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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Thursday, 3 May 2012

Dubai - Khalifa Tower

Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest man-made structure is a skyscraper in Dubai. United Arab Emirates opened with the most spectacular celebration - iluminated with lights in the night skys on 4th January 2010. The following was recorded from this event.

The opening ceremony was dubbed as the most technologically advanced show, featuring fireworks, laser lights, a dancing fountain (known as the Dubai Fountain) along with all synchronized to dramatic music - an precisionally presented visual orchestra for everyone to enjoy and celebrate. Burj Dubai Khalifa Website:

Burj in Arabic means Tower. Burj relates to places, buildings and organisations. The more generally known meaning of khalifa refers to the successor of Prophet Muhammad. Khalifa is an Arabic word meaning 'One who succeeds' or 'Wisdom Leader' or Guided One.

The people who are spiritually awakened can see the signs of the times. Jesus Christ was born and raised in the Middle East and so this is why he and the Virgin Mary are known with much loved in this part of the world. People in the middle east honor and hold the Virgin Mother Mary as the most blessed woman ever lived.

Nothing is hidden from anyone. We just need to open our eyes to see clearly. If we want to know how God is working in this world, it is in this way we understand. Many millions of people have been praying for peace and with this focus peace is manifested. Sincere prayers are heard and answered. This is time for blessings.

It is not a coincidence that the lights are revealing a Christmas Tree. The Christ Family Tree of Jesse, father of King David is also the Tree the Virgin Mary and Christ were born from - the bloodine of the anointed Priest Kings. This is the Royal Holy Bloodline.

Dubai is of international appeal and culturally diverse with people travelling for shopping holidays, business and to live. With tax free shopping, owning a home there has tax advantages too. The laws are meant to present decency and morality within society and not to keep people down. Dubai celebrates advanced minds and we can see this in the buildings. The buildings are relevant because 'God inspires achitecture and also building work too.

'The Khilafah is the pillar upon which other pillars rest' Al-Qurtubi

In history, destruction of previous temples and buildings have paved a way for supremacy. With this knowledge from ancient times has disappeared underground. In recent years ancient scrolls have been found and people are now sharing openly the ancient wisdom teaching given to their tribes. The wisdom for spiritual enlightenement is not lost or deliberately hidden.

Prophet Muhammad shared the messages of all the previous prophets to the people, including Jesus Christ at a time when people were lost. He did not want to be seen in the same light as Jesus Christ and for this reason even in the story of Islam, his face is hidden. Muhammad was a messenger who was valuable to bring all the previous teachings to the people or they might not have had access to ths today. Not everyone accepted him for reasons that are written in history. Not every man respects women.

Since the time of Muhammad there have been many wars and battles for 'political' control of territory. It is important to remember that Jesus Christ conqested this world with love and wisdom. The Sword being used today is Spoken WORDS. 'The Pen is mightier than the Sword' is a reminder of contracts that can be made null and void. Also Contracts can be signed and sealed forever. The Seal Jesus Christ fulfilled in his time is for Universal Peace, Justice and Brotherhood of Man. This Law is unchanged.

From a spiritual perspective, this tower is a reminder of God's Wisdom and The Law from the Christ family. The interpretation of the law and even changing the laws is why innocent people have suffered losses, punishment and even death. The person who has the authority to change the Law's today is one who Brings God's Law to 'protect' the people and prevent abuses from officials.

It is not God's Will to keep everyone down and oppressed.

Tall towers and buildings are meant to be seen. The highr they go, the closer they are to the heavens. As the tallest building, we are reminded of the Almighty Creator of Heaven and Earth. Because the tower is built on the ground, we are seeing the celebration of God's Wisdom on earth. People have waited a long time to Be Free!

The Burj Khalifa shows the world Dubai welcomes the Guided one.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria