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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
♥ Divine Justice, Global Peace and Healing ~ It is written: The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth (Matthew 5:5) ♥

Saturday, 31 March 2012

The Next Queen

If she is Royal by Divine Right, she will be Divinely inspired by God, She will uplift humanity. She will remind people to be true to theirself and listen to their heart. She will encourage people with love and remind people they are loved. She does this already!

At the end of this video notice the Starbucks Logo!

She will share the throne. In ancient times this happened and will happen again. The Bride of Christ is a Divinely inspired Queen. Lady of Zion, Daughter of Zion, Daughter of Jerusalem and Queen of the South is the Queen of Wisdom. This is Sophia Wisdom.

Watch how this young girl is carried over the barriers, brought up to the stage and encouraged to sing the song and she is taking the lead at times too. The are on top of the pyramid of steps that the Throne is mounted on. The little girl gets up dancing and taking center stage shining her light.

This young girl has made a positive difference and got everyone in the audience singing and dancing. Another shining star who will never forget her experience. She will hopefully continue to shine and make a positive difference. This is how powerful gifted people are, who are guided accordingly to fulfill the Divine Plan. Out of a crowd of thousands of people, she was the chosen one for this.

When Queen Elisabeth II was coronated, the throne is on pyramid steps too.

Just because someone is not sitting on a Throne, or living in a huge palace and surrouded by opulence, this does not make anyone a lesser being and insignificant. There are people sitting in high places who are refusing to do God's Will. Such is the arrogance of those who are corrupt....but this is to show that no matter what, the message that is important for people to know will be put to people anyway. This is revealing that God's Will is still going to take place anyway.

The people who have their hearts open are helping people and doing what they are guided to do. The people who can see, are those who are meant to see. The people who are meant to rebuild our world are already chosen too....Everyone is revealing their true colours for quite some time now. The Divine Plan is unfolding.

There has been a need to assist healing and empowering people for years - the need is in England and America too and Yet England are determined to block this. The English legal system have persistantly refused to work for justice too and would rather protect the crimes of officials than to put wrongs right. The clean up is long overdue.

There are laws that need implementing to protect people - Child marriage and female genital mutilation are two areas that have been waiting to be addressed for years. There are so many man made laws that need to be made null and void. Here in England women have been gang raped and men walk free from court. Here the loser pays the legal bill. The gutter mentality are sitting in lofty places making these decisions.

The Next Queen who is divinely inspired will be ushering a New Kingdom on earth, with the rules that prevent people being violated by officials - who all took an Oath. God's Kingdom and the preperations for this are already happening.

The Queen of Justice has a compassionate heart for humanity.

Thoughts have power and no matter how hard those who abuse people try to keep people down, more people will speak out even in rebellion. The attempts to destroy Christianity made the religion of Christianity Grow. The attempts to destroy the truth about the Queen of Wisdom - resulted in men seeking Wisdom and understanding with Philosophy. In the attempts to turn people away from Christ, another divinely inspired princess has been born. There is more than one.....

So many times people have said to me that I will never bring and end to the abuses that are happening in the world. The people who trained in the healing and helping profession have been guided to do so for a reason. Royal Blood is the healing blood. Without the healers and visionaries in the world to build our world would be a very different place.

I really do feel sorry for the impoverished British people who are deliberately kept down and conforming. Here in England people are saying openly that they do not want Human Rights Laws. This is why there is a rise in Human Rights abuses.

To show people another way, is subtle. Eventually people will wake up and get the message that they do want to live in a world that is filled with justice, peace and love for humanity. Eventually they will be demanding it....

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Revelation on Television

Looking for something earlier 'Cartier' came to my attention.

Revelation 13:2 "And the beast which I saw was like unto a Leopard, and his feet were as the feet of a Bear, and his mouth as the mouth of a Lion: and the dragon gave him his power, and his seat, and great authority."

Notice the Lady in Red at the end....

A few years ago I had clear visions unfolding where I thought for a movie script. This included a government; before Barack Obama was President. There were five significant authorities. The Olympic Games Logo has 5 rings and yet this video shows six rings with their own individality and yet in allignment. This year is the Chinese year of the Dragon. The Eifel tower in Paris is seen in this video. My fathers family lived there. The frozen river, was a reminder of the global freezing taking place. The Elephant connects with India, another country I feel an affinity. The Ancients were also known as EuroAsians. Smyrna where my Grandmother was born, was known as Asia Minor and since the Great fire in 1922, is now Izmir in Turkey. The building on top of the Elephant looks like the Taj Mahal. This is certainly some production. It is interesting that they used different countries to depict locations, when the location were we are also relates other countries too. Nothing is coincidence.

Not known as a royal princess, although the crown I wear is a Spiritual Crown because my crown chakra is open. The Christ family are members of the royal priesthood and chosen for a reason. The Greek Gods and Goddesses are named accordingly. My beautiful Greek Mother Athena and her cousin were given the name of The Goddess of Wisdom. Athena was a Divinely Inspired Queen of Righteousness who Liberates People from oppression.

The Greek Key is the Spiritual Key since ancient times that has been given for a reason. No man or woman has the right to deny anyone their God Given Rights! It is for this reason that God instructs the law makers to stop abusing people.

I will continue to speak out for humanity as a whole, and look forward to the day all corruption and wars taking place end. Long overdue is global peace and healing. Long overdue is ethical officials throughout the government and a legal system that ALL officals work for Justice. Decide your focus - this is the first step!

In just one year of military spending, this could fund 300 years of UN projects to benefit people. 300 years imagine! People globally must decide whether they want to continue paying for war and injustice, or to put down their weapons and see humanity as family who are entitled to live in peace. We have been given the responsibiity to be caretakers of this planet and eachother!

What is written will be done. This is written in the Divine Plan.

Last year this commercial came up. At the time I was writing about legal corruption, escalting man made laws and global warming scam that changed names. The patents for weather modification and 'freezing' our planet said it all. Global freezing us, has been causing the SUN to work overtime to keep a balance. What is going on in this planet is affecting the universal order. This is one reason why there have been solar flares. The Sun reacts!

Rarely do I watch television and at the time of turning it on to see this I was eating a Muller Yogurt. Talk about synchronicity!

For 10 years now I am stuck in a legal case and my health is detrimentally affected. There comes a point where because the system refuses to put wrongs right, this must be restructured completely. I cannot see a future for corrupt lawyers to work in a courtroom where ethical standards are kept and maintained

The Queen took an Oath to cause Justice. Justice is still waiting!

Justice is a Queen of Righteousness! The Statue of Liberty is Holding a Book? The Book of God's Law! This is given to the divinely inspired Queen. God's Laws are NOT man made laws. The time is here to reform so that a fair, ethical and just legal system in in place with lawyers who meet a strict criteria to work in this.

The tablet which the Statue holds in her left hand reads, in Roman numerals, 'July 4, 1776' the day of America's independence from Britain. The tablets given to Moses on Mount Sinai consisted of the 10 commandments. God rules this earth, NOT MAN!

A ETHICAL Government respects by God's Laws and prevents corrupt officials from abusing the people. There is no room for human rights violations, injustice, war or any crimes against humanity. Oathtakers should be FEARING God!

Every decision and action man makes, this brings consquence. When an illness has been created by toxins, a doctor is needed to diagnose the problem and assist the healing of the patient. The healers of this world are vitally neccessary for the people.

The All seeing and all knowing is an understatement.

Everyone has the opportunity to rectify the error of their ways. History will keep repeating itself until people learn the lesson. No man has the right to determine anyone else's fate. Corrupt corporations can be closed down. Stop the wars now Please.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Judging the Legal System!

The most arrogant officials Mock God. Many people do not realise that it is the Oathtakers who must FEAR GOD especially. While people are arguing about religious differences and manipulated to go to war based on lies, attention is being distracted from what is vitally important and relevant for humanity as a whole.

Lawyers and police in England have refused to work for justice. They have boasted of crimes and human rights violatons. Lawyers have stated 'there is no justice' and also 'you will never get one lawyer to go against another dishonest lawyer' - for fear of consequence. Their greatest fear seems to be loss of income. Lawyers speak of the legal system is to make money 'not a charity'. In the end times of the Apocalypse, a small percentage of people who work for justice are proving theirselves. Anyone refusing to take on a case for remedy is obstructing justice. Lawyers do not realise that potentially they could be really busy prosecuting corrupt lawyers. Those who say this will never happen should start packing up their office and tear up their diplomas!

When miscarriages of Justice take place there must be no delay or excuse to rectify wrongs and provide compensation that would reflect the serious error in jugdement, with every effort not to repeat the same mistake. Compensation does not negate the experience. The legal system must prove to be a trusted and reliable body, with every effort to maintain ethical standards. In EU, there are quite a few lawyers in Jail who got greedy. The British legal system officials make efforts to hide the abuses and miscarriages of justice. A secretary of a barrister said that lawyers are paid to bury corruption although I write this without prejudice. I know of lawyers who left the profession and say it is a mans world. Actually it should be a world of Ethical practice in Law, not a competition of egos! It is time that a standard is in place that has very tight rules on working in the legal profession and any corruption by officials is prosecuted - to prevent such abuse to be allowed to continue in any trusted role of office.

In the international convention of Human Rights, everyone is entitled to a fair hearing. So many British people are angry about Britain joining EU and openly reject foreigners. There are people who have actually said they 'do not want human rights.' Just sending this message out is why countless people's human rights are violated every day. I suffered human rights abuses and am still caught up in legal corruption issues since 2002 with laywers refusing to work for justice and police refusing to prosecute crimes. The legal corporation is evidently got a problem with corruption that they must address and resolve immediately!

Lawyers are collecting thousands in cash from clients. One lady handed over almost £18,000 to a lawyer who asked when she ran out of money about the cash equity in her home. At this point she had no intention to be exploited further and he said he could not help her. She had to pay another lawyer to get a divorce. Another laywer took £20,000 cash of a businessman and he trusted the lawyer was going to help him. The lawyer was interested in helping himself and told the gentleman that he asked for £25,000 - cash. The man told me he lost his business that was earning bringing in a net income of £250,000 a year. Like me, he never got justice either. Lawyers think they are above the law and asking for cash up front - Are lawyers declaring taxes on all their income? No!

The effort to hide corruption from people is creating a false sense of security when the legal system is not operating ethically and the flaws are many. Reckless decisions made by officials is not just in the legal system - look at the banking industry and the gambling taking place. Oathtakers are making decisions to people's detriment every day and this is abuse of office. The system is set up in a corporate structure and so if criminal acts are taking place, this would reflect so accordingly and relevant laws apply too.

"In criminology, corporate crime refers to crimes committed either by a corporation (i.e., a business entity having a separate legal personality from the natural persons that manage its activities), or by individuals acting on behalf of a corporation or other business entity" Wikipedea

"Corporate crime poses a significant threat to the welfare of the community. Given the pervasive presence of corporations in a wide range of activities in our society, and the impact of their actions on a much wider group of people than are affected by individual action, the potential for both economic and physical harm caused by a corporation is great." The Law Reform Commission of New South Wales

Injustice is causing unnessessary distress and economic hardship. People have been threatened to keep silent about their experience - to keep the truth hidden. People are scared to speak to a counsellor in case they are going to suffer consequence.. There are countless people whose families have broken up, lost their homes, depression and trauma from consequences is just the start. I have spoken to people who lost loved ones. People have actually taken their life because their world has been smashed to pieces by these treacheous actions. Innocent people in jail are living with the memory of court abuse. Where are the willing officials to ensure these people are given the passage to justice to be released? The battle for justice is ardious and for many people, unsuccessful.

At one time the legal profession was a noble profession. it might present a front of being a respectable profession and yet lawyers need to ask are they demanding respect for their status or because they SERVE the Queen and work for Justice? It is the Queen's Oath to Serve the People - to Protect the People, as her Oath is to Cause Justice - look up her Coronation Oath. Do not be put off by the 'contract' signed at the top of the page and night signed in her full name. This contract was taken in front of millions of witnesses and was televised and recorded the time. For this reason the contract stands and is valid. God's Law is irrevokable! Learn lawyers!

Exodus 23:7
"Keep far from a false charge, and do not kill the innocent and righteous, for I will not acquit the wicked. "

Rituals and the Game Lawyers Play! A very abusive game!

Jeremiah 22:3-5
"Thus says the Lord: Do justice and righteousness, and deliver from the hand of the oppressor him who has been robbed. And do no wrong or violence to the resident alien, the fatherless, and the widow, nor shed innocent blood in this place. For if you will indeed obey this word, then there shall enter the gates of this house kings who sit on the throne of David, riding in chariots and on horses, they and their servants and their people. But if you will not obey these words, I swear by myself, declares the Lord, that this house shall become a desolation. "

Exodus 23:6
“You shall not pervert the justice due to your poor in his lawsuit."

Proverbs 14:31
"Whoever oppresses a poor man insults his Maker, but he who is generous to the needy honors him. "

2 Timothy 3:16
"All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness"

Leviticus 19:15
“You shall do no injustice in court. You shall not be partial to the poor or defer to the great, but in righteousness shall you judge your neighbor.

Amos 2:4
"Thus says the Lord: “For three transgressions of Judah, and for four, I will not revoke the punishment, because they have rejected the law of the Lord, and have not kept his statutes, but their lies have led them astray, those after which their fathers walked. "

Psalm 12:5

"He allowed no one to oppress them; for their sake he rebuked kings; Do not touch my anointed ones; do my prophets no harm.” Psalm 105:14-15

“Because the poor are plundered, because the needy groan, I will now arise,” says the Lord; “I will place him in the safety for which he longs.”

It is an obligation to speak out openly and I will NOT drop the matter! Being born in London England, from a Greek Mother and baptised in the Greek Orthodox Cathedral in Athens in Greece, English officials might not RESPECT a Servant of God, as is Queen Elisabeth II has been shown direspect by laywers and police who abuse the law and court process. In the last 30 years I am stunned many different times and witness to lawyers and police exploit people and lie in court. Any lawyer who claims to work for Justice would be proving theirselves to be so by prosecuting corrupt officials who are injuring people; and do this without considering payment. I am not paid a penny for writing and yet I speak out about the enemies of the people who are hiding beyind their status with puffed up egos. Who really believes they are above the law?

Not even the Queen is above the Law - GOD'S LAW.

When a ship is being destroyed by the crew - stealing from the passengers, then taking away the structure and safety measures, if the captain and chief navigator is also removed from having any authority, eventually the ship might capsize or run into rock facing, or even an iceberg. Empires have fallen in the past....

The Question every Oathtaker needs to ask theirself - Do you take your oath seriously. Is God mentioned in the Oath? That's all.

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Sharing Secrets

Sharing from the heart is the way to be true to your heart. When you are true to your heart you can be true to other people too.

Millions of young people have the vision and understanding on the need to bring positive changes in this world. These young people have opened their heart and shared their secrets on the internet. They are encouraging other people to share their experience and the truth in their heart. This is what needs to happen, instead of putting on brave fronts and false masks. So many people pretend that everything is OK in their life when it is not.

The bullies in the world often have no idea how deeply they hurt people, for if they did they might be shocked. It is the hurting people who suffer. Millions of children have been given psychiatric labens and medications for what has stemmed from emotional abadonment and being bullied, yet the bully is not challenged. Every bully has their story too and perhaps they are acting out their pain.

A society that does not address the root causes of problems and consider the people's need first will bring consequences. There is a growing movement of young people sharing secrets from their heart and in the process of healing their pain. Just through sharing openly, this is encouraging a healing movement too.

There is no shame to be hurting, to feel lonely, lost, angry and especially to cry. The most beautiful people in the world have a loving heart. When people are in pain, they know how important their loved ones are and their friends, and will be the first to admit that they do not tell them enough. If a friend cannot accept you for being you, then let the friends go that are meant to leave your life so that you can make room for real friends who love and appreciate you for being you.

So many people are sharing their secrets on the internet and have made friends along the way.

Everyone has a story to tell...My reason to share these secrets is to show that every adult or child has their own experience, pressures and concerns. Not everyone considers that everyone is carrying their own burdens. Writing is just one way of therapeutic creative expression. Art, music and songs, poetry are other ways.

There are so many couragous children around who are wise beyond their years. These young people who show that even behind smiles - they really do feel deeply and there is so much more they could say. Just by listening to your inner process, hurtful words sting and and even hurt deeply and yet, the only person who knows who we really are inside is our own self.

Conforming to other people's expectations is not always in your best interest. It is better to stand alone and be true to yourself than to be compromised and make decisons in your life that you might later regret. Everyone is invited to learn from our mistakes.

The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care. There can never be enough love in this world. Before anyone can sit in judgement of young people, learn what is in their experience. Never judge a book from it's cover. The most rebellious children might be hurting. Seemingly happy smily people even making other people laugh might be carrying much sadness in their heart.

The bravest people in the world are those who can find the strength within their own being, to heal and grow through painful experiences. These are the inspirational people who have an important role in creating this world a better place for everyone.

Peace, love and best wishes.
Pauline Maria

Copyright © 2012 ~ All Rights Reserved

No More Silent Suffering

The year of 2000 was to be my effort to end silent suffering globally where I can, I made a commitment to actively assist this process. Years of study and recognising a multilayered healing need in our world - little did I know that life would make me suffer cruel blows too - the trauma almost stole my life. Somehow the power of prayer and taking one day at a time I survived. There are people who block humanity progress and yet there will always be a way, because the divine plan is empowering the people!

From a spiritual perspective, the cruel blows in life can happen to bring us to use our senses and understanding in a far more productive way. Instead of working with small groups of people and individuals, instead I was lead to discover the internet and reaching millions more people. The internet is bringing people together in so many different ways. Like minded people will find each other. In the same way people who are meant to connect with each other and 'meeting' on the internet too.

It takes courage to speak out when you are hurting. It takes courage to communicate your deepest reality and take the risk of being heard. It takes courage to face your fears. They say sticks and stones will break our bones and names will never hurt - but they do. When anyone tells lies about people this can reap havoc too. We do not know what the future holds but within everyone who has been bullied, is also a seed of hope and it is getting past the feeling of being helpless to realise that if anything you have gained understanding from experience that is valuable learning.

Millions of children have lost their way because they are not feeling emotionally secure and have no one to talk to. All the children who have gone down the wrong path in life, perhaps this happened because they were hurting at the time. Self harm is common today. Children are developing eating disorders and seeking other ways to cope with their pain. Looking at the cause of the pain, we realise that every child has a valid story to tell. Cruel words can hurt deeply - the scars might never go away.

Life can deal cruel blows and this often also create psychological crisis. However in such a crisis there is a light too. As long as we listen to our true self, we can identify our healing need. We are forced to grow when we experience hurt, pain and challenges.

The mixed messages children send out might be masking something else. Children can be seemingly resiliant while trying to be strong, when inside they are carrying a weight on their shoulders and struggle to cope. When a child says there is nothing wrong 'there might be'. When a child hits out in angry reactions 'something has triggered their reaction'. When a child cries and seeks attention, why are adults complaining about this? When adults cannot be there emotionally for their children, children have had to find their own way to cope when they are struggling.

Children who need love from their parents and do not get it, might seek this elsewhere. What they get might not be real love but the affection even short term becomes a fix to anchor onto because of the emotional need. While there are people who are quick to judge children who are off the rails, is the child really to blame? Both boys and girls suffer with depression. Every child knows what is the truth in their heart and how they are really feeling. Every child is encouraged to communicate their hurt in a healthy way instead of holding onto this inside.

When every child needs love and to know they are loved is this such a huge crime? The cruelty human beings do to eachother is to remind children they are not loved, not wanted and not lovable. This is soul destroying and often cruel words are said out of thoughlessness and even jealousy. The crime is in our failing not to recognise when a child is in a state of desperation, calling out for help, support, to be there and recognise when they need a listening ear. We need to learn to care and not turn a blind eye to any child who is evidently hurting inside.

When children are cruel, they might be acting out their own process, or something they have witnessed at home. Not everyone realises how cruel words and spite can be devastating to their target. Not everyone realises that cruel words and lies can leave a lasting impression - and even adults are guilty of lying because they have not learned to be honest with their own self. Not everyone realises that everyone is carrying a burden - especially children, many who actually feel alone in the world.

Every child wants to be loved and accepted. Every child is worthy of friendship and of making a friend. Today many children have found a way to communicate their experience and this has started a wave of non verbal communication, sharing their secrets, anxieties, fears, hurt, pain, suffering and just putting out there what is really going on in their life and in their heart. Just this action alone is releasing the internal burden. The consequences of this is people are listening and learning about silent suffering. This has resulted in a tremendous amount of support returning and LOVE from people who can also relate to this experience.

It is perfectly natural for children to want to communicate and yet if the communication lines are down, a child can feel isolated and alone. Often parents say they are too busy or impatient to listen to their child. Some children have a grandmother or another relative they can confide in who listens and understands. Somewhere there will be someone else, a teacher or counsellor or friend.

The answer to children who are classed as 'difficult' is to get to understand what is causing difficulty. There many abusers and bullies in this world need to face the reality of their actions. Anyone who is preventing a child or adult who is hurting is actually feeding the problem. Everyone is entitled to communicate their truth and also to their healing need.

Say 'NO' to silent suffering. Say 'NO' to being palmed off with a psychiatric label and drugs. Say 'YES' to healing and being empowered. You are a human being not a label! Wanting to be loved and have someone to care about you is your entitlement.

Not everyone has the inner recourses to assist their healing. Not everyone is motivated to help theirselves because they do not think they worthy. Although it is not unsual for people who are hurting to reach out and be there for other people. When I started the eating disorder recovery resourse providing all the self help tools and strategy, it was a very short time before members were communicating eachother and forming strong bonds to encourage each others healing. In this situation two way support and encouragement is given. And so when hurting people are communicating together and listen to their own process, the wounded helper becomes the wounded healer. There are countless children who do not want to upset their parents or burden them with their problems. The roles of children taking care of parents is something that I have known since a child and yet my mother was paralysed from the neck downwards from a car accident. Not every parent is aware that their child is suffering and they feel they must carry this struggle alone.

Psychiatric labels hae been given to people who are suffering with emotional pain. Prescription drugs do not eliminate this hurt. Adults must learn to listen to children before it is too late!

There are different ways to communicate without even talking face to face. To see people sharing openly on the internet by writing out their experiences, is not only serving therapeutically and bringing an end to the silent suffering, this is inspirational for other people too. Writing is a powerful way for everyone to acknowlege their own process. Take baby steps to healing and self esteem building might take time. That is normal. One day at a time.

A child is born with bringing love and yet something happens when children are emotionally abandoned and even neglected. Not every child has someone to turn to - someone they can trust. Not every child gets to speak to a counsellor even though now many schools have counsellors based and someone to talk to. There are so many very special children in this world who have become wise for their years because of their experience. In sharing their emotional turmoil, pain, social and emotional isolation, children are touching the hearts of other children and adults - some who can also relate to the same experiences.

There is a global healing need that is being brought to the surface now and we all are part of assisting this process. The internet is bringing people together and also being a tool used to empower children and adults in a very healthy way. The children are the leaders and teachers of tomorrow. All the misguided adults must learn from the error of their ways. The healing need is great now! Silence is not an option whether bullying is taking place between children, or by adults who excuse their abusive ways.

Not everyone can cope with the pain they feel when they are bullied. A beautiful young girl was in so much pain. Her sister wrote 'She was bullied because She was so nice and helpful and i guess they didn't like that.' - there is a sick mentality who have a real deep resentment of anyone who is a caring nature and nice person. It is not the person who is accused who is sick - it is time to address the cause of the problem. It is time to realise the consequence of bullying and bring an end to such a destructive mentality that has been excused for far too long.

Heal your heartache, heal your pain. We are not born to suffer! We are here to learn our lessons, heal, grow and also to enable other people with the same. The most empowered people are those who have overcome tremendous obstacles and remained true to theirself. Even the most successful people in the world have not got where they are without overcoming personal challenges. Deep feeling people have the capacity to feel for humanity and what started out as a cry for help, has started a movement where people are now communicating their the truth in their heart and sharing their healing experience on the internet. This is inspirational.

Be strong, be bold and share your truth. Healing is your entlement. The healing movement is growing daily and this is because people are finding their voice!

The cycle of bullying and abuse is being brought to an end NOW!!!

Peace, Love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

Copyright 2012 ~ All Rights Reserved

Christian Love

Saturday, 24 March 2012

To Iran from Israel...with Love!

Adolfo Nicolás and the Prophet of God

The new elected Jesuit Superior General Adolfo Nicolás caught my attention in an interview. Unfortunately the video was from a compilation that distracted from the importance of the present day understanding I want to share here with everyone today.

There are people who are telling people that there is no God. There are also people who are saying that God does not communicate with people. In listening to this and taking it as truth, the door becomes closed to realising there is a higher power beyond human manipulation that everyone is entitled to know.

People are passionately promoting different relgions and spiritual teachers from the past and present time. Today there are many false prophets as there have been in history too. There is also a tremendous amount of bashing religion that is taking place by people, especially by those who are angry at God and this is being used as way to turn people away from God which is foolish and irresponsibile. If anything such irresponsible actions are by people who are easily manipulated, yet do not realise why or how.

To be a prophet of God, you would have within your being the Holy Spirit to communicate with God directly and God will also in different ways be communicating what you are meant to see, know and understand to share with people. This has not been fully understood. To be guided by God is in so many different ways because the world is not black and white. There are many different perspectives and elements to life, with the past, present, future and a universe beyond the planet we live on.

Non beleivers and people with closed minds are unable to grasp the Divine Plan. If you want to bake a cake and miss out the main ingrediants, you are not going to succeed in your desired outcome. People are not meant to be oppressed by man. At different times throughout the ages, a prophet of God has been born not only to bring people closer to God, but also to end the abuses taking place in His name. The messenger is expected.

The Law was given to Moses. Jesus Christ fulfilled the law. Mohammad was said to have been visited by Angel Gabriel and told to 'recite' - he brought the teaching of the major prophets before this and shared the spiritual understanding to the people. In the Divine Plan all the good, bad and ugly have been meant to happen. Everyone has different learning experiences. Not everyone has a university degree or has attained a PhD!

Long before Jesus Christ walked this earth there were other prophets. There were also divinely inspired royals too. In ancient times, being from a particular lineage and divinely inspired by God, this would bring the King or Queen by 'Divine Right' in its accurate perspective. This would be someone Chosen by God who is already Crowned - their Crown Chakra is open to allow direct communication. Being filled with the Holy Spirit of God is also relevant because we are guided and learning as a way of being; we also live guided by God in the way we are meant to. Having refused my own television chat show and radio interviews, eventually I was forced to speak out and guided to write on the internet.

We are in the dawning of a new age and with this comes new understanding. Unfortunately not everyone respects that while people are entitled to know one God, we are not meant to be changing our heritage or religon. There are people within relgions who are misguiding even with the best of intentions. There are also people in religions who are spreadhing hatred or even messages of harm to people from a different relgion. This is very disturbing and in just 100 years over 203,000,000 have been killed in wars. There comes a point where enough is enough of this mentality. Everyone has to face that at different times in history, people have suffered because of decisons made by officials and by those who claim to be guided by God. If George Bush had spoken to me I would have said 'NO do not go to war! Use those trillions of dollars to help the people in America!' Tony Blair Lied - Money talks!

Not everyone has the understanding of why it is important to know their heritage. The erradicating of history and evidence of history has allowed a new reality to be created. However, if you want to build a solid house that will never be destroyed, even though it will need maintenance, this house needs to be built with a solid foundation. Every one has a right to be able to discover a God that promotes Peace, Harmony and Fairness for everyone. God has no Ego or Need to be Powerful. Just listening to Adolfo Nicolás, what took my attention immediately was his gentle nature. I was reminded of my time spent with Peter Cushing, an actor in Horror films, such a 'gentle man' in every sense of the word. I have been blessed to know him as a friend and not only spent time with him, he welcomed me in his home too.

Spiritual people are gentle natured people - and the time of the Gentlemen includes beng sincere in heart. In a world where puffed up egos and showing off is expected with the guys competing with each other, the gentle natured man is not seen very often. It is easier on the ear to listen to people who are speaking gently, compared to someone who is trying to force their understanding by shouting and drama. Our mind tends to shut out when this happens and so if there is misteaching happening, our mind might still take in the message we are being given. For this reason we all need to be very careful. And we NEVER stop learning.

No one should feel threatened to learn about people from different cultures of their wise teachers either. I have listened to the philosophical teachings that has been handed down from the American Indians. The earthly protectors of nature are the people who are sensitive to nature. The earlthy decision makers when ripping up trees even for building work, they are not replacing these and trees are a source of oxygen we need to breathe. By sounding out the truth, everyone will suffer just from this!

In the Divine Plan, we are moving forward and yet we must come backwards to being simple in our heart and mind to be receptive to see and know people with a spiritual heart. We must become aware of the world we are living in and not only take care of this planet but also each other. There is a global healing need now and this is multi layered - many different causes. Blame can be like throwing salt on an open wound. Everyone will realise the error of their ways but no one is responsible for someone else's decison's or actions. The decision maker for war is accountable - even if he/she manipulates other people to do the dirty work.

It is partularly timely to quote Adolfo Nicolás on what he says about a Prophet of God. Take time to digest what is being said in context. There is a lot happening in the world and this message brings clarity on how this understanding relates to our life and the choices we make every day. There is also a bigger picture with what is happening in our world and how this is impacting everyone globally is unfolding now.

"The prophet comes as one who sees things with the eyes of God because the prophet is on that brings also the shadow side of reality, and they tell us when things are not going according to the harp of God, and they speak of the anger of God, and the sadness of God. We live in a world that has become so difficult that people do not know any more where the causes are of the pain, or of the distrust, or the difficulties we have with globalisation, our responsibilities are diluted and nobody knows who is behind anything."

Wise words and an important message. We must not close our mind to listen to someone who has something valid to share. This person can come from any background, culture, nationality, faith and status and yet still bring insight that is necessary for our understanding. Even children can share profound insights and observations. This is not a time to close minds, fear mongering or misinformation. It is now time to realise that if we, as humanity are progress, we need to realise a higher consciousness.

If someone is wanting to be a teacher and preaches from a holy book - they are not teaching they are repeating. Sometimes putting interpretation on what has been written can change the entire meaning of the original message. All the bashing of different relgions is making some kind of spiritual war happening when God does not need a religion and everyone is entitled to know Him. One day this might be allowed and until then chaos will continue and this is created by the spiritually blind. The sheep mentality are working the system - even if they see people as being sheep. They have taken their Oath to serve - Serve who? Who next?

There is a saying that applies. We cannot serve two masters. Being baptised I am a servant of God and have been committed to this since a child. When I took my Oath in a court of law to God Almighty - my oath was compounded in front of a judge and witnesses, also recorded and so this stands. If I had to experience this legal corruption and be dragged into court threatened even with contempt for telling the truth after being injured in a car accident - this is just one reason that was purposeful. To this day the legal system is operating a corporation with corruption and also decieving and abusing people for profit - abusing God's name!

Everything happens with Divine Timing and in this present time everyone is revealing exactly who they are and what they are about. This is all necessary for judgement day but the first in the queue likely to be judged are the lawyers and officials who ALL took an Oath to Serve JUSTICE for the people in God's name!

This interview with Adolfo Nicolás speaks with his openness to communicate with people from different cultures and teachings: The language Jesuits use is being promoted to keep everything simple, so everyone can understand. This is highly recommended. We need to learn to communicate from our heart to everyone!

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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Thursday, 22 March 2012

Dirty Business

Today 'Stephen Daubney' came to my mind and I did an intenet search and noticed a familiar name - Woodford Industries PLC.

Woodford was reportedly founded in 1993 by Stephen Daubney who also owns ALL the shares. This company reclaimed land that is contaminated, before selling it on to major builders for houses. In February 2003, company profits were said to have increased sharply to £3.27m, whereby he was considered to be worth £32m! This information could reflect the share value accordinly.

Following this, I was intuitively guided to see if other companies connect with his name and discovered the following:

Company Summary

JN (UK) LIMITED Dissolved
ARUNDEL DEVELOPMENTS LIMITED - Active(Director Resigned 23/10/2009)
RICHBRIDGE LIMITED - Active(Director Resigned 21/08/2009)
AXELFORD LIMITED - Active (Director Resigned 21/08/2009)
WOODFORD CONSULTING ENGINEERS LIMITED Active -(Director Resigned 21/08/2009)
HOMES BY WOODFORD LIMITED - Active (Director Resigned 21/08/2009)
CLARION HOMES LIMITED -Active (Director Resigned 25/01/2008)
WOODFORD GROUP PLC - In Administration
WOODFORD ECO2 LIMITED - Dissolved (Director Resigned 08/03/2010)
TOTO RISTORANTE LIMITED Dissolved - (Director Resigned 08/03/2010)
WOODFORD REAL ESTATE LIMITED - In Receivership (Director Resigned 08/03/2010)
J W H ROSS & CO. LIMITED - Active (Director Resigned 21/08/2009)
WR REALISATIONS LIMITED - In Liquidation (Director Resigned 08/03/2010)
WOODFORD ENVIRONMENTAL LIMITED - Dissolved(Director Resigned 08/03/2010)
WWM REALISATIONS LIMITED - In Liquidation (Director Resigned 08/03/2010)
CEDAR HOUSE (THE POINT) LIMITED Active -(Director Resigned 04/09/2007)
WOODFORD FINE ARTS LIMITED - Active (Director Resigned 03/01/2010)
GOLDEN LIVING LIMITED - Active (Director Resigned 21/08/2009)
BOBBY JONES (EUROPE) LIMITED - Active (Director Resigned 08/03/2010)
WOODFORD REGENERATION LIMITED - Active (Director Resigned 21/08/2009)
WOODFORD REMEDIATION LIMITED - Active (Director Resigned 21/08/2009)
WOODFORD CIVIL ENGINEERING LIMITED - Active (Director Resigned 21/08/2009)
WOODFORD HOMES LIMITED - Active (Director Resigned 21/08/2009)
WOODFORD LAND LIMITED - Active (Company Secretary Resigned 31/05/2002)
WOODFORD LAND LIMITED - Active (Director Resigned 21/08/2009)
WOODFORD INDUSTRIES LIMITED - Active (Company Secretary Resigned 08/02/2002)
WOODFORD INDUSTRIES LIMITED - Active (Director Resigned 21/08/2009)
ORE (UK) LIMITED - Dissolved (Director Resigned 01/10/2009)
PARK CONTRACTS LIMITED - Dissolved (Director Resigned 09/10/1995)

Every company tells a story and in the list above possibily hides a few skeletons too. It will be 'interesting' to know if replacement directors are without conflict of interest or trading different faces!

It must have been quite an ego boost when Stephen Daubney made the Times Rich List in 2008. £92m is identified from reclaimed land. This figure might reflect share value. No doubt by this time he had made profit from business dealings too.

According to Company Check today, just one of the listed above is Woodford Group PLC. This is identified as being in Administration. These figures are quoted directly from the internet.

Cash at Bank : £16,908
Cash at bank and 'in hand' is the bank balance for WOODFORD GROUP PLC at the end date of the period the accounts were for.

Net Worth : £12,885,697
A company’s Net Worth is calculated as Shareholders Funds minus Intangible Assets. £12,885,697 is from the accounts filed in 2007

Total Current Liabilities : £92,813,083
The sum of Trade Creditors, Bank Overdraft and Miscellaneous Current Liabilities in 2007

Total Current Assets : £101,934,030
The sum of Stocks, Trade Debtors, Cash and Miscellaneous Current Assets in 2007

On 21st Decemnber 2009, the company reportedly went under with £60 million debt. The sole shareholder was away in the Phillipines at the time to give a statement. The article identifies resignation of directors months before. Estimated personal wealth of £770 million is written here for the Times Rich List in 2008.

Perhaps his daily mantra is: 'Where there is muck there is brass'!

The Business desk in April 2010 wrote of the entrepreneur who twice appeared on the Sunday Times Rich List, his company collapsed owing HSBC £24.7m. Not pennies or to be ignored.

The London Gazette Nbr. 59996, December 14, 2011 › Personal Insolvency section. repprted Stephen Gordon Daubney In the Bury County Court No 475 of 2009 (related to Bankruptcy) The home address can be found too.

The search engine also still identifies Stephen Daubney as Chief Executive of Golden Living although he might not be today. The company website is still trading and the figures are presented below. Many people habitually repeat patterns. Who knows he might still be the main shareholder in this company too.

Golden Living Limited

Cash at Bank : £0
Cash at bank and 'in hand' is the bank balance for GOLDEN LIVING LIMITED at the end date of the period the accounts were for.

Net Worth : £-8,172,854
A company’s Net Worth is calculated as Shareholders Funds minus Intangible Assets. £-8,172,854 is from the accounts filed in 2010

Total Current Liabilities : £20,602,422
The sum of Trade Creditors, Bank Overdraft and Miscellaneous Current Liabilities in 2010

Total Current Assets : £12,216,780
The sum of Stocks, Trade Debtors, Cash and Miscellaneous Current Assets in 2010

The exact status today I have no idea - however this took my attention because I have encountered this family many years ago. His parents had given their savings to their son and even came to my door asking to help, with a promise to be paid back. Of course this never materialised. This was a nightmare chapter in my life!

The police were after this man for 'serious' crimes - I discovered this after his mother sent the police to my home saying he was with me, when he could have been hiding with their protection. Long before this, he had broken into my home by forcing the door and forced the door a few times, where anyone could have come in just by pushing the door gently. This should be on police record. The police told me they could not physically remove him from my property because he had not injured me 'by penetrating my skin' and when asking them to elaborate, they said if he had stabbed me, only then they arrest him. He laughed when they left. People actually thrive like this with no ethics, care or conscience!

After this time he befriended Ken Leary a millionaie businessman in Manchester; I was no longer his interest - THANK GOD! They formed a business relationship and his life began to change with the purchase of old mills to divide them into small units. Evidently Stephen did not have a clean credit record then because his home had been repossessed. I discovered also that he tried to get a mortgage based on lies. This was brought to my attention by someone who told my mother out of concern who worked at the building society. It was to be my worse nightmare to discover not only the police and creditors were chasing him, the tax man and Manchester gangsters too. This was all in the later 1980's!

Being a Servant of God, we are lead to experience all sorts of situations and this was something I was meant to experience.....I count my blessings that he ripped me off and that I did not proceed in any business venture involving him. In another situation I had initiated negotiation to provide financial services for a national estate agent with 250 brances. Fortunately this had been BLOCKED because I could see problems with one product that I did not agree with, the endowment morgages' that are presenting today! While I am only interested in ethical business, and generations of my family, this situation was revealing unethical practice and greed. It is interesting that the people involcved have made a lot of money in their life but everyone needs to face the mirror and ask, is money really worth it.

When millions of pounds are involved, there are people who will say or do anything for money. I spoke with people who wanted to insure their spouse for a huge amount of money that did not merit their lifestyle or income and declined to write the policy. In this time I did not earn anything because the policies that had been prepared were 'rewritten with someone else's signature, who earned the commision from them. Those who know the truth have to live with the truth of their actions. Liars will always lie!

This precarious time showed me that I was being looked after by a higher power. The police in England knew I was in danger by even associating with this man. The biggest blow happened when one day I decided to get the tyres checked over - I would ask the garage to change my tyres. The man appeared white as a sheet and asked me to follow him to the ramp. The brake pipes had been cut and he said just one touch on the pedal at speed and I could have been killed. I felt sick to the core of my being, especially with a mother who was paralysed from the neck downwards from a car accident. I cannot say who did it and I had no enemies in my life. It was around that time Stephen had taken my money and was trying to get me to sign over my home to a company. Realising he wanted this for collateral after his mother said they had given him all their money. I was holding myself together, at times scared - just wanting to be free from him and this mess! He was only interested in me because he thought I was going to be wealthy!

Stephen once threatened me with a lawsuit if I spoke out about him. What I have to say is not hidden from the police, the court and the internet is revealing too. There was a time when I was naive. Now you will see I speak openly about corrupt officials because everyone has the opportunity to mend the error of their ways and put wrongs right. I cannot say that I am writing without prejudice. Silence is not an option, neither is turning a blind eye!

This man tried to hide his past when I met him - I never knew the truth of who or what he was involved with. In recent years; with bank debts of £25/60 million - it is likely he keeps a lot hidden!

Life has been incredibly difficult at times; with heartbreaking too. My tears today are for the innocent people suffering in the world and those who are facing war conditions. There are people making a fortune while other people pay the price. This man is oblivious to any suffering he has caused for totally selfish want of wealth!

They say, the higher you climb the futher you have to fall. The people you use and abuse, rip off and trample on to get to the top, will keep going and remember. This is a chapter in my life I would rather forget! When contacting Tony Blair and his lawyer wife to address legal corruption years ago - they did not. They made a choice. If Stephen has done any unethical business - he must pay the price! Not everyone is motivated by greed and corruption!

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Royal Shame!

Heartbreaking for all the human suffering taking place....these are political decisions. The Queen Elisabeth II took an Oath to serve God and she could actually decide to end all these abuses. All the wars, all the corruption and all the injustice taking place. God is not for one set of people and not for another.

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Unity in Faith

We must repect the origins of different cultures, different teachings and different understandings. Ancient Wisdom has been given at different times to different people. Bringing the people with understanding together is timely. We have the opportunity to learn more about the philosophy behind each faith expand our horizons to enhance our learning.

People who travel or have a multicultural background are more open to accept people from different faiths. The internet has allowed people from different faiths to connect together in friendship. When talking with people, we discover the All Seeing and All Knowing power beyond human manipulation has many names:- Our LORD God, Allah the Creator, Almighty heavenly Father, Great Architect of the Universe. The Great Spirit is the Source of all life and Light of Lights.

Even though there are many different faiths, Christians and Muslims seem to be locked in a battle for supremacy and what makes it worse, there are people who think Islam as the religion to take over the world. If anything this matter can be resolved by looking at the promises made in the Holy Bible that relate to the Israelites and Ishaelites. We are moving forward to create God's Kingdom on this earth and this means Universal Peace, Justice for All and Brotherhood of Man.

In the picture above, there are many different faiths. In ancient times, people were spiritually enlightened too and Jesus Christ came to show The Way. Wisdom has been given to assist natural healing, health and well being. For at least 5000 years priests have analysed dreams and priestesses have been counsellors, healers and intercessors for prayer too. There have been advanced civilisations in history and yet much is lost because history has been rewritten by those who seek to have supremacy; without considering history is relevant for learning and understanding. If people are closed minded to learning, they limit people with their teaching. Humanity will never make spiritual progress when self serving agenda takes priority over empowering people in truth so they can be free of oppression.

Presently churches are nervous for coming together and yet unity is ideally for peace and respecting differences in each faith. There is no reason for anyone to lose their heritage identity or spiritual influence that has formed their faith. The opportunity to share understanding, gather in prayer with people of different faiths is happening now because it is safe to do so. For as long as I am living no one is going to be 'forced to convert' religon again.

In a family there is more than one person. We are a spiritual family and one humanity. It would not be possible to have everyone thinking the same way. If anything it would be unhealthy. We are all learning different lesssons and by communicating together, we can learn from other peoples experience too. If we create barriers, this maintains a divide between people. Healing need is overdue.

There is so much going on in the world and everyone globally is entitled to live in peace. Everyone globally is entitled to have officals who are public servants to be people who an be trusted. Everyone is entitled to know their heritage and live without intimidation, threat or pressure to conform to any religious doctrine, or punishment to people who leave or befriend others.

The spiritual message for the future will be given to share, care and forgive - forgive yourself especially because often we are our own worse enemy. Give from your heart and help someone in need. If you have a skill, share this and encourage people to explore their hidden talents. If you can, create opportunity for learning and growth. The future is about giving not taking.

Peace, Love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Muhammad in the Bible

Had to watch this and share. Detail is important. A bit loud and direct but very relevant. If any muslim would point out exactly where Muhammad's name is written in the Holy Bible as God's messenger, please could you let let me know. Thank You.

Is Muhammad named as a messenger of God in the Holy Bible? Was he baptised into the royal priesthood? This is most relevant!

The Comforter is Guided by the Spirit of Truth - Jesus Christ himself. The Holy Spirit is given to the royal priesthood and this is to assist healing and peace, not to divide people and create wars.

Also I would ask that no one is making out that Muhammad is anti-Christ because it is obvious he loved Jesus Christ dearly.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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Thursday, 8 March 2012

Faith, Law and Islam

Muslims know they must seek the truth and to submit to God in Prayer and every day living. The focus is not to convert the world but to keep your light shinig with love in your heart and holding God/Allah in your heart. In this way you become a beacon of light - everyone is a becon of light. Some shine brighter than others.

In a earlier article, I was guided to a video that showed ancient handwritten scriptures have been found. There are around 1000 Qurans written. However my concern is original writings being over-written. This changed the original words. The development of Islam even continued 200 years after Muhammad pbuh died.

The present time brings renewed understanding to ancient wisdom. From experience, when God speaks, the words are very precise and for a reason. If I was guided to go to the left and instead decided to tell people that I was guided to go to the right, this will be changing direction. Such is, when divine guidance is given, we must pay attention to the reason of the message.

Prior to Islam and Christiantiy, Moses went up Mount Sinai and brought down the 10 Commandments given by God. The Torah must be maintained without being changed. Pre these times, people were divinely inspired. Evidence of ancient civilsations is seen in ruins. Not all people are misguided people, past or in the present time. If we change or reject the Torah and Holy Bible, we will miss out on learning to understand what is relevant to know.

Faith is knowing there is a higher power beyond human manipulation. God as the authority of the universe gave the law to man. There are 'officials' who defy God's law. Officials make decisions for war - Officials are the cause of injustice and this is not isolated incidents. People who feel anger and hatred are usually justified and are entitled to heal too. No one has a right to violate any people. When wars have taken place, man, women and children have been raped; innocent people killed. Generations of people know oppression and yet who is uplifting people?
Not long ago I was thinking about people who steal are having their hands chopped off. If someone is so poor to steal, surely the country should provide food for people. If this law applied in England there would be many politicians, lawyers and police without hands that is for sure. It is the officials who are criminals and arrogantly boast of being protected from prosecution.

Judgement day .......this will not come but not as people expect!

There has been a lot of Islamaphobia on the internet. There is also Anti Christian talk. This is an opportunity for Muslims to speak out and show who you really are. Talk about your life, culture and experiences. In the ego driven battle for supremacy in religon, people need to be careful of beleiving the lie. We need to be seeking the truth. Apparently there is divide between Muslims and this could be explained by the people who know the truth. There is divide in other faiths too. In all faiths people are being called to come back to the truth because abusing the Word of God to decieve people is a terrible crime. This is creating confusion too.

Addressing another major concern. There are people being killed for leaving Islam. Muhammad, who is depicted as being enlightened and said to have been visited by Angel Gabriel, a heavenly messenger of God. In my experience God or Angel Gabriel will never instruct anyone to be killed for leaving a religion or give the authority to anyone to do this. In the Ten Commandments given to Moses on Mount Sinai, the Law is written not to kill anyone. God does not go back on his Word about this.

Muhammad, pbuh revealed himself to me in a dream and this was after my prayer. A friend told me I am very blessed for this to happen, however I see this as a sign to share with His people. The following day I found a document with the Promise he made to the Greek Orthodox Monastery St. Catherien's and the foot of Mount Sinai. Indicating in this was Protection of the Christian Churches and allowing Christian woman who had married Muslims to continue in their faith. People need to seek the true message of his teaching which is found in their heart. Muhammad did not want to be worshipped. His purpose was to point people to worship God.

Other issues of concern still prevail. For far too long women have been put down, abused and I learn that they are stoned to death too in some countries. To me the law is very unbalanced and it seems, could have been influenced to suit man. If Muhammad was spiritual, he would never justify abusing any woman. If anything with spiritual understanding, a man could easily avert his eyes from woman and have control of his lower senses - He would not need many wives. Usually people who are pious are celebate and their focus is on uplifting people, not oppressing anyone.

Yesterday in seeking guidance for the right inforamtion to get to the truth to share with people, I located exactly what I needed to know. This information would also explain to my Muslim readers about how laws were changed. Man's Law is not God's Law.

After the death of Muhammad, a successor took over the leadership of Muslims. Abu Bakr, the father of Muhammad's favorite wife, A'ishah, was selected for this role. It is perfectly understandable why anyone would want to maintain their Prophet's religion, however the guardians of the faith should have ensured that the original writings were never changed. It seems as time progressed these were changed, for reasons unknown.

"First, he decreed that withdrawal from Muhammad's coalition would constitute sacriligious ingratitude or denial of God (the concept of "kufr"). Thus he gave secession divine significance as an act of apostasy punishible, according to God's will revealed in messages to Muhammad, by death. (Quote; this is being taught)

He further declared that Muslims, and therefore servants of God, became such by joining Muhammad, and were thus not free to withdraw their service from God or Muhammad. Nor could they be Muslims, and therefore properly loyal to God, under any leader whose legitimacy did not derive properly from Muhammad.

Finally, he declared that Muhammad was the last prophet that God would send, and therefore there could be no more "revealed messages" through any other individual claiming the status of prophet or messenger of God. Terms of the divine revelation as revealed to Muhammed and subsequently passed on to his followers would thus be henceforth fixed and immutable, and the words of Muhammed would be the final determinate in any matter." Read more -

In the Holy Bible there is a clear message that is given and that is Jesus Christ is the Alpha and Omega, the begining and end and that no man comes to His Father except through him. There is also a clear instruction not to add or take away what has been written. The Holy Bible contains the Torah - The Five Books of Moses and the New Testament. This is now translated into over 100 different languages, the original hand written scriptures are held to this day, for undeniable evidence. Nothing is hidden from people.

Any alteration to what Muhammad has written has corrupted his words and the Word of angel Gabriel. Furthermore, the successor in Islam does not have authority by God to make any laws or rules that is to the detriment of people - Laws that Muhammad did not authorise either. I cannot even begin to imagine how many people have been killed because of these laws that have been put in place.

Muhammad never wanted fame or to be worshipped. When he made a promise that Muslims will PROTECT Christians - He also also promised that no Muslim will prevent his wife who is a Christian to attend her church and prayers. This is a clear indication that Muhammad did respect religious differences, human rights and was likely philosophically inclined as many people were in ancient times. There were advanced civilations and spiritually enlightened people in ancient times - People who have sought divine guidance that is from God directly, as they do today.

As a Servant of God, baptised in the Greek Orthodox faith, I am guided by the Holy Spirit. Everyone is entitled to talk with God and understand the different ways He communicates with people. Everyone is entitled to know that sincere prayers are heard and answered; not in the way we want. Blessings are by God's Will.

God will ALWAYS make sure that His Word gets back to the people so that they can Know Him. One of the messages I was given to tell the people is 'You do not need to pay to pray' When you want to know something, ask in sincere prayer and you will be guided in truth. Jesus Christ is revaling himself to many muslims now.

Aramaic Bible in Plain English (©2010)
Yeshua said to him, “I AM THE LIVING GOD, The Way and The Truth and The Life; no man comes to my Father but by me alone.” (Yeshua is Jesus Christ)

May this article assist greater clarity. Many millions of Muslims LOVE Jesus Christ with all their heart and the reason why He was born was to bring the Word of God in the flesh so it will never be corrupted by anyone. This was to protect everyone from evil.

Listening to Sayed Ammar Nakshawani and Imran Hosein, both Scholars have a very different approach and yet equally valuable for muslims to learn and understand. Behind every relgion is a government that collects taxes and makes the rules. When one religion is attacking another this calls for looking at the root cause of the problem. We must go back right to the very begining, long before Muhammad was born. Abraham had two sons, one Isaac and the other Ishmael. Here we will find many answers and the healing need too. Before I close this article, I would like to add, if war is predicted, everyone has a choice to decide to live in peace. There is only one way to peace, and this calls for healing now too.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

The Arrivals - Judgement Day

One of the most dynamic and informative lectures around and worth taking time to listen to. This gentleman knows his stuff. Sayed Ammar Nakshawani is not just switched on, he is WIDE AWAKE. Keep an open mind. We are in a process of change. There are people working in the light. There are also people protecting corruption in 'the system' and turning a blind eye. This is why corruption has escalated and destroying innocent peoples lives.

It is now the time where EVERYONE must decide what camp they are working and for who they are representing. The slaves of the system are being given orders to do as they are told. Some of these slaves are even willing to abuse people. Many people have 'sold their soul' to seemingly get ahead and be paid. Hold onto yours.

People who value human life, dignity, justice and ethical leadership are uniting in solidarity as one humanity. We are justified to expecting our governments and law courts to show Zero tolerance for corruption by officials. They are violating their oath of office. Every day a few more people are waking up to what is really happening. After 100 years of injustice and war, there comes a time when enough is enough. This is our world and this is a wake up call. We must take care of our world and each other.

Judgement day is not going to be as we expect and we cannot predict anything. This is a testing time for so many people - stay strong and keep true to your faith. The power of thought and intention is powerful - it is sending an energy wave around the world. As the people become stronger and find their voice, the system that is exploitng people for far too long will fall away and what will replace this, we must ensure is ETHICAL! A long time ago someone said, whatever happens, remember, God wins in the end. Keep this in mind because I KNOW this to be true. Have faith!

One Hundred Years is significant because at the end of 100 years contracts expire. The rush to secure new contracts is what has been happening.....With ethical leadership, if any contracts are questionable, they are likely to be striked out. Divine Justice!

Peace, love and best wishes.
Pauline Maria

The Hidden Origin of Islam

The video posted below is relevant to the article title.

A valuable opportunity to learn is when we are free to address inconsistancies. Some weeks ago a gentleman asked if I thought the Quran was corrupted and re-written. Without seeing evidence, it is impossible to say. Conflict between Muslims has come to my attention and this is confusing to people who are on the outside not realising family disputes and other issues might be involved.

As a woman of faith, I made a promise to assist peace and healing where I can. It takes willing people to decide to live in peace. If your faith is sincere, then you know God is above all religion and manipulation. God does not decieve people. Every opportunity is given for people to learn, grow and evolve spiritually. This will continue in the way the Almighty chooses this to be. God does not obey man made laws or adhere to man's restrictions either.

What is certain the truth is going to be revealed anyway. We are not meant to be living with illusion, oppression, fear or being suppressed. We are not meant to lose our homes and lands because of war and injustice, The land on this earth has been given to everyone to take care of and provide for future generations.

The meaning of 'apocalypse' is lifting the veil. This entails the truth being revealed to see truth for what it is. When we see the truth, our perception changes from what we beleive. to seeing more clearly. This shift in awareness is neccesary for spiritual progress.

In this video we learn that Islam progresses and developed over 200 years after Muhammad pbuh lived. We can see evidence of countless orginal writings; writing has been changed and the precise Order of Words altered. Many words have several different meanings too. Why this was done is unknown. What is important is to know it has been done and move on from this. This certainly clears up some confusion. This is why it is important to respect each faith independantly for it's own merit, time and place in history. We must take the opportunity to learn from this now.

If we want to understand the orignal Hebrew scripture, we can speak with a Jewish Rabbi who will as a spiritual teacher will help. If we want to understand the original Greek scripture, speak with someone who is fluent in Greek, the same with Aramaic. To read the Word of God given to the Prophets before Mohammad, these are in the Holy Bible and the Torah. The Apocrypha can also be found on the internet too. Everyone is given the freedom to study and understand the rich tapestry of history and learn from this.

Do keep an open mind when watching this informative video. This brings new awareness that is timely to know. Intelligent people are usually inclined to examine inconsistancies. It does not do anyone any good to make religion an issue when true beleivers, have faith and trust in God. Be lights that radiate light and inspire other people to the light in this way, especially when you have peace in your heart. It is in everyones interest to find mutual ground and respect the different faiths. Not everyone has intention to convert religion, especially when early church is consisting of family members and keeping family identity together.

If there is to be peace in the world, then there needs to be an end to fighting and arguments about religous differences. It is against international law to allow injustice and human rights violations. People around the world have been suffering because of political decisions and spiritual divide is creating conflict too.

We are at a crucial time. If humanity is to progress spiritually, we must respect that at different times God has revealed His truth to His Chosen people directly. Everyone is invited to search in their heart and soul to understand the spiritual mysteries. There has not been a time when people have not been divinely inspired because divine inspiration comes in so many different ways.

Everything detail about our life was already planned before we were born into our family, where we have lived, went to school and even who we meet in our lifetime. Everything is happening and unfolding as it is meant to for the Greater Divine Plan that has always been orchestrated by God. Being a Servant of God, we have to trust where we are guided to go and do what we are guided to do, even if this upsets the status quo. The lies in life are often more painful than the truth. There have been around 203,000,0000 deaths take place in wars in the last 100 years. War is not the way!

Since early Christianity, pre Islam - which means peace with everyone, people have been encouraged to communicate with God directly. There are Muslims who say this is impossible. What people beleive and what is truth are often completely different polarities. The true believers who are searching for truth are having the truth revealed to them. If we cannot recognise the truth we are trusting blindly. We cannot ignore truth either.

If we want to bake a cake and change the measurements of the ingredients because we have no flour, to use sugar instead because it is white, when we try to bake this in an oven at a different temperature we are not going to get the cake that was originally instructed. Even if we have the precise measurements of ingredients, temperature and cooking time, the cake might not turn out perfectly. We must have a foundation to grow from this.

Before we can become a specialist Doctor, we have to attend school and also attain the grades to go to university. From there we must complete our studies and medical training. To qualify with specialist training on top, this might take another year. If the understanding to gain the qualification to become a doctor is changed, and the degree is for an entirely different subject, then on top of that you take an exam to be an accountant - this is not going to give you the understanding to be a medical doctor. Without the right training and understanding to assess and accurately diagnose symptoms, we will not have the knowledge to prescribe appropriate treatment and assist healing ethically.

We are progressing in time where to heal illness we must examine the root cause of the illness and heal this. Where there is any religous conflict, we must look at the root cause of why this has happened and heal this. As someone who is born in a family background that stretches over several countries - I cannot say I am entirely English when I am 1/8 English and born here. I cannot ignore my mother's Greek heritage or that of my Grandparents. The same as I cannot ignore the heritage of my father and his parents. If we are fixed in our ideas we will never learn anything.

There are people who cannot think beyond what they are told. There are also people who have tremendous capacity to learn and also genuis's in their own field. The fact is everyone is at a different stages of development in their ability to learn and also what they have brought as natural and inspired gifts to uplift humanity.

Everyone has the opportunity to realise a higher consciousness and just by presenting the above is to show you that if we are not focussed to seek the truth right from the very start then we might end up in a totally different direction. One thing life has blessed everyone with is the opportunity to learn from mistakes, to put right wrongs and also to acknowledge the error of our ways. Everyone has also been born with Free Will and this has been given so that we do not need to be forced to change relgion, conform to man made rules - even if the laws being created are presented as being made by God. The Universal laws are waiting to be understood when people are ready to look at these.

While every muslim eagerly waits for Jesus Christ to return. At one time the Middle East was and returns to be with The Way of Spirituality and yet it cannot exclude any people. One day we all must look at our creator and realise that at different times we have all made mistakes. I can admit openly that every day is a new day of learning and if I want to answers from God, My prayers are to Him to help me and if I want to understand something I will research the information. With prayer and being guided to find the right information, the Key is asking the right questions.

If we are to climb to the top of the ladder, we must take one step at at time before we take another. On the spiritual ladder must be careful not to be pulled off or fall from losing our step. Notice in this image, there are people who are not trying climb. Do not get caught up with the race because many people who have climbed to the top to reach their personal goals might be the first to fall.

A promise has been made and this is something to think about. "Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth." Matthew 5:5

When a house is being built, a foundation is laid down and then layers of bricks. If every time a new layer was built, the last layers were removed and discarded then the building will never be completed. Destroying previous religions is taking away the lawyers of work that has been presented by God to attain our understanding. Faulty brickwork and a building will collapse. We need to strengthen the buildings and together as humanity we can stand united, with all our differences and learn from each other. Everyone has grown through their life experiences and learning - these are the stories we need to be sharing. We need to heal from our pain and it is hard when you are faced wtih losing everything to being threatened to live on the streets because of legal corruption. These are the abuses we need to be collectively coming together with to bring and end to. We need to prevent corrupt officials being in responsibile jobs that require integrity and ethics. The Holy Bible identifies obligations by Judges.

Even with the changes that have been made to the Quran, this brings everyone back to Christ and to Moses - the Laws of God that were given on Mount Sinai are actually written in stone. Jesus Christ said I am the Alpha and the Omega - The Begining and the End. The hidden origin of Islam forces us to go and search for the 'spiritual family' that was driven underground and lost land and property; where millions of people have been martryed, and still we who are the offsping of this family are people of peace.

History is extemely important to learn valuable lessons. If there is an ugly truth and we are blind to our mistakes, we might keep repeating them. We are not born as clones - we are unique individuals in our DNA and everyone has their own unique experience. We are a soul incarnated into a physical body and much more than our physical body. Our soul knows God and this part of our being does not make war on anyone. There is no rush to get to our destination. Everything happens in the right time. Every moment of our life is already planned out in fine detail.

Everything that exists has a purpose - Every life is precious.

Peace, love and best wishes.
Pauline Maria

Friday, 2 March 2012

Mother Mind

Awaken The Mother Mind by Credo Mutwa, a Zulu Sangoma and High Sanusi.

There are not just two colours that exist in this world.

Every humn being has the capability of functioning beyond physical need.

If we want to experience spiritual fulfillment, we must understand how we think before we can expand our conscioussness. It is only then can we can fully appreciate a greater purpose; beyond what we know.

It is with realising the understanding and experience of women, that men have the opportunity to learn from. With this, we should be seeing more women in the roles of teaching about nurturing, emotional healing and spiritual awakening.

Women and men are not in opposition to each other. Everyone has their own unique experience and role in this world. In the divine plan, knowledge and understanding has been given at different points in history to enable progress and evolution of man. Teachers of divine knowledge are given the understanding.

Men have the capabiity to realise a higher consciousness. A jungle mentality - fighting wars, combat opposition and grab what you can at any price to attain goals is a function of lower vibration.

A higher consciousness reveals personal responsibility - self awareness, with showing respect for other people's experience, learning process and personal growth. If the world was filled with men who are evolved, there would be no injustice, wars, or even conflict between egos battling for supremacy either.

Even though men have chosen to be doctor's who treat women for illness, they are not women physically to understand her personal experience. For this reason, a woman can only speak for a woman.

A man who understands being a man can speak for himself. A man who understands the meaning of spiritual awakening (awakening the soul) has experienced this process.

Notice the gentle way of Credo Mutwa. A wise man understands the strength of the soul is not without overcoming challenges.

For humanity to progress and realise a higher understanding, the blocks in allowing this must be moved out of the way. We are in a time when this is happening.

Mother Mind = Divine Feminine. Divine is Soul in pure essence.

Warrior Mind can evolve to experience soul consciousness too.

Peace, love and best wishes.
Pauline Maria

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