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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Sunday, 22 January 2012

Ancient Wisdom - American Indians

In ancient times, native people sought the guidance and wisdom from the messenger of God and the heavenly angels. Eagles were representing messenger of God. The Indian Chief would have been recognised for being insprired and commanded the respect of a father figure and decision maker for the tribe of people. No written rules or Bible was given to the ancients - instead people were inspired by the wisdom of their ancestors and lived off the ground that was given to people to live freely on this earth to thrive.

The Eagle feathers on the native American Indian headdress is recognition of the Indian Chief and perhaps chosen by God to represent him. The American Indians have total respect and trust the Great Spirit - the invisble almighty creator since the begining of time. They also knew of the Son of God, Jesus Christ being born and are living in faith, because they did not have his guidance personally. The American Indians have been through many trials and suffering and yet their faith remains strong. They have maintained the ancient wisdom teaching - unchanging through all these years and honor their ancestors. These people have a voice of experience and valuable spiritual understanding and yet, their voice has been sounded out. They long for unity and peace too!

It is natural for anyone who 'understands' the true essense of spirituality and Christianity to remind people who use this name that Jesus Christ would not even damage a reed or a blade of grass. The truth about Jesus Christ being the Son of God is known around the world today. The people in this world are divided - not by skin colour, their background or culture. The world is divided by the people who are beleivers and those who are without a conscience.

What has always stood out for me is the similarity in skin tone to Greek people. Evidently if people are living in the sunshine, their skin will darken accordingly. However internally, the spirit will have been pure to have had a connection with the Almighty creator and be used as a guide on this earth to serve the people.

The American Indians are born from the ancients whose ancestors came from the tribe of people who were given the Wisdom of taking care of the world we live on. Wisdom has passed down through the ages, by word of mouth and genetic memory. There are children born with the knowledge of the soul - they have been born to help heal our planet and to lift people up from oppression.

All the Ancients who recieved God's wisdom to empower people have been sounded out or silenced. In conquesting land people have had their homes destroyed and have been forced to become nomadic and live off the land. Masses of people have been murdered in the effort to keep the truth hidden. The truth is not about God being a woman - the truth is the land has stolen in this world by war and people are forced to pay taxes. Imagine you having your home destroyed, your land stolen and then being expected by man made laws to pay taxes - this is still happening.

The name Christian's remember for bringing God's Word to the people is Jesus Christ. If it had not been for Mary Magdalene who spoke about his ressurection and the apostles who kept the truth alive, Jesus may have been forgotten. 'You have been allowed to know you are born with Free Will'. The church does not say 'You Do Not have to conform to man made laws'. This is the truth.

At different times there have been God's messengers and if we want to progress forward - we must seek God's wisdom and divine guidance to progress spiritually and evolve. The only way to break free from the limited thinking is to rise up and realise a higher consciousness ~ the way of the ancients is a very gentle way.

The Indian Chief did not have millions of followers like the pop stars and celebrities today. Jesus Christ did not have millions of followers either. What continues today, in its pure essence, has grown and continues from the ancient wisdom. The ancient teaching about the earth, respecting life of the people and animals, the universal laws and personal responsibility is the true spiritual teaching and one that has never changed throughout the ages.

Everything happens in cycles. We are moving from a time where 'religion' has influenced peoples lives, and people are seeking spiritual understanding again. Many American people are feeling their connection to people in other parts of the world and also a conection to the ancient times. Whether this goes back a few hundred or a few thousand years, the soul has a connection to the earth and to God. Our soul does not have a nationality or colour of skin. Spiritually, we all have a connection to each other - Many people have lost their way. For the sake of the future of our planet, we must to start to take care of each other and the planet.

The crop circles that have been appearing in different parts of the world have created symbolism that can mean different things to different people. One of the most relevant points that cannot be overlooked is that there are beings with a higher intelligence and understanding who have tried in different ways at different times to bring understanding to uplift humanity and heal our earth.

There are spiritually inclined people who feel a connection to the American Indians. The language or our soul resonates around the world - beyond time and space. There are no barriers with a spiritual heart. The truth about direct communication with God has been sounded out deliberately because this messenger has God's authority to change the law and bring and end to all the human rights abuses. How many wars and deaths must it take before people realise that war is not the way. Peace is The Way.

In a time of spiritual awakening - it is safe for people to realise God is a far higher power than human manipulation. If you make God your only authority, the earthly corporations owners loses power. If you ask God for help, He will send his heavenly helpers. We are living in a universe with many planets and higher intelligences. UFO's are unidentified flying objects who do not have to identify theirself or seek permission from a self styled earthly power.

