beyond what is imaginable know.
Yet those who cannot see real productivity. (Phone ringing 14:39 - message continues 14:40) I will give the fruits to my remnant but they expect you to buy the remnant fruits for pennies or more.
I will give my Spirit of Truth to those who give all in truth to all and as the risks are real, rejection, jealousy and hatred are real.
Look who is reaching to you.
They stuff their faces who caused you to fall; they feed their addictions with no care at all.
There are those who look on thinking you are not well at all but their hearts cannot bring them to show care and compassion.
Do people pray for the people in need?
Hearts are realizing something is wrong in the land you live in and the more you document the truth, they are forced to read the truth that has remained hidden.
You were warned long ago what will happen and the force of darkness wants you off the land for it is land marked out for the crown wearer, and the builders plan carefully.
Many do not realize God has moved hearts and minds to build His kingdom and the souls being conquested to deny God is a reality for some.
The church is an assembly of people and yet the prosperity church prospers with tithes and promises of greater generosity. It has happened before.
You and David were meant to find each other and I thank him for his ministry; for you in your own ways compliment each other in this mission you are called into.
He is the preacher with heart and love - the redeemed sinner and you are a suffering servant sharing your experiences.
I am a Rabbi Teacher of Spiritual matters and Absolute Truth; for the word to you and I made a promise to you long ago.
By what you write you give me life to a people not ready to receive me.
Many do not know who I am but I do not seek fame or adoration.
And I do not rule by deception or demand oaths of allegiance from anyone.
Who gives me allegiance will not cause suffering to anyone and it will never be their intention to do so.
Some people cause suffering on themselves with what they have said and done.
If knowingly set out to harm, hinder or trip up anyone so they fall is malicious intent. 
God The Father knows what they have done and He had a mission for you long before you were ready.
Prepared you are in your weakened state, limited, I will make sure the servant of God is not serving the enemy. 
Tell them this.
My love is real. Find me with love:

The interruption of the message at a specific time by the telephone ringing,  is with identifying the following scripture

When Moses reported the LORD's words to all the Israelites, the people were filled with grief. (Numbers 14:39)

The date 14th December with message time 14:22 (14:14 - with 22 The Master Builder number, presents another opportunity to see what is written:

The LORD shall fight for you, and you shall hold your peace. (Exodus 14:14)

Revelation 22 is also the last book in the Holy Bible.

Jesus The Rabbi and Teacher, introduces himself when the student is ready. Many people have now seen him clearly revealed; being assured of the anointed one identified as The Christ who did not defy God. Jesus the Christ did not wave a wizard wand to the heavens mocking God laughing...An innocent man crucified and resurrected, Jesus who lives is real and returning.

Our experiences are in accordance to the Will of God. Each person is called to their purpose. Do not envy anyone else. God does not encourage sibling rivalry.
Like a symphony in an orchestra everyone has their part to play in this foretold revelation.  The God of hope is reaching His people in the way we are meant to understand - in the way we can understand. We have choices..

Talk to God, He is waiting.

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

Tuesday, 11 December 2018

Wisdom 8: Initiate in the Knowledge of God

'Wisdom 8' came to mind following from the previous message. Finding the text written in the scriptures, is with discovery. Different books have different titles too. It is an attempt to try keep as near to the original translations as possible - as it is discovered some texts are changed that appear to be a contradiction. When this happens, we can return to the original truth.

As the original text is not written in English we rely on translations. Any sharing of scriptures here is for my learning and discovery, of which I am guided to share openly to show these texts do exist that we can learn from.

It is written in the choice of book to quote today:

Wisdom 8 New Revised Standard Version (NRSV)

She reaches mightily from one end of the earth to the other,
and she orders all things well.

Solomon’s Love for Wisdom

I loved her and sought her from my youth;
I desired to take her for my bride,
and became enamored of her beauty.
She glorifies her noble birth by living with God,
and the Lord of all loves her.
For she is an initiate in the knowledge of God,
and an associate in his works.
If riches are a desirable possession in life,
what is richer than wisdom, the active cause of all things?
And if understanding is effective,
who more than she is fashioner of what exists?
And if anyone loves righteousness,
her labors are virtues;
for she teaches self-control and prudence,
justice and courage;
nothing in life is more profitable for mortals than these.
And if anyone longs for wide experience,
she knows the things of old, and infers the things to come;
she understands turns of speech and the solutions of riddles;
she has foreknowledge of signs and wonders
and of the outcome of seasons and times.

Wisdom Indispensible to Rulers

Therefore I determined to take her to live with me,
knowing that she would give me good counsel
and encouragement in cares and grief.
10 Because of her I shall have glory among the multitudes
and honor in the presence of the elders, though I am young.
11 I shall be found keen in judgment,
and in the sight of rulers I shall be admired.
12 When I am silent they will wait for me,
and when I speak they will give heed;
if I speak at greater length,
they will put their hands on their mouths.
13 Because of her I shall have immortality,
and leave an everlasting remembrance to those who come after me.
14 I shall govern peoples,
and nations will be subject to me;
15 dread monarchs will be afraid of me when they hear of me;
among the people I shall show myself capable, and courageous in war.
16 When I enter my house, I shall find rest with her;
for companionship with her has no bitterness,
and life with her has no pain, but gladness and joy.
17 When I considered these things inwardly,
and pondered in my heart
that in kinship with wisdom there is immortality,
18 and in friendship with her, pure delight,
and in the labors of her hands, unfailing wealth,
and in the experience of her company, understanding,
and renown in sharing her words,
I went about seeking how to get her for myself.
19 As a child I was naturally gifted,
and a good soul fell to my lot;
20 or rather, being good, I entered an undefiled body.
21 But I perceived that I would not possess wisdom unless God gave her to me
and it was a mark of insight to know whose gift she was—
so I appealed to the Lord and implored him,
and with my whole heart I said:"

 Initially when Wisdom 8 came to mind, following on immediately 'government' yet the scripture was not as expected. It is however validating what has been written and impressed on my heart in recent years:

The wisdom that comes from God is written.

No one can demand Wisdom from God and in God's perfect plan everyone has their own role to play, even if we do not understand at the time.

The Crown is a symbol that should be a reminder of the authority of God above the monarch. There is a Throne of Grace in a place that is not with corrupting the laws, injustice or abominations taking place.

The value of Wisdom from God - is this lost?

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

'Be Still And Know I Am God' Message 11th December 2018

Message immediately following on from prayer.

Message: 11th December 2018
Start time: 0:50 am
End time: 1:26 am

'Be still and know I am God

Here we go again in the same place and situation. Nothing has changed because the system refuses to change and address their wrongs.
Be still and know I am God, the beginning and end, the alpha and the omega; the One who rules over kings and their minions.
Yes that is what they are minions with not thinking independently, or thinking about what is to come upon the surface of this world you live in.
By My Holy Spirit all will be done in truth and righteousness.
There is no righteousness where you are for injustice is rife and they continue to mock me until I decide no more.
Bear with me in this patience I ask of you for you have been tested in patience so you know.
Nothing is for nothing and as people are deprived of their Right to live in peace, I will give no peace to the wicked in your land or anywhere else.
I have my plan written and warnings given - not of my doing but the natural consequence of actions taken against my people who are the Lord's inheritance in truth.
You dear one are the Lord's inheritance and I am yours in truth.
Let them who corrupt my laws come and argue with me and you will see they will not. They cannot.
They are not welcome nor invited to the Throne of Grace that I hold sacred and where no abominations will take place; 
for My King is pure in his heart for his people, but the one who rules with injustice and corrupts the law is not.
I will show my lowly handmaiden more as she seeks the truth and she sees what is revealed by me; not before she is ready.
You who raised the standard against the enemy of the Lord is revealed clearly. 
She who evokes demons to harm will be harmed by her acts.
And he who does magic spells to keep an army under control has lost the war already.
The future is written,
My Holy Mountain will not be moved; as the conquerer cannot control the souls belonging to me. You try oh how you try.
You deserve all you get coming to you and once the wicked one is conquered people will be free again.
Many lost their lives so evil could thrive and many hearts and souls are now compromised.
Do they who feel loyalty to their Master Fear God or man who rejects God? Here is the answer to know.
I do not care about those who reject me by the the rule of evil. The deal they made was vast with vast death too.
I do not care to preserve the souls of all who knowingly join evil in what they do. But I care about the souls who are blinded by the truth of the lie being told to mankind.
I am not for sale and I do not offer courses to pray to me. 
Talk to me - I am listening and if you are humble and sincere I am listening.
Do not go on a stage and play your music for popularity church; because I am the One whose Spirit is sent to all who are humble and humbled at home; and in hiding scared of the demon knocking at their door. 
I do not charge for prayer ministry.
I give My Grace and My Truth to whomsoever I choose.
The Wisdom of the Lord is what it is and when governments take notice of the Wisdom of the Lord, the people who work in government might return to me in humility,
The battle is mine. 
Serve me and I will help you win the battle.
They who kill to get ahead will be killed and they look over their shoulders now - but what comes will come when least expected.
I forgive who I want to forgive and I give mercy to whom I give mercy for my reason not yours.
I allowed this Lady to suffer so that I could give everything promised and more than hoped for.
She asked for wisdom to help people and yet she was crushed by those who are paid to help my people and preserve my people in the holy law.
The priest who is a pedophile is a priest of Satan's order and unless all renounce Satan and all the gains from Satan's order, they cannot say they serve me.
In Christ Jesus you are saved, in Satan you are not.
I do not approach you unless it is necessary to do so.
Find me in prayer with sincere heart and I will find you.
Draw near to me and I will draw near to you.
I am the Lord God Almighty  and the King of kings.
Are you a king? Are you my handmaiden?
Are you serving the Lord Almighty at all?
Do you claim to be working in health?
Love the one who is the source of healing rays on earth.
He gives and you receive to bless others in my name.
He does this out of gratitude and humility in his role of responsibility.
The Prince of Peace is not the prince of illness and death.
The Crown of Life is not the crown of death at all.
I crown who I will with righteousness; not because they are righteous, but because they will serve the Lord and preserve humanity by their choices.
So who is causing death to my people?
You who hate the Lord Almighty will be banished from my kingdom.
Be gone you wicked ones.
I am the one who is the law and I give my grace with love not hate and fakery.
Be humbled and cloak yourself in shame to abuse my name for your ends.
I know everything, Yes I do.

Monday, 10 December 2018

'I Am The King of Your Soul' Message 10th December 2018

 Another day and another letter has shown the most unethical and unprofessional practice; I am stunned with what is happening in this land.

There is ease making decisions that result in death - perhaps because those who make the decisions cannot see the consequences of what they do. 

Before this message, I prayed, praying for my need in this situation I am facing and enduring; also to bless the people who bless me.

This personal message being shared openly as there are words given to impart to people - each will read and understand what they are meant to.

Jesus appears empty handed and was born in poverty. He went to the poorest of people and rejected from society. Why would he change his choice of company today?

A woman was thrown to the ground accused of committing adultery. She was in the company of a married man. God knows if anything took place. The men were ready to stone her to death - if it was not for Jesus. In silence he wrote on the ground and turned to them and said 'Those who have not sinned cast the first stone'....Not one did. Jesus saved her.

Jesus turned to the woman and said 'Go, sin no more'

We are living in worrying times....the future is uncertain and not all is clear. All I can do is pray. In this struggle I endure entirely alone. The enemy of the people is known by God and God also knows the hardship we endure.

Message: 10th December 2018
Start time: 1:20 am
End time: 1:58 am

My dear one, I hear your prayer and tender heart. 
Sweet one of bitterness to your soul, how hurt you are by people you have trusted and how betrayed you are by people who claim to serve me who do not. 
I will show you my world of living in truth and the Light of God not because you deserve it, but because scriptures will be fulfilled in this.
I bless you and give you my word. 
No one knows how broken you are or how fragile your being has become for following me to the ends of the earth and beyond this realm.
How can I deny such a searching heart who had a glimmer of hope so long ago?
How can I deny you grace when you come in nothingness to the Throne of Grace asking for nothing from me that does not serve your life in a spiritual way?
You see churches are full and yet you are the poor church lady of sorrows who prays for the people who do you wrong. 
You do not see what I see and you do not know what I know.
Unless they come to you and ask for prayers, focus on what you need to do to preserve health and build yourself up again. 
Take care of yourself and rest.
I will supply your needs if only you will allow me to.
The State robbed you over and over again refusing to work for justice.
I told you long ago you do not need to study; yet you did and insisted 'for credibility'. I know the traitors in your land planned your downfall; and the big blow is you put everything you had in this and more so you could help other people.
Damned is the enemy of the people. Damned is he who wrecks and destroys the light of truth and makes it out to be not worthy.
Well my darling the reason you have my spiritual heart as your calling, is because the betrayers broke yours to the point you could no longer get up on a stage and be a voice of hope.
You have so much knowledge and understanding locked up inside you and psychologically frozen with the trauma from the system.
There are good people working in the system, but many do not realize the far reaching consequences of their words. 
Use this platform to get the truth across because they who claim to be serving Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second, if they wrong you they wrong you in her name.
She will not want that with so many abuses happening and now brought into the open. 
I am the King of Your Soul Pauline and there is no church elder who can rule over you at all. 
If my people call out to me and relinquish all that is evil, I will guide in truth when they are ready to listen to me; and I speak clearly to the souls aligned to me in truth. I do not have agenda or purpose in this.
I am the comforter and guide, the reminder of the Lord Almighty and Father in Heaven long spoken about.
I am not talking about and earthly father or one who heads a church. 
I am talking about the inapproachable One who is revealed in Light. 
Who can say they have seen him? Only those who have and that is for the purpose of the Great Redemption.
The mighty want to see but they are blind.
The hearts who long for my word might be deceived.
The truth that comes from me is with knowing for sure the truth is validated and only when the truth has happened as it is given and written, can truth be validated. 
What comes from The Father will be validated by The Father and what comes from the Son will be validated by the Son.
You ask for nothing more than your safety and preservation in these times, when surrounded by people who hate you. You did nothing to merit this.
The hatred in their hearts is with knowing you are different and in your struggle alone no one helps. Not one will help you because their hearts are hardened; unaware of your circumstance or how ill you are.
You have a decision to make and the choice is yours with health and wellness. but I know you fear the long term repercussions. 
You are tired, so very tired and your heart is beating erratically. Let my love calm you as you let go of the stress in your life and give it all to me.
You are at one with the Lord and picking up on vibrations of volatile people around you. Stay away from aggressive people and vocally hateful because their energy is poison to you.
Darling when I was taken out of this world my body was broken and weak. My bones were not broken. 
My heart was broken for what would come upon the people who had no idea of the plans of the Father Almighty of all Creation.
I could not stay longer. I gave a glimmer of hope to a few people. The rest did not want to know.
Only when men face how hateful they have been and see the destruction they cause, maybe a few feel remorse. 
Many people in this time feel no remorse whatsoever.
Do not hope for an outcome in any situation now.
Take one day at a time.
You are an instrument of the Lord and by the Holy Spirit we are connected. 
My soul is eternal. So is yours.
Who will be cut off? Many will be cut off.
Tell them this. 
Thank you.'

Of the times, scriptures are identified.
The mystery of the seven stars which you saw in My right hand, and the seven golden lampstands: The seven stars are the angels of the seven churches, and the seven lampstands which you saw are the seven churches. (Revelation 1:20)
For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse. (Romans 1:20) 
For the rage of man does not perform the righteousness of God. (James 1:20) 
For all the promises of God in Him are Yes, and in Him Amen, to the glory of God through us. (2 Corinthians 1:20)
When the time came for Elizabeth to have her child, she gave birth to a son. Her neighbors and relatives heard that the Lord had shown her great mercy, and they rejoiced with her.  (Luke 1:57-58) 
They kept using violence against Israel, against those who were found month after month in the towns. (I Maccabees 1:58)

Immediately after this message a song title came to mind 'Isn't she beautiful' - Mike Smith writes:  'This is a video of Spontaneous Song which Chris Mapes and I put together IT IS A Picture of Jesus' point of view regarding His Bride during His Passion(THE CROSS).'

In prayers I ask for forgiveness...Jesus knows. The man who knows all my sins and errors as it is to Him who I confess everything to.

There is nowhere to run or hide with God watching.

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

Thursday, 6 December 2018

'The Rule of Law Without Stipulation or Limitation' Message 6th December 2018

Strong words received from the Spirit of the Lord.

Message : 6th December 2018
Start time: 6:19 am
End Time: 6:49 am

The turn of my heart to the ends of the earth will be done.
I am the I am and I will be done when I am done.
Now banish the evil from my land - Now.
I will not tolerate the abuse of my people and children in Christ.
You who serve Satan Be Gone for you have no qualm with my people.
You are nothing but testers and tempters are murdering my people out of ignorance too.
You evil generation. 
You are such an evil generation who justify ill works of unrighteousness too,
It is not policy. 
The police are scorned everywhere, There is no ethical police system in the UK now. 
You evil deeders of mine who have lost your way and if you do not repent you will be lost forever. 
I will not tolerate abuse of my people to do harm to my people.
You evil ones of the devil incarnate: you have nothing over my people so stay away from them. 
You defy the law - My Law and you defy the truth - My Truth and you reject My apostles and messengers who are not slaves to you or for you anyway.
She who wants to rule should read up on the law to see if she qualifies. 
Is her marriage lawful? No it is not. 
And she met her match with her king and social climbing too.
Be good at the competition or you will lose.
The chosen handmaiden of the Lord is My choosing and many are selected, few are chosen. 
You who prevent progress be banished from uselessness; and you who want to Lord it over My people - who are you to be Lord over anyone at all?
You cannot even control your own weaknesses and lust.
You are perverse and tested in your ways. 
Your hearts and minds are corrupt.
Now return rightfully and quickly before the return and it is too late for all of you. 
Ignore the wicked they are going nowhere for I am the Lord Almighty  and I made the Rule of Law without limitation or stipulation. 
No witchcraft sower is ruling over my people, not now, not ever more. It is as simple as that.
The prostitute who sold her soul to the devil for power did just that. 
Her children are illegitimate  in the eyes of the Almighty One.
Keep your button closed and zipper zipped for the pollution of the body is with many diseases. 
Shame to be preserved in virginity will return to be prized once more and the marriage bed undefiled in heart and soul.
Many men of God are not using and abusing women. 
No man of God will exploit or abuse man, woman or child and if they do, expose him and banish him from My church and My government. 
No one can serve two Masters and you are warned, the tempter entered the church and temple. 
The willingness to let go of what is good to follow evil will dn no good for anyone. 
You have been tricked. 
The mass deception on mankind in the Western world is cruel and it is sick. 
It is forewarned and a prelude of what is to come.
Now see me you who claim to see the invisible and you do not.
My Spirit is revealed only  through the Father and the Son and the three are connected in ways not fathomed. 
Of course I can reject another deception on mankind.
When man rejects God he becomes subject to man and the lawless one foretold long ago knows what he is doing.
Love one another and do evil deeds to no one for all is measured. 
All is seen and unseen known for the traces are left to fall upon. 
Do not be too confident in your positions for all can fall and will fall from grace eventually. 
A death comes as another will follow. The third will be a shock to the nations and the world will be plunged into chaos through an assassination. 
The Lord forgives; the Lord forgets.
The Lord does not tolerate murder of His people. 
He will reap what he has sown and feel sorry not for the murderer.
I will be done when I am done and not before.
My gatherers are working the harvest while the enemy tries to ruin souls to his own ruin. 
The king of perversion of all is here and everybody in power knows it. 
They who are scared will not rock the boat.
Now is the time for saving souls.
Either you are saved or you are not.
This is not a competition or lot.
Come in humility to the Throne of Grace as you are called.
Be saved and repent from wicked ways - Aluha May'

Of the times scriptures are revealed.

We have this hope ans an anchor for the soul firm and steadfast. It enters the inner sanctuary behind the curtain. (where Jesus our forerunner has entered on our behalf. He has become a high priest forever in the order of Melchizedek) (Hebrews 6:19-20)

“Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth,  (where moth and rust destroy and where thieves break in and steal (Matthew 6:19) 

Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; (1 Corinthians 6:19) 

But he who heard and did nothing is like a man who built a house on the earth without a foundation, against which the stream beat vehemently; and immediately it fell. And the ruin of that house was great.” (Luke 6:49)

Your fathers ate the manna in the wilderness, and are dead. (John 6:49)

And when they saw Him walking on the sea, they supposed it was a ghost, and cried out; (Mark 6:49)

Peace be with you
Pauline Maria


Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Dr. Carver:The Man and His Mission Peanuts.

Sometimes an elderly friend disappears and says 'You must read this' and it will be a book or article about something relevant at the time. On Sunday my friend had the sudden thought to share her favourite poem - kept in the kitchen.

Handing me the paper as written 'One of Dr. Carvers favourite Poems' - I knew this was timely and to share the message.

Afterwards I this just about the message in the poem or something else? Who is Dr. Carver and why his memory brought forth these days.

So I am sharing a little information about the man, quoting Wikipedia. The link below includes other information about childhood and growing up.

George Washington Carver (1860s – January 5, 1943), was an American botanist and inventor. He actively promoted alternative crops to cotton and methods to prevent soil depletion 

He wanted poor farmers to grow alternative crops, such as peanuts and sweet potatoes as a source of their own food and to improve their quality of life. 

His 44 practical bulletins for farmers contained 105 food recipes using peanuts. Although he spent years developing and promoting numerous products made from peanuts, none became commercially successful.


One of America's greatest scientists.

During the last two decades of his life, Carver seemed to enjoy his celebrity status. He was often on the road promoting Tuskegee University, peanuts and racial harmony.

With his increasing notability, Carver became the subject of biographies and articles. Raleigh H. Merritt contacted him for his biography published in 1929. Merritt wrote:

At present not a great deal has been done to utilize Dr. Carver's discoveries commercially. He says that he is merely scratching the surface of scientific investigations of the possibilities of the peanut and other Southern products
From 1933 to 1935, Carver worked to develop peanut oil massages to treat infantile paralysis (polio) Ultimately, researchers found that the massages, not the peanut oil, provided the benefits of maintaining some mobility to paralyzed limbs. 

From 1935 to 1937, Carver participated in the USDA Disease Survey. Carver had specialized in plant diseases and mycology for his master's degree.

Upon returning home one day, Carver took a bad fall down a flight of stairs; he was found unconscious by a maid who took him to a hospital. Carver died January 5, 1943, at the age of 78 from complications (anemia) resulting from this fall. He was buried next to Booker T. Washington at Tuskegee University.

Due to his frugality, Carver's life savings totaled $60,000, all of which he donated in his last years and at his death to the Carver Museum and to the George Washington Carver Foundation.

On his grave was written, He could have added fortune to fame, but caring for neither, he found happiness and honor in being helpful to the world.

Carver believed he could have faith both in God and science and integrated them into his life. He testified on many occasions that his faith in Jesus was the only mechanism by which he could effectively pursue and perform the art of science. Carver became a Christian when he was still a young boy, as he wrote in connection to his conversion in 1931: 

I was just a mere boy when converted, hardly ten years old. There isn't much of a story to it. God just came into my heart one afternoon while I was alone in the 'loft' of our big barn while I was shelling corn to carry to the mill to be ground into meal. 
A dear little white boy, one of our neighbors, about my age came by one Saturday morning, and in talking and playing he told me he was going to Sunday school tomorrow morning. I was eager to know what a Sunday school was. He said they sang hymns and prayed. I asked him what prayer was and what they said. I do not remember what he said; only remember that as soon as he left I climbed up into the 'loft,' knelt down by the barrel of corn and prayed as best I could. I do not remember what I said. I only recall that I felt so good that I prayed several times before I quit. 
My brother and myself were the only colored children in that neighborhood and of course, we could not go to church or Sunday school, or school of any kind. 
That was my simple conversion, and I have tried to keep the faith. 
— G. W. Carver; Letter to Isabelle Coleman; July 24, 1931'
Throughout his career, he always found friendship with other Christians. He relied on them especially when criticized by the scientific community and media regarding his research methodology.
Carver viewed faith in Jesus Christ  as a means of destroying both barriers of racial disharmony and social stratification.He was as concerned with his students' character development as he was with their intellectual development. He compiled a list of eight cardinal virtues for his students to strive toward:
  • Be clean both inside and out.
  • Neither look up to the rich nor down on the poor.
  • Lose, if need be, without squealing.
  • Win without bragging.
  • Always be considerate of women, children, and older people.
  • Be too brave to lie.
  • Be too generous to cheat.
  • Take your share of the world and let others take theirs
Beginning in 1906 at Tuskegee, Carver led a Bible class on Sundays for several students at their request. He regularly portrayed stories by acting them out. He responded to critics with this: "When you do the common things in life in an uncommon way, you will command the attention of the world."
Sometimes, a name will come to our attention because we are meant to take notice - even if we do not know the actual reason why.
My only visit to California USA as a child with my paralysed mother brought diverse experiences. It is there I first ate Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich and since from time to time. I never gave more thought to that.
'Allergic reaction to peanuts' is since brought to people's attention. As there is a reason for everything, is there also discovery of the reason why?
Dr. Carver a man of God found faith in Jesus Christ. He did not see science as a different religion but I wonder, how much more did he discover that never was accepted in this time...Another man who had a fall down the stairs 
Too many falls have come to my attention, with broken necks and head injuries. - This is around the time and since I had fallen -
Something is causing these falls...'unseen forces' 
And if this is unseen forces, what is the reason why? We are living in difficult and very strange times and this is an era that is long foretold... 
The people who have passed, who contributed positively to progress celebrate and commemorate them all but remember, somewhere there are people who remain invisible in their own struggles who do not seek fame - but are born to make a positive difference in our world. A great many people.
If men could realise their true value and seek less to puff up their egos and muscles, to cultivate their soul, to be with pure heart and pure intentions our world will be transformed. The dog eat dog world cannot endure. 
There is no competition - each person is born with a purpose, man woman and child. Time will tell what will be in this world We are entrusted with.
Peace be with you
Pauline Maria

Saturday, 1 December 2018

One of Dr Carver's Favourite Poems - The 'I Can' Man

Earlier today a discussion took place about men in this world. This followed on after the message given this morning, in a flow of dialogue.

One of the most important points raised, if a man does not realize he is worthy, he might make choices in life that hinder personal growth.

A man who is stunted and feels unfulfilled might give up at the first hurdle. He might have inner doubts, he might be stunted to grow and progress.

Dialogue included relationship dynamic - relationship diversity, compatibility, values, purpose, choices, trust and crushing people with control.

This evening I called to my elderly neighbor friend. Suddenly she got up and returned with a poem. It is a favorite she reads often.

As the paper is written so I will quote in context.

One of Dr. Carver's Favorite Poems

Figure it out for yourself my lad,
   You've all that the greatest of men have had
Two arms, two hands, two legs, two eyes
   And a brain to use if you would be wise
With this equipment they all began
   So start from the top and say "I can"

Look them over, the wise and the great
   They take their food from the common plate
And similar knives and forks they use
  And similar laces they tie their shoes
The world considers them great and smart
   But you've all they had when they made their start.

You can triumph and come to skill
   You can be great if only you will
You're well equipped for what fight you choose
   You have arms and legs and a brain to use
And the man who has rises great deeds do
   Began his life with no more than you.

You are the handicap you must face
   You are the one who must choose your place
You must say where you want to go.
   How much you will study the truth to know
God has equipped you for life but He
   Let you decide what you want to be.

Courage must come from the soul within
   The man must furnish the will to win.
So figure it out for yourself my lad
   You were born with all that the great have had;
With your equipment they all began
   Get hold of yourself and say "I Can"


I believe everyone has their own unique talents and purpose. Some people have ideas and others might be practically implementing skills. Creative expression is revealing and the soul message is one to be listened to. 

Sometimes practical advice man to man, can be progressive and encouraging. If  man has known limitations and discovered the break of the barrier of limitation, he can be an inspirational light to inspire other people. 

If success is just about making money, there might be the discovery of loneliness and poverty of the soul. Every man who is stagnant did not find his purpose; and every man who doubts his ability might seek a life of safety.

Everyone has been born for a reason and purpose. Everyone is given free will to choose. Self discovery means self realization. 

A man might make a pile of cash and many numbers in his bank account but unless he is fulfilled, he might always feel restless inside. Sometimes obstacles in life are  actually the greatest stepping stones to be and achieve.

If we can endure difficulty and opposition, we might feel it but not giving up, every step taken forward, will eventually reach to a destination. 

And if personal plans get messed up; with reason life brought everything to a stand still - starting over again can be new choices and renewed affirmation.

If we give up...we can stagnate. If we are stunted in life, we can still progress in some way. God will show your hidden talents and purpose.

Not every success is about money and gain!

Peace with you
Pauline Maria 

'Sound of The Alarm Bells Ringing Loudly' Message 29th November 2018

Message: 29th November 2018
Start time:  7:35 am
End time: 8:12 am

You will hear from me soon - the sound of the alarm bells ringing loudly and you will know it is me in your heart because I have you on my side.
The enemy of the people is real and he really does hate the people seen as a drain on society. 
He wants the world in his possession but it is not his to possess and the trickery to take people's lands and possessions goes on and on.
What can you do dear Pauline is to sit and wait until this phase is over. 
He who hates you hates the Lord Almighty over all.
What can you do? Nothing at all.
I will be done when I am done and not before; and you are almost done in your mission. 
Hold on just a little while longer dear and you will see everything transform in front of your eyes.
Hold on dear one to the truth and hold onto me with your life because not one can injure or kill me dear one.
Precious child your wait has been too long and the worry over all this is with the end of all to be renewed in some. 
The way I show you is not for the faint hearted.
Even though you feel weak and faint - I will show you again and again the truth so that you know the truth about me.
You are loved all of you so loved and yet you cannot see the terror about to befall mankind. I will avert where you live and those who provoke me are provoking the Father over all.
I have had enough of the hypocrisy and the ways of men who hate the holy order I established long ago.
Who treats a woman like a dog is not worthy of anything than the gutter from where he chooses to belong.  
I never taught hate or rape and I never will. 
The murderous mind are many in this timeline.
I will not forget who harmed my anointed and chosen one. 
When the world lives and nourishes itself all who live on the earth are nourished too.
I will find you again and I can find anyone easily with the Father guiding me.
Listen to the emptiness and voices of nothingness.
See what you see and leave them be.
Seek the Spirit of the Lord for company and Spirit filled women who love to pray in harmony.
Avoid antagonists and I will keep the ones who deliver you from the hand of the evil one far away from you.
My dear hold onto truth as you know it and I will hold onto you in your soul for we are interwined in this cosmic tapestry called Life, in the Spirit and in Truth.
My love I have beholden your soul for my purpose if you be willing to help me.
I will give you life as you gave me life again in your life that is hidden without agenda.
You seek and with hope you speak for me but I am a man cursed by many even now so be prepared to take the back lashing of everything else.
I am with simplicity in my heart for my people and you are one of my simple people who has much more to let go of.
Cast your burden onto me Pauline, cast your burden onto me for I am your Rock and Master in truth; Your Rabbi and Your King.
 As I gave you the offering of my heart long ago so I will love in the same way you understand in the core of your being.
Love precious one love and keep loving as you break forth from this prison life at a time when all is against you.
The burden is too heavy for you to carry alone.
Walk lightly in the Spirit of the Lord for He never changes for anyone.
Trust in the Lord Almighty for He has made the life of all so quietly and he will remove the enemies of the people eventually.
The burden of the people is to discover that not one would see your case and help you in your desperate state.
You are tired; you are weak.
You must trust now for the Lord gives rest to whom He will and He will not take lightly to what is happening.
Let the Lord guide you rightly and write down everything;  then you will see the faithful one of all humanity I love.
Hate rules this world and egos who talk figures without soul serve.
This is the way of the world.
The rebels rebel and the righteous ones who strive to be in their hearts and soul will be purified.
And when the stumbling and falling is over then it will be the time of the wrath of God in your land.
Tell them this and know I do not forgive murder of my people as this is what they deny so many of them.
And the Father will curse the wicked that never will they rise no more.
Will they by authority have power?
Trust is gone.
Done is the deal to destroy humanity.
Their fate returns on their own head.
Worry not for the future; live out your days or years as you can with love and light shining from your inner being.'

Of the times scriptures have been identified:

This I say for your own benefit; not to put a restraint upon you, but to promote what is appropriate and to secure undistracted devotion to the Lord. (1 Corinthians 7:35)

Then the Jews said to one another, “Where does he intend to go so we won’t find him? He doesn’t intend to go to the Jewish people dispersed among the Greeks and teach the Greeks, does he? (John 7:35)

But Wisdom is justified of all her children (Luke 7:35)
 This Moses whom they refused, saying, Who made thee a ruler and a judge? the same did God send to be a ruler and a deliverer by the hand of the angel which appeared to him in the bush. (Acts 7:35)

For if the willingness is there, the gift is acceptable according to what one has, not according to what one does not have. (2 Corinthians 8:12)

Then the fourth angel blew his trumpet, and a third of the sun, and a third of the moon, and a third of the stars were struck. So a third of them became dark, and a third of the day was without light, and also the night. (Revelation 8:12)

Again therefore Jesus spoke to them, saying, “I am the light of the world; he who follows Me shall not walk in the darkness, but shall have the light of life. (John 8:12) 

Therefore, brothers and sisters, we have an obligation – but it is not to the flesh, to live according to it.(Romans 8:12)

As as footnote to repeat one scripture:

Then the Jews said to one another, “Where does he intend to go so we won’t find him? He doesn’t intend to go to the Jewish people dispersed among the Greeks and teach the Greeks, does he? (John 7:35)

My mother Athena was Greek, born in Athens Greece to a father who was Greek from Athens in Greece. Queen Elizabeth II wrote to my mother in person after she became paralysed. My mother never relinquished Greek Citizenship.

My father retired early to Greece where he lived legally domicile. He died there in 2001. Why was Greece and Greek inheritance law magnified.
Only now through this message and the scripture time did I even know about this scripture. Did Jews at the time know Jesus would teach the Greeks?
Jesus is identified as King of the Jews. More to the point, His mother Mary being Jewish is why Jesus is Jewish. We cannot love Jesus and his mother and reject Jewish people. God knew what He was doing when the Prophets were born in certain lands with their role to reconcile man to God too
So many people struggle to comprehend an invisible God - even I did not really think about that. Still many are unsure about there being a God.  History shown a God of power that can part waters and drown armies while his people were saved. Jesus showed us a God who loves and is merciful too.

History has shown when anyone goes against God, in some way He will bring the truth to His people and bring the people back on track again to.

All who sincerely love Jesus are in some way connected spiritually to each other. There are those who hate Jesus. The Son of manking who gave up his life so that we could all know God. In his resurrection; when taken up -> He took our focus to God in heaven too. Jesus had to be removed from this world so he was not contaminated. There is much we were not ready to understand then.
His return to His people is when we are ready!
Peace be with you
Pauline Maria