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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Thursday, 17 May 2012

Would You Recognise a Terrorist?

Who is a terrorist and how does the government recognise someone? Do not make threats to officials or to people, especially do not threaten Muslims. They actually beleive in God. Do You?

Actually I am not sure they know or can see either. From personal experience, many UK officials are not the brightest bunch or seem intelligent. There are plenty of people who are in the job to be paid and as long as they stay there, they 'think' they are going to get a secure pension for the rest of their life. If officials refuse to do their job, then it is time to forgo their pension and save a few £ billion - create me a humanitarian expense account instead. It would be far more appreciated and valued by the people too.

What I do know, we either live on the side with love and care about humanity, or choose the destructive path. Many boys at the top wait for guidance and even lose their way because the people have forgotten it is our world that we are living in. We are all in this together. When you neglect your responsibility, you allow those who are misguided to make poor decisions for you.

This is why even in the Middle East we are seeing children speaking out and instructing the adult audience on the world they expect to be living in. Children have been addressing the UN and confronting adults about real concerns. If the adults do not deal with them, when the adults are dead and gone, the children will take over. The children today are the leaders and teachers of tomorrow. These children were already born for this role!

The people who have overcome personal limitations and found their voice are having their voice heard. If you were not meant to have a voice, you would not have one. The people who have gone down the destructive path and found the light, these are the people who are inspirational to enable other people to break their addictions. The people who are setting new challenges, inventing new technology, creating new realities - these are the people propelling our future - the visionaries are many. Women are being empowered now globally. Britain blocks this. Fools are British people! That is OK because the rest of the world is ready, listening and learning. People want unity, peace and justice now! Do You?

If you think that those in high places want to be the underlings to one owner of this world, think again. The Church structure has created Kings however, Charles William and Harry cannot take the place of Jesus Christ. A church that functions with hypocrisy, promotes war and injustice is not a church of God, for certain.

In a time when there is a spiritual awakening there is also spiritual derelect mentality too. People are hungry for spiritual knowledge even right at the very top. While the flash cars and toys attract those who have made the money to spend, eventually money has no real meaning. Money is not going to buy you life or even provide you a ticket to ascend to a higher understanding. Money is not going to buy you extra time, or bring back life that is lost.

For all the attempts to live hundreds of years - as people did in biblical times, officials need to stop poisoning our food, water and air we are breathing. A different attitude is needed too. Minds that are corrupted are going to self destruct and a mind that does not work in a healthy way, will serve no purpose later on. The damage to the brain just with aspartame and fluoride in the water miight be irreparable. Once the brain wiring is disfunctional or broken down, t is unknown if new neurological pathways can be formed, if the basic structure - like a circuit board is damaged. Too much focus is on looking good instead of developing the inner self.

Such is the rediculous attitude in England now, officials are like blind sheep and those who are crooked are protecting their own backs. Paedophilia and gang rape are not prosecuted in the club. Considering there were reportedly 160,000 hits a day on child porn sites just in England, where are the prosecutions and what is being done about this? The IP addresses were evidence to keep the police busy for their entire career with dealing with these issues. I wonder how many police have been prosecuted. Somone I have known, a company director was found with child porn; yet I doubt he was prosecuted. Pedophila is now escalating - See the reason why! Internet crime is also rising and the police are not doing anything because easy profit is made by taxes and traffic offences. UK laws is all about profit, not justice or putting right wrongs. If you have Jesus Christ as your King, then you are not following the antichrist. Those who are abusing the people are not going to get away with abusing people forever. What is gained by silence?

The problem is in high places, many people have been subject to sexual abuse and unwanted sexual experience. In a man's world not only are women being exploited but men are being raped too. There is an urgency of men who are wanting to heal and while they are turning to eachother for support in top places, not everyone is getting their needs met. Just after Diana died she visited me in a dream and said there were many people who needed my help and not to give up on people like her. The corridors of power hold secrets, lies, perversion, deception and silence from shame.

Murder, pedophilia, satanic rituals and even the killing of children are all allowed to be protected in UK. Tony Blair ensured there was media blackout on satanic ritual abuse. Child porn rings are a concern and the media are so not going to touch bringing those in high places down even though the victims are starting to speak out. Their wages are too important. When one voice finds the couage to speak out the house of cards will tumble. Those who potray theirselves as superior are protected by those who are self loathing. There are many abusers who are rotten to the core. The demons within are starting to reveal physical manifestation.

Corruption, perjury and perverting the course of Justice are rarely prosecuted unless there is a point to be made and even so, with the latest news being trawled about this, if officials are blind to what is happening within the walls of the system and even right at the top then this explains why they turn a blind eye to global concerns. Illegal wars helped to make Tony Blair a few million and yet he could have asked for 10 times more. He still cannot beleive his luck and so far he has been lucky. The police protection will not save his soul. Neither will joining the Catholic Church.

If we are to compare the intelligence of officials in USA to UK - there is a totally different mindset. I am not giong to compliment Americans too much because there are people who are not perfect there either. Also I am aware there are some intelligent officials here however where is integriy and doing right by people? Where is real leadership and the ability to empower people? Where is the authority to end the human rights abuses to women and children?

When I listen to Cynthia Mckinney, this is the standard I expect to see in political arenas with the same level of integrity. A woman who can call out where is the missing money with a sharp mind with an eye for detail. This lady does not stand for nonsense. And the boys listen and Yes they are boys! Where are the real men?

When I heard Oprah Winfrey address real life concerns years ago, she brought the taboo subjects into open discussion to assist healing with people. She put her heart on the line. She risked speaking about her personal struggles and in her experience found her strength and empowered millions of people to seek help and support. Here in Engalnd real issues are buried under the carpet and this is because the skeletons in the closet are so ugly.

The spiritually blind deaf and dumb reflect the system. Officials in England who are trying to prove theriselves to be ethical have not even began to scratch the surface of the work that has to be done. The clean up of the system is overdue. My article yesterday identified the potential threat of bombing to London hoping it does not happen and yet it seems the miliary agenda is already in place. Meanwhile there are still people in England wishing harm to foreigners. What is it with people wanting to harm people from other lands yet ignroe abuses happening on our own doorstep?

It takes guts to speak out and yet there is no reason for silence. Even if you physically cannot talk as I struggled to talk for 3 years, I had access to the internet and could type. Children have vision, understanding of real need and they are deciding to be teachers to share important lessons for learning before having any real life experience. What is particularly interesting two young girls have shown intiative to write for other children - a 6 and 8 year old!

Women in history have reminded men about what is important in life. Children bring life as a reminder that life is precious. Millions of adults have given up on life and blindly trust! Who? What? Why?

Babies can be branded as terrorists. This does not mean they are!

All these decision makers who are making rules and laws, they know they can be made voidable. However, who is eligible to make them voidable? What people do not realise all these new laws cancel out the old ones. While England enslaves people there are those who are working to free the people. Who is working for what agenda is down to the individual. Can you spot the people who are working for you. British people are blind! Millions are sleeping.

To a young vulnerable child, a pedophile is a monster to fear!

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria