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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

The Hidden Origin of Islam

The video posted below is relevant to the article title.

A valuable opportunity to learn is when we are free to address inconsistancies. Some weeks ago a gentleman asked if I thought the Quran was corrupted and re-written. Without seeing evidence, it is impossible to say. Conflict between Muslims has come to my attention and this is confusing to people who are on the outside not realising family disputes and other issues might be involved.

As a woman of faith, I made a promise to assist peace and healing where I can. It takes willing people to decide to live in peace. If your faith is sincere, then you know God is above all religion and manipulation. God does not decieve people. Every opportunity is given for people to learn, grow and evolve spiritually. This will continue in the way the Almighty chooses this to be. God does not obey man made laws or adhere to man's restrictions either.

What is certain the truth is going to be revealed anyway. We are not meant to be living with illusion, oppression, fear or being suppressed. We are not meant to lose our homes and lands because of war and injustice, The land on this earth has been given to everyone to take care of and provide for future generations.

The meaning of 'apocalypse' is lifting the veil. This entails the truth being revealed to see truth for what it is. When we see the truth, our perception changes from what we beleive. to seeing more clearly. This shift in awareness is neccesary for spiritual progress.

In this video we learn that Islam progresses and developed over 200 years after Muhammad pbuh lived. We can see evidence of countless orginal writings; writing has been changed and the precise Order of Words altered. Many words have several different meanings too. Why this was done is unknown. What is important is to know it has been done and move on from this. This certainly clears up some confusion. This is why it is important to respect each faith independantly for it's own merit, time and place in history. We must take the opportunity to learn from this now.

If we want to understand the orignal Hebrew scripture, we can speak with a Jewish Rabbi who will as a spiritual teacher will help. If we want to understand the original Greek scripture, speak with someone who is fluent in Greek, the same with Aramaic. To read the Word of God given to the Prophets before Mohammad, these are in the Holy Bible and the Torah. The Apocrypha can also be found on the internet too. Everyone is given the freedom to study and understand the rich tapestry of history and learn from this.

Do keep an open mind when watching this informative video. This brings new awareness that is timely to know. Intelligent people are usually inclined to examine inconsistancies. It does not do anyone any good to make religion an issue when true beleivers, have faith and trust in God. Be lights that radiate light and inspire other people to the light in this way, especially when you have peace in your heart. It is in everyones interest to find mutual ground and respect the different faiths. Not everyone has intention to convert religion, especially when early church is consisting of family members and keeping family identity together.

If there is to be peace in the world, then there needs to be an end to fighting and arguments about religous differences. It is against international law to allow injustice and human rights violations. People around the world have been suffering because of political decisions and spiritual divide is creating conflict too.

We are at a crucial time. If humanity is to progress spiritually, we must respect that at different times God has revealed His truth to His Chosen people directly. Everyone is invited to search in their heart and soul to understand the spiritual mysteries. There has not been a time when people have not been divinely inspired because divine inspiration comes in so many different ways.

Everything detail about our life was already planned before we were born into our family, where we have lived, went to school and even who we meet in our lifetime. Everything is happening and unfolding as it is meant to for the Greater Divine Plan that has always been orchestrated by God. Being a Servant of God, we have to trust where we are guided to go and do what we are guided to do, even if this upsets the status quo. The lies in life are often more painful than the truth. There have been around 203,000,0000 deaths take place in wars in the last 100 years. War is not the way!

Since early Christianity, pre Islam - which means peace with everyone, people have been encouraged to communicate with God directly. There are Muslims who say this is impossible. What people beleive and what is truth are often completely different polarities. The true believers who are searching for truth are having the truth revealed to them. If we cannot recognise the truth we are trusting blindly. We cannot ignore truth either.

If we want to bake a cake and change the measurements of the ingredients because we have no flour, to use sugar instead because it is white, when we try to bake this in an oven at a different temperature we are not going to get the cake that was originally instructed. Even if we have the precise measurements of ingredients, temperature and cooking time, the cake might not turn out perfectly. We must have a foundation to grow from this.

Before we can become a specialist Doctor, we have to attend school and also attain the grades to go to university. From there we must complete our studies and medical training. To qualify with specialist training on top, this might take another year. If the understanding to gain the qualification to become a doctor is changed, and the degree is for an entirely different subject, then on top of that you take an exam to be an accountant - this is not going to give you the understanding to be a medical doctor. Without the right training and understanding to assess and accurately diagnose symptoms, we will not have the knowledge to prescribe appropriate treatment and assist healing ethically.

We are progressing in time where to heal illness we must examine the root cause of the illness and heal this. Where there is any religous conflict, we must look at the root cause of why this has happened and heal this. As someone who is born in a family background that stretches over several countries - I cannot say I am entirely English when I am 1/8 English and born here. I cannot ignore my mother's Greek heritage or that of my Grandparents. The same as I cannot ignore the heritage of my father and his parents. If we are fixed in our ideas we will never learn anything.

There are people who cannot think beyond what they are told. There are also people who have tremendous capacity to learn and also genuis's in their own field. The fact is everyone is at a different stages of development in their ability to learn and also what they have brought as natural and inspired gifts to uplift humanity.

Everyone has the opportunity to realise a higher consciousness and just by presenting the above is to show you that if we are not focussed to seek the truth right from the very start then we might end up in a totally different direction. One thing life has blessed everyone with is the opportunity to learn from mistakes, to put right wrongs and also to acknowledge the error of our ways. Everyone has also been born with Free Will and this has been given so that we do not need to be forced to change relgion, conform to man made rules - even if the laws being created are presented as being made by God. The Universal laws are waiting to be understood when people are ready to look at these.

While every muslim eagerly waits for Jesus Christ to return. At one time the Middle East was and returns to be with The Way of Spirituality and yet it cannot exclude any people. One day we all must look at our creator and realise that at different times we have all made mistakes. I can admit openly that every day is a new day of learning and if I want to answers from God, My prayers are to Him to help me and if I want to understand something I will research the information. With prayer and being guided to find the right information, the Key is asking the right questions.

If we are to climb to the top of the ladder, we must take one step at at time before we take another. On the spiritual ladder must be careful not to be pulled off or fall from losing our step. Notice in this image, there are people who are not trying climb. Do not get caught up with the race because many people who have climbed to the top to reach their personal goals might be the first to fall.

A promise has been made and this is something to think about. "Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth." Matthew 5:5

When a house is being built, a foundation is laid down and then layers of bricks. If every time a new layer was built, the last layers were removed and discarded then the building will never be completed. Destroying previous religions is taking away the lawyers of work that has been presented by God to attain our understanding. Faulty brickwork and a building will collapse. We need to strengthen the buildings and together as humanity we can stand united, with all our differences and learn from each other. Everyone has grown through their life experiences and learning - these are the stories we need to be sharing. We need to heal from our pain and it is hard when you are faced wtih losing everything to being threatened to live on the streets because of legal corruption. These are the abuses we need to be collectively coming together with to bring and end to. We need to prevent corrupt officials being in responsibile jobs that require integrity and ethics. The Holy Bible identifies obligations by Judges.

Even with the changes that have been made to the Quran, this brings everyone back to Christ and to Moses - the Laws of God that were given on Mount Sinai are actually written in stone. Jesus Christ said I am the Alpha and the Omega - The Begining and the End. The hidden origin of Islam forces us to go and search for the 'spiritual family' that was driven underground and lost land and property; where millions of people have been martryed, and still we who are the offsping of this family are people of peace.

History is extemely important to learn valuable lessons. If there is an ugly truth and we are blind to our mistakes, we might keep repeating them. We are not born as clones - we are unique individuals in our DNA and everyone has their own unique experience. We are a soul incarnated into a physical body and much more than our physical body. Our soul knows God and this part of our being does not make war on anyone. There is no rush to get to our destination. Everything happens in the right time. Every moment of our life is already planned out in fine detail.

Everything that exists has a purpose - Every life is precious.

Peace, love and best wishes.
Pauline Maria

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