With God's messengers being killed off, it is up to people to reach to God and try and listen to him. Even failing this, people can communicate with their guaridan angel. There are so many ways that God will bring His Wisdom to be known to people. Dreams, visions and divine inspiration have enabled spiritual progress.

The crop circle is just one mystery that allows people to make up their own mind and realise that there are spiritually awakened people who welcome a higher intelligence on this earth to uplift people and those who are being conditioned to fear and reject foreigners - Just listening to people in England who reject Greeks and also their human rights, perhaps they have had a spell cast over them to keep them in the dark and conformists!

The ancients knew of the misguided ones who seek power, even through destruction. The ancient people knew how important it was to protect children and families - There is evil in this world!

Not everyone will recognise a messenger for God today because they are not looking for this. There are many people who want to cash in on God's name - religon is now a multibillion dollar business. Even selling spirituality to people and many self styled gurus are regurgitating the understanding of the ancients to make a name for theirself. While people are being taken away from the Almighty protector - they can still be decieved. Spirituality is not a 'sell' to ammass great wealth but is a way of being, to liberate everyone from the limitations put on people on this earth.

It is in the essense of our soul and our intentions that determine the life we are creating. While we are not Indian Chiefs, there are millions of people who have descended from the ancients, who lived in different parts of Asia - India is Asia, China is Asia - the 'Eastern Star' will keep shining to remind people of Asia.

Middle Eastern heritage have been challenged the most in the past and present time. We are at at the begining of a new age and spiritual understanding. People are waiting for a new messenger. As people are waking up, they will come to the realisation of history that goes back many thousands of years. Human Rights Abuses taking place to indiginous people is abusing God's name, This is something that must be confronted and brought to an end.

The crop circle below shows a Greek Key - The Spiritual Key is associated to Greek people. The Key is shaped in a crescent, associated with the moon. The Image reveals a head dress, as worn by an Indian Chief. Above and not clearly visible is the impression of three dimensional blocks and could be the building blocks in life that are aready in place to bring the world together. A defining ring around the inside of the circumferance of the crop circle, is also relevant. 'One ring', the Greek Key 'within' the cresent moon, the Indian chief are all related - One family.

The Sun is associated in divine inspiration - God's Wisdom. The Moon with the Moon (feeling) Goddess. Ancients honored 'mother earth'. The earth mother also refers to the primordial mother. The American Indians are people who are particularly sensitive to the world we live in, animals, the elements and cycles of change.

For a great many years people have been waiting for the divinely inspired messenger from God. The people who have taken control of this earth do not want this person to tell everyone the truth that they have been lied to. It is easier to bring someone to the ground and keep the truth hidden, than to allow the whole of humanity to be lifted up from an empire that has been profiting from lies.

There are now many people who are inspired in different ways. Creative expression is a way to bring to light what is hidden within. Artists and visionaries who are sensitive are in touch with the frequency for divine inspiration. This is also a time where the heavenly helpers are trying to communicate with people in so many different ways. People are having dreams, flashes of inspiration, even movie makers and writers are being inspired and sharing their inspiration. In this, and every creative expression is revealing what is happening in the world.....

We are at a crisis point to lessons from history. We must stop feeding the wars and destruction in the world. Everyone has the opportunity to realise a higher consciousness. Nothing is hidden!

God's Wisdom has been continually shared freely thoughout the ages and no matter what efforts are made to keep the truth hidden. The truth about spirituality is going to keep rising - like the sun rising on the dawn of a new day! When people cannot see the truth in the present - the name also given to a gift, they can look to the past and the Divinely Guided teachers of ancient times.

Ancient wisdom can never be forgotten because in different ways God works through the hearts of everyone who is open to recieve this understanding. The descendants from the ancient spiritual people are actively speaking out to save this planet and the location of where we live has no relevance whatsoever.

Presently government employees are collecting 'illegal' taxes from people in the world. Man made laws are being created to profit to be paid a wage. Why is anyone bowing down to wealth or royalty. There is no one on this earth who merits this. Peace does not pay but it is Peace that will reap dividends in future generations.

Ancient American Indians did not believe in selling land and keep the wisdom of the ages. These people have been forced to protect loved ones and know their ancestors have been murdered in cold blood. They also know the worth of their land. The wealth the Ancient American Indians have cannot be bought or sold. Ancient wisdom and spiritual understanding is known with sincere heart.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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