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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
♥ Campaigning for justice, global peace, healing and taking care of the world we live in ♥

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Focus on Human Rights

It is an obligaton to speak out for Human Rights. Not everyone realises that God's Laws have been created to Protect the People.

The power of thought is also something everyone is being invited to consider carefully. Actions and intentions are also relevant!

There are now millions of people praying for peace around the world. As people come together realising we are one humanity - the political system that profits on creating divide for war will destroy itself. The system holds on by man made laws for profit.

The United Nations has been funding many humanitarian projects. Billions of dollars are invested to where there is need in the world. This is a honey pot for corrupt officials and related organisations who see an easy way to make an income. There are also highly ethical officials who care about people and the world we live in.

If the United Nations address the fundamental issue - exploiting the vunerable and accountability of funding must be at the top of the list. The massive amount of funding given to help transform peoples lives must be placed with ethical service providers.

Charities (and churches) are tax exempt - Donations from people allow these entities to thrive. Many charities allow less than 10% to the destination and this is excused by administration costs. If people thought that less than 10% of what their generous giving is going to help people, perhaps they might think twice about trusting and sharing from their trusting genereous heart.

There are people who would love to be in a position to contribute to help people - when taxes are taken from the poorer people, it is a struggle for many families to get by and pay their household bills. Helping people does not have to entail financially.

The need in this world is not money. Services, schools, skills training, clean water, farming, agriculture and other areas can be identified. One gentleman has built a hospital. There are people involved in childrens education. People with wealth are in a position to make a big difference of their choosing and are!
Education, health and justice are vitally important for progress.

The Protection of Human Rights is addressing Divine Rights. While the intention is identified, mismanagement also applies. When mismanagement is evident, the door is open for opportunists to exploit people. Stealing funds that have been allocated to enable vunlerable people with REAL NEED, is feeding the GREEDY!

There exists now a foundation stone - a structure where people around the world have chosen to work in an official capacity to 'serve the people' = This platform allows everyone to have their voice. Foundation stones can be built on. There is so much potential to empower people and a lifetime of learning and studies is not going to be sounded out by the corrupt officials in Britain who for 10 years have arrogantly refuse to work for Justice.

Corrupt lawyers need to get a reality check. In Switzerland, I am told, there are several lawyers in jail who got caught out for 'being greedy'. Their dishonesty was exposed. An ethical judicial system globally is urgently being called for. No more excuses or delays.

Just one Human Right:- Everyone is entitled to a fair hearing!

When law courts allow corruption and then arrogantly obstruct justice, to the point where police and lawyers boast of closing ranks, the message that is being sent out to the world is Crime pays. UK law courts by allowing this is promoting corruption and crime - in Queen Elisabeth's name. The Queen is accountable too!

The highest officials need to address crimes taking place by lawyers in Britain. The Queen is supposed to be governing 'her officials' many who are evidently misguided. Queen Elisabeth II might be keen to recite her Coronation Oath. This can be located on the internet. If you take an Oath to God Almighty as Queen - this oath is Accepting Responsibility to Protect all people. It is not an oath to self serve, exploit, abuse or oppress any people.

Human rights abuses are unacceptable under any circumstances. Many violations take place to people here in UK and it is the British officials who took the job to SERVE the People. When officials do not have the people's best interest at heart as a priorty, the Queen is rubbished by their actions. It is because of this, a country people say was Great Britain is shameful at the core.

This is not a time for anyone to cower down and live in fear. It is time for everyone to search in their heart; to what they hold as their values. Everyone is entitled to live in peace, to have freedom of expression and also to prosper. The people hold the power.

When people are empowered they are motivated to contribute to live in a positive way. When people are put down, exploited, oppressed and violated, some people will give up. Some people will fight back. Fighting with agression is not the way. Make a stand 'NO MORE' to all the Human Rights abuses that are taking place!

Thousands of children go missing every year. The media do not report this. If they did, every parent will be proactive in protecting children. Women are raped, oppressed and violated. This is not just a problem overseas, look closer where you live. Violations are taking place every day to people who are distracted and this is the hidden truth. Be careful of turning a blind eye!

Common sense should be saying wars are killing innocent people - unarmed women and children. These wars are satanic in their nature. God's law not to kill anyone has not changed to this day.

Common sense should be saying when people are starving in the world, living on land that is rich with diamonds and gold, something is wrong. There is enough food to feed everyone.

Common sense should be saying clothes manufactured in India for a few pennies, reveals blatant exploitation of cheap labor and also the consumer buying these goods. Yes you are exploited too.

Common sense should be saying - water is a free resource. The corporation is adding highly toxic chemicals including flouride that is bad for your teeth. Flouride also dumbs down the brain.

Common sense should be saying - food does not need additives and colouring. Genetically modified food haa an unknown effect on our body. Pesticides are toxins that are detrimental to health.

Common sense should be saying sugar substitutes is NOT sugar. Aspartame, a toxin gave brain tumors to rats during testing. Why would anyone want to take this! Lawyers ignore these violations.

Lawyers have refused to work for justice and as long as they refuse to do so in my situation, this limits the use of my voice and influence to bring an end to these abuses. The silence is deafening and just with aspartame alone, it is now in 6000 products. Recently speaking to a lady at the hospital, six of her friends have brain tumors - this is not going to be found in manstream news! Not every official takes time to do relevant clinical research.

When lawyers refuse to work for Justice, they rubbish the judicial process globally. Criminal minds in the legal profession, create distrust about the many ethical lawyers globally who take their Oath very seriously. Every lawyer must take their Oath seriously.

At one time, Lawyers were of the royal blood - they were guided with a conscience. The legal profession was regarded as a Noble profession. If the legal profession is allowing unsuitable characters in this highly responsible job, then it is the management and misguided authoritiy in the juristriction that invites review.

Peace, love and best wishes.
Pauline Maria

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