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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Friday, 4 May 2012

Dream - Given the Keys

On the 28th April I had a dream that is timely to share today.

In my dream I am inside a spacious room and handed a bunch of keys by a Lady. She is holding one to use as 'a security key' and said to keep the door locked from the inside so no one can enter. I am inside Her house and the instruction was to keep hold of the Keys until she returns and I must not give them to anyone else.

The dream continues. I am alone and look across on the sofa. On the seat is a pad of paper with pages rolled over revealing a page with writing in pencil. I was being guided to type on a laptop instead and reminded to include pictures so people can see easily how everything fits together. The dream ended here.

The key was not a Yale Key, it was a Security Key and with dreams, every element is relevent. The room I was in was not in my home although a room can represent our physical body. The knowledge we need to know is within our being. This is the meaning of esoteric knowlege. Exoteric knowledge is outside of our being. Wisdom is sharing understanding from within. Holy Wisdom is coming from God though our crown chakra and given accordingly. In ancient times the Prophets wrote divine revelation down and this is what we read in the Holy Scriptures.

In a practical sense, the dream is a reminder to keep my door locked from the inside and to write on the computer so people can read, having already written notes with information to type up and expand on. Also when I had this dream, someone said my articles would be so much easier to read with pictures too. This is why images are included here to encourage visual understanding.

In an earlier article I wrote about Amber Alert in Los Angeles and the Starbucks Logo. We see Two faces - one partly hidden and both are wearing crowns. Amber is holding a bunch of keys and some paper. A bunch of keys is to many door openings. Holding a black purse - Number 10 Downing Street has a black door and in control of public spending today. The Keys and purse is held by Amber. Paper usually indicates written information or instructions.

In a recent article I wrote about floods in England and this depicting the public purse overflowing. Water also holds spiritual and emotional value with wisdom and cleansing. While Britian has been flooding - the government have imposed extended hose pipe bans until Christmas (Christ with US). The cost of water supply is increasing and yet people have forgotten water is actually a Free Resource. There needs to be renewed thinking and conveying the right message is not easy. A pole shift will take place in the mind. Today many people are diagnosed as being bi-polar....

The Key in my dream reminds me of the Key in the Da vinci Code movie and the code being remembered and worked out. In my dream the Key I was given had already been used and handed to me by A Woman - indicating I could open and close the door. This is indicating that Women are keyholders. In ancient times women were the owners of land and property. The reason being is that women were trusted to look after the children. This is also relevant to what is happening in the present time in relation to the Divine Plan. Not everyone looks after their children and family.

The Key also reminded me of the Unity of the Churches - East and West with a Third Key holding both together. And the Holy Trinity. The churches in recent years are now uniting together in peace. Everyone is invited to to overcome their differences. Everyone has to address the wrongs and deal with the healing need. Not everyone is seeing what is happening for what is happening. History has been really ugly and there is no need for war except by those creating war for profit. It is completely against God's Law to kill anyone. With Jesus Christ as King of Kings. No man can take his place! People are waking up to this.

In the Swiss bank there are three Keys in the Logo. With the churches united, taxes have been paid and there is money going out to pay education and other costs to benefit the people. The recognised keyholder will have the authority to this account to spend wiseley. As a spiritual keyholder we do not need a physical key because what needs to be done, is being taken care of.

The Key of Life is known to be related to the ancient Middle Eastern civilisations - the ancient Greeks and Egyptians. The Quest for Imortality still exists today. The times are for assisting Spiritual Wholeness and Oneness with God again in these times. The Key Holders of divine knowledge has passed down from generation to generation. Apostolic succession also relates.

My dream is showing a physical Key being passed from woman to woman and to be returned to the same woman. Wisdom is passed from grandmother, mother to daughter - Wisdom is imparted to a spouse and children from a mother and grandmother. This is why it is most important for women especially to heal mother daughter bond and learn from experiences. A mother nurtures with love!

The ancients beleived in reincarnation of the soul. If there were not for evolved souls on this earth today we would be living in a wild jungle. God's Wisdom is passed down from generation to generation in our genetic makeup. Genesis is the Gene of ISIS.

Another Key is the Greek Key. The Spiritual Key is given to the Greek People. Writings around the time of Mary Magdalene and Jesus Christ were also written in Greek. Athena and Sophia were from Ancient Greece. Cleopatra Pharaoh of Egypt was Greek.

The Greek Orthodox have always venerated the Vigin Mary and regard Mary Magdalane as being equal to the apostles. Mary Magdalene was said to have travelled by boat to France to live. The Virgin Mary travelled to Smyrna and had a home in the Hills. The Davinci Code has helped raise awareness of the search of the Holy Grail. In the church at Rennes le Chateau is the Greek Key and the reason why there is no evidence of genealogy is because Rennes Town hall was burned down in 1910. The Greek Quarter of Smyrna was completely burned to the ground in 1922 destroying 3000 years of history - and genealogy records too.

The tax collector holds the records of people and knows who is related to who. This is done by census collections and filing tax returns. The royal family trace their lineage to ancient times. Even if all these were destroyed, still God will bring the truth to people and there are enlightened minds who are on this earth. People who are spiritually enlightened are motivated to uplift humanity. Any representative of God is not for one peoples and not for another.

Queen Elisabeth II does not ask for money from anyone. She carries in her purse a £10 note. The government takes care of financial matters. The Queen will advise on areas to be addressed even in relation to spending. Prince Charles has also been crowned with his own powers to make decisions as the Prince of Wales. In his marriage to Camilla, the Orthodox CROWN is a Royal Crown and none of the British Royal family can deny my birth heritage.

The Olympics is being held in London this year the 2012 Logo is written Zion. Mount Zion is in Jerusalem and the Patriarch is the Greek Orthodox Church. The King of the Greek Orthodox Church is Jesus Christ. The Divine Plan is to unite humanity in Peace.

This article started with sharing my dream and showing how everything connects together to bring about renewed understanding, with what is happening in the times. Recently someone said 2012 is when the Greek God's are returning. This is certainly a time for spiritual awakening and right teaching.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria