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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Saturday, 24 March 2012

Adolfo Nicolás and the Prophet of God

The new elected Jesuit Superior General Adolfo Nicolás caught my attention in an interview. Unfortunately the video was from a compilation that distracted from the importance of the present day understanding I want to share here with everyone today.

There are people who are telling people that there is no God. There are also people who are saying that God does not communicate with people. In listening to this and taking it as truth, the door becomes closed to realising there is a higher power beyond human manipulation that everyone is entitled to know.

People are passionately promoting different relgions and spiritual teachers from the past and present time. Today there are many false prophets as there have been in history too. There is also a tremendous amount of bashing religion that is taking place by people, especially by those who are angry at God and this is being used as way to turn people away from God which is foolish and irresponsibile. If anything such irresponsible actions are by people who are easily manipulated, yet do not realise why or how.

To be a prophet of God, you would have within your being the Holy Spirit to communicate with God directly and God will also in different ways be communicating what you are meant to see, know and understand to share with people. This has not been fully understood. To be guided by God is in so many different ways because the world is not black and white. There are many different perspectives and elements to life, with the past, present, future and a universe beyond the planet we live on.

Non beleivers and people with closed minds are unable to grasp the Divine Plan. If you want to bake a cake and miss out the main ingrediants, you are not going to succeed in your desired outcome. People are not meant to be oppressed by man. At different times throughout the ages, a prophet of God has been born not only to bring people closer to God, but also to end the abuses taking place in His name. The messenger is expected.

The Law was given to Moses. Jesus Christ fulfilled the law. Mohammad was said to have been visited by Angel Gabriel and told to 'recite' - he brought the teaching of the major prophets before this and shared the spiritual understanding to the people. In the Divine Plan all the good, bad and ugly have been meant to happen. Everyone has different learning experiences. Not everyone has a university degree or has attained a PhD!

Long before Jesus Christ walked this earth there were other prophets. There were also divinely inspired royals too. In ancient times, being from a particular lineage and divinely inspired by God, this would bring the King or Queen by 'Divine Right' in its accurate perspective. This would be someone Chosen by God who is already Crowned - their Crown Chakra is open to allow direct communication. Being filled with the Holy Spirit of God is also relevant because we are guided and learning as a way of being; we also live guided by God in the way we are meant to. Having refused my own television chat show and radio interviews, eventually I was forced to speak out and guided to write on the internet.

We are in the dawning of a new age and with this comes new understanding. Unfortunately not everyone respects that while people are entitled to know one God, we are not meant to be changing our heritage or religon. There are people within relgions who are misguiding even with the best of intentions. There are also people in religions who are spreadhing hatred or even messages of harm to people from a different relgion. This is very disturbing and in just 100 years over 203,000,000 have been killed in wars. There comes a point where enough is enough of this mentality. Everyone has to face that at different times in history, people have suffered because of decisons made by officials and by those who claim to be guided by God. If George Bush had spoken to me I would have said 'NO do not go to war! Use those trillions of dollars to help the people in America!' Tony Blair Lied - Money talks!

Not everyone has the understanding of why it is important to know their heritage. The erradicating of history and evidence of history has allowed a new reality to be created. However, if you want to build a solid house that will never be destroyed, even though it will need maintenance, this house needs to be built with a solid foundation. Every one has a right to be able to discover a God that promotes Peace, Harmony and Fairness for everyone. God has no Ego or Need to be Powerful. Just listening to Adolfo Nicolás, what took my attention immediately was his gentle nature. I was reminded of my time spent with Peter Cushing, an actor in Horror films, such a 'gentle man' in every sense of the word. I have been blessed to know him as a friend and not only spent time with him, he welcomed me in his home too.

Spiritual people are gentle natured people - and the time of the Gentlemen includes beng sincere in heart. In a world where puffed up egos and showing off is expected with the guys competing with each other, the gentle natured man is not seen very often. It is easier on the ear to listen to people who are speaking gently, compared to someone who is trying to force their understanding by shouting and drama. Our mind tends to shut out when this happens and so if there is misteaching happening, our mind might still take in the message we are being given. For this reason we all need to be very careful. And we NEVER stop learning.

No one should feel threatened to learn about people from different cultures of their wise teachers either. I have listened to the philosophical teachings that has been handed down from the American Indians. The earthly protectors of nature are the people who are sensitive to nature. The earlthy decision makers when ripping up trees even for building work, they are not replacing these and trees are a source of oxygen we need to breathe. By sounding out the truth, everyone will suffer just from this!

In the Divine Plan, we are moving forward and yet we must come backwards to being simple in our heart and mind to be receptive to see and know people with a spiritual heart. We must become aware of the world we are living in and not only take care of this planet but also each other. There is a global healing need now and this is multi layered - many different causes. Blame can be like throwing salt on an open wound. Everyone will realise the error of their ways but no one is responsible for someone else's decison's or actions. The decision maker for war is accountable - even if he/she manipulates other people to do the dirty work.

It is partularly timely to quote Adolfo Nicolás on what he says about a Prophet of God. Take time to digest what is being said in context. There is a lot happening in the world and this message brings clarity on how this understanding relates to our life and the choices we make every day. There is also a bigger picture with what is happening in our world and how this is impacting everyone globally is unfolding now.

"The prophet comes as one who sees things with the eyes of God because the prophet is on that brings also the shadow side of reality, and they tell us when things are not going according to the harp of God, and they speak of the anger of God, and the sadness of God. We live in a world that has become so difficult that people do not know any more where the causes are of the pain, or of the distrust, or the difficulties we have with globalisation, our responsibilities are diluted and nobody knows who is behind anything."

Wise words and an important message. We must not close our mind to listen to someone who has something valid to share. This person can come from any background, culture, nationality, faith and status and yet still bring insight that is necessary for our understanding. Even children can share profound insights and observations. This is not a time to close minds, fear mongering or misinformation. It is now time to realise that if we, as humanity are progress, we need to realise a higher consciousness.

If someone is wanting to be a teacher and preaches from a holy book - they are not teaching they are repeating. Sometimes putting interpretation on what has been written can change the entire meaning of the original message. All the bashing of different relgions is making some kind of spiritual war happening when God does not need a religion and everyone is entitled to know Him. One day this might be allowed and until then chaos will continue and this is created by the spiritually blind. The sheep mentality are working the system - even if they see people as being sheep. They have taken their Oath to serve - Serve who? Who next?

There is a saying that applies. We cannot serve two masters. Being baptised I am a servant of God and have been committed to this since a child. When I took my Oath in a court of law to God Almighty - my oath was compounded in front of a judge and witnesses, also recorded and so this stands. If I had to experience this legal corruption and be dragged into court threatened even with contempt for telling the truth after being injured in a car accident - this is just one reason that was purposeful. To this day the legal system is operating a corporation with corruption and also decieving and abusing people for profit - abusing God's name!

Everything happens with Divine Timing and in this present time everyone is revealing exactly who they are and what they are about. This is all necessary for judgement day but the first in the queue likely to be judged are the lawyers and officials who ALL took an Oath to Serve JUSTICE for the people in God's name!

This interview with Adolfo Nicolás speaks with his openness to communicate with people from different cultures and teachings: The language Jesuits use is being promoted to keep everything simple, so everyone can understand. This is highly recommended. We need to learn to communicate from our heart to everyone!

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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