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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
♥ Campaigning for justice, global peace, healing and taking care of the world we live in ♥

Friday, 11 May 2012

Wales Wind Farm Plans

It is no suprise that the title of the heir to the Throne is Prince of Wales and there is an 'investment' decision with the Government go head for an expensive contraversial wind farm. Naturally campaigners are against this decison. The £365million project will involve erecting 76 turbines in Wales each standing 475ft tall.

Countryside lovers have been fighting the proposal for almost two decades. They say the farm would be ‘ugly’ and ruin the local landscape of hills and valleys. British people need to wake up.

Each wind turbine will be taller than the London Eye (443ft). It has been sold to produce enough energy to supply 206,000 homes. Not sur if the intention is to provide FREE ELECTRICITY to the homes, however I doubt it! This is not the royals intention!

Last month plans to build the world’s largest wind farm in Dorset met with opposition from prostesters are too focused on how the giant turbines will 'blight' the heavily protected Jurassic Coast. People need to start looking at realistic solutions and who has ownership of the land. The land owner is profiting from this too!

"The £3 billion farm will be visible to the millions of tourists who visit the Dorset and Isle of Wight coast every year - and tourism chiefs fear it will drive visitors away from the area, currently England’s only natural World Heritage site."

While the media are diplomatic and propaganda steers peoples minds towards agendas - it seems obvious that they Royal Family will be cashing in on wind turbines too. Prince Charles and Prince Philip actually condenmed them - until seeing the pound signs.

"Homeowners living next door to the prospective wind farms in Wales and Lincolnshire accused the Royal Family of hypocrisy, after the Prince of Wales described them as a ‘horrendous blot on the landscape’ while his father called them ‘useless’ and ‘a disgrace’.

The green light has gone ahead for 45 windmills on Crown Estate land, which will rake in £1million a year in subsidies. There has been an application for a single Sovereign Grant, which will be 15% of the surplus generated by the Crown Estate. Looking at income and 'losses' on wikipedia: £100 million on security. Another profit making corporation? Jesus Christ did not have any security!

Many peope say one thing and do another. If royals really respected the people they would not be seen as commoners. Every effort would be made to make everyones life easier and prevent abuses and exploitation by officials and their decisision.

As the Prince of Wales, with the sons Harry and William use the names Wales, contracts will ensure the money keeps rolling in to pay the bills. We can of course expect the cost of electricity to keep rising too. Benjamin Fulford has a plan to offer free electricity and that people are just secured to a contract for 5 years. Note to Benjamin, Free Energy means without payment.

There is justified zero confidence in the system that has its priorities are misplaced. Officials boast the system is corrupt!

One decison that is everyone's entitlement is to have FREE ELECTRICITY after all, Nikola Tesla developed the technology for this purpose. Who is cashing in on his patents. I will be more than happy to use the £1 billion investment more productively!

As for the 300 jobs - with some decision makers it it no wonder society is suffering. There is a lack of vision and no intention to empower people whatsoever. Evidently there is a lack of capability to do so - then again I guess this keeps people conforming and paying up with so many extra laws created with fines too. It is actually DISGUSTING! Certainly NOT respectable!

The divide in England is not just the financial earners but there is far more intelligence in a 5 year old than some of the decision makers sitting in overpaid jobs - especially those making laws to penalise the people! Time to bring an end to all the injustice!

Too many people in UK leadership and decison making 'roles' are incapable of realising that everyone has untapped personal potential. We are here for a greater purpose beyond doing what we are told by the oppressive spiritually blind, deaf and dumb.

I am reminded of the book of Genesis 1 and hearing the words
'Let there be light and there was light' - I could not find anything in the bible that related to Free Internet but I am from the Church of Smyrna and I endured 10 years suffering with injustice in UK. Nikola Tesla invented Wireless Technology Intended to be FREE!

I am sure billions of people would value ELECTRICITY AS FREE ENERGY! The world would be a safer place if there were intelligent people who were fair and ethical in positions of decision making. £1 billion could beinvested to benefit people; with transparency.

Self serving greedy opportunists are taking people in the world as fools! Deliberately accumulated debt is enslaving people when if anything the debt creator is responsible. The British legal system have obstructed settling their obligation for violation of contract.

As long as people bow down to wealth, there will always be fools!

Nikola Tesla was an Orthodox Christian and his work was to uplift the condition of humanity. To present him as a madman or wizard is seen as a deliberate character assassination. Nicola Tesla was undeniably a spiritually enlightened genius with a conscience. His mind sought absolute perfection and precision with what he was being inspired to bring to humanity. Clearly Nikola Tesla knew responsibility and while being inspired to follow through and wanted to be 100% sure, before he proceeded. I can understand the people not able to comprehend what he was about and also realise that his vision was deliberately blocked by man too.

Nicola Tesla should be a household name! Free Electricity, Wireless Technology and so much more came from this genius. Privately, a sensitive spiritual man baptised with the gift of the Holy Spirit, he will have received clear visions and insights. The people who knew him well would have seen the genius he was and especially those who saw potential to profit from his effort.

The danger with any technology is this being the wrong hands, with justified concerns with HAARP being used for destructive ends. This is not just a gripe about a profit making family who see people as commoners. The whole house or Lords can see people as commoners but the mindset who abuse and oppress people are not respectable or worthy of respect. My concern is the safety and well being of people globally. I want to see an end to the abuses!

Not seeing the royal family openly declare the end to injustice, deliberately created debt, wars, poisoning water, food and genetic engineering. For people to keep paying up they are being delibereately dumbed down in so many different ways. How many acres of land do the royal family own around the world now?

Not seeing Charles, William or Harry as my king. I am obliged to Keep God as my Boss! Meanwhile the Wales are cashing in!

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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