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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Thursday, 17 May 2012

Miracles Do Happen!

Words cannot easily explain miracles and the miracles of life. Understanding comes with experience. Sharing understanding is to inspire hope and realisation that you can call for help and be an intercessor to help other poeple, with divine intervention.

Everyone who is called to help out in a crisis, is not doing this because it is their paid job. We are all instruments to assist the divine plan and if we are willing to be guided to help people, we can be instruments to help people too. When we call out for help to deal with any situation we will be given this help.

The power of prayer is powerful. Asking for God's intercession to heal is why so many people are praying for humanity today. Miracles happen when man or woman asks in sincere prayer. We are not God. We are helpers to enable divine intervention.

Everyone has a guardian angel. Everyone is given access to communicate with Jesus Christ directly. Everyone can call on the Holy Mother to hear prayers and she is called because she was and is in direct relationship with God. There is no reason why anyone cannot realise a higher consciousness and understand the importance of prayer. There is too much confict and religous battles happening when evidently there is a lack of spiritual understanding that is being shared yet again in this point of time.

The next time you feel a sudden urge to stop and help someone, it is because you are being guided to. In a moment of crisis you might be the one person who is the heaven sent helper to assist someone's needs. This is not an ego trip. It is a privilege to be able to make a positive difference. This is not something to stand on stage and boast about. This cannot be bought or sold; in the same way sincere prayers are heard and answered. God's servants are people who take their responsible role in life very seriously.

Sometimes we are holding a very vulnerable person's life in our hands. Calling for an ambulance for someone who has been in an accident, alerts medical experts. Never underestimate why caring about people is your role too. Not everyone will know who dialed the telephone to call an ambulence but the people who do, were called to do so. The person who dialled the emergency room is not running and saying 'if it was not for me you would not be alive'. If anything if people realised the positive diffrence they made to assist life, this might encourage more people to be aware of their process and everyone else's part in keeping this world with providing services to enble people with their every need.

In the photograph we see medical intervention being given on a roadside. First point emergency intervention is not done in a clinical sterile room. The people who find theirselves in situations are the right person to assist in that situation. One time I saw a man fall over and people were shouting redicule, saying he was a drunk. Normally I would not have crossed the road to check out what was happening. This time I was urged to. The man could have been homeless. He was a familiar face to the people. Instinctively I asked the police to call the ambulence and they did not. Out of my mouth I yelled at them to call and ambulence and said 'this man has had a heart attack'. The look on their face said it all. When the ambulence arrived someone said 'I was brave'. No I was not but this is a reminder, the man might not have lived if I listened to other people. The man got treatment and care in hospital and food to eat. Who knows, maybe his life will have transformed by all the people who showed him care. Nurses and doctors usually enter the healing profession because they care about people.

When people say 'you are wasting your time' in a crisis, or when we walk by someone who is in a desperate situation, we can still ask 'God please help this person'. Trusting the divine will bring the understanding to the invidividual according to their needs is about letting go and trusting God. Sometimes it is not our place to get involved and the only involvement is a prayer because the person has forgotten to pray for theirself. Pehaps they are not able to due to their being in a critical condition. Many people going through difficulty and life crisis have forgotten how to to pray and trust the mighty hand of heaven. Sometimes people go through extreme suffering before they will call out to God for help.

Sometimes people experience great suffering to assist spiritual awakening. Even to witness this, we can identify a need in the world that is being neglected. My prayers for global peace and healing is to assist peace and healing. How this will happen is with every individual being brought through their own process. With the internet today - many millions of people are comming together in friendship and communicating as friends. The way the divine plan works has been to inspire the website developers to create the resource so that people will come together. God works in so many different ways and miracles happen every day. Not everyone can see or understand because they have not learned to see and understand. Nothing is coincidence in this world.

People worry about their privacy being invaded - let privacy be invaded. Get used to God knowing everything about you and all your flaws too. Get used to being who you really are instead of holding back who you really are. Get used to being spontanious and help an old lady cross the road. Get used to showing you care.

One time I caused anger with other drivers when I noticed a blind lady trying to cross a busy road. The blind drivers did not see her and yet she could clearly hear the traffic. She said for years she had been crossing and this was the first time anyone had offered to help her. She asked my name and where I lived. She had heard about my mother and yet had never met her before. This lady taught me that blind people see clearly, by developing a heightened awareness to live life and get safely from A to B.

We do not know how we are impacting other people or in what way. Since a 5 year old I have known that prayers are heard and answered. If we do not seek the help in prayers, we will not have our prayers answered. Sometimes, there are people who are in such a crisis, they are unable to pray. We have a choice to do so or not. Even if you do not pray for someone, someone else will.

One candle can light a million flames of light. We are not the only sourse of light but we are given the light from the heavenly realms. When someone is not in direct comnection with the source, they might be drawing their light to other people. There are many people claiming to be teachers and even divinely inspired messengers and yet they are not pointing people to communicate with God directly. There are people bashing the Orthodox Priests and the Holy People from different nationalities and cultuures. There are people who are condemning the people who are meditating and sending positive thoughts around the world, in particular to heal our planet. If everyone became more conscious of their own process, then they can be useful to assist humanity in some way. There is not one person more important than another - everyone can get involved to make a positive difference.

A spiritual alchemist is one who can ask in prayer and prayers are answered. We are identifying need and bringing this need into reality. A spiritual healer is an intercessor of healing energy by calling on the spiritual realms to assist healing. We do not need to be in the same room or country to assist spiritual healing. There is no price tag involved. There are no obligations either. If you are being encouraged to depend on anyone even as a counsellor, your spiritual progress might be hindered. A counsellor assist healing. If a spiritual counsellor has not done the work on theriself to gain spiritual understanding, then this will relfect in their service. With a few fake Jesus Christs and one says he is Yahweh, a few believe they are THE Chosen One. Such is the arrogance of the EGO!

The Holy Virgin Mary was raised since birth and born a 'Chosen' assistant to God with Her Son, Jesus Christ both worked together and individually to uplift humanity. Spiritually uplifting people is also to bring people to the awareness to seek the understanding from God who is The Source of All Wisdom and Knowledge. Jesus Christ was born to bring this understanding to the earth in person and share this with people. The Priests of all Priests and Light of all Lights. His Mother was a High Priestess and of the Royal Bloodline.

As in history the same pattern will keep repeating itself so at least people today again have a chance to learn and realise a higher consciousness. Before people can progress, we must see what is in front of our eyes. If we cannot see how everything fits together, then how can we evolve spiritualy when everything is relevant?

When you are connected to the source, you are guided by the source. There is no shame to be an assistant to Christ and to help people on this planet in an ethical way. If anything this is a privilege. If we reject Jesus Christ, then how can we know the truth about God? As we are millions of people conscientiously living, learning, healing and growing, we are also assisting other people in their process too. The people who block spiritual understanding are those who place restrictions on understanding. Pure heart, pure intentions and asking in sincere prayer for guidance and understanding, you will be guided to understand accordingly. No human being has the authority 'Over God' and every opportunity is given so people can Know Him; through Jesus Christ, Holy Scriptures, Priests, Rabbis and life itself!

If people do not beleive, this is their choice and perhaps they have never had reason to beleive. Many people have rejected God although God did not reject anyone. Many people gave up on God ahd yet He never gave up on anyone so stop preaching this please!

We all have chances in life and yet many people give up on life. Even in our greatest suffering can come the greatst blessings. The reminder that we are being looked after is an experience not possible to forget. We must want this and we can ask for help.

"Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you: for every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened." Matthew 7:7

Walking in faith is nothing to do with preaching. Faith is a way of being! A growing army of people are praying for humanity and getting involved in helping to make a positive difference in this world. When we understand the value of life, we will naturally see every life as being precious. Every life is a miracle of life!

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria