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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
♥ Campaigning for justice, global peace, healing and taking care of the world we live in ♥

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Giving My Respect and Honor

A video to show the challenge and determination of people to overcome limitations and break down the barriers of social acceptance in society. Removing the stigmatisation of disability and walls of ignorance to show people for who they really are. Acknowleging every carer and helper who watch very vulnerable people face the struggle within to come to terms with paralysis to realise life is still worth living and with their help and love, support and dedication of loved ones, life can still go on.

My mother was paralysed from the neck downwards and it was an Honor to help her realise a life beyond a wheelchair. She was also one of the most challenging people who forced me to grow. Also I have a personal relationship with God. Without Faith in Him I would not continue to push the boundaries to sometimes think I have gone too far but this proves that other people understand exactly where I have been coming from. Just because someone is paralysed from the neck down does not mean they are not a human being with thoughts and feelings. This video brings back memories of sometimes very overwhelming challenges to defy all those who were open to say my mother would be better off dead. They were blind to the person she was. A more real and whole person than many people will ever realise in their expeirience. 

Never give up on life and remember, next time you see someone who is in a wheelchair, think on, they might have been walking one day and living a perfectly normal life. Overnight our life can change. No matter what, we all have thoughts and feelings, especially the people who have physical limitations. This year it is my determination to bring this message home that we must all break down the barriers of limitations in our mind - especially how we see people. Reaching out to show you are is not sympathy but shows you are a human being. If you are not connected to your feelings, then you are unlikely to respond in situations that will take you out of your comfort zone to enable other people!

My mother was my greatest teacher and inspiration for courage. Today so many people are inspirational and a reminder that we can do something, even if we need a helping hand to rely on to reach a goal. We can lend a helping hand to people who have physical limitations. Everyone who has realised their inner strength and propelled theirself forward, has done so because within our being there is a spark of life that pushes us to reach our goals. The people who lose the use of their physical body have to rely on their mind and their will power. Their helpers, family, friends, loved ones and even strangers are the extra hands and legs of these people yet never forgetting the human being, who is the reason, we go that extra mile with them. I would not hve become the person I am today, if it was not for my mother Athena.

The system filled with corruption, paralyses people and destroys lives. It takes people who are paralysed to be a reminder that even the law courts have no right to cripple anyone with their small minded self serving avarice and self rightousness arrogance. When a king or queen can empower people and a judge can stand even in my mothers shoes, then they will all realise that they have no authority to influence anyones life to their detriment.. The royal ambassadors to the paralympics might get the applause and photo opportunity - what are they doing to make a real difference in the world. Strip away the palaces, wealth and titles and let's see who these people really are and what they are about. Respectable?

This video above shows the people who merit respect and honor.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria ♥