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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Thursday, 5 January 2012

Bathsheba and King David

The King and Queen - The Royal Crown of Israel.

In this time of spiritual awakening - everyone is reviewing their beliefs about their life and also history. By understanding the past, we see more clearly what is relevant in the present time.

Kings and Queens have been joint rulers on this earth. When Both King and Queen are serving God Almighty, people trust they are true to their Oath and protecting them. Every King and Queen has obligations to meet. Queen Elisabeth II took a Coronation Oath - Her promise to God Almighty to uphold Justice is one point.

Being Queen by Divine Right, traditionally entails being Divinely Inspired by God Almighty. Prophet Kings are also identified in the Holy bible and the lineage is deliberately planned to make sure that God's Law endures on this earth. King David and Bathsheba are identifed in the Christ family. This lineage is deliberate.

Back in the time of King David - the King’s mother was the Queen. When Solomon became King, his mother, Bathsheba, became Queen. Bathsheba is identified as a great intercessory power with the King. They are the power couple in the Holy Scriptures.

"So Bathsheba went to King Solomon to speak on Adonijah's behalf. The king rose from his throne to meet her, and he bowed down before her. When he sat down on his throne again, the king ordered that a throne be brought for his mother, and she sat at his right hand." 1 Kings 2:19

In biblical times, serving God is being Gods helper here on earth.

The picture above is representing Bathsheba. The Queen is wearing the spiritual crown that is recognised by the heavenly and earthly realms. The Dove descending is shown as the Holy Spirit. Bathsheba is identified in the Holy Scriptures and Divinely inspired with this image. A Queen by Divine Right is because she is Chosen by God to serve him and because man is not God, the Plan God Has for everyone is not even clear. This is hidden knowledge.

Bathsheba is an example of how God knows what is in the heart of everyone and reveals that even when people make mistakes - He is the Judge. Bathsheba is an example of a virtuous woman who was chosen to show every error in judgement can be learned from.

Through the stories of other people we learn that everyone, even Kings and Queens must take responsibility of their actions. We are reminded of this story to reveal how manipulation of people and circumstance will always backfire. The ancients know the truth of their history and they also know the promise God Made to them.

The name meaning of Bathsheba is 'Daughter of an Oath' or 'Daughter of Seven'. David means 'Beloved'. Bathsheba and David were destined to be together to learn lessons together. Their lessons are valuable to share with all of humanity even today.

David committed adultery with Bathsheba while she was married to someone else. (Uriah the Hittite) Bathsheba became pregnant as a consequence with his baby. Her husband was sent out and abandoned on the battle field and is killed. David Married Bathsheba and soon after their baby is born it died.

The King and Queen together is to Bring God's Kingdom on earth - United together. For Israel to be a United Kingdom, this can only be With God's Laws - No war, no injustice and unity in the family. The Laws of God must not be re-written or changed by man. In doing so, this creates consequence that can be far reaching.

We are given the golden opportunity to learn from many different avenues:- stories recorded in biblical times, movies, books and even observation of other people learning from their experience.

In the bigger picture of life - everything fits together like a tapestry. When mistakes are made, mistakes are also rectified. If we trip up on life, we can get up again. When someone pushes us down - God is lifting us up. When you give your trust to God - He will take care of you in His Way. No man has power over God!

In my experience God KNOWS what is in our heart and the truth of everything. It is in realising our lives are already mapped out before we are born, that we can truly appreciate the Glory of God and this is by opening our eyes, heart and mind to see what is being revealed to everyone. Be guided in truth and the light.

The Holy Bible has been translated into over 100 different languages now. The Original scriptures were not written in English. Hebrew and Greek language can only be accurately explained by those who fluently understand their mother tongue. Seek the truth and accurate understanding. We learn something new every day!

Jerusalem is the Heart of the World. The Holy Land is not a place to fight over and create more pain. It is when we learn our lessons, we recognise the healing need - not to keep creating more pain.

Long overdue is Global Peace and healing.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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