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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Thursday, 8 March 2012

Faith, Law and Islam

Muslims know they must seek the truth and to submit to God in Prayer and every day living. The focus is not to convert the world but to keep your light shinig with love in your heart and holding God/Allah in your heart. In this way you become a beacon of light - everyone is a becon of light. Some shine brighter than others.

In a earlier article, I was guided to a video that showed ancient handwritten scriptures have been found. There are around 1000 Qurans written. However my concern is original writings being over-written. This changed the original words. The development of Islam even continued 200 years after Muhammad pbuh died.

The present time brings renewed understanding to ancient wisdom. From experience, when God speaks, the words are very precise and for a reason. If I was guided to go to the left and instead decided to tell people that I was guided to go to the right, this will be changing direction. Such is, when divine guidance is given, we must pay attention to the reason of the message.

Prior to Islam and Christiantiy, Moses went up Mount Sinai and brought down the 10 Commandments given by God. The Torah must be maintained without being changed. Pre these times, people were divinely inspired. Evidence of ancient civilsations is seen in ruins. Not all people are misguided people, past or in the present time. If we change or reject the Torah and Holy Bible, we will miss out on learning to understand what is relevant to know.

Faith is knowing there is a higher power beyond human manipulation. God as the authority of the universe gave the law to man. There are 'officials' who defy God's law. Officials make decisions for war - Officials are the cause of injustice and this is not isolated incidents. People who feel anger and hatred are usually justified and are entitled to heal too. No one has a right to violate any people. When wars have taken place, man, women and children have been raped; innocent people killed. Generations of people know oppression and yet who is uplifting people?
Not long ago I was thinking about people who steal are having their hands chopped off. If someone is so poor to steal, surely the country should provide food for people. If this law applied in England there would be many politicians, lawyers and police without hands that is for sure. It is the officials who are criminals and arrogantly boast of being protected from prosecution.

Judgement day .......this will not come but not as people expect!

There has been a lot of Islamaphobia on the internet. There is also Anti Christian talk. This is an opportunity for Muslims to speak out and show who you really are. Talk about your life, culture and experiences. In the ego driven battle for supremacy in religon, people need to be careful of beleiving the lie. We need to be seeking the truth. Apparently there is divide between Muslims and this could be explained by the people who know the truth. There is divide in other faiths too. In all faiths people are being called to come back to the truth because abusing the Word of God to decieve people is a terrible crime. This is creating confusion too.

Addressing another major concern. There are people being killed for leaving Islam. Muhammad, who is depicted as being enlightened and said to have been visited by Angel Gabriel, a heavenly messenger of God. In my experience God or Angel Gabriel will never instruct anyone to be killed for leaving a religion or give the authority to anyone to do this. In the Ten Commandments given to Moses on Mount Sinai, the Law is written not to kill anyone. God does not go back on his Word about this.

Muhammad, pbuh revealed himself to me in a dream and this was after my prayer. A friend told me I am very blessed for this to happen, however I see this as a sign to share with His people. The following day I found a document with the Promise he made to the Greek Orthodox Monastery St. Catherien's and the foot of Mount Sinai. Indicating in this was Protection of the Christian Churches and allowing Christian woman who had married Muslims to continue in their faith. People need to seek the true message of his teaching which is found in their heart. Muhammad did not want to be worshipped. His purpose was to point people to worship God.

Other issues of concern still prevail. For far too long women have been put down, abused and I learn that they are stoned to death too in some countries. To me the law is very unbalanced and it seems, could have been influenced to suit man. If Muhammad was spiritual, he would never justify abusing any woman. If anything with spiritual understanding, a man could easily avert his eyes from woman and have control of his lower senses - He would not need many wives. Usually people who are pious are celebate and their focus is on uplifting people, not oppressing anyone.

Yesterday in seeking guidance for the right inforamtion to get to the truth to share with people, I located exactly what I needed to know. This information would also explain to my Muslim readers about how laws were changed. Man's Law is not God's Law.

After the death of Muhammad, a successor took over the leadership of Muslims. Abu Bakr, the father of Muhammad's favorite wife, A'ishah, was selected for this role. It is perfectly understandable why anyone would want to maintain their Prophet's religion, however the guardians of the faith should have ensured that the original writings were never changed. It seems as time progressed these were changed, for reasons unknown.

"First, he decreed that withdrawal from Muhammad's coalition would constitute sacriligious ingratitude or denial of God (the concept of "kufr"). Thus he gave secession divine significance as an act of apostasy punishible, according to God's will revealed in messages to Muhammad, by death. (Quote; this is being taught)

He further declared that Muslims, and therefore servants of God, became such by joining Muhammad, and were thus not free to withdraw their service from God or Muhammad. Nor could they be Muslims, and therefore properly loyal to God, under any leader whose legitimacy did not derive properly from Muhammad.

Finally, he declared that Muhammad was the last prophet that God would send, and therefore there could be no more "revealed messages" through any other individual claiming the status of prophet or messenger of God. Terms of the divine revelation as revealed to Muhammed and subsequently passed on to his followers would thus be henceforth fixed and immutable, and the words of Muhammed would be the final determinate in any matter." Read more -

In the Holy Bible there is a clear message that is given and that is Jesus Christ is the Alpha and Omega, the begining and end and that no man comes to His Father except through him. There is also a clear instruction not to add or take away what has been written. The Holy Bible contains the Torah - The Five Books of Moses and the New Testament. This is now translated into over 100 different languages, the original hand written scriptures are held to this day, for undeniable evidence. Nothing is hidden from people.

Any alteration to what Muhammad has written has corrupted his words and the Word of angel Gabriel. Furthermore, the successor in Islam does not have authority by God to make any laws or rules that is to the detriment of people - Laws that Muhammad did not authorise either. I cannot even begin to imagine how many people have been killed because of these laws that have been put in place.

Muhammad never wanted fame or to be worshipped. When he made a promise that Muslims will PROTECT Christians - He also also promised that no Muslim will prevent his wife who is a Christian to attend her church and prayers. This is a clear indication that Muhammad did respect religious differences, human rights and was likely philosophically inclined as many people were in ancient times. There were advanced civilations and spiritually enlightened people in ancient times - People who have sought divine guidance that is from God directly, as they do today.

As a Servant of God, baptised in the Greek Orthodox faith, I am guided by the Holy Spirit. Everyone is entitled to talk with God and understand the different ways He communicates with people. Everyone is entitled to know that sincere prayers are heard and answered; not in the way we want. Blessings are by God's Will.

God will ALWAYS make sure that His Word gets back to the people so that they can Know Him. One of the messages I was given to tell the people is 'You do not need to pay to pray' When you want to know something, ask in sincere prayer and you will be guided in truth. Jesus Christ is revaling himself to many muslims now.

Aramaic Bible in Plain English (©2010)
Yeshua said to him, “I AM THE LIVING GOD, The Way and The Truth and The Life; no man comes to my Father but by me alone.” (Yeshua is Jesus Christ)

May this article assist greater clarity. Many millions of Muslims LOVE Jesus Christ with all their heart and the reason why He was born was to bring the Word of God in the flesh so it will never be corrupted by anyone. This was to protect everyone from evil.

Listening to Sayed Ammar Nakshawani and Imran Hosein, both Scholars have a very different approach and yet equally valuable for muslims to learn and understand. Behind every relgion is a government that collects taxes and makes the rules. When one religion is attacking another this calls for looking at the root cause of the problem. We must go back right to the very begining, long before Muhammad was born. Abraham had two sons, one Isaac and the other Ishmael. Here we will find many answers and the healing need too. Before I close this article, I would like to add, if war is predicted, everyone has a choice to decide to live in peace. There is only one way to peace, and this calls for healing now too.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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