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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
♥ Campaigning for justice, global peace, healing and taking care of the world we live in ♥

Monday, 7 May 2012

The Power of Prayer

Time for healing. Please do not give yourself more suffering. Every injustice that has been taking place will be dealt with with the Help of God. Pray for His Help and HE Will listen to you. Do not ask for outcome just say 'God Please help ME' and He WILL. Trust in this.

The power of prayer is magnified with groups of people. You do not need to be in one place. One focus is still sending the energy intention and we are within our being also manifesting our prayer intention. My prayers are for global peace and healing. Also my prayers are to assist spiritual awaking for everyone to realise a higher consciousness. People are suddenly getting up and doing things they would not normally do. The clean up process all over the country after the riots showed people responding to take care of the world we are living in. It was everyone's choice and what is most profound, the people who did the destruction were witness to this and could learn from it. God lights the way for everyone.

School children in India are here praying for the people in Japan.

The truth is people react in a destructive way because they are hurt and angry. No man who has peace and love for humanity in his heart will ever be convinced to go fight in a war. Jesus Christ conquested this world with love. Even non beleivers are now thinking about the reason we are here on this earth and pulling together to make this world a better place for everyone.

There is still so many people who are suffering and living under oppressive conditions. These people have not not been forgotten. If I could, I would have brought the end to wars and injustice 50 years ago - this is my focus. Officials who are pushing their own agenda need to acknowledge their spiritual blindness. Spiritual blindness, ignorance and misguided ways of man, people suffer.

As humans we do not see the bigger picture. People easily forget that God is above human manipulation. If you focus on God and seek His help, he will help you. Let God be the Judge and know there is a history that people do not understand. The Kingdom of God is going to be restored again, where there is no war, no injustice and no human suffering. Everyone has a responsibility not to hurt theirselves or other people. Everyone has personal responsibility not to wish harm or suffering to other people either.

The majority of Israeli Jews are believers. More than 70 per cent Jews in Israel say prayer improves their life. Photo: Mikhail Levit

The authority on this earth is God. The Father of the entire universe is God. Even the Queen knows this! Officials have forgotten this and everyone is being reminded now. It is time for all wars and injustice to end. Long overdue is global peace and healing. We must ALL allow peace to happen! United WE Can!

Never be ashamed to pray in private or public. My relationship with God is as a way of being and so I am trusting to be guided in the right way and learning so much in the process. The internet has allowed me to reach people globally and clear up misuderstandings where this can be done. Most importantly to remind people that we are one humanity. Millions of people have lost their way and war is not the fault of the people. War will be impossible if men refuse to fight. God overcomes all Evil.

Even when church doors are locked. Do not let this stop you praying because the praying to God is our BIRTHRIGHT!. The lunatic war mongers will be dealt with by the Hand of God as in History, especially if they do not take heed to the message. A visit back to understand why Moses was raised in Egypt and how he was Saved by the Midwives is all very important understanding to show God is in control of everything. For every effort to steer away from God's Law and what is intended for the people, God will make sure that His Order is returned to be exactly as it is meant to be. This is why Jubilee Law is Written. This is an important Year.

Let no one tell you are praying in the wrong way to God because already He Knows what is in your heart. He knows his Plans for You and He knows the people who are suffering. All the innocent people who have died, have all been born and lived to remind us to Value Life and eachother. It is important to remember we are more than our physical body and our soul will go on. The pain I felt when my mother died was physical and yey I had to let her go with love so her soul could fly free. In my heart she lives on and this is how to remember our loved ones with love and not pain, even when we miss our loved ones dearly. Live with love!

When we are praying we are connected with our soul and it our soul that is in direct relationship with God. Every tear and all the heartache we feel is keeping us connected to our soul and a reminder not to forget God. Jesus Christ came to teach many things and to be born on this earth with his Divine Nature speaking the Word of His Father. Not everyone listened at the time. Not everyone did understand and even in this present day. In his Birth and Ressurection, This World is His Kingdom and always will be!

The Universal Law of Peace, Justice and Brotherhood of Man stands. The Ten Commandments were 'written in stone' for a reason. If there was just one law to love humanity, perhaps people will understand more now when I say - Love Heals Humanity!

The reason the Saints are also remembered in our prayers is because these people attained union with God. In the same way people globally call to the Blessed Mother Mary and prayers are answered with many miracles taking place. This is by God's Will and in the Divine Plan. The Knowledge of God has been brought to people over thousands of years. There is no reason for people to attack each other who are true believers. If anything, set an example of being people of faith. Be a beacon of light in faith.

The World IS UNITING as One because we are one Humanity.

Jesus Christ has reached the hearts of billions of people globally. Even if you are not a beleiver, many people are praying for you!

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria ♥

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