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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
♥ Campaigning for justice, global peace, healing and taking care of the world we live in ♥

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Beulah Land and the Divine Plan

Yesterday my dream was showing to write about Beulah land.

Beulah means 'married' - Beulah is the new name God promised for the land known as Canaan, Palestine, the Holy Land, or Israel (Isaiah 62:4). This is a unique and special land, because God calls it His. With meaning 'married' we can see this also to show the land to be United Kingdom - not divided kingdom.

Isiah 62:4; Thou shalt no more be termed Forsaken; neither shall thy land any more be termed Desolate: but thou shalt be called Hephzibah, and thy land Beulah: for the LORD delighteth in thee, and thy land shall be married.

Hephzibah means 'my delight is in her' in Hebrew. She is a queen and mother of Manasseh in the Old Testament. Manasseh means "causing to forget" in Hebrew is the oldest son of Joseph and the ancestor of one of the twelve tribes of Israel.

Beulah is the land God showed to Abraham, and this was promised to his descendants. Since ancient times this is land of the apostles and prophets and miracles too. Jesus Christ was born and lived in this land. Here is where He laid down His life for the salvation of the whole world and here he ressurrected. To this land He promises to return and establish His government in Jerusalem.

Beulah land is in the continent of Asia heart between Europe, Asia, and Africa. The Holy Bible identifies the promised land stretching 330 miles from North to South, from the Brook of Egypt to the Entrance of Hamath. (Numbers 34) The land occupied by Biblical Israel covered only 150 miles, from Dan to Beersheba. During Solomon’s time this was completely ruled over by him.

Is this why the Holy land is partitioned? Today Beulah is divided among the nations of Israel, Egypt, Syria, Jordan, and Lebanon.

Solomon was an anointed King - Chosen by God. He ruled with Wisdom. Solomon had great perception and allowed people to show their true colours. It takes the spiritually awakened to understand how he made some of his decisions. One time two women were arguing about a baby being theirs and he suggested to cut the baby in half and give half each. The woman was quick to give up her baby to save its life revealed herself to be the real mother.

Beulah is more than just a location. It represents God’s presence.

Psalm 132:13-14—For Jehovah hath chosen Zion; He hath desired it for his habitation. This is my resting-place for ever: Here will I dwell; for I have desired it.

The Greek Orthodox Church in Jerusalem is Patriarch of Holy Mount Zion. It is in this time that all the ever faithful are to see God's Providence unfolding so clearly now.

When promises have been made by God, no man can change these.

1 Kings 8:36—Thy land, which thou hast given thy people for an inheritance…

Ezekiel 20:6—A land that I had searched out for them, flowing with milk and honey, which is the glory of all lands.

Genesis 17:8—And I will give unto thee, and to thy seed after thee, the land of thy sojournings, all the land of Canaan, for an everlasting possession; and I will be their God.

The Holy Bible describes Beulah land

Hebrews 11:9—The Land of Promise

Isaiah 32:13-15—The Land of My People

Ezekiel 20:38—The Land of Israel

Zechariah 2:12—The Holy Land

Ezekiel 36:5—My Land

Hosea 9:3—Jehovah’s Land

Deuteronomy 11:12—A Land that Jehovah Thy God Cares For

Jeremiah 3:19—A Pleasant Land, a Goodly Heritage

Ezekiel 20:5-6—The Glory of All Lands

Psalm 78:68—Mount Zion which he loved.

Deuteronomy 11:12—A land which Jehovah thy God careth for: the eyes of Jehovah thy God are always upon it, from the beginning of the year even unto the end of the year.

Lady of Zion and Queen of Zion relate to the Virgin Mary and Holy Mount Zion. To this day, people in Palestine still venerate Mary as their Queen and people seek her intercession in relation to peace, healing and ending suffering. The Blessed Mary is the Coredemtrix and Mediatrix who unites all people from all nations in peace.

Daughter of Zion indicates she is from the same bloodline.

And the daughter of Zion is left as a cottage in a vineyard, as a lodge in a garden of cucumbers, as a besieged city. Unless the LORD Almighty had left us some survivors, we would have become like Sodom, we would have been like Gomorrah.
Isaiah 1:8-10

Assurance of Zion’s Salvation

For Zion’s sake I will not hold My peace, And for Jerusalem’s sake I will not rest, Until her righteousness goes forth as brightness, And her salvation as a lamp that burns. The Gentiles shall see your righteousness, And all kings your glory. You shall be called by a new name, Which the mouth of the Lord will name. You shall also be a crown of glory. In the hand of the Lord, And a royal diadem In the hand of your God. You shall no longer be termed Forsaken, Nor shall your land any more be termed Desolate; But you shall be called Hephzibah,and your land Beulah;For the Lord delights in you, And your land shall be married. For as a young man marries a virgin, So shall your sons marry you; And as the bridegroom rejoices over the bride, So shall your God rejoice over you.

I have set watchmen on your walls, O Jerusalem; They shall never hold their peace day or night. You who make mention of the Lord, do not keep silent, And give Him no rest till He establishes And till He makes Jerusalem a praise in the earth.
The Lord has sworn by His right hand And by the arm of His strength:
“Surely I will no longer give your grain As food for your enemies; And the sons of the foreigner shall not drink your new wine, For which you have labored. But those who have gathered it shall eat it,And praise the Lord; Those who have brought it together shall drink it in My holy courts.”

Go through,Go through the gates! Prepare the way for the people; Build up, Build up the highway! Take out the stones,
Lift up a banner for the peoples! Indeed the Lord has proclaimed the end of the world:
“Say to the daughter of Zion, ‘Surely your salvation is coming; Behold, His reward is with Him, And His work before Him.’” And they shall call them The Holy People, The Redeemed of the Lord; And you shall be called Sought Out, A City Not Forsaken
Isaiah 62:1-12

Being born in Beulah Crescent in Thornton Heath, and being related to the Christ family, Legal corruption in God's Courts is not excusable. A complete clean up of the legal system in England is overdue, with strict criteria to meet eligibility to work in an ethical NOBLE PROFESSION. This is THE New World Order!

Get rid of those man made laws for profit and those who make their living out of destroying innocent peoples lives.

Long overdue is global peace and healing. What is written will be.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

Monday, 28 May 2012

100 Years on 2012 - The Titanic

The Titanic was known as the ship of dreams by Harland and Wolff who built her. Practically unsinkable was the phrase used to sell the Titanic to the New World in America.

100 years ago, on 10th April 1912 Titanic set sail on her maiden voyage heading for New York. On 14th April 1912 hit an iceberg which ended in tragedy. At over 46,000 tons, she was the world's biggest ship. The ship took 5 years to build and had reportedly been inspected 2000 times. It sank in 2 hours and 40 minutes.

There were 2228 people on board of the Titanic, 337 in first class, 285 second class, 721 in third class and 885 crew members. Only 705 Titanic passengers survived.

The Olympian Systers - The Titanic and her sister ship Olympic were built side by side in Belfast, Ireland. By the spring of 1910 the Olympics hull was fully plated. Halleys Comet was seen during this time and this coincided with a change over of architects of this White Star superliner. Halleys Comet has also been associated doomsday catastrophe. Reference in the Talmud to "a star which appears once in seventy years that makes the captains of the ships err" has been suggested to refer to Halley's Comet.

The Olympic was on her maiden voyage while the Titanic was still being furnished internally. The Olympic was holed in a collision with a Royal Navy cruiser HMS HAWK. Because of the way the ship was built, the ship survived the collision. The man responsible as skipper, Captain Smith was put in command on the Titanic.

Futhermore, prior to the ship close to sailing, there was civil unrest with the mention of 100 year rule in relation to political decisions. Violent conflict broke out between Protestants and Catholics. The political conflict is somethng that cannot be ignored. The 100 year rule relates to contracts.

The people who built the Titanic beleived they stood at the dawn of a new era. The people were looking to a hopeful future, and yet within two years the entire world was at war.

As presented in other articles, nothing is a coincidence. Another complex situation that allows us to learn from history - 'wars' are political decisions and yet if men refuse to fight, wars would not take place. Signs in the heavens cannot be ignored if seen.

The Sun reported US banker JP Morgan controlled the White Star Line of which the Titanic was the crown jewel. Lord Pirrie is described as the profit-hungry chairman of Titanic’s builders. With lifeboats enought for only a third of the passengers this created argument. The safety certificate, good for one year, was signed by Francis Carruthers did not address this before the ship was passed to travel with passengers. Researcers also identified structural weaknesses and present this as to why the ship sank so rapidly.

With JP Morgan and associating the Titanic as the Crown Jewel, Sister ships relate to QUEEN Ships. Smyrna - known as the Jewel of Asia, the Crown of Ionia; the first city of the East and the Pearl of Greek Civilisation. Smyrna is described as the finest City of Asia - built partly on mountain and overlooking the Ocean.

This year with the 2012 Olympics in London we cannot ignore the name. The New Queen Elisabeth superliner christened in 2010 launched the Golden Age and Era of Enlightenment. Spiritual Empowerment is to lift people out of oppressive conditions.

In other articles I mentioned my Greek Grandmother's homeland Smyrna in Asia Minor. She was later taken as a refugee survivor in 1922 with the sisters to start life in New Smyrna Athens in Greece. What was to happen in Old Smyrna was horrific and another poltiical decision. Enough is enough of all the wars for profit.

Titanic reminds of Titan. Not everyone knows the Blessed Mary also lived in Smyrna. Also the divinely inspired Queen is also known as Great Mother (Meter Megale) of humanity.

The ongoing fascination about the Titanic, is no surprise as she represents the Queen of the Seas. In the heavenly realms 2000 years on the Holy Virgin Mary is remembered with love today.

Beyond the Titanic - click video to watch more Part 1 of 7

The precious gift of life is always highlighted with tradegy. On the Titanic were the world's richest and poorest people. Money did not decide who would live or die. Many millions of people have been killed in wars. We must remember that life does go on and keep loved ones in our heart with love. We are survivors!

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

Video link to watch the making of the Titanic and people involved with building and sailing in her.

Being a Kyria - Kyrie Eleison

Greek Community formally address people they encounter by Kyria or Kyrios and yet, not everyone knows where this noble title came from. Not everyone knows Jesus Christ is King of Kings and head of the Holy Orthodox Church. Not everyone realises at this time there is a global effort to unite all humanity in peace.

The phrase "to be a blue blood" means to have descended from noble or aristocratic ancestors. Many societies have a privileged 'upper class' with substantial wealth and power, the status is not necessarily hereditary and does not entail a distinct legal status.

It is important to remember that no one can take away our birthright. If we do not know our heritage we do not know who we are. If we neglect our divinely given rights, we allow man to make rules and lets just address, war and injustice are not acceptable, past or in the present time. Retailiation is not the way either. Jewish people can claim being Jewish through their mother. The Greek Heritage is important too, as are other nations of people.

Within the pages written in the Holy Bible, we will find truth.

'Kyria' as also an imperial court title, found in the Holy Bible - in Greek this means a 'noble honored woman', 'Dame' and 'Lady'. Notra-Dame is refering to the Holy Virgin Mary - Our Lady.

Young unmarried women up to maturity who are baptised into the Orthodox Church family are addressed as Despinis. Married and unmarried mature ladies are respectfully addressed as Kyria.

Everyone baptised in the Greek Orthodox family is a member of the royal priesthood. In our baptism we are anointed with holy oil and given the gift of the Holy Spirit - so we can communicate with God directly. We are also given 'in Christ' the name of a Saint.

Despina (moon) also is known as Neptune V, the third closest inner satellite of Neptune, named after Despoina, a nymph who was a daughter of Poseidon and Demeter. The male name of Demeter is Dimitri; this is my Greek Grandfathers name.

Despot is the court title given to males meaning a) Byzantine emperor or prince, b) a ruler with absolute power and authority, c) a bishop or patriarch of the Eastern Orthodox Church.

Despot was the highest title in the Byzantine Empire awarded to the younger sons of emperors. The eldest sons were usually crowned as co-emperors. Every man is king of his castle today.

The feminine name Kyra and Kiran is of Hindi and Sanskrit origin, meaning 'beam of light'. This evolved in Persian and Egyptian the word Ki-Ra meaning "like Ra, the sun" - shining the light!

Kira meaning 'mistress, ruler.' can also translate into 'Leader of the people' or 'One the people look to' this is to uplift people. Russian translations include Кира with the meaning 'beloved'.

The Greek form of Persian Kûrush can mean 'far sighted' and relates to the 'sun'. Modern day Persia is now Iran.

Variants of Kyria include Kaira, Keera, Keira, Kyra, Kyrah, Kyreena, Kyrha, Kyrie, Kyrene and Kyrra

Masculine Greek Kyrios means 'lord' used by kings of Persia, including Cyrus the Great, who conquered Babylon and famous for freeing captive Jews and allowing them to return to Israel.

Cyrus the Great respected the customs and religions of the lands he conquered. The Edict of Restoration made by Cyrus the Great left a lasting legacy on the Jewish religion. People of the Jewish faith have seen him as 'the anointed of the Lord' or a 'Messiah'.

The Byzantine Empire maintained a system of aristocracy and bureaucracy, inherited from the Roman Empire. At the apex of the pyramid is the Emperor, a divinely ordained sole ruler (autokrator). Beneath the emperor, the structure of government and court officers operated the administrative state.

When ordained by God, it is to uplift humanity and not oppress people. This is relevant to know because you were not born a slave! The registration of your birth might be relevant for SHIPS and ADMIRALTY LAW, however ships can sink and God does not bow down to or abide by man made rules.

To meet the criteria of a Emperor or Empress, Prince or Princess - from the Imperial household, is one of the spiritual mysteries that escapes human manipuation. When people have been enslaved and living in oppressive conditions, God is giving authority to change this and restore His order again.

The problem with all the wars and destruction, when buildings hold evidence of genealogy records, it is difficult to trace our ancestors. So for this reason, in different ways, the truth is revealed to those who are trusted and meant to know. When God speaks he is clear and prescise. The census and tax collector know who is who. The British royal family trace their maternal and paternal lineage, revealing that there is a way.

Signs in the heavens and earth correspond to reveal truth. As above, so below. In previous articles insights are given about locations and show how everything is connected. In ancient times the hunger for power has oppressed and even martyred (killed) millions of people - many from Royal Noble lineage.

I walk in faith and trust the Queen is not going to kill me off because I took my oath to Serve God as she did on her Coronation. Many of her officials are a concern and a clean up is overdue.

Because of my Divine birthright, I am obliged to follow God's laws - Universal Laws or Divine Laws. There is also clear instruction in the Holy Bible not to harm God's anointed.

In the Holy Bible a message is given to Kyria, a Christian lady of Asia Minor, My Greek Grandmother's family came from here in Smyrna, one known as ancient Greece, now Izmir in Turkey. The 7 Churches in the Holy Bible relate to Asia. History has been very ugly and does not always have to be this way.

Kyrie Eleison means Lord have Mercy. Feel this is your heart.

The Lord of Lords and King of Kings is Jesus Christ. He is named so because he is the only begotton Son of God, born by the Holy Spirit of God as the Living Word of God. He was not born of man and this miracle was for many reasons. One reason being the Saviour of Mankind. The bloodline of his mother Mary and the Jewish people cannot be erradicated. The spiritual bond between humanity must be healed now. Will you allow this to happen!

My request is for people to stop attacking other religions and nationalities! There are many false prophets. Many people are abusing 'God's name' causing confusion, pain, loss, suffering and even death. Abusing the Oath to God by officials is inexcusable. The Ruler of the Universe is The Almighty God, not man!

"The elder, To the chosen lady and her children, whom I love in the truth—and not I only, but also all who know the truth— because of the truth, which lives in us and will be with us forever: Grace, mercy and peace from God the Father and from Jesus Christ, the Father’s Son, will be with us in truth and love."

No one can ever take the place of, Lord Jesus Christ! Christ means anointed! Many 'antichrist' people openly speak out against him and even deny that he and his family existed. If people knew the ugly truth of history and what happened, they would be horrified.

Humanity is being given another chance!

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

Sunday, 27 May 2012

New York and The Castle of Good Hope

With Amsterdam on my mind and new Amsterdam that I associate with the Holland America Shipping Line, my voyage of discovery sharing insights and connecting the dots, is to expand awareness and understanding. This certainly is an educational journey, although I am not going to much in depth other than to share what is relevant and show how nothing is hidden from people.

The Castle of Good Hope is connected with the Netherlands - The important Solar flare on the day of my birth in my previous article was documented in a publication of the Netherlands. Amsterdam has also been given a spiritual light especially connected with Global Peace. I am going to cover this further in another article.

Yesterday I discovered 'New Amsterdam' is related to New York City. New Amsterdam also is a Ship and so with Town SHIPS and Cities, these are likely registered as corporations. People say Shipping magnates do not pay taxes, well everything is relevant. The passengers of a ship are subject to admiralty law, and it is the Captain who is in charge of the vessel. The Captain and Owner are likely to be different people - although with international business, there is likely mutual finanical interest - for shareholders too.

Off Shore companies are named as being off shore for a reason!

Not long ago people were occupying Wall Street and this is in the Financial district of New York City. Nothing is an accident or coincidental. I noticed someone auditioning on XFactor wearing a Tshirt with a message to occupy the streets. After you begin to see more, you will understand why it is time to claim back our freedoms, human rights and remind officals they are human too.

The Castle of Good Hope is the oldest surviving building in South Africa. It has been the centre of life since its inception in January 1666 and 1679. It was constantly under threat for personal and materialistic gain. The then Imperial Government offered the Castle for sale for a mere £83.340, however a strong public reaction was in favour of retaining the Castle of Good Hope.

The gateway – built in 1682 – replaced the old entrance, which faced the sea. The pediment bears the coat of arms of the United Netherlands, portraying the crowned lion rampant holding the seven arrows of unity in its paw. Carved on the architrave below are the arms of Van Hoorn, Delft , Amsterdam, Middelburg, Rotterdam and Enkhuizen—all Dutch cities in which the United East India Company had chambers. Two VOC (Vereenighde Oost-Indische Compagnie) monograms flank the carvings.

The Cape Colony in south Africa was established by the Dutch East India Company. The British occupation followed in 1795 when the Netherlands were occupied by revolutionary France....Later, the Netherlands (the Peace of Amiens) allowed the British to hand back the colony to the Batavian Republic in 1803, but by 1806 resurgent French control in the Netherlands led to another British occupation to prevent Napoleon using the Cape. The Cape Colony subsequently remained in the British Empire, becoming self-governing in 1872, and united with three other colonies to form the Union of South Africa in 1910, when it was renamed the Cape of Good Hope Province. South Africa became fully independent in 1931 by the Statute of Westminster."

In 'Thornton Heath' where I was born there is a building named 'Westminster Court' - this connects the 'Royal Courts of Justice in Westminster London' that has a 'Black' and Gold Royal Crest and Christ's Imperial Crown, unless officials expect God to bow down to man made rules. Connecting the dots is to show how everything is relevant and this is how God's Providence works to bring the truth to light. Divine intervention relating to NY and Amsterdam Dutch locations will follow later that will explain many things.

The pentagon design of the Castle of Good Hope as in New York. The Elephant and Castle in London UK is a pentagon shape too.

The Dutch East India Company is considered to be the first multinational corporation in the world. It was the first company to issue stock. It was also arguably the first megacorporation, possessing quasi-governmental powers, including the ability to wage war, imprison and execute convicts,[4] negotiate treaties, coin money, and establish colonies.

The corporations have established man made laws, cause war, can imprison people and even execute people. No wonder the Dutch lawyer and myself have full scale rows about injustice and this explains why he is stunted. To his credit he is against war, disgusted at corrupt lawyers, conscientious about impoverished children in 'Africa' - there comes a point when humanity must come together as a whole in peace and with realising a higher consciousness. Endless wars, injustice and unneccessary suffering taking place for self serving agendas, have got to be brought to an end! For this reason I write very openly - while personally under pressure with enduring legal corruption issues by the British Legal Corporation for 10 years with homeless threats.

As already said, man made laws have no place in God's Kingdom! The abusers might actually hate me - The almighty God is not exactly pleased with what is happening. Silence is not an option!

With profit making as a priority it really is no suprise that there have been battles between 'royals' and also it was no surprise when people have said I have more royal and noble blood running through my veins then these people. The relevance is how to bring an end to all the injustice and wars taking place - there are other concerns too. I posted some links below about about the Dutch East India Company and The British establishment in London. With too much to digest indepth, however here we are seeing corporate connections between Holland, New York city; Bolton, London England, India, The Castle of Good Hope in Africa etc.

A drawing of the Cape of Good Hope Observatory that recorded the Solar Flare on the day of my birth - this is discussed in my previous article. The observatory is situated near the Castle.

"In the 1920's to 1940's Cape Town had a massive land reclamation project to build the modern day harbour and thus the whole coastline changed.) Looking Eastwards, the territory will be familiar with the Castle of the Cape of Good Hope. Devil's Peak is now recognizable in the background" - Seen in the photograph below. Had to be the devil looking over the shoulder to what is happening, particularly with the heavenly signs of Hope!

Hermes (or Mercury) holding his staff watching from the roof of the Castle of Good Hope in Cape Town, South Africa. Mercury is a heavenly messenger that rules Gemini - my sun birthsign!

There are so many other connections to Amsterdam, New York, London and where I live now it is impossible to ignore. What is important is to try and bring what is relevant for people to know to understand that while there has been horrific abuses in history and still today, I hope that especialy people who sit in lofty positons can realise a higher consciousness and see that everyone has a right to be treated with dignity and respect, the needy and vulnerable cared for and to remember wealth does not bring respectability from truly noble people. We are not measured by what we have but what is in our heart and our intentions too!

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Important Solar Flare 1st June 1960

The Solar Flare of June 1, 1960
Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies, School of Cosmic Physics, Dunsink Observatory.

"A SOLAR flare in the 3+ category of importance and of exceptionally large extension was observed on June 1 at the Royal Greenwich Observatory, Herstmonceux, and at a number of other solar stations in Europe. We have recently been analysing the film in Hα light taken with the Lyot heliograph at the Royal Observatory, Cape of Good Hope, which gives a complete record of the flare at 1-min. intervals under cloudless conditions." (1)

It is partularly interesting to discover this being recorded and documented in the Netherlands, although no surprise given the people who are aware of galactical and cosmic activity.  Diagrame and explanation can be found in the Journal: Bulletin of the Astronomical Institutes of the Netherlands, Vol. 17, p.56 . (2)  

As we can see this was of international interest including in a number of solar stations in Europe and the Royal Observatory, Cape of Good Hope, from a spiritual perspective, is revealing Good Hope for the future.  

The 1st June 1960 I was born in Beulah Crescent, Thornton Heath, Croydon, Surrey.  While knowing my birthplace it is only more recently that I realised the spiritual connection with the location that coincides with the Divine Plan. For example Beulah land relates to the Promised Land. Crescent to the moon. Thornton - is a reminder of the Holy Thorn and this is connected to the Christ family. Christ also had a crown made of thorns placed on his head when he was crucified. Heath means health and through the blood of Christ and prayer we are told we can be healed. Nothing is coincidence at all.

In Thornton Heath is also Zion Road and The Greek Orthodox Church in Jerusalem is Patriarche of Holy Zion. Beulah also means Heavenly Zion. This year the London 2012 Olympics has the Zion Logo and all this together cannot be ignored. This information has come to light over time and revealed to me. My sharing is to show everything is connected and to show that God is actually the Architect of the Universe and his plan is to the finest detail. 

Even though officials and man made laws deny heritage by Divne Right, I take my Oath to Serve God very seriously. The English court is promoting the THEFT of people's inheritance and promoting corruption too - plus the most diabolical human rights abuses. However, in London England I was forced to go to court and take an Oath and this still stands and I realise in the Divine Plan this was necessary for Divine Judgement.. The British Establishment have been confronted many times to meet their obligations and have still declined to do so. This is reason why British Media reports 150 Law courts being closed down is just the start of many changes taking place.

God's Kingdom does not excuse violating the people.

When Jesus Christ was born there were signs in the heavens. The ancients were expecting his birth is why the Kings went to Bethlehem, They followed the Star. I am not an astronomer, however on the day his mother Mary was born, there will have also been signs in the heavens known by those with understanding and awareness. Because Mary was a girl and the regime at the time, this changed the course of her 'assumed' destiny, Mary was chosen to be exactly as she meant to be and born in exactly the place where she was born - it is documented her mother St. Ann was born in Bethlehem. This is also significant in the divine plan and relevant for understanding. 

With all the talk of Solar flares, I have raised concerns about actions and reactions in the heavenly and earthly realms. Also I am concerned with all the destruction taking place that this could attract destuction to our planet and it would take a miracle of God to change a planetary collision. Recently I was guided to discover the significant recorded flare on the day on my birth. Perhaps there is one recorded on yours too. Other information has come to my attention that corresponds wth this that I will share later.
Other than planetary placements, here given is documented evidence of global interest of activity in the heavens that show signs to mark of my birth!

The divine plan is to unite people together in peace and to enable humanity to realise a higher consciousness. There are people who are waiting for this to happen.  There are also people obstructing the progress of humanity and a spiritual battle is taking place. As above so below and the universe is corrresponding with what is happening on earth.

God Wins in the End and we are living in the end times. With every ending is a new begining. We have entered a 'new age' - The Golden Age pertains to Enlightement - or is it it doom and complete destruction of our planet. It is time to wake up and decide now!

NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory captured this view of a powerful M3.6 Class solar flare on Feb. 24, 2011 during a 90-minute sun storm.Go to video for more information on this.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

Coronal Mass Ejection 2012 SOLAR STORM

Thursday, 24 May 2012

8000 Young Voices have 'Got the Power'

These days I have had visitors - children, sharing their experiences and learning at school.  The Pyramids, Egypt, King Tutunkamun and Moses have been just some of the subjects they have been covering this week. In earlier articles I started to write sharing insights and relevent information that has been revealed to me. This is not coincidence - everything happens in the right time. This is a time of spiritual empowerment for everyone!

With the door open, the little ones walk as if my home is an extension to theirs. By encouraging their communication, this assists their development and confidence. Yesterday what started with a 6 year old knocking on my door because she was upset over being left out. About an hour later, the children from 2 to 11 year olds wanted to come join us, instead of playing out together in the sunshine. After mediating for the children to sort out their differences, hug and apologise, they all wanted to sing. Even the two year old sang baa baa back sheep - everyone was happy.

Never a dull moment and yet sadly so many parents are too busy to listen to their children who are often very entertaining. Children live under totally different ideals to adults. Their minds and hearts they have their own uniqueness and innocence. Children share their awareness and understanding many adults have forgotten about. Children have thoughts and feelings that adults sometimes forget, or do not take into consideration. Children can also struggle to understand why parents are moody, bossy and even strict.  So today my explaining included reminding the girls why their parents set boundaries and must know where they are because they love them; not as a punishment. When adults do not explain their reasoning this can be confusing.

Children are hungry to learn and also express their truth.

This afternoon when the 11 year old came in to see me again, she started singing the song lyrics 'I Got the Power' - this was quite a change from yesterday when showing shyness in front of her friends. Eventually she sang for me and in front of her friends too. Today she seemed to be more confident in herself and singing away without being self conscious. An overnight transformation.

Singing is not just about singing in tune - every song carries a message. Songs can come to our mind for a reason. Look on the internet to access the lyrics and see the message being conveyed and how this realates to your truth. Songs express thoughts, feelings and influence too. There are songs with positive messages and those with a destructive message too. Not everyone takes the time to locate the lyrics of a song and understand the meaning.

The children told me about singing in MEN Arena in the video below. They also spoke of singing in Victoria Halls in Bolton - the name meaning VICTORY. When children are encouraged to sing, their voices will be heard and validated.  This prepares for their voices to be heard as adults in the world too. This message is getting BIGGER AND BETTER AND LOUDER - this is an example of how pure truth always comes to light. People are hearing now.

The people who are spiritually blind and closed in their hearts will not get what is happening in these times. A clear message being sent out in the world to those who try to silence the truth, the truth will come to light anyway. Everyone has a valid voice and especially children.  No one has a right to silence the voice of anyone. No matter what, CHILDREN will have their voice heard and yet sadly today, there are still children who are not being listened to who are suffering. Every child has a right to express their truth, without fear or intimidation. If parents are not listening and teachers are not hearing either, there at least somewhere there will be someone who will listen.

There are adults who want to be leaders and yet they have no interest or intention to empower other people. Parents influence their children, not always in a positive and productive way. If teachers are teaching what they do not understand, then what are the people learning? There are self styled spiritual teachers and people who claim to give spiritual guidance and yet have not developed the understandng and responsibiity that is entailed in enabling other people to progress spiritually.

The children are teaching the adults today, although not every adult has realised this yet. Gone are the days to fill childrens heads with useless information. When creative expression is encouraged, children bring to light what is held inside their being.

Not everyone understands why Britain/America etc Got Talent shows and X factor auditions are attracting huge participatiion. These shows have people singing again. Many millions of people are singing and having their hearts moved - people are feeling again. Whether you have a fine tuned voice or not, there is no reason to hold back from singing too. In an earlier article I wrote about the message 'it is not about the money' as a reminder not to make money your focus to decide to say or do something. If you hold back your true self, your light will not shine brightly.

We are not conforming robots to fit into a social norm. Within our being a spark of energy propels us to progress and learn; to grow and evolve spiritually. We have a whole lot more to contribute to this world than we realise. If you allow other people to measure who you are and tell you what to do, you might be put off doing what you have been born to do and being who you really are. The Xfactor movement is a growing amount of people who overcame insecurities and barriers to stand up and sing in front of judges. Today the auditions are held in front of a live audience and everyone is having their moment on stage.  Over the years record companies recieved countless tapes of people who might never be heard. Today on YouTube countless people are singing - they have found their voice too. A global movement of people are directly involved with empowering other people, just by singing a song.
The spiritual alchemist realises the power of thought and the consequences. There is also a calling for being responsibile. Just by lighting one candle, many other candles can be lit. People will continue to light their candles and before we know it, a million candles have been lit from one flame of light. When I trained in the healing and helping profession, I chose to assist recovery in an area of high stigmatisation by doctors and therapists. Their attitude was creating blocks to recovery.  Attitudes need to change and are doing so today people can access the right help more easily. Single handedly I defied the blocks and also brought the concept of self healing and recovery to the internet - when professionals said this wouild never work.. The danger of giving people labels is that a label has nothing to do with being a human being. Blocking communication creates a bigger problem that the solution has been found, just with the internet. The internet allows people to write and communicate their inner voice. A clear vision and action to start the ball rolling to assist healing is being seen today where countless people are communicating openly, especially by writing and joining the self healing movement too.

See my earlier article about Johah. He has inspired thousands of people to respond and from this more people sharing their secrets too. The written word is powerful indeed - written from our heart!

Empowering people is not easy because we are complex beings. There are people who hold back their voice because of an emotional or psychological block. Removing the blocks allow freedom of expression. We know where our insecurities and blocks are also why they are there . So many adults and children put on a brave face and smile, yet inside hiding great sadness and even hurt. It is really quite something to see that people now globally valuing the self help for healing because enduring silent suffering can lead to long term problems and addictions - a cycle that is difficult to break free from. Within our being we hold the answers we need to hear to assist our own healing and also what we really want to do in life. Esoteric knowledge relates to inner knowlege.

Silent suffering serves no one. Everyone has a voice for a reason. Silencing children is silencing the voices of the future and for humanity to progress forward. The children need to be allowed to be listened to and to express their truth too. If we are not meant to communicate vocally - God would not have given us a voice. With our first breath of life, our voice was heard in the world.

Today the world is getting up singing and dancing - This is far more productive than war, fighting and hurting each other. Everyone can sing if they want to. At one time families formed their own entertainment at home. Singing is not all about fame and wealth. The millions of people who burst into song while in the shower or bath are not thinking abuot fame and wealth in their naked state that is for sure. There is power in self expression. We are given a voice to communicate. The voices being silenced now are those who say 'you cannot do that' and 'you are wasting your time'.

It is a discipline to communicate our own truth. This is a challenge that everyone is being invited to overcome because unless you are able to listen to your inner being, you will not be hearing the information that you are meant to hear for you. Within our being is a wealth of understanding. Everyone has their hidden strengths and talents. It is up to everyone to discover this for theirselves - everything is within your being. If we do not realise we have a heart to care about people, there is a part of our being that is blocked and this is fundamental to being a human being. Living with feeling is not just about loved ones. We will naturally extend this to care about strangers and humanity as a whole. Our senses are sharpened and awareness too when our heart is open.

Whether a child is 2 or an adult is 82, each voice has just as much importance and relevance. Giving the children an opportunity to express their truth and follow through what they really want to do, is why they will try again and strive to do attain other goals. Givng the elderly their voice is a reminder that they are still human and valued as people too. People with experience have a lot to share and we can learn from other people's learning.

In the entertainment business, even the well known pop stars are human and have to overcome their insecurities. Here 8000 children gathered togther in the audience and they are singing - the show is all about listening to the children's voices.  Many thousands of people are taking this message in even if they are not aware of it. The sound quality is not good however, this is reality!

Empowering children and helping to build their confidence with creative and personal expression is just one aspect to enable the young ones to harness their strengths. It does not serve any positive purpose to keep children and adults down. Society cannot progress when people are deliberately kept down and oppressed. It serves no positive purpose to be seen as worthless and for this reason the term commoner needs to be dropped altogether to describe any people. In England a large amount of the population see theirselves as being lesser or inferior beings. They are not! The Queen is supposed to be 'empowering' and protecting people.

There is a mindet that is still around that children should be seen and not heard, however if children are suffering and silenced they might be holding back not just in childhood but also in their adult years. For many years listening to 'the dialogue' of adults who think they know better, is a reminder to encourage children to beleive in theirselves and be true to theirselves too. In the Eyes of God everyone is equal. Every life that has been created as nature intended. Our voices are for a reason. Sound is energy.

In school children are taught religious education and in its proper setting spiritual teaching can also be about empowering people and learning the lessons from the past. Seeing Jesus Christ as the King and God Almighty as the Big boss who Rules this world is a reminder that the wicked people in high places will be removed, even if the forces from the heavenly realms remove them...

Nurture your children with love and they will love naturally.

Everyone is born with a voice and communicating our truth is our birthright. Children can easily be stunted and oppressed, shy and hesitant to express their truth. For this reason I encourage everyone to search in their heart for their truth and to be true to theirselves. Children and adults do not want to live in fear. While there are adults who are blind to so much, children learn by observation and  listening. Children notice there are people suffering in the world and want to do something about it.

As a child I knew about people dying of famine and homelessness and knew none of this was necessary. I did not have the money to provide the need and build schools, neither did I own the land to make sure that everyone could grow food to eat. Fifty years on the overlords still control the land and yet what are they doing to help people? When adults are incompetant and incapable of empowering people, then this is reflected in society. My focus is to assist healing and especially to encourage children and adults in their spiritual development. Our voice reveals our strengths and what is relevant to our life path. Spiritual empowerment is enabling people to realise the power within our being too.

If we allow the world to be guided by children, there would be many happy ever afters and more people will communicate in truth. There would be more laughter in the world too. Children and animals are sensitive to energy and people - they 'know' when something is not right. When children see adults hurting each other - they hurt and feel suffering when they witness this too.  Children can be nurturing in their nature, comforting and  notice everything and we are moving to a time where adults must listen. Their minds are forming decisions and already young ones are thinking about what they want to do with their life and future.

Too many adults feel they are powerless. Children are not!

The Lyrics to the song in video - Power In Me

When the race is nearly done,
And I feel I can’t go on,
I know I can do something about it.
My heart will start to race,
My body find the motion,
And I will feel empowered from within.

I’ve got the power in me, You’ve got the power in you.
I’ve got the power, p p power, got the power in me.
Nobody’s gonna hold me back,
Nobody’s gonna silence my words,
Nobody’s gonna close my mind,
I’ve got the power in me!
Verse 2

When someone’s needing help, And the world
just walks on by,
I know I can do something about it.
I’ll stand up for their rights,
My voice will find the words,
And I will feel empowered from within.

I’ve got the power in me, You’ve got the power in you.
I’ve got the power, p p power, got the power in me.
Nobody’s gonna hold me back,
Nobody’s gonna silence my words,
Nobody’s gonna close my mind,
I’ve got the power in me!

When my mind is closing down, And I’m lacking inspiration,
I know I can do something about it.
No one can stop me learning,
Create my dreams and future,
And I will feel empowered from within

I’ve got the power in me, You’ve got the power in you.
I’ve got the power, p p power, got the power in me.
Nobody’s gonna hold me back,
Nobody’s gonna silence my words,
Nobody’s gonna close my mind,
I’ve got the power in me!

We got the power
You got the power
I got the power the power in me!
We got the power Got the power!
You got the power Got the power!
I got the power, the power in me Got the power in me!

I’ve got the power in me, You’ve got the power in you.
I’ve got the power, p p power, got the power in me.
Nobody’s gonna hold me back,
Nobody’s gonna silence my words,
Nobody’s gonna close my mind,
I’ve got the power in me!

When a child is singing these words - this is their truth!

The power of love is powerful. Caring about humanity is a choice. The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care. The most priceless gift we can give is Love! Love nurtures growth.

The wisdom I share is with a lifetime of study and experience. Wisdom relates to understanding - not sharing information for the sake of it. I have been fortunate to be raised by a Great Lady who even when she became paralysed from the neck downwards, my mother still encouraged everyone with their personal growth and was fair to everyone. Our teachers are our influences. This courageous Lady of honor, integrity and rightousness is the teacher who I hold in my heart and honor to this day.

There is a standard that is difficult to meet, to merit respect that does not come from status. There is no competition. Keeping people down does not merit respect. Doing right by people does!

There are evil forces and those who are dabbling especially to persecute the members of the Christ family. The Holy Spirit within is GOD GIVEN to EMPOWER PEOPLE! You have within you a light that is meant to shine. You are born to live and thrive.

In the divine plan, everything will happen according to God's Commandment. God has already forseen all the evil ways of men - who, what, where and when. This is already written in the Holy Scripture. Even changing names and masking locations, this does not change the truth. No man can deny anyone's birthright.

In the Spiritual battle, God wins and does not change His truth!

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Madonna The Great Priestess

Arriving center stage pulled by Roman soldiers Madonna's dramtic entrance reflects her status in the entertainment world.  Madonna has been described as the Great Priestess and we see here she is sitting on a Golden Throne with two sphyix figures. Everything is relevant to understand. Nothing is coincidence.

The seventh Tarot card, The Chariot signifies the Exalted One.. The two sphinxes drawing the chariot which the victorious ruler is moved continuously through the various parts of his universe. With the coronet is showing as a crowned Male as the representative of God on Earth, the Spiritually Enlightened male.

In the ancient times, Kings and Queens were divinely inspired by God. The mystery being revealed above and below relate to the Kingdom and the crown. We can see Madonna dressed in Gold. When Queen Elisabeth II was crowned she also was dressed in a Gold dress over her white dress. She was being cloaked in the God of the Sun (Cloak of Christ). Here Madonna is already cloaked in Gold. Madonna is also known as the Queen of the Music industry.

 In ancient times Heliopolis was the City of the Sun in Egypt. The City associated with the "Eye of the Sun" Here is another article with some more information.

A reminder in ancient times, the Isis Gene passed from mother to daughter.  The spiritual mystery we cannot fully understand unless we know ourself and seek the truth, the truth of what is relevant to know will come to light.. These days, the children at schools locally - 6 and 11 year olds have been discussing Egypt and the Pharoahs.  Also Moses is relevant with the Gate with the Levites because they carried the Ark of the Covenant in the ancient times. The Levites proved they can be trusted to follow God's commandments. This means to listen to and be guided by God's instruction. God chose the Levites for this purpose!

Life is a mystery and everyone must stand alone, is relevant because we are all here on our own spiritual journey, learning our own lessons and we will heal, learn, grow and evolve accordingly. We have reached a point again where people are ready to progress to realise a higher consciousness and connection with the divine.

In the video at the begining during Madonna's entrance, notice the fire that could be the depiction of the destruction of the old Kingdom. There have been a few fires lately. At the end of the video the song 'like a prayer' with a message for peace that puts everything in perspective.There is a global campaign now for world peace and Madonna is promoting this. Madonna is also a name of the Virgin Mary whose presense is being felt by millions of people today. The Holy Mother of humanity as a coredemtrix, intercessor for prayer and comforter has never changed.

The Vigin Mary was a High Priestess, raised in the Temple. She served God as an intercessor for prayer and whatever her calling was in her lifetime - she was the chosen one who was the link between man and God. Mary was born for her Spiritual purpose as an individual and to be the Mother of the Living Word of God with her son Jesus Christ who without being born and living his life on earth, people would not Know of the Spirit of God in person.

In the divine plan throughout the ages Mary has always held a role as uniting humanity together in peace. It is particularly interesting as we see that history will keep repeating itself until people learn the lessons. God does not change his truth and the Dukes and Princes in this world have to face that He is the Boss.

We are seeing lots of signs around. A throne, pyrmaids, the all seeing eye and Madonna being led by Rome! The Pope understands spiritual enlightenment. Humanity must strive for a fair and ethical world with officials working in the peoples best interest as a priority. There has been far too many wars, suffering, injustice and human rights abuses taking place for too long. Enough now especially of the religious arguments and creating confusion in the world.. If preachers do not have a personal relationship with God, they should not be teaching about Him.

People in England bow down to wealth. Prnce Phillip reportedly said if he is to return in another life he wants to be a deadly virus to deal with overpopulation. The Daily Mail reported Charles was planning a car accident with Diana's car. This is an UNHOLY mindset. The people hoping Catherine will give birth to another Diana is never going to happen. MtDNA passes from mother to daughter. MtDNA cannot be passed down from a son to a daughter. A daugher of Catherine will inherit her mother's MtDNA.

The Virgin Mary comes from the HOLY Bloodline. She is born into the Royal Priesthood and was anointed by God. There are those who reject apostolic succession and it is not for anyone, not even King or Queen to get in the way of God's Plan and what has been promissed for the people. Global Peace is overdue and justice too.

Let the entertainment industry show that people have a choice to express their truth. There are many thousands of people who are from a royal and noble bloodline. This is not the time for people to be oppressed and kept down by those who are self serving. It is time for humanity to be empowered again and realise a higher consciousness. Spiritual blindness serves no positive purpose!

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Giving My Respect and Honor

A video to show the challenge and determination of people to overcome limitations and break down the barriers of social acceptance in society. Removing the stigmatisation of disability and walls of ignorance to show people for who they really are. Acknowleging every carer and helper who watch very vulnerable people face the struggle within to come to terms with paralysis to realise life is still worth living and with their help and love, support and dedication of loved ones, life can still go on.

My mother was paralysed from the neck downwards and it was an Honor to help her realise a life beyond a wheelchair. She was also one of the most challenging people who forced me to grow. Also I have a personal relationship with God. Without Faith in Him I would not continue to push the boundaries to sometimes think I have gone too far but this proves that other people understand exactly where I have been coming from. Just because someone is paralysed from the neck down does not mean they are not a human being with thoughts and feelings. This video brings back memories of sometimes very overwhelming challenges to defy all those who were open to say my mother would be better off dead. They were blind to the person she was. A more real and whole person than many people will ever realise in their expeirience. 

Never give up on life and remember, next time you see someone who is in a wheelchair, think on, they might have been walking one day and living a perfectly normal life. Overnight our life can change. No matter what, we all have thoughts and feelings, especially the people who have physical limitations. This year it is my determination to bring this message home that we must all break down the barriers of limitations in our mind - especially how we see people. Reaching out to show you are is not sympathy but shows you are a human being. If you are not connected to your feelings, then you are unlikely to respond in situations that will take you out of your comfort zone to enable other people!

My mother was my greatest teacher and inspiration for courage. Today so many people are inspirational and a reminder that we can do something, even if we need a helping hand to rely on to reach a goal. We can lend a helping hand to people who have physical limitations. Everyone who has realised their inner strength and propelled theirself forward, has done so because within our being there is a spark of life that pushes us to reach our goals. The people who lose the use of their physical body have to rely on their mind and their will power. Their helpers, family, friends, loved ones and even strangers are the extra hands and legs of these people yet never forgetting the human being, who is the reason, we go that extra mile with them. I would not hve become the person I am today, if it was not for my mother Athena.

The system filled with corruption, paralyses people and destroys lives. It takes people who are paralysed to be a reminder that even the law courts have no right to cripple anyone with their small minded self serving avarice and self rightousness arrogance. When a king or queen can empower people and a judge can stand even in my mothers shoes, then they will all realise that they have no authority to influence anyones life to their detriment.. The royal ambassadors to the paralympics might get the applause and photo opportunity - what are they doing to make a real difference in the world. Strip away the palaces, wealth and titles and let's see who these people really are and what they are about. Respectable?

This video above shows the people who merit respect and honor.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria ♥

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Listen to Your Heart - Follow Your Truth!

Everyone has the truth in their heart of what holds meaning and purpose. No one can live your life for you or even tell you what is right for you. It is when we realise we have a purpose that life can change and tranform. As we transoform and grow, we are shining a light for other people to do the same. We are living for life now.

Do not let money or the lack of money be and obstacle to live your life or to do what you really want to do. What you really want to do is going to make a powerful difference in transforming your life and how you see yourself. An unfulfilled person with no purpose might never realise the experience of fulfillment as a way of being. Every goal we set out to achieve and meet, is a goal that is fulfilled.

For everyone who puts you off what you want to do, let me remind you to keep listening to you. Follow what is right for you and always listen to your heart not the influences that do not beleive in you. Insecurity holds everyone back. Giving up is why so many people never take the initial steps to reach their destination.

The motivation to make a difference and help someone to love is what is bringing so many people to realise a life with a greater purpose. Sharing this heartwarming and inspirational video of one many who followed his heart. See the difference in 9 months!

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

Miracles Do Happen!

Words cannot easily explain miracles and the miracles of life. Understanding comes with experience. Sharing understanding is to inspire hope and realisation that you can call for help and be an intercessor to help other poeple, with divine intervention.

Everyone who is called to help out in a crisis, is not doing this because it is their paid job. We are all instruments to assist the divine plan and if we are willing to be guided to help people, we can be instruments to help people too. When we call out for help to deal with any situation we will be given this help.

The power of prayer is powerful. Asking for God's intercession to heal is why so many people are praying for humanity today. Miracles happen when man or woman asks in sincere prayer. We are not God. We are helpers to enable divine intervention.

Everyone has a guardian angel. Everyone is given access to communicate with Jesus Christ directly. Everyone can call on the Holy Mother to hear prayers and she is called because she was and is in direct relationship with God. There is no reason why anyone cannot realise a higher consciousness and understand the importance of prayer. There is too much confict and religous battles happening when evidently there is a lack of spiritual understanding that is being shared yet again in this point of time.

The next time you feel a sudden urge to stop and help someone, it is because you are being guided to. In a moment of crisis you might be the one person who is the heaven sent helper to assist someone's needs. This is not an ego trip. It is a privilege to be able to make a positive difference. This is not something to stand on stage and boast about. This cannot be bought or sold; in the same way sincere prayers are heard and answered. God's servants are people who take their responsible role in life very seriously.

Sometimes we are holding a very vulnerable person's life in our hands. Calling for an ambulance for someone who has been in an accident, alerts medical experts. Never underestimate why caring about people is your role too. Not everyone will know who dialed the telephone to call an ambulence but the people who do, were called to do so. The person who dialled the emergency room is not running and saying 'if it was not for me you would not be alive'. If anything if people realised the positive diffrence they made to assist life, this might encourage more people to be aware of their process and everyone else's part in keeping this world with providing services to enble people with their every need.

In the photograph we see medical intervention being given on a roadside. First point emergency intervention is not done in a clinical sterile room. The people who find theirselves in situations are the right person to assist in that situation. One time I saw a man fall over and people were shouting redicule, saying he was a drunk. Normally I would not have crossed the road to check out what was happening. This time I was urged to. The man could have been homeless. He was a familiar face to the people. Instinctively I asked the police to call the ambulence and they did not. Out of my mouth I yelled at them to call and ambulence and said 'this man has had a heart attack'. The look on their face said it all. When the ambulence arrived someone said 'I was brave'. No I was not but this is a reminder, the man might not have lived if I listened to other people. The man got treatment and care in hospital and food to eat. Who knows, maybe his life will have transformed by all the people who showed him care. Nurses and doctors usually enter the healing profession because they care about people.

When people say 'you are wasting your time' in a crisis, or when we walk by someone who is in a desperate situation, we can still ask 'God please help this person'. Trusting the divine will bring the understanding to the invidividual according to their needs is about letting go and trusting God. Sometimes it is not our place to get involved and the only involvement is a prayer because the person has forgotten to pray for theirself. Pehaps they are not able to due to their being in a critical condition. Many people going through difficulty and life crisis have forgotten how to to pray and trust the mighty hand of heaven. Sometimes people go through extreme suffering before they will call out to God for help.

Sometimes people experience great suffering to assist spiritual awakening. Even to witness this, we can identify a need in the world that is being neglected. My prayers for global peace and healing is to assist peace and healing. How this will happen is with every individual being brought through their own process. With the internet today - many millions of people are comming together in friendship and communicating as friends. The way the divine plan works has been to inspire the website developers to create the resource so that people will come together. God works in so many different ways and miracles happen every day. Not everyone can see or understand because they have not learned to see and understand. Nothing is coincidence in this world.

People worry about their privacy being invaded - let privacy be invaded. Get used to God knowing everything about you and all your flaws too. Get used to being who you really are instead of holding back who you really are. Get used to being spontanious and help an old lady cross the road. Get used to showing you care.

One time I caused anger with other drivers when I noticed a blind lady trying to cross a busy road. The blind drivers did not see her and yet she could clearly hear the traffic. She said for years she had been crossing and this was the first time anyone had offered to help her. She asked my name and where I lived. She had heard about my mother and yet had never met her before. This lady taught me that blind people see clearly, by developing a heightened awareness to live life and get safely from A to B.

We do not know how we are impacting other people or in what way. Since a 5 year old I have known that prayers are heard and answered. If we do not seek the help in prayers, we will not have our prayers answered. Sometimes, there are people who are in such a crisis, they are unable to pray. We have a choice to do so or not. Even if you do not pray for someone, someone else will.

One candle can light a million flames of light. We are not the only sourse of light but we are given the light from the heavenly realms. When someone is not in direct comnection with the source, they might be drawing their light to other people. There are many people claiming to be teachers and even divinely inspired messengers and yet they are not pointing people to communicate with God directly. There are people bashing the Orthodox Priests and the Holy People from different nationalities and cultuures. There are people who are condemning the people who are meditating and sending positive thoughts around the world, in particular to heal our planet. If everyone became more conscious of their own process, then they can be useful to assist humanity in some way. There is not one person more important than another - everyone can get involved to make a positive difference.

A spiritual alchemist is one who can ask in prayer and prayers are answered. We are identifying need and bringing this need into reality. A spiritual healer is an intercessor of healing energy by calling on the spiritual realms to assist healing. We do not need to be in the same room or country to assist spiritual healing. There is no price tag involved. There are no obligations either. If you are being encouraged to depend on anyone even as a counsellor, your spiritual progress might be hindered. A counsellor assist healing. If a spiritual counsellor has not done the work on theriself to gain spiritual understanding, then this will relfect in their service. With a few fake Jesus Christs and one says he is Yahweh, a few believe they are THE Chosen One. Such is the arrogance of the EGO!

The Holy Virgin Mary was raised since birth and born a 'Chosen' assistant to God with Her Son, Jesus Christ both worked together and individually to uplift humanity. Spiritually uplifting people is also to bring people to the awareness to seek the understanding from God who is The Source of All Wisdom and Knowledge. Jesus Christ was born to bring this understanding to the earth in person and share this with people. The Priests of all Priests and Light of all Lights. His Mother was a High Priestess and of the Royal Bloodline.

As in history the same pattern will keep repeating itself so at least people today again have a chance to learn and realise a higher consciousness. Before people can progress, we must see what is in front of our eyes. If we cannot see how everything fits together, then how can we evolve spiritualy when everything is relevant?

When you are connected to the source, you are guided by the source. There is no shame to be an assistant to Christ and to help people on this planet in an ethical way. If anything this is a privilege. If we reject Jesus Christ, then how can we know the truth about God? As we are millions of people conscientiously living, learning, healing and growing, we are also assisting other people in their process too. The people who block spiritual understanding are those who place restrictions on understanding. Pure heart, pure intentions and asking in sincere prayer for guidance and understanding, you will be guided to understand accordingly. No human being has the authority 'Over God' and every opportunity is given so people can Know Him; through Jesus Christ, Holy Scriptures, Priests, Rabbis and life itself!

If people do not beleive, this is their choice and perhaps they have never had reason to beleive. Many people have rejected God although God did not reject anyone. Many people gave up on God ahd yet He never gave up on anyone so stop preaching this please!

We all have chances in life and yet many people give up on life. Even in our greatest suffering can come the greatst blessings. The reminder that we are being looked after is an experience not possible to forget. We must want this and we can ask for help.

"Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you: for every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened." Matthew 7:7

Walking in faith is nothing to do with preaching. Faith is a way of being! A growing army of people are praying for humanity and getting involved in helping to make a positive difference in this world. When we understand the value of life, we will naturally see every life as being precious. Every life is a miracle of life!

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

Would You Recognise a Terrorist?

Who is a terrorist and how does the government recognise someone? Do not make threats to officials or to people, especially do not threaten Muslims. They actually beleive in God. Do You?

Actually I am not sure they know or can see either. From personal experience, many UK officials are not the brightest bunch or seem intelligent. There are plenty of people who are in the job to be paid and as long as they stay there, they 'think' they are going to get a secure pension for the rest of their life. If officials refuse to do their job, then it is time to forgo their pension and save a few £ billion - create me a humanitarian expense account instead. It would be far more appreciated and valued by the people too.

What I do know, we either live on the side with love and care about humanity, or choose the destructive path. Many boys at the top wait for guidance and even lose their way because the people have forgotten it is our world that we are living in. We are all in this together. When you neglect your responsibility, you allow those who are misguided to make poor decisions for you.

This is why even in the Middle East we are seeing children speaking out and instructing the adult audience on the world they expect to be living in. Children have been addressing the UN and confronting adults about real concerns. If the adults do not deal with them, when the adults are dead and gone, the children will take over. The children today are the leaders and teachers of tomorrow. These children were already born for this role!

The people who have overcome personal limitations and found their voice are having their voice heard. If you were not meant to have a voice, you would not have one. The people who have gone down the destructive path and found the light, these are the people who are inspirational to enable other people to break their addictions. The people who are setting new challenges, inventing new technology, creating new realities - these are the people propelling our future - the visionaries are many. Women are being empowered now globally. Britain blocks this. Fools are British people! That is OK because the rest of the world is ready, listening and learning. People want unity, peace and justice now! Do You?

If you think that those in high places want to be the underlings to one owner of this world, think again. The Church structure has created Kings however, Charles William and Harry cannot take the place of Jesus Christ. A church that functions with hypocrisy, promotes war and injustice is not a church of God, for certain.

In a time when there is a spiritual awakening there is also spiritual derelect mentality too. People are hungry for spiritual knowledge even right at the very top. While the flash cars and toys attract those who have made the money to spend, eventually money has no real meaning. Money is not going to buy you life or even provide you a ticket to ascend to a higher understanding. Money is not going to buy you extra time, or bring back life that is lost.

For all the attempts to live hundreds of years - as people did in biblical times, officials need to stop poisoning our food, water and air we are breathing. A different attitude is needed too. Minds that are corrupted are going to self destruct and a mind that does not work in a healthy way, will serve no purpose later on. The damage to the brain just with aspartame and fluoride in the water miight be irreparable. Once the brain wiring is disfunctional or broken down, t is unknown if new neurological pathways can be formed, if the basic structure - like a circuit board is damaged. Too much focus is on looking good instead of developing the inner self.

Such is the rediculous attitude in England now, officials are like blind sheep and those who are crooked are protecting their own backs. Paedophilia and gang rape are not prosecuted in the club. Considering there were reportedly 160,000 hits a day on child porn sites just in England, where are the prosecutions and what is being done about this? The IP addresses were evidence to keep the police busy for their entire career with dealing with these issues. I wonder how many police have been prosecuted. Somone I have known, a company director was found with child porn; yet I doubt he was prosecuted. Pedophila is now escalating - See the reason why! Internet crime is also rising and the police are not doing anything because easy profit is made by taxes and traffic offences. UK laws is all about profit, not justice or putting right wrongs. If you have Jesus Christ as your King, then you are not following the antichrist. Those who are abusing the people are not going to get away with abusing people forever. What is gained by silence?

The problem is in high places, many people have been subject to sexual abuse and unwanted sexual experience. In a man's world not only are women being exploited but men are being raped too. There is an urgency of men who are wanting to heal and while they are turning to eachother for support in top places, not everyone is getting their needs met. Just after Diana died she visited me in a dream and said there were many people who needed my help and not to give up on people like her. The corridors of power hold secrets, lies, perversion, deception and silence from shame.

Murder, pedophilia, satanic rituals and even the killing of children are all allowed to be protected in UK. Tony Blair ensured there was media blackout on satanic ritual abuse. Child porn rings are a concern and the media are so not going to touch bringing those in high places down even though the victims are starting to speak out. Their wages are too important. When one voice finds the couage to speak out the house of cards will tumble. Those who potray theirselves as superior are protected by those who are self loathing. There are many abusers who are rotten to the core. The demons within are starting to reveal physical manifestation.

Corruption, perjury and perverting the course of Justice are rarely prosecuted unless there is a point to be made and even so, with the latest news being trawled about this, if officials are blind to what is happening within the walls of the system and even right at the top then this explains why they turn a blind eye to global concerns. Illegal wars helped to make Tony Blair a few million and yet he could have asked for 10 times more. He still cannot beleive his luck and so far he has been lucky. The police protection will not save his soul. Neither will joining the Catholic Church.

If we are to compare the intelligence of officials in USA to UK - there is a totally different mindset. I am not giong to compliment Americans too much because there are people who are not perfect there either. Also I am aware there are some intelligent officials here however where is integriy and doing right by people? Where is real leadership and the ability to empower people? Where is the authority to end the human rights abuses to women and children?

When I listen to Cynthia Mckinney, this is the standard I expect to see in political arenas with the same level of integrity. A woman who can call out where is the missing money with a sharp mind with an eye for detail. This lady does not stand for nonsense. And the boys listen and Yes they are boys! Where are the real men?

When I heard Oprah Winfrey address real life concerns years ago, she brought the taboo subjects into open discussion to assist healing with people. She put her heart on the line. She risked speaking about her personal struggles and in her experience found her strength and empowered millions of people to seek help and support. Here in Engalnd real issues are buried under the carpet and this is because the skeletons in the closet are so ugly.

The spiritually blind deaf and dumb reflect the system. Officials in England who are trying to prove theriselves to be ethical have not even began to scratch the surface of the work that has to be done. The clean up of the system is overdue. My article yesterday identified the potential threat of bombing to London hoping it does not happen and yet it seems the miliary agenda is already in place. Meanwhile there are still people in England wishing harm to foreigners. What is it with people wanting to harm people from other lands yet ignroe abuses happening on our own doorstep?

It takes guts to speak out and yet there is no reason for silence. Even if you physically cannot talk as I struggled to talk for 3 years, I had access to the internet and could type. Children have vision, understanding of real need and they are deciding to be teachers to share important lessons for learning before having any real life experience. What is particularly interesting two young girls have shown intiative to write for other children - a 6 and 8 year old!

Women in history have reminded men about what is important in life. Children bring life as a reminder that life is precious. Millions of adults have given up on life and blindly trust! Who? What? Why?

Babies can be branded as terrorists. This does not mean they are!

All these decision makers who are making rules and laws, they know they can be made voidable. However, who is eligible to make them voidable? What people do not realise all these new laws cancel out the old ones. While England enslaves people there are those who are working to free the people. Who is working for what agenda is down to the individual. Can you spot the people who are working for you. British people are blind! Millions are sleeping.

To a young vulnerable child, a pedophile is a monster to fear!

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

Why The Cow is Sacred

Many millions of people see the cow as a sacred. As the lamb is sacred to Christians, so is the cow sacred in Hinduism.

According to tradition, Lord Krishna was a cowherd, and since this time the bull has been depicted as the vehicle of Lord Shiva. The male bull is said to represent the vehicle of the Gods.

Today the cow is a symbol of Hinduism. The cow is also believed to be a symbol of the earth because she gives yet asks nothing in return. The cow is venerated and represents the Mother Goddess.

Mahatma Gandhi is said to have become a vegetarian because cows were ill-treated. Out of respect for the cow, people in India were said to have offered to take in millions of cows waiting for slaughter in Britain in 1996. Animal cruelty iis rife in England!

Initially seeing the picture posted below, the land of milk and honey came to my mind. Cows produce milk and a source of nourishment in itself. I am also reminded that cows have been given food that has been genetically altered and hormones to stimulate milk production. As a result of symptoms, antibiotics and whatever other toxins have been given to these - even as preventative measures, this is being consumed by milk drinkers.

This I beleive, was to push an agenda that was detrimental to the cows and to people. There are countless people who are showing 'lactose intolerance' and this is no surprise with the toxins they are consuming that the cow has to process. Our body is reacting to toxins. The solution is to get rid of the cause of the toxin.

Men need to stop killing animals, nature and also people in their biological warfare. Women are not to blame for all this unless the Queen has an issue with hating people to kill everyone. I doubt it.

Is the attack on the Holy Mother still prevelant in the Man's world?

Perhaps people have long forgotten about the 'mad cow disease' and this resulted in countless cows being killed. A local butcher wrote in the window of his shop 'the only mad cow you will find here is my wife' - fortunately for him she had a good sense of humor. His business did not lose trade either.

You only need to watch this short video and decide for yourself.

Females have been blamed for too long. Enough is enough now!

In a recent article I wrote about the Spiritual Keys and the Ankh. It was at this time, I had located this image and decided to write separately about this. Here she is in all her glory - The Holy Cow!

The Holy Mother protects children. She cares about Humanity.

We need to address the root cause of problems now to eliminate them. We are not born to be taking toxins for symptoms of conditions that have been created for profit. We need to all rethink our priorities. All the decisons being made to harm any animals or humans is actually unacceptable. Ladies - reclaim your power!

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria