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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
♥ Campaigning for justice, global peace, healing and taking care of the world we live in ♥

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Madonna The Great Priestess

Arriving center stage pulled by Roman soldiers Madonna's dramtic entrance reflects her status in the entertainment world.  Madonna has been described as the Great Priestess and we see here she is sitting on a Golden Throne with two sphyix figures. Everything is relevant to understand. Nothing is coincidence.

The seventh Tarot card, The Chariot signifies the Exalted One.. The two sphinxes drawing the chariot which the victorious ruler is moved continuously through the various parts of his universe. With the coronet is showing as a crowned Male as the representative of God on Earth, the Spiritually Enlightened male.

In the ancient times, Kings and Queens were divinely inspired by God. The mystery being revealed above and below relate to the Kingdom and the crown. We can see Madonna dressed in Gold. When Queen Elisabeth II was crowned she also was dressed in a Gold dress over her white dress. She was being cloaked in the God of the Sun (Cloak of Christ). Here Madonna is already cloaked in Gold. Madonna is also known as the Queen of the Music industry.

 In ancient times Heliopolis was the City of the Sun in Egypt. The City associated with the "Eye of the Sun" Here is another article with some more information.

A reminder in ancient times, the Isis Gene passed from mother to daughter.  The spiritual mystery we cannot fully understand unless we know ourself and seek the truth, the truth of what is relevant to know will come to light.. These days, the children at schools locally - 6 and 11 year olds have been discussing Egypt and the Pharoahs.  Also Moses is relevant with the Gate with the Levites because they carried the Ark of the Covenant in the ancient times. The Levites proved they can be trusted to follow God's commandments. This means to listen to and be guided by God's instruction. God chose the Levites for this purpose!

Life is a mystery and everyone must stand alone, is relevant because we are all here on our own spiritual journey, learning our own lessons and we will heal, learn, grow and evolve accordingly. We have reached a point again where people are ready to progress to realise a higher consciousness and connection with the divine.

In the video at the begining during Madonna's entrance, notice the fire that could be the depiction of the destruction of the old Kingdom. There have been a few fires lately. At the end of the video the song 'like a prayer' with a message for peace that puts everything in perspective.There is a global campaign now for world peace and Madonna is promoting this. Madonna is also a name of the Virgin Mary whose presense is being felt by millions of people today. The Holy Mother of humanity as a coredemtrix, intercessor for prayer and comforter has never changed.

The Vigin Mary was a High Priestess, raised in the Temple. She served God as an intercessor for prayer and whatever her calling was in her lifetime - she was the chosen one who was the link between man and God. Mary was born for her Spiritual purpose as an individual and to be the Mother of the Living Word of God with her son Jesus Christ who without being born and living his life on earth, people would not Know of the Spirit of God in person.

In the divine plan throughout the ages Mary has always held a role as uniting humanity together in peace. It is particularly interesting as we see that history will keep repeating itself until people learn the lessons. God does not change his truth and the Dukes and Princes in this world have to face that He is the Boss.

We are seeing lots of signs around. A throne, pyrmaids, the all seeing eye and Madonna being led by Rome! The Pope understands spiritual enlightenment. Humanity must strive for a fair and ethical world with officials working in the peoples best interest as a priority. There has been far too many wars, suffering, injustice and human rights abuses taking place for too long. Enough now especially of the religious arguments and creating confusion in the world.. If preachers do not have a personal relationship with God, they should not be teaching about Him.

People in England bow down to wealth. Prnce Phillip reportedly said if he is to return in another life he wants to be a deadly virus to deal with overpopulation. The Daily Mail reported Charles was planning a car accident with Diana's car. This is an UNHOLY mindset. The people hoping Catherine will give birth to another Diana is never going to happen. MtDNA passes from mother to daughter. MtDNA cannot be passed down from a son to a daughter. A daugher of Catherine will inherit her mother's MtDNA.

The Virgin Mary comes from the HOLY Bloodline. She is born into the Royal Priesthood and was anointed by God. There are those who reject apostolic succession and it is not for anyone, not even King or Queen to get in the way of God's Plan and what has been promissed for the people. Global Peace is overdue and justice too.

Let the entertainment industry show that people have a choice to express their truth. There are many thousands of people who are from a royal and noble bloodline. This is not the time for people to be oppressed and kept down by those who are self serving. It is time for humanity to be empowered again and realise a higher consciousness. Spiritual blindness serves no positive purpose!

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria