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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Illuminati Lady Columbia - Who is She?

Lady Columbia in Columbia Pictures Produced the Da Vinci Code.

You will begin to see that nothing is actually hidden from anyone. Everything is revealed so clearly and yet sometimes people are blind even to see the light. When we learn not to change anything - we can start to see clearly. We can also learn from the details.

This Lady holds a light high up so you can see and she is lighting the way for you to see clearly. Everything we see has meaning and purpose. The light has meaning too. The clouds are behind her.

Lady Columbia is standing on a pyramid of 5 steps at the top. She holds up the light shining on the clouds in the sky - showing you the heavens. The blue sash is a colour used to represent Royalty and Blue Blood. This Lady is a Illuminated Queen who is with seeing and knowing. She is shining a light so you can see clearly.

Pyramids associate with Egypt. The Lady is standing on top of an unfinished pyramid. She is symolically representing the link between heaven and earth - Man and God. The Lady of Truth.

We are being given the example of this Lady representing step six. The light she is holding represents God step seven; who is in direct relationship with her. The Lady is divinely inspired by God.

British Columbia came to mind. Notice Queen Elisabeth II wears a blue sash too. Columbia in Canada is one of the British Crown territories. Even though I do not live in a palace and not known as a Princess, especially in England - I can see why people are blind and kept in the dark. We live in a world beyond our country and the truth of history can never be erradicated. Many have tried!

People do not need to wear a royal title to shine a light of truth. Any Royal Queen by Birthright would never expect people to bow down to her either. She is born to LIFT YOU UP - Closer to God!

Spiritually Enlightened people are illuminated by God Almighty and Divinely Inspired. Traditionally, in ancient times Queens gave birth to Kings and the Queen has always held the highest place of honor - much as with a Mother who is loved by her children.

The Queen Mother by Divine Right would be caring for all the children of Humanity. The OATH to God Almighty is a Promise to God to do so. The Coronation Oath includes a Promise for Justice. Injustice is rife in UK especially. I experienced it to reveal it too.

People fear the illuminati and yet if you let go of fear and see the truth, this is revealing what being an illuminati really is. This is being spiritually enlightened. When people set out to make war and destruction, there are also people who assist healing and rebuilding. The spiritually enlightened can see this taking place and more. There are people function in the darkness and people working in the light. No human has power over you. Not one!

Everything is relevant to shine a light, to inspire you. Is my intention to bring peace in the world. United together we create a world that is without war and injustice, without poverty and famine; without people suffering. Abuses happen because of decisions made by self serving officials who are blind to the bigger picture of the world we live in. Man has been hiding the truth.

Your DIVINE RIGHTS can NEVER be taken away by anyone. man made laws have no place when you live in a world that is with God's Laws created to Protect People. Man's law exploits people!

Today there are many thousands of people from the royal bloodline. At least 40% of males in Europe share the same DNA as King Tutunkhamun. The Ancient Queens have a bloodline too and this is passed on from Mother to Daughter! This is the MtDNA.

Lady Columbia represents the Matriarchal Lineage. She is not wearing a crown. Her blue flowing sash around her arm is almost to the floor. Royal blue blood is a pure blood that is without the Rhesus Factor. O Negative blood group is the universal blood group for everyone. This reveals how God works in HIS PLAN.

Here is an uncrowned Queen representing God for the people.

There is a lot that is not told by those holding positions of power. Perhaps they do not even know. If you knew the truth, you would not see yourself as being small, as a lesser being than anyone else.

It is not the role of a Queen to have power over anyone but to uplift Everyone. The Virgin Mary venerated to the highest place is because By Divine Right she was Queen by Birthright too.

The Virgin Lady is The Daughter of Zion. Likewise, Queen of the illuminati is a Righteous Queen Loves all people and especially the Jewish People. She knows who they are because we are all family.

Lady Columbia is dressed like a Greek Goddess! Goddess is Queen by Divine Right because she is Divinely Inspired by God Almighty to help people. Ancient Greeks have also lived in Egypt. Goddess Athena was Divinely Inspired and the Queen of Wisdom at her time and PROTECTOR OF THE PEOPLE. This is vital to know!

Biblical Zionist Jews are Levites. The Queen of Zion is Queen by Divine Right and Birthright because she is born from the Matriarchal line of the Levite family. The Queen of Zion is Queen of all the 12 Tribes of Israel (Jacob) The Queen Mother of the Jewish people will never be ashamed to say who HER Family ARE or what they stand for! Biblical Israel is the Holy Light of the World!

In Life - Past, Present and Future - Nothing is coincidence!

Peace, Love and best wishes.
Pauline Maria ♥

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