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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Claire Lomas Overcoming Limitations

Claire Lomas became paralysed from the chest downwards, after being thrown from her horse Rolled Oats in the Osberton Horse Trials in Nottinghamshire 2007. Last year, the 32 year old former chiropractor decided she wanted to join the London Marathon.

The daily mail reports Claire completed the 26.2 mile route in 16 days. Claire walked around 2 miles a day, finishing the route in 40 hours. Clare wore a £43,000 bionic ReWalk suit designed by Israeli entrepreneur Amit Goffer. This is designed to enable people who cannot use their legs to stand, walk and climb stairs.

This year 36,000 runners completed the London Marathon. However, because Clare did not complete the London Marathon on the same day she was not elibible to be awarded a medal. Instead another runner gave her theirs and a gift to Claire.

Claire gained tremendous support and encouragement throughout her journey. Dan, her husband and young daughter Maisie were present to welcome Claire as she tearfully crossed the finish line. She was joined by many supporters and runners who had returned to the finish line to applaud Claire fulfilling her achievement.

Richard Branson's company Virgin sponsors the Marathon. His daughter Holly was at the finish line waiting to give Claire the Virin Trophy for endurance, which the company award anually.

Holly Branson when interviewed said 'She has done the most amazing job. It was so emotional when she crossed the line.' 'tears welled up in my eyes and everyone was cheering'

From a personal perspective, I am so proud of this young lady. Claire has an important influential role with other people who are paralysed. My mother became paralysed from the neck downwards in 1972 from a car crash. Her injuries were so severse she was given less than 12 months to live, It was a daily task to remind her that she still had a mind filled with wisdom and a beautiful heart, her friends loved.

During Claires hospitalisation she will have met many people with spinal injuries. Through my mothers time in hospital my eyes were open to paralysis and also learning that many people were even abandoned by their partner. To go from being able bodied to lose use of legs and arms is catastrophic for many people who are reliant on our physical body. From indpendance to total dependance is not easy for everyone.

It was because of my mothers paralysis that took me to study health and healing, personality development, mind over matter and human potential. My mother had studied for the medical profession and so I had access to her books. She became my teacher explaining the reason of paralysis being nerve damage. She remains my inspiration of courage and strength.

One time talking together, I told my mother there will be surgery to re-attach severed and mend damaged nerves in my lifetime. She was not confident in this vision and said even surgery was available she would not want this. She accepted her fate. Already she had gone through so much. It was a challenge to get her to realise she had an important purpose, beyond being a mother and wife. She became a consultant for people who sought to specialise in spinal injuries and active with the spinal injuries association.

Claire made up her mind to complete the London Marathon Route and did so. She presents a powerful reminder to everyone. It does not matter how long it would take to complete a chosen goal because it is the journey that matters. Claire proved if you make up your mind to do something you can do it.

My mother defied doctors to travel to America in her life visit her sister. My father had a pilots licence and they went flying together. At one time giving up on life to then deying every obstacle put in her way, is a reminder that we can all do this. Claire had persisted with the help of the ReWalk suit to complete her goal. Too many people are a wheelchair and not the person. Today there are paralysed people participating in the Olympic games. Who are the inspirational leaders in the world today? Claire Lomas is one!

To say I am warmed in my heart reading of Claire's achievement is an understatment. As a child I could see human potential and encouraged this in context. Today, countless people are defying limitations. These are the people I am honoring. No matter what our circumstance there will always be someone worse off. We are reminded by Claire, as I am with my mother, that we are more than our physical body and we can achieve if we really want to.

There are awards and honors given to people that makes us question who is really worthy. Claire might have won an award if she completed her trials back in 2007. Today she has the honor of respect and appreciation from people in Britain for her inspirational gift to the world. Vigin sponsors recognised Claire's courage and achievement out of 36,000 people and this says it all.

We are in an important year. The 2012 Olympics is in London and we have yet another reminder of human potential. The Olympics is not just about winning a medal. The Olympics is about acheiving goals and everyone who participlates is a winner.

Everyone who sets out to do something and strives to overcome limitations, is a winner. And if you do not succeed, try again. Less focus on material acquision and trying to appear to be better than anyone else would allow the people who are shining a very bright light to be the inspirational forces of the new generations today.

Celebrating all the wonderful women and not forgetting the men and children today who are inspirations of courage for everyone.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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