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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
♥ Campaigning for justice, global peace, healing and taking care of the world we live in ♥

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Hereford Flood and Royal Connections.

Still the hosepipe ban until Christmas....Why, or rather Wye!

Perhaps people will start to wake up now...perhaps not.

Notice the elegent swans coming with the others together. One is leading the way. The Queen is said to own all the swans. In the picture above, we see the leader of the family guiding the way. Swans love water and the Queen is Queen of the seas - Queen Elisabeth christened a New Super liner in her name.

Worcester Cathedral is seen in the photograph above and below - 'Worcester' meaning 'war-castle' - the name Worcester is derived from a 'Roman town of the Weogora'. Weogora means 'from the winding river'. Cathedral relates to a 'seat' or 'thone' of a bishop or archbishop. In ancient times the throne was taken by the spiritual leader who also presides as a magistrate and governs a diocese. Today there are elected bishops and archbishops.

Worcester is associated with royalty - Royal Worcester pottery.

The city Hereford, meaning 'old Road' - the old Roman Road. This is somewhere I worked many years back and felt a connection with. A tranquil and very pretty part of England by the river Wye. Ross-on-Wye is an area with Scottish origins. Being reminded of the Rosslyn Chapel. Rosslyn meaning 'the waterfall over the edge'

Years after staying in Hereford I was told many women were drowned in the River Wye - Lose - Lose, A gentleman said I lived in Hereford in another life working as a healer and clairvoyant making herbabl remedies in my kitchen. He said that after being strapped to be drowned, I was rescued by a squires son and we swam away together to safety. He spoke of a grave. This is not something I have set out to prove either. All I know is swimming under water was easier easier to learn than on top. Our soul is not our physical body and so when we are born, our soul incarnates too. My focus is on this life and going forward.

Rsearching the internet a lady named Mary was rubbished by the media for claiming a French and Spanish Heritage and a Princess too. With Spanish, Luxumborg and 1/4 English from my father, his mother was French with a Kurdish name - English people need to face that there are foreigners - who are not enemies to destroy. Spain and France connect with the ancient Royal bloodline. Mary Magdalene went to live in France with family. The Basque region of Spain has the highest percentage of Rhesus O Negative blood group - the purest blood that can be given to anyone. In ancient times who were/are counsellors, healers and intercessors of prayer - the Royal Priesthood still lives on. Destroying evidence and people from another royal bloodline has not gone unnoticed!

The song 'ugly duckling' came to mind when I started this article and my mother sang this to me one time someone said I was ugly - at the time not even realising what 'ugly meant'. My mother survived from being in critical condition in a high dependancy spinal injury unit with had screws drilled into the side of her head with heavy weights holding her head and head in positon. 'Danny Kay' was the first words she spoke and kept repeating his name. One time she told my father 'You are not Danny Kay go away' - He drove the car and had to live with this. Even in her critical condition Danny Kay was relevant for a reason to remember.

Having recently paid a fine for my car being parked up without insurance, I am expecting another fine because I have not put it through an MOT - After injuring my foot some time ago and with a bad back I have not been driving. I paid for injurance because the law says I must have an insured car or be fined. The law makers probably own the insurance companies too. Shameful Britain! Keep fining me but remember this is Jubilee LAW NOW and Time to RETURN EVERYTHING THAT DOES NOT BELONG TO YOU!

With an increase of Britain again to profit from military - trying to provoke another war it is time to STOP ALL THE BULL SHEET!

Hereford and Worcester is mainly known for its cattle.

I am calling for an end to all war, injustice and enslaving people for profit! I look at the royal family and the party animals are not people to bow down to. The Queen has shown grace....

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